Gran Turismo 6 Course Maker: First Screenshots & Full Details


gt6-course-maker-logoGTPlanet is excited to bring you an exclusive first look at the “Course Maker” app for Gran Turismo 6. Since we first learned that GT6 would greatly expand upon GT5’s course “generator” (which let players generate random tracks within a certain set of defined parameters), it has been one of the most highly anticipated features for the new game.

The GT6 Course Maker breaks from the confines of the PS3 gaming console to take full advantage of today’s large touch screens on tablet devices. It will be released as a free app on both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play, and should be available worldwide by the end of tomorrow, September 30th.

Tracks created within the apps will then be saved to your PlayStation Network account to be loaded within GT6.


Track designers will have a fairly extensive set of tools available at their disposal, along with a lot of creative freedom to design any type of road of their choosing:

  • Four different locations or geography types will be available, including the familiar “Eifel” location from GT5, the Andalusia region in Spain (around which the Circuit de la Sierra is based), along with the introduction of a new “Death Valley” location.
  • Players will have full control of the shape and layout of the course, including the ability to set road width and the banking of corners.
  • Roadside items such as plants, trees, buildings, signs, tents, and grandstands can be placed around the circuit.


  • Curbing can be placed in custom areas along the edge of the track (though this functionality won’t be available in all of the geographic locations).
  • Once the track has been saved and loaded into GT6, players will be able to test drive their track, or use it in Arcade Mode, Open Lobby online events, and share it with friends via the in-game Community Features.


With the online services for GT6 undergoing scheduled maintenance in the early hours of September 30th and the pending release of these companion apps, the now-infamous Course Maker update seems all but confirmed to arrive for all within the next few hours.

As always, we’ll keep a close eye on developments and availability. Be sure to stop by our GT6 forums to chat about this new feature with other players – our community will be a great resource for making new friends and finding the best custom tracks to drive!

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Comments (192)

  1. infamousphil

    Come on PD… all criticism and cynicism aside. Please redo your course creator. There was no GOOD reason to to require us to use a tablet or any external device to satisy our thurst to create our own courses. It was just a terrible idea. Thank you

  2. mpcp27

    The update is useless as I am not allowed to download the app…Some rubbish about not being available in my country. So why the ×$&@ are they region blocking.

  3. PikachuRacer11

    I have a Lenovo A8 A5500F with a 1.2ghz quad core processor and Android 4.4.2 installed. Manufactured in late-2014, bought new early this year. One of my reasons for the purchase is to prepare for such a app for Gran Turismo 6 (as it was announced to be released after release of GT6), though I use it also as a computer away from home.

    Based on claimed minimum requirements (Android 4.1 or higher models), my tablet has a very good chance to be compatible with it.

    If not on release, it should possibly get compatibility in a later update (if updates for the app are possible). If it is never compatible, I’ll just accept custom tracks from friends. It would be a bit upsetting to not be able to get it, but I won’t throw a fit about the issue.

    It’s just how apps are made, some work for a specific model and some don’t.

  4. crelou

    In the manual they said :

    “Unsupported Devices

    Android™: The Track Path Editor cannot be used on certain devices, even if they have a version 4.1 or later operating system installed.

    We thank you for your understanding.”

    I don’t understand at all!

    I’m waiting this device for years now and i can’t use this app on my 3 month laptop or my 10 month Phablet (Oneplus One 5.5″) WTF!! So stupid!!!

    1. timeformime

      It is truly ridiculous – I have a Lenovo tablet also, but for some reason, with a 1920×1200 screen, a 1.7ghz processor and 2gb ram, it’s incompatible. Just for them to say it can’t be used on “certain devices” is complete crap – I upgraded from a Kindle Fire specifically to get access to the Google Play ecosystem. Not to mention they almost certainly will never bother to release on the Amazon app store, or put out just a plain DRM-free APK.

      So, no, they really haven’t released for tablets, they’ve only released for certain tablets that have been magically anointed and deemed worthy, for reasons we shouldn’t concern ourselves with.

      Why not release a simple download for PC? Oh, no, that would be too intuitive and sensible.

