GT6 Update 1.20 Released, Brings SRT Tomahawk Vision GT Car, Goodwood FoS Update

SRT Tomahawk Vision GT_7

The latest update for Gran Turismo 6, version 1.20, has just gone live, and brings with it an update to the Goodwood Hill Climb course and one of the more hotly anticipated Vision GT cars: the radical SRT Tomahawk.

The Tomahawk comes in three versions, all of which can be won in its new accompanying Seasonal Events within the game. Check out the full SRT Tomahawk announcement for more details.

GTPlanet will also be hosting a special online competition featuring the most extreme version of the car, the Tomahawk X – so keep an eye out for more announcements next week!

The Goodwood Festival of Speed also kicks off this weekend in the UK, where Mazda is the featured manufacturer for the event. To celebrate, Mazda’s 787B and LM55 Vision GT concept take the spotlight in the event’s “Central Feature” sculpture, which has just been added to the game via this 1.20 update. The older, 2014 version of the Goodwood Hill Climb course will still be available in Arcade Mode and Free Runs.


The LM55 concept car itself has also been updated within the game to match its real-world model, which brings some changes to the wheels, tires, and stickers. Finally, the GT Academy cars which were used in the 2015 qualifier rounds have been added to the Nissan dealership within the game, including the Nissan Zytek Z11SN Greaves Motorsports and GT-R LM NISMO.

As always, visit our Gran Turismo 6 forum for more analysis and discussion, as our community combs through the latest update to discover any smaller, undocumented changes!

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Comments (79)

  1. Superhero Wally

    Thinking they could have gone with the low setting for off track and wet surface traction on the X challenge at the Nurb at least.

  2. Revkev

    Seriously,now we need a g suit to drive a this vision or just plain fantasy?do I need to go top gun school to learn how to drive it(just pop the the brakes and he’ll fly right past.this is maverick requesting a flyby of the tower.negative ghost rider the pattern is full).when are they going to get over this.its like the fast and the furious movies,it started out and became popular because it was about street racing,moding and you might as well call it fast and the furious xxx or furious agents of shield.furious 7 was a box office bonanza,but we all know everyone went to see it out respect to Paul going the same way,like the Daniel Craig bond movies they need to go back to the basics.the forums talk about all the real world cars they’d like to see,super gt,dtm,bcc,wtcc,rally and even the humble buzz box.these were the reason we bought all the previous versions of gt for.super hot racing with real cars,not this fantasy rubbish.come on kaz get your head out the clouds,I know you can bring back the magic.

  3. Valinrista

    Dunno if I’m stupid as hell and just don’t understand the car but what a joke is this sometimes it turns sometimes it just goes straight RNG in a car wut. That Sh** is not for me I guess. (talking about the most powerful version.)

    1. mikronimo

      Wellcome in GT world: worse setup possible (till you create your own… if you win the car); without considering the choice of hard compound (soft sport is really a hard compound) in a car with over 1k horse power, only because is a street car; not even to mention the Nurburgring for the SRT X attempt, without the chance to customize… nothing; apart that, the cars are really beautiful and extremely fast, even if i think that active aerodynamics is to improve: seems to have strange reactions.

    2. Valinrista

      Bad setup is a thing, but here I can’t even predict how the car will react. That’s really frustrating, maybe after few hours of trying it’ll get better.. We’ll see. But I agree the concept is awesome and they are kinda pretty.

  4. moxlox

    I love the shared patronage between Goodwood Festival of Speed and Gran Turismo. To me its a good example of where GT has gone beyond what the other games out there are trying to achieve. GT6….flawed yes….but good, and the best heritage and respect outside of the gaming community. I do have Project Cars, but have to say I’ve returned to GT. What I’d like the GT developers to do is take a long hard look at the AI and racing of Project Cars, which is undoubtedly superior, and couple it with the fundamentals of GT.

  5. pudge


    I got bronze barely on the first two events, then — took me a few tries — bronze on the Nurburgring event, just barely. (Hint: do not try to wail around the corners, but floor it on the straights and brake hard into the turns.)

    Then I took it on the SSR X and hit 414 mph on the first straight. And took the banks at over 400 mph.

    Not a typo. I did not hit 314 and 300 mph on the banks, I hit 414 and 400 mph on the banks.

    And my heart is still pounding.

    (Note: you hold down a button — R1 on controller, square on my GT3RSv2 — to go even faster, and on the last straight of my third lap of a three-lap SSR X race — not sure how much holding that contributed — the battery was depleted. I still made it across the line at over 350 mph though, using gas only.)

  6. Bosozoku

    more crap for online kiddies to smack into you at 50000mph great thanks PD for the useless fantasy cars

  7. Lambob

    as a new hobby, I think I’m going to get into hardware programming, and create a motorized contraption of sorts, that can logically pilot this SRT TommyHawk X around the nurb, without my laggy brain fighting my T500 RS at 450km hour , currently at 450 restarts per hour.

