Gran Turismo 6 Course Maker: First Screenshots & Full Details

Gran Turismo 6 192 September 29, 2015 by
gt6-course-maker-screenshot-2 gt6-course-maker-logoGTPlanet is excited to bring you an exclusive first look at the “Course Maker” app for Gran Turismo 6. Since we first learned that GT6 would greatly expand upon GT5‘s course “generator” (which let players generate random tracks within a certain set of defined parameters), it has been one of the most highly anticipated features for the new game.

The GT6 Course Maker breaks from the confines of the PS3 gaming console to take full advantage of today’s large touch screens on tablet devices. It will be released as a free app on both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play, and should be available worldwide by the end of tomorrow, September 30th.

Tracks created within the apps will then be saved to your PlayStation Network account to be loaded within GT6.


Track designers will have a fairly extensive set of tools available at their disposal, along with a lot of creative freedom to design any type of road of their choosing:

  • Four different locations or geography types will be available, including the familiar “Eifel” location from GT5, the Andalusia region in Spain (around which the Circuit de la Sierra is based), along with the introduction of a new “Death Valley” location.
  • Players will have full control of the shape and layout of the course, including the ability to set road width and the banking of corners.
  • Roadside items such as plants, trees, buildings, signs, tents, and grandstands can be placed around the circuit.
  • Curbing can be placed in custom areas along the edge of the track (though this functionality won’t be available in all of the geographic locations).
  • Once the track has been saved and loaded into GT6, players will be able to test drive their track, or use it in Arcade Mode, Open Lobby online events, and share it with friends via the in-game Community Features.

With the online services for GT6 undergoing scheduled maintenance in the early hours of September 30th and the pending release of these companion apps, the now-infamous Course Maker update seems all but confirmed to arrive for all within the next few hours.

As always, we’ll keep a close eye on developments and availability. Be sure to stop by our GT6 forums to chat about this new feature with other players – our community will be a great resource for making new friends and finding the best custom tracks to drive!

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