GT6 Online Service Maintenance Scheduled for July 1st

Gran Turismo 6 77 June 26, 2015 by
18344019613_24db749bf5_c– Ferrari F40, June 20th, 2015, courtesy of TaSiMa.

Polyphony Digital has posted a maintenance announcement set to commence next Wednesday, July 1st, starting 21:30GMT/UTC (click here to convert this to your local time zone) and lasting for approximately three and a half hours. As always, you’ll be unable to use the game’s online features during the maintenance period.

This maintenance period is an unusual one: it’s set to last three and a half hours when most last no longer than two, and it will have been less than a week since GT6 update 1.20 launched. While this lessens the possibility of another update or more content, it can’t entirely be ruled out as maintenance periods typically precede update releases.

Stay tuned!

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