  8. Revkev

    Another useless vision gt update.after playing project cars for the last couple of weeks,I’ve realised how basic gt6 now is.will not even bother with this even when the track generator does come out.pd don’t bother with gt7,put your money into crowd funding project cars 2.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Hinting that someone should leave for expressing an opinion you disagree with, even as a pretend joke, is generally frowned upon here.

  9. XSRacing111

    Best Vision GT yet! S version has my favorite livery, the most awesome of course, blue and white stripes. GTS-R is mad fun to drive and the X can be painted! All Tomahawks’ gear ratios can be adjusted (I’m looking at you BMW and Toyota) and the S severely dusted the LMPs at La Sarthe. I posted 8 laps during the 24 minute event and had a lap time under 3 min.

    So far guys, the American VGTs are kicking some serious burros. The closest thing to them was the Mazda LM55 (a company owned by Ford) and it’s miles away from the Chaparral which is miles away from the Tomahawk. No wonder Alfa Romeo quit.

    1. TheEvstar93

      I really wonder what Ford’s VGT car is going to be. If I was designing it, i’d make it a cross between the new Ford GT and the Lamborghini Aventador J.

  10. CraigHyphenO

    It took a while, but I completed all four events. All of the Tomahawks are simply completely bonkers. I’m more relived than anything that I eventually got a 4:42 around the Nurburgring, my fastest (clean) lap to date. It’s incredible that the 3:30 barrier has already been broken though, and looking at the replay, there’s still time to be found.

  11. Fabr_123

    Loving this update! 2015 and I can’t believe the amount of FREE content that PD is giving to us.

  12. Lille B

    Damn…that X car… hmm i prefer the red bull… those wings makes it a nervous car to push.

    Some guy has driven a time of 3:29 lol – cheat much?

    1. Lille B

      F*ck…. had to purchase the X car, drive it around Midfield to get the feel of it…. the first “S” section can be taken with 400km/h …. did a time of 35.793sec …. yeiks

  13. BrunetPaquet

    So much whining, so little time… Just enjoy the game, that’s what it meant for.

    I don’t wanna hear your excuses for bawling at the game… games are meant for fun.

    Enjoy it or play something else, For Pete’s sake!! sheesh… If it’s too fast, you whine, if it’s too slow you whine, if it brakes too fast you whine!!

    How is PD supposed to win!? “You want some cheese with that w(h)ine?”

    I hope they don’t listen to people who cry all the time… The game isn’t perfect and the track editor isn’t there yet, I get it!!

    Anyways, I know the reply’s gonna an excuse to try to prove me wrong and whine more… I don’t care.

    I started playing other games for a change of pace… why not do the same, this might cool you guys down from being so unbearably rabid!

    1. Master Weasel

      @Brunet: A couple of people simply say they feel the car has too much grip and you have to make multiple comments calling people whiners? Overeacting much?

    2. Johnnypenso

      It’s the “heroic” thing to do Master Weasel. Heaven forbid a handful of people don’t fawn all over everything PD does with the game and might dislike something. Every thread like this is full of a big lecture or three on how wrong people are for disliking stuff.

    3. ChauMing803

      @Johnnypenso but I really don’t find them having too much grip.Instead,having driven with racing brakes without ABS for some time,I still find it difficult to find out the braking threshold……maybe I am still a little bit new to realistic racing games :P(yes,any game more realistic than Grid or NFS).

      There’s one thing I feel funny though,the car responds very quick,to a point where it is to responsive and scary.The height is also a bit too low,and I screwed up many times in Daytona becuase I could not see when to turn(people who have played the GTS-R will know…).Other than those,I really had fun driving the lower entry Tomahawks(X is 2fast4me LOL).

    4. Tenacious D

      We might as well get used to the fact that outside of Grand Theft Auto and a few other excessive games, Gran Turismo is going to be both the most loved and hated game till this stage of human history ends. But what’s truly weird is how people will linger painfully to remind us how the game is full of critical suck to the point they won’t play it and/or are completely done with the series. When people get fed up with Forza, they have the good sense to leave those forums. Well, or they get permabanned. But we have the joy of reading constant lambashing daily.

      And Johnny, you have a lot of nerve after your quaint reactions to anything negative in any way I have to post about your preciouses. Say that GRID Autosport has reckless bots, and is it “Well, maybe…” or “I suppose you could say that…”? No, it’s “You just too wimpy to enjoy stiff competition.” Yeah, from bots that take half the field off the track and me with them in the first turn in a few tracks, and would be banned from most people’s servers if they were online humans. Hypocrisy much, guy. I knew better than to gloat over a certain game you sleep with that’s full of termites, because I knew what would happen.

