GT6 Screenshot Blowout: Pagani Huayra, Brands Hatch, New Photo Locations, & More


56 new official Gran Turismo 6 screenshots have been released from Gamescom 2013, featuring a collection of new cars, tracks, and photo stages which will be featured in the new game.


  • Abarth 1500 Biposto Bertone B.A.T 1 Concept ’52
  • BMW 507 ’57
  • BMW Z8 ’01
  • Cizeta V16T ’94
  • Fisker Karma EcoSport ’12
  • Ford Focus ST ’13
  • Pagani Huayra ’11


  • Brands Hatch
  • Apricot Hill Raceway

Photo Stages

  • Gemasolar
  • Siracusa – Duomo Square
  • Ronda – Nuevo bridge
  • Valencia- The City of Arts and Sciences

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  1. MOV Games

    I’m loving that all these UK tracks are heading to Gran Turismo, finally courses I’ve actually been too!

    I have a question though, has my Local Race Circuit, Cadwell Park, ever been in any racing game? I’ve never seen it, probably due to being less well known than most.

    1. tpark103

      As simple as Brands Hatch looks its actually kind of challenging. If you don’t get your line right you will go off the track every time.

  2. montecarlo87

    200 cars and still only 20% of them officially revealed. And each one of those has been additions the GT community has been dreaming of showing up. Can’t wait to see the full list of new cars added to GT6 and what they do with the DLC. Dare I even think Porsche could still be among the not yet revealed category? And let me be the first to say that after the Rolex sports car race in Kansas last weekend that the Kansas speedway with now broken in roadcourse needs to be added as well.

  3. Eunosthedeer

    Get in!

    My local Track is finally in Gran Turismo :D

    I only about 20 Miles away from Brands and am a Regular visitor there.

    So the fact that I can now race on it In my favourite game is quite exciting for me ;D

    1. sangdude82

      What about Donington Park? I saw that track from Top Gear UK and it looks like a really fun track to race on. It would be nice if PD can bring Donington Park into GT6 through the DLC.

  4. Nomadpt1

    Z8 is awesome, now more beemer’s please
    The huayra looks awesome but now is the zonda cinque and all c12 premium

  5. Lambofanghini

    I’ve always liked the Huayra better than the Zonda. Dat Shelby Daytona in the trailer!! Now if they can capture most of the exhaust sounds in “breakthrough” fashion like Kaz stated then GT6 will be a near masterpiece. Regardless, I’ll be playing this day one.

  6. CupKonan04

    I don’t know whether that car has been seen in previous trailers, but I’m very sure I have seen the Audi R18 TDI in the Gamescom trailer.

  7. Wrenchead

    funny how it actually looks like it says “Microsoft Sync” infront of the shifter on the focus st.

    GT6 looks really good just need a rs200 rally car to go along with the audi

    1. Amac500

      Love the car! There is already a standard version in GT5. I know most of us don’t count standard cars in our actual car count though, so yes, absolutely want to see it as a premium!

  8. Andyc709292

    Ah more BMWs, I’m so hoping that the E28 M5 and E30 (all of them please!) come out too. In my head an E30 M3 RM would be fantastic.

    It even fits with the game insofar as one or two ‘shells’ could accommodate a myriad of engine configurations. There’s even the 325iX if we want 4WD…

  9. sind3ntosca

    Anyway… the bunch of concept cars in the intro, would they also in the game? …at first i thought it’s GT6 Concept only :p

    1. Pit Crew

      This: The designer’s creations will be “gifted” as downloadable content in Gran Turismo 6 from 2013 to 2014.

  10. M3ShadowPower

    too bad PD didn’t put in Road America, Road Atlanta or mid Ohio. those tracks would if been cool to race on

    1. Amac500

      Game ain’t out yet bro! But even if they aren’t in the release, I think Road America will eventually make it in via DLC because its in at least the top 3 of every North American player’s list.

    1. masterrawad

      90% of cars that’s been wished to death is now appearing in GT6. That’s 90% less unprofessional whiners!

      I can die peacefully now.

    1. lebes14

      Me too, I was hoping that they might add more bmw other then their current line up and they did not disappoint so far. Now I’m hoping for an e30, m1 and i8…

    1. sangdude82

      I’m very impressed with the upgrade that PD has done with the Apricot Hill especially the way the track looks in the night.

  11. outtanames

    The one thing PD always get right is the lighting.. that’s amazing. Although pcars doesn’t fall short.

  12. Foxiol

    I live close to Valencia…actually at 344 km distance…and went to see DTM last year and then went to this place…so I approve this with a 10/10.
    PD are beasts to model cities and such with an incredible level of detail.

  13. Swagger897

    I have just spotted the Esses at Circuit De Americas in Austin Texas… It’s the scene where the R18 flys by leading a pack of cars…

  14. ExplodeTheApex

    The Beemer 507 and Abarth 1500 together on Brands Hatch, battling it out on a Sunny evening (assuming it has time/weather change)… I think some of my internal organs have died of happiness!

  15. SavageEvil

    I still can’t get enough of how detailed these car models are, how on earth do they pull this off on fit it into the game so seamlessly? With those anniversary cars they all have special livery, does this mean we can alter the livery or race cars as well as regular cars even the unpaintable cars from old De Lorean I’m looking at you.

  16. MadmuppGT

    I cant help but feel sorry for the next gen with the look of these graphics, theyre saying that the next gen is awesome, but they look just normal in comparison to GT6

  17. GTHEAD87

    The place that the stratos is driving through looks like one of the special stages from gt4. Cant remember the name of the track.

  18. Droogie

    This is not complete. We need some fiddy cent in the background, some Fat Joe some BALLIN! when I’m rolling my caddy.

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