  5. stucar17

    It’s been built for PS4 and GT7 no doubt. They have covered their tails by giving us a feature promised for the game, and will use gt6 to sort any issues before going to the new platform where we will be able to make and edit on both the console and app. You read it here first !!

  6. SkylineObsession

    If this is app only, then i will never be able to create a track. :/
    I don’t own a tablet/smartphone etc and never intend to own one as they simply don’t interest me. All i use cellphones for a texting and taking pictures, and a cheap non smartphone is more than capable of doing that sort of thing.

  7. MLRSparco

    I fear that with this coming out now at such a late state in GT6 that they may plan on informing us that GT7 won’t be coming out till 2017-2018,this feels oddly similar to the 2.0 update of GT5,just a thought

  8. pasigiri

    Other than the VGT’s, this completes the GT6 requirements. On to GT7. Don’t get me wrong. I WILL be using the course maker like crazy. I’ve been waiting for this feature. But at the same time, BRING ON GT7!!!

  9. vrossi

    To all the people crying that they don’t have a tablet or smart phone.
    REALLY? In this day & age you don’t have a SF or Tab?
    (& I don’t care if ur only 12…u can still make $ some how)

    1. Mickeman

      Dam strajt Vrossi, u shOD rUn fo pResident cuz u be Smart:-P. Seriously though, logic would suggest that a feature for a Ps3 game would run on the Ps3.

    2. HKS racer

      let’s put this way I must go from zone A to zone B and I know the way already.

      But PD force me to go to your home pick up your girl have some fun with her over the table(et) and only after that I’m allowed to go to zone B. Would you be happy?

    3. wastedtime

      It’s not about the money smart guy. It’s about buying a device for a feature that should be in the actual game. It’s people like you that keep allowing greedy devs/pubs to keep pushing this crap out. You need a beginners guide to personal finance.

  10. Enoch Root

    Wonderful, I’ve only just started playing GT6 after I purchased it and the Driving Force GT wheel over a year ago, took me a long time to get around to starting the game. I had read about their plans for a course creator that could utilise the GPS found in modern phones and tablets in conjunction with an app, it sounded like an amazing idea. But because they had talked about this way back before GT6 was even released I thought that it would never happen given the late date and that they’re already well into development of GT7. It’s a very nice surprise to get especially as I thought it had been abandoned. Will need to take a drive along the route to my wife’s workplace and then see how fast it could be achieved in the cars we own.

  11. zooburner

    I’m a little confused.
    Is it an app for android and apple only? or will it be downloadable to work on the PS3 also ?

    I don’t have either of these if this is the case the statement ”The GT6 Course Maker breaks from the confines of the PS3” actually means ”will not work on PS3′ !


    1. SavageEvil

      There are shortcomings in the system for building on the fly which is probably why they went with an app. They system will just build it out of the parameters from the app, in real time it might simply crash the system because of lack of RAM. You do realize the PS3 sports split 256MB+256MB of RAM right. My smart phone has 3 times that amount, get the picture. They’ll probably have a web version for PC’s but I see having one on the fly with this amount of freedom on PS3 might never work or be severely cut down to fit. It’s an old aging system, don’t expect things to simply work on it. A great many system have been dumbed down to run within the memory constraints of PS3, notoriously party chat was a no go because of the lack of RAM well lack of a 512MB chunk for use. Be happy we got something, if I was Kaz i’d give you GT5 course creator and call it a day. Save the good stuff for PS4 where it will actually work and not break the system.

    2. zooburner

      Well of course we realise the limitations of the PS3, and so did PD when they promised the course creator those two years back. The bottom line is you should deliver what you promise, there is a reason GT6 has been such a flop compared to earlier versions.

    3. SavageEvil

      Can’t say thank you without an ungrateful remark from the other side of your mouth eh? This internet becoming rather predictable. I’m willing to bet you forgot that GT6 launched when PS4 was released and that was an unstoppable juggernaut and stole all the attention along with the Xbox One. Did you miss that one? Not sure why it being a flop holds any interest to you, you got stocks in Sony or something?

  12. Ben Rogue

    Even though I’ve long since stopped player GT6, I’m very glad to see the feature finally arrive! I do hope they continue to support this and improve it with new features and functionality. In saying that, they need to go full steam ahead with GT7 on PS4!

