GT6 Gameplay Videos: Senna’s West Surrey Racing British F3, Lotus 97T

May 30th, 2014 by Jordan Greer

For more on the new Senna Tribute in GT6, see the full announcement for v1.08.

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  1. Jun. 1, 10:54pm

    Driving these cars make me miss the clear simple gauges that use to be synonymous with cars, my race car when I was a kid had a very similar look to the F3 car. BTW PD did a great job getting the analogue feel of these gauges.

  2. Jun. 1, 3:50pm

    The F1 car on Monza is horrible, what a turbo lag and when it kicks in, ohhhh ohhhhh, but on Brands Hatch the same car is bit”stable”but still hard to drive tho. Finish the whole event in one day, was on brands hatch for a like 3 hours!

  3. Jun. 1, 7:51am

    Well worth the wait! Big well done to PD and the Senna Institution! Absolutely love it :) btw …. moaners…. go home :)

    • Jun. 1, 12:38pm
      Magic Ayrton

      They are at home, probably lol

  4. Jun. 1, 5:51am

    Just got the update today & spent most of the afternoon playing through the Senna tribute. All I can say is well done PD. I was not one of those having sleepless nights waiting for this content, but it has turned out to be the most fun I’ve had in GT for quite a while. The cars are fantastic and the engine sounds are incredible. Really pleased with it, but please, please, work on ironing out the bugs in GT6 now that this content is out of the way.

  5. Jun. 1, 12:57am

    The way GT presents traction is very off. Once you encounter wheel spin in most occasions it’s as if the road becomes ice, no feeling of control still like you get in real life. The new tire model may of affected lateral grip, but longitudinal grip/traction is still wayyy off.

  6. May. 31, 11:55pm

    Sunshine2002, he died in the Williams. Not Lotus.

  7. May. 31, 6:16pm

    Damn good job pd team!! Late but definitely great

  8. May. 31, 1:58pm

    If Senna really drove Lotus car like this… I don’t wonder anymore why he died.

  9. May. 31, 12:12pm

    I very, VERY like this old Monza, first chicanes is very hard drive fast, :)

  10. May. 31, 6:58am

    It just goes to show that PD can get good car sounds.

  11. May. 30, 6:15pm

    Wow that was easy. All golds in 20mins. Shame they could not be bothered to model the tracks to the 80s

    • May. 31, 11:05am

      WHAT? The Monza track is from the 80s? jeez what decade was you born in, the 90’s or the 00’s ?

    • Jun. 1, 10:18am

      I think he means the buildings @ttfn

  12. May. 30, 5:31pm

    Sounds make a HUGE difference.

  13. May. 30, 1:45pm

    just another almost arcade single-seater with fake wheel spin,nothing more!
    The more powerful cars become the more arcade they are!

    • May. 30, 6:32pm

      I really need to know what game(s) all the mega moaners play? The nit pickers, the “I’m just saying it could/should be better”, the people who stack gt up against a dozen other titles best bits. What IS the game you all play. And if it’s so f ing amazing, f off and play it for f sake. PLEASE!

    • May. 30, 10:02pm
      Sick Lenny

      Lol right on @sircarlton, that post gave me the best laugh of the day! I wish to also say that we are all so impressed with those that post how easy was and how quickly they golded it so PD is putting no effort into it. Your modesty betrays you.

    • May. 31, 11:12am

      Tell you what super_gt, bugger off and play need for speed or forza and let the big boys play the real driving simulator and then laugh at you in you fake made up cars while we race in our real cars with real physics…. sod the sound coz they’res only so much they can do with that

    • May. 31, 7:04pm

      super_gt you might realise soon that nobody cares about your false opinions.

    • Jun. 1, 4:46am

      with such a fans GT never will be real racing hardcore simulator! It will stay on semi real level just the competition will blow away and no more be Gran Turismo!

    • Jun. 1, 5:46am

      @Streeto I’ve heard that last fall but things are slowly changing.

  14. May. 30, 1:04pm

    The Lotus 97T can be customized in GTauto! But only the spoiler, front side stickers and minor accessories on the sides. 1049 BHP with oil change, real beast. What better way to test drive it than on rainy, wet Spa-Francorchamps, without TCS, ofc.

    • Jun. 2, 10:45am

      It pretty much makes the 98T. 98T Had the double spoiler, Brake ducts and the snorkel air intakes on the pods. The number 12 was on the side pod to. Like how you can in the game. So you could have 2. One being the 97T and the other being the 98T.

  15. May. 30, 10:37am

    I’ve never much liked to drive the GT F1 cars. So fast they seemed to be arcadeish.
    But those drivers have my respect simply because of the eye hand & foot coordination and reflexes they need just to survive a lap in one of these things. Senna tops the list.

