GTPlanet Launches “Gran Turismo Suggestions”: Vote on Favorite Cars, Tracks, & Features


Everybody has opinions and ideas on what they’d like to see in a Gran Turismo game, but with thousands of messages posted in GTPlanet’s forums every day, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of what people are really asking for.

To help solve this problem, GTPlanet is launching a specialized “Suggestions” forum, designed to make it easy for fans to share, organize, and vote on their favorite ideas. The forum is divided into three sections:

You can sort suggestions by latest activity or popularity, in terms of the number of “likes” or votes each suggestion has received. See the official announcement for more details on how the suggestion forum works and how you can submit your own cars, tracks, and feature ideas.

Of course, it’s important to remember there are many technical, legal, and practical obstacles which will prevent popular suggestions from making it into the games, and this is not an “official” communication medium.

However, Gran Turismo producers have repeatedly cited fan feedback as an important factor in recent games’ development, and I’m hopeful GTPlanet’s new suggestions forum will help clarify and strengthen fan’s voices as we all work towards a bigger and better driving simulator.

Now, start suggesting and start voting!

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