    PD need to be more open with the GT community and share their progress, that is one thing P.Cars and DriveClub have gotten very right. It still doesn’t feel like PD are being part of the GT community, especially on social media. I’m itching to see anything from Kaz, hope they don’t keep things secret for too long

  13. Halcyon925

    I wonder if Polyphony will ever update the app to add more features, such as new locations. Speaking of a possible location, a Special Stage Route location would be fantastic. Aaaand, speaking of applications made by Polyphony, I hope they do decide to update the APEX app; granted, there aren’t many cars to add to it.

  14. Elitekilla29

    It’s too late now. A lot of people have moved on. For those who still play GT6 enjoy the course maker. Im waiting for what GT7 has in store. Just my thoughts.

    1. TrevorPhilips

      I have not loaded GT6 in a long time but I’m gonna check this out as it looks a lot better than I imagined it would be. With it being an app also, there is a good chance it might be compatible/built in mind for GT7 from day one so it won’t hurt to try it out now to get used to it.

  15. XSRacing111

    My total guess is, Course Maker + 2 VGTs + Interiors for VGTs =ing Spec 2.0. One can only hope.
    Regardless, just looking at the screenshots, I’m going to be spending hours making tracks.

  16. Fat Tyre

    Seems like total course legth cannot exceed 10kms, that’s pretty good. I hope you cando point to point tracks as well.

    1. Ozurdin

      dam that kinda sucks, me any my buddys were alwasy talking about getting the tail of the dragon into the game since we’re only a few hours away from there. If they let us do point to points tho =)

  17. DaBRZBeast


    1. GT5 Level 41

      relax, no need to shout. this story is specific to the app. the game will surely have a built in version as well.

      note: all capitals removed on purpose. breath everyone, breath.

  18. F1Racer68

    Glad to see it is finally arriving, but…… Too little….. too late….. I’ve already moved on. I suspect that is the case for many here as well.

  19. SVPSkins

    I don’t understand some people. You are moaning about the course makers features. we don’t know fully the in and outs till it’s been added to the game. If the course maker turns up on Thursday and its a big IF, then and only then can we all see if its in game and an app or if the GPS feature is part of it.

    People really need to stop jumping to the negative side of things, before trying it out and getting the answers. I’m just happy we have something on the feature and to me it looks great.

    1. Johnnypenso

      You worry too much about what other people think. You can’t manage the expectations of gamers around the world.

  20. Kazuya720

    YEEEEEESSSSS, Siiiiiii, Daaaaaaaaa, Jaaaaaaaaaa, Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,…. Thanks PD!!! Thanks a very lot! Ok, it is not finally there, but from the descripition its sounds like the fulfil of many of uses dream!

    Since (PS1) V-Rally 2, I m waiting for a working track-editor for a racing simulation. And now it will come soon.

    The only little (and not so unimportant) question is, how this works finally with the app? Do I have to run the real track outside, getting the GPS data and import this to the PS3. If yes… why would you have curve, bending and other controlls? You could do this easy direct on in the game?

    If its just a, draw a course with your finger on the smartphone display, even better!! Guys there is (at least) a Android emulator, called “blue stacks”. I only use it right now to play a German trivia (quiz) game (and beat them all ;) ). In a few hours we will knew more. I finally wonder, if courses will be free available for everybody and not just “friends”. If not, we will see a lot of different let say… Interlagos, Isle of man, Hockenheim and even Forza Motorsport tracks ;)

    I am hyped!! :)

  21. TheAsianStig

    If you have a mac or pc you can install Bluestacks which is an android emulator, you could then install the course maker app and use your big computer screen instead! Haven’t used Bluestacks myself since my phone’s alright but this time a 5 inch screen won’t do!

    1. SVPSkins

      I knew some would. Moan about it being late, then when things look promising, that it will get added soon, they moan about what it does and doesn’t have.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      We should be grateful that PD worked out whatever was holding the CM back, and remained dedicated to completing it against all odds.

    3. Johnnypenso

      I don’t normally feel grateful for someone finishing work I paid for 2 years ago or grateful that someone doesn’t abandon a contract I made with them.

    4. TeamCZRRacing

      So you’re not glad that the employees of PD got this monkey off their back that’s been tormenting them for two years? I like you, Johnny, but… that’s selfish.

