GT6 Gameplay Video: Midfield Raceway in the MINI Vision GT

Darin Gangi of InsideSimRacing was one of the first to get his hands on the new MINI Clubman Vision GT just released in GT6 Update 1.16, and he’s made two videos highlighting the car. The first shows a complete lap of the new Midfield Raceway circuit (starting around the 4:30 mark), while the second shows a sub-7:00 lap of the Nordschleife.

Check the full 1.16 announcement for more information and screenshots.


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  1. Rage9one

    Amazing update! but did anyone else notice a framerate drop in the paint section and also in the mini vgt gallery view?

  2. Graham Cundy

    Racing on Mid-Field was like welcoming an old friend back. On Gt3 Mid-Field was a very good track, but like all old games, the cornering felt like you was going around a square. Now, it looks and feels like a great track. The Mini is very good, although you would think they could have installed an interior. Maybe GT6 are finally listening to the people who make this game what it is. But I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Blood*Specter

    I hear you VR6. VIR and Sebring would be sweet. Not sure if they would have to re-scan/map Sonoma and Pikes Peak. But the other fictional tracks would not cost PD as much to introduce. Either way, PD/Sony make more $$ off GT6 and buy time to make a solid GT7.

    What’s more important GT players will be happy with the game and get more of what was promised them.

    1. machine1121

      At bare minimum Sonoma would need “Sonoma” and not “Infineon” logos to update the GT4 era track. Pikes Peak was a GT2 era track and only a small section. I’m hopefully for the full Pikes Peak in the future, but it will absolutely require a new scan. Also El Captain may need some more work than the pure fictional tracks as it is at least a real-world location.

      SSR11 should be a no-brainer with both GT1 and GT3 layouts updated to match the current SSR5 and SSR7 style.


    Gt6 please please pleeease I beg of you add the challenger hellcat and charger hellcat in a update they are so awsome

  5. Blood*Specter

    Love the Mini with the exception of the blacked out interior. The sound makes you want to drive it, the handling let’s you have fun.

    As far Mid-Field is concerned, I didn’t realize how much I missed this track. Typically I like real world tracks better than fictional ones. But Mid-Field is an awesome track.

    Mid-Field actually made me dig out some cars I hadn’t driven in several months.
    I wanted to adjust the suspension and get the best out of them. I haven’t felt that way about GT in close to six months.

    In fact I haven’t played GT6 for five months. I logged in to keep my bonus up to date.
    They need to bring back more fan selected tracks, and hopefully carry them over to GT7. What has to be left behind is standard cars and blacked out interiors.

    If PD released Watkins Glen they would get their fan base real happy real fast. I mean they would reel in NASCAR fans along with F1 and FIAGT fans. Because the Glenn is home to plenty of racing series.

    Add Pikes Peak, Sonoma, Special Stage Route 11 and El Capitan and they just might do the impossible and make everybody happy. It might buy them a year before they have to release GT7. That would hopefully mean a “complete” game release of GT7.

    1. breyzipp

      When I drove the mini myself in the 1.16 update I thought sound was pretty much decent (within the boundaries of GT6’s crappy sound :p). But when I watched this video afterwards it seems to sound worse. This guy has a pre-release version of the game since he reviewed it before the patch was launched so maybe the MINI’s sound got improved in the final patch.

      Either way I agree with him, the new MINI VGT is a blast to drive on Mid-Field. :)


    Sub 7 minutes doesn’t sound that great tbh, considering that my 250 bhp MiTo does it in under 7:20 anyway…


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