GTPlanet Members Win UK & Ireland GT Academy 2011 Regional Finals

May 12th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Regional finals for GT Academy 2011 are taking place around Europe, and the official results from the UK & Ireland event are in with two GTPlanet members earning tickets to Silverstone! 19-year-old Jann Mardenborough (TECHNIKRS4) from Cardiff and 29-year-old wild-card winner James Hudson (TwinturboCH) from Bromley came out on top after a challenging event. Not only did the finalists have to compete against each other, they also had to prove themselves in a series of media, driving, and physical fitness tests at Brands Hatch.

Jann said: “This is amazing. All those hours up in my bedroom with my mum shouting to come down for dinner and me shouting ‘just another five minutes’ seem worth it now! I started playing Gran Turismo when I was just eight as some friends of my parents had the first game. In the end they gave it to me as they got sick of me coming round.”

The next stage of the competition will begin for Jann and James when they join the other regional winners at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where the Academy finals will kick off this year as Lucas Ordonez takes to the track. Congratulations and good luck, guys!

For more pictures, take a look at this photo gallery by our own PrudentBear. Also, don’t miss this comprehensive write-up of the event by Dessy182.

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  1. May. 14, 8:18am

    What an awesome car!

  2. May. 14, 4:40am

    Well done lads! Do it for the UK and GTP! ;)

    Ps. I love how if someone from GTP wins something, there is the same sense as if a family member won something. Its not the GTP community, its the GTP family! :D

  3. May. 13, 10:52pm

    Good luck guys…keep pushing!

  4. May. 13, 4:34pm

    They say it won’t be back up until the end of May.

  5. May. 13, 4:31pm

    This is not much of a surprise. This is the biggest Gran Turismo community in the world.

  6. May. 13, 12:42pm

    The photograph at the top of the article looks ‘shopped.

    • May. 14, 6:59pm

      I think you have a point there. Look at the shadow’s, the car has two shadow’s from the sun and the shadows of the guy’s in the foreground are at a different angle to those at the back. Typical PD, I’m surprised they’re not jaggie :)

  7. May. 13, 10:40am

    Anyone kno when PSN will be back up?? almost been a month already.

  8. May. 12, 7:56pm

    That is really cool! Good luck to both of you- I hope you do very well.

  9. May. 12, 4:49pm

    Wow this sounds like it was really different from our finals. Good luck guys!

  10. May. 12, 3:09pm

    So we got Lewis and Jenson heading off to the finals. Cool….good luck guys!

  11. May. 12, 12:48pm

    Any updates on the North American winners?

    • May. 12, 1:12pm

      Headed to Silverstone Shortly. Just getting travel info together now. Unfortunately because of the “reality show” we can’t say anything about what is going on once we get on the plane. And it will stay that way until the show airs.

  12. May. 12, 12:41pm

    Good job both of you. Fingers crossed for Jann to win, we need more Welsh race drivers (Sorry James!)

  13. May. 12, 10:37am

    Letting visitors know that some of our members made it to the finals tells them something about the caliber of individuals posting on this forum.

    Although, I must add, these guys are 99% guaranteed to cease posting here now anyway…

    • May. 12, 12:15pm

      I’ll be posting here for as long as I can…

  14. May. 12, 9:31am
    James Hudson

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I’m really looking forward to this, it’s completely different to anything I’ve ever done in a car and I’m really looking forward to the ‘Race Camp’, it really is an absolute honour to have been selected over some of the other awesome people who’d entered. I never thought I’d make it this far and I will be doing my absolute best to give the GT Academy a UK winner for 2011. :-)

  15. May. 12, 8:39am

    Good work men!!!!

  16. May. 12, 5:49am

    Well done James!! Good to know that one of the drift boys gets through!!

  17. May. 12, 3:26am

    Congratulations Guys!
    Long live GTPlanet!

  18. May. 12, 1:27am

    Congrats guys!

  19. May. 12, 1:19am

    That’s awesome! Remember us when you’re famous!

  20. May. 12, 1:13am

    split screen! why they don’t do it on online mode same place!

    • May. 12, 2:42am

      Online is down and GT5 has no LAN feature.

      Congrats guys, hopefully instead of watching Lucas, you are racing him next year!

    • May. 12, 3:29am

      where does it say they were racing using split screen?

    • May. 12, 