    5. TeamCZRRacing

      Trust me, I do. I’ve had to deal with it my whole life. It’s like buying a piano and asking someone to move it up a flight of stairs single-handedly, and then not thanking them for their help afterwards. It’s rude and shows no consideration for your fellow man.

    6. wastedtime

      @Team I think the word you were looking for is selfless. Johnny takes the time out of his day to bring logic to the forums.
      It’s easy to have an emotional attachment to things, especially hobbies, but there is a point you have to start to question PDs focus. Course Maker is a great idea but not having on the PS3 is a head scratcher. I think it’s time for new blood running the GT franchise.

    7. Johnnypenso

      @wastedtime…exactly….logic. I am not normally swayed by emotion when it comes to games. I have no trouble criticizing games I like, nor praising games I don’t really like. I like to call a spade a spade and I’m glad someone see it that way. Kudos.

      @TeamCZR…don’t you think it’s a little ironic lecturing about personal attacks invalidating arguments when your first response to me here was calling me selfish? Just thought I’d point that out.

  22. CorvetteConquer

    Post PS2-era, Gran Turismo fans have suffered long and agonizing waits, with promises of grandeur and revolution. Except, it’s all been a fantasy, and left the masses disappointed and frankly…angry. Every GT title post PS2-era has been quite lackluster and ultimately a failure in many gamers’ eyes. To add insult to injury, the incredibly long waits in between features (such as this course maker) are measured in years! 2 years is the time it takes GT’s competitor to create a well-thought out, properly developed and wisely budgeted title. These developers simply know how to succeed (and do it in reasonable time constraints). This course creator is another example of the series doing too little too late. What’s worse is that it’s for a game on an aging platform with a user-base that’s probably limited to die-hard fan sites like GTplanet. Why do I post here then? Project Cars and other games maintain my business here. Lastly, I used to fear the death of Gran Turismo, as if it were a god that should never perish. But now, I have this great sense of freedom for the series. I don’t wish the series to die, but I am absolutely care-free. To be care free means that I no longer am afraid of its possible demise. It no longer worries me. It’s a moment of clear and sudden relief, really, when you can say you’ve given all the advice and blue prints for success to PolyPhony, as any good fan should often practice in forums…it’s a relief to know you’ve done all you can and that the success or failure of the series isn’t dependent on what you’ve contributed, but rather how well the developer (PD), receives it and what they choose to do with it.

    1. Keithdoom

      Geeze it’s like you’re writing your will or something that anyone would care to read. You don’t like GT, cool story, nobody’s holding a gun to your head and forcing you to play GT.

    2. SavageEvil

      Someone has a high evaluation of themselves, calm down. You’re just like the rest of people a statistic until you have actually done something that people outside of the internet recognizes you for. Seriously you talk as if you were sitting down at PD’s offices and pour out your worthwhile amounts of knowledge about how to build their game. Sometimes I wonder about folks on the internet, it’s like they get lost in fantasy or something. Developers build out their games to their spec and not to what everyone else is doing, else you get a bunch of clones all over the place. While you can praise Turn 10 for making Forza 6, I still hold them in contempt for releasing Forza 5 and 6 is what you’d expect Forza 5 to have been with the still static times of day, nice 3D puddles but when I see puddles on uphill sections during a race it boggles the mind, did they flip coins as to where to put some of these things? Sorry buddy, but everyone gets a you can do better from where I stand. Project Cars is still the one to top on consoles period, sorry but perpetual darkness that Forza 6 has is absolutely absurd it’s so dark it’s unrealistic, guess they must be using a camera view and not a human eye perspective that would adjust to the darkness and the track would actually be much brighter at night that it is. I still play it but I think I’ll hold reservations until they can do dynamic lighting and weather as that actually makes a bigger difference that permanent puddles that all 24 cars can hydroplane through one right after another.

    3. research

      As a LONGTIME fan, player, and supporter of Gran Turismo with the ability to think independently and critically, I am in full agreement with CorvetteConquer. Every word.

      What a shame it has become. The Emperor of console racing whom we all stood by and at one time loved, is dead.