      Well, the rest of us know a good thing when we see it. GT6 is still a good racer, and the world outside of Gripe Planet is still enjoying it. I’m about to after one more coffee, and I peek a bit more about Yamaha’s reface.

    5. Johnnypenso

      I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t deliberately mischaracterize my posts, it’s against the AUP. What I said was that that wasn’t my experience on GAS, many, many people share my sentiment, and that you have to drive more like a real driver to avoid contact with the bots. You can’t drive around like you do in GT, racing against mindless robots that never make a passing attempt. In GAS the AI actually attempts to pass, up the inside, when they get a chance. If you are racing a real race and know who is behind you, you drive defensively, you cover the inside. If you drive like you do in GT, anywhere you want on any line because no one will ever attempt to pass you unless you brake really early or are really slow, then it’s not going to work out for you…as it wouldn’t work out for you in real life either. It’s your own weak driving/racing style that caused you all your problems and as I said back then, the game is not for you. Stick to the GT series and it’s worst ever in sim-racing AI. Perfect for you.

  14. Musazaki

    You know what… I’m just gonna buy that SRT Transfor…uuuhhh….Tomahawk X!!! Think I can only get the seasonal if I stay below, hmmm… below 450km/h maybe. Maybe.

  15. PepeMickey

    New Update? I´ve just finished installing the 19 previous updates from scratch, not to mention the 15 GB download as the actual game. I just want to play online, lol.

  16. SavageEvil

    Just how the hell are any of those cars generating that much front downforce under braking is beyond me, they have way too much front end grip, the standard version grips like crazy and if you step out wrong has none, the GTS is worse has even more front end grip for no good reason and don’t get me started on that transformer just how is that possible on those tires, that thing stops like a Borg cube dropping out of transwarp absolutely mental. Not sure what physics those cars are using but it’s clear they are braking quite a few laws of motion, accel and decel all in one go.
    But they are bat guano crazy.

    1. infamousphil

      Programming. That’s all. It’s just programming. The gsuit is just an attempt to justify the imaginary forces. There are no real physics here.

  17. TomBrady

    I almost got excited until I remembered it doesn’t have a cockpit view. Hopefully it at least has good visibility like the LM55 does and hopefully it sounds amazing like the LM55. People talk so much trash about GT6’s car sounds but the LM55 may be my favorite sounding car in any game. It’s pure eargasm

  18. Manasseh257NSX

    The fact they chose to have the X version run on Nurburgring really irks me. I can barely drive this doggone thing on this tight road! How people are hitting 4:10’s and lower is beyond me. I haven’t even finished a clean lap yet.

  19. Bryan Gomez

    Atleast we got 3 new cars and a revamp car, also the new statue is actually pretty nice, seems like it represents the DNA changing with the old and new Mazada’s

    1. TomBrady

      The X1 has too much grip. I thought this one would have much less and therefore be more driveable. Are you telling me it doesn’t have less grip or still has too much?

    2. RobbiefromBC

      Should have been more clear… This car has too much grip, and is too low to the ground for such a bumpy track lioe the Nurb. I’m sure it would be fine at a place where there are no bumps at all, and probably a little more open…

    3. SavageEvil

      The grip is the problem, it’s literally artificial as hell. The car stops so quickly the only way the driver can survive those G forces is to have the cockpit filled with a gelatinous liquid to absorb the inertia that will literally tear your bones from your flesh. Not even going to wonder just how are tires lasting half a lap on a car that can seemingly do such stops and reach speeds in excess of 480km like it’s nothing. Not even going to wonder why those parts are moving around all the time but realistically you’d need a wheel to even try to control that thing and even then the grip defies logic. Wait until you drive that singularity powered vehicle.

    4. BrunetPaquet

      You guys’re never happy anyways… go on, point those pitchforks and torches at me, I just gave my 2C… don’t tell me to go to another site, I go where I want.

    5. motzkopf

      Still haven’t run a clean lap on the ‘ring. The twitchiest car ever. The X version should have been used on the Route X to give you a max speed run. On the ‘ring it’s INSANE.

  20. Seablade91

    I couldn’t resist to buy the xtreme version of this car before the online event. It brakes from 597km/h to 0 in less than 150 meters…

    1. chengman

      I can’t even drive the cars. You hit 300mph in no time. How they set the lap times around the tracks is beyond me.

  21. SavageEvil

    Let the Chaos commence, uuber fast cars to go along with the ludicrous RedBull cars, this can’t go horrifically wrong online in a hurry. Can’t wait to see absurd lap times from the aliens though.

    1. SVPSkins

      True. as much I’m looking forward to these 3 cars, my lobbies wont be welcoming anyone trying to use them, unless route x is used.

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