    I remember seeing him drive in the 80’s and you just knew he was a master. I will drive these cars and hope they give me a small amount of what it must have felt like to pilot one.

    The Mitsu was a nice touch. Especially in light of VW not releasing their car on schedule.
    I would hope PD is able to recreate past (better) versions of any of the real world tracks.
    There would be no value in PD giving us Imola in it’s present configuration.
    The old configuration of Imola captures the true spirit of the track and Senna.
    PD did pretty well with the different LaMans versions.

  16. May. 30, 9:21am

    Someone with a very “windy” behind recorded the sound…Nice that the Senna content has finally arrived but again timetrial and not really Senna worthy!

    • May. 30, 1:38pm

      Senna was know for getting pole positions as well as his racing. It is his pole position times we are trying to beat (match). I am happy with what they have given us. I guess you will have to wait until someone has licensing agreements with all the 80’s teams, manufacturers, drivers, sponsors, etc.

  17. May. 30, 8:48am

    Funny to see that PD isnt even really trying anymore (hands going through the wheel during shift animations, 2014 trackside objects on “vintage” layouts) and still getting praise galore. And yeah yeah, those things will get updated cause they are such perfectionists… LMAO. When was the last time they released something that wasnt flawed and compromised as hell?!

  18. May. 30, 8:34am

    Momma was sorta easy to beat his record but I’m having hella trouble beating his brands hatch record. I’m a half second off still :(

    • May. 30, 8:53am


    • May. 30, 6:20pm

      Imagine doing those times with no abs, a proper clutch and all the time one mistake could cost you everything. Beating Senna sat at home on a PlayStation is absolutely nothing to shout about. The times he set IRL are spectacular. His pole position ratio will never be surpassed

  19. May. 30, 7:43am

    downloaded it this morning and had a peep at the new stuff. can’t wait to play it! these comments are making me jealous lol

  20. May. 30, 7:31am

    What are the two numbers on the top of the dash?

    • May. 30, 12:58pm

      The one on the left is maybe temperature, and the one on the right could be fuel but i haven’t tried driving with fuel consumpsion on yet.

  21. May. 30, 6:35am

    Love this DLC, love the sounds, great job PD.

    • May. 30, 7:28am

      Definitely makes me want to drive the cars since the sound communicates well with the driver. I know the F3 is using RB Jr’s sample, but it’s one of my faves due to the exhaust sound during lift off of the gas. The Lotus ain’t bad either. Keep it coming PD.

  22. May. 30, 6:25am

    The sounds are just…yes <3

  23. May. 30, 6:22am

    Senna content AND new VGT Mitsubishi, awesome, shame on all you complainers…..

  24. May. 30, 5:40am

    I had enough of GT6 months ago & the game is still on the shelf. Even this new update wasn’t enough for me to start playing GT6 again. That was until i just heard those sounds :)
    GT6 is now is now in my PS3 downloading the new update. Can’t wait to give these new cars a try now.
    Well done PD :)

  25. May. 30, 5:31am

    Not bad sounds, could’ve been better but still…

  26. May. 30, 5:28am

    The car sounds – – – NUCKIN FUTS!

  27. May. 30, 5:25am

    I can’t see anything new (old) in the layout of Brands Hatch…

    • May. 30, 5:29am

      You have eyes!? Use them!!

    • May. 30, 6:34am

      The most obvious change to me is Graham Hill Bend (the left hander after the Hairpin at Druids) it is much more open.

    • May. 30, 5:38pm

      The PalmerSport (est’d 1991) advert on the bridge is dead giveaway :p

  28. May. 30, 5:16am

    Nice to see the old layouts. Hope to get more of this from racing games in general since a lot of the current layouts have been neutered.

    One thing which puzzels me why PD have taken a half arsed approach to the trackside scenery. They have left the 2014 Monza straight and pit lane for inistance.

    • May. 30, 7:21am

      I have a funny feeling they might update those tracks in due time. They’re such perfectionists at modeling every detail in tracks, I can’t see them leaving these as they are. Still awesome job by PD…late, but awesome. I’m not gonna excuse them just yet.

  29. May. 30, 5:05am

    thisll be the first F3 car i ever drive:O

  30. May. 30, 4:49am

    Well done PD!!! With this DLC my passion for racing is back!!!

    • May. 30, 8:16pm

      I put GT6 on the shelf a couple of months ago, but i think this might just be the turn around for me to!

  31. May. 30, 4:40am

    looks like they put allot more effort into this update than usual. Good work PD!

  32. May. 30, 4:06am

    Thank You PD for the update! You said end of May. Way to deliver even with the problems you recently faced. I think the new cars sound great. awoo wooo!

  33. May. 30, 4:04am

    I can dig it!

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