  23. Eager Snake

    Guys, the good news is that they finally can work freely on Gran Turismo 7, the possibility to generate a track by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course can be more or less ready so far so, yeah, GT7 at Playstation Experience?

    1. Eager Snake

      I was the first to think that the CM it was never going to happen, and now “it seems” it is. Anyway, in their official website you can read the following, so, if we waited almost 2 years (I don’t, it’s been months since I turned on my PS3, and now, thanks to MGSV TPP on PS4 you can imagine) for this, I think we can wait a ilttle bit more for that.

      Course Maker:

      This feature, available at a later stage through an update, will allow you to create your own custom tracks that can be driven in the game. Additionally, in another update we will add the possibility to generate a track by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course. These GPS-generated tracks will be available in the game as playable content.

  24. Psychopulse

    No Windows support?! Is this a joke? I want in on my Surface and Lumia! Okay fine, no phone support at the moment, only tablets, but this needs to be on Windows!!

  25. LogiForce

    How useless… so you can only use this feature if you have an Apple or Android device. How about those with a Surface Pro tablet or Lumia phone? :(

    More and more people around me are getting Windows running phones and tablets, but I still see that companies are running a bit behind the facts. A bit sad but I hope it will turn around soon.


    Dont have any a smartphone or a tablet to run the new coursemaker . So I am VERY ANNOYED !. If you read the article it seems to imply that you wont be able to design tracks on a PS3. Am i write or wrong? only time will tell.

  27. syntex123

    Only tablets are you kidding me. PD and their sense of humour. Gah. Not even excited anymore. – unless it comes to normal phones / large phones a la Galaxy S series, iPhone 6 Plus, etc.

    1. RACECAR

      How does “The GT6 Course Maker breaks from the confines of the PS3 gaming console to take full advantage of today’s large touch screens on tablet devices” Automatically mean its only for Tablets?

  28. Eager Snake

    I thought I’d never see this particular day…
    Damn it, I even upgraded to PS4 in the meantime, luckily, I haven’t sold my PS3 and I’m not planning to do so now. I never wanted to do it, I have the entire MGS collection for it so…
    Now, finally, after almost 2 years, the CM is about to be released… is it going to be good? We don’t know, we don’t have a clue, theory is very different than reality sometimes, and sadly, PD had put a lot of pressure on them because of their actions.
    That being said, I’m excited to try it, I’m totally excited about the supposed freedom they’re offering about putting trees for example in anywhere we want. That’s a desired thing, FREEDOM, but not expected from PD.

    What I found odd and UNFAIR (MOSTLY UNFAIR) though is the decision to make it an app for android and apple devices. I mean, I’m utterly HAPPY with my Sony Xperia, but what happens with the people that owns a Windows phone? I mean… say whatever you want, but everyone expected the CM to be within the game, not outside of it. Maybe is a matter of performance for the PS3, I don’t know….

  29. Blessorship

    Sucks this comes out so late. I tried going back to play gt6 after playing p cars for a few months and it was unbearable. Very happy for those of you still playing it though. It’s about damn time.

  30. leeislee

    I thought the course maker app would feature GPS so you can drive around in real life and make a track that geographically correct to the road your drove on in terms of layout etc but looked like a generic GT6 course or was that never gonna happen?

    Actually, did i imagine that?

    1. leeislee

      Bloody small keyboard on my tablet. That should say…

      “I thought the course maker app would feature GPS so you can drive around in real life and make a track that was geographically correct to the road you drove on in terms of layout etc. but, looked like a generic GT6 course or was that never going to happen?

      Actually, did i imagine that?”

  31. AudiMan2011

    Finally releasing a feature that’s 2 years late isn’t going to bring back the lost customers.

    Then expecting people to have tablets to download a stinking app to put the created tracks on to PS3 rather than letting them create tracks in-game? Pathetic.

    Nice going Kaz, you’ve just killed this game stone dead.

    1. The Chosen One

      I feel like a hungry child inside of the largest candy store in the world…
      And that store has no one in it :^)

    2. another_jakhole

      It’s being released. A crazy good feature. That is what matters. I didn’t expect it to come to the PS3 anymore, though.

    3. RACECAR

      Where exactly does it imply that its only going to be done via this App? You are mad over something that hasn’t even been confirmed.

  32. djslofstra

    They should have either made a webbased system or they should have used the ps3. I don’t have an Android or Apple device. My phone is running Windows Phone. I am really disapointed.

    1. Eager Snake

      Precisely my point, maybe it’s related to the PS3, but we’ll probably never know :(
      I even upgraded to PS4 in the meantime, it’s ridiculous they release this after almost two years, but at least, it’s here. They never said a particular date for it but anyway….
      I’m sorry for you, maybe you can borrow an android device?

  33. Scuderia Paul

    Wow, I was not expecting this! We have been waiting forever for Course Maker and from the details it appears to be worth the wait.

    I was not expecting to have control over environmental assets such as signs and grandstands. ModNation Racers sprung to mind. Kaz was amazed by that actually.

    I am really looking forward to this and the new VGTs will be the first cars along with my TS030 to try them out.

    1. Scuderia Paul

      Just realised the asset placement is relatively restricted but even so… So excited. I was 32 last week and I’m all giddy now.

  34. Hastatus

    I hope that “any type of road” includes dirt, but the picture appears to show pavement at Death Valley…we will see if people will be able to create layouts with combinations of paved and dirt…

  35. Samm

    too late. I haven’t played gt6 in months now, I don’t know about you guys but I don’t enjoy playing gt6 anymore, and I’m afraid that the countinues support of gt6 means that new gran turismo game isn’t coming anytime soon and the wait time might be a lot longer then what we all thought.

  36. zzz_pt

    Great news! I wasn’t expecting anything so this sounds really good. But I’ll have to try it our before joining the hype. PD brought me to this level of skepticism with their announcements.

    On a side note, great job to the GTP staff for getting an exclusive first look of such an important feature! Kudos to all our great Admins and Colaborators.

  37. karelpipa

    So, please Famine, tell the reason why they postponed the release of course maker if it wasnt technological reason?
    Thank you, its really interesting.

  38. Lambob

    aww crap, I sold my PS3! luckily, we have free classified ads with some available tonight.

    -posted as comment #34 of at least 500 by tomorrow.

    this looks promising! create from an app! I need a god damn tablet now too.

  39. Joylord

    I quite enjoyed the randomness of the course maker in 5. But to be able to add rumble strips and other additions is pretty cool.

  40. jake2013guy

    Would have preferred this in game. I don’t use a smartphone much if at all so I don’t really see why they couldn’t put this in game like GT5.

    1. TomBrady

      This can’t be the only way to make tracks. No way would they be that stupid.

      I think this is just in addition to the full course maker on GT6. This is just an extra way to do it most likely

    2. Whodoyouthink

      @TomBrady yes they could be that stupid. They gave us a GPS-to-game feature literally only good on a handful of cars (last I knew, the GT-R, FR-S/GT 86, and maybe a few other Nissans).

      No use to me if I can’t do it in game….don’t own a smartphone or tablet!

  41. hankolerd

    Huh. No web based or native OS X or Windows apps? Seems like it is going to be a little tricky to design these courses on a 4″ screen.

    Glad this is finally coming, but also a little disappointed, as I have already packed up my PS3 and have moved on to Project CARS on PS4. I doubt I will dig be digging it out to see what all you amazing designers will create. Heres to hoping they will all port seamlessly into GT7.

  42. DUBLBarryl

    Holy shit! RIGHT when I sat GT6 down as a collector’s item, this comes out of NOWHERE! YES YES YESSSS! Back to PS3…

    1. GT5 Level 41

      Me too. It’s a little tattered and torn with tear stains but it’s still valid. No punch marks to be found. It’s just been in my wallet a really long time.

    1. TomBrady

      That can’t be the only way to make courses. Can it?

      I have a smartphone but somehow, certain apps aren’t supported. I really will be pissed if this app doesn’t work on mine. MGS 5 Ground Zeroes app works but somehow MGS 5 Phantom Pain app doesn’t. I can play GTA San Andreas and Deus Ex on my phone, but not Real Racing 3.

      It really annoys me that some apps are like that but I highly doubt the app would ever be the only way to create tracks in GT6.

    1. occasionalracer

      Well hopefuuly that was the reason they delayed it for this long. The save files shoud be compatible with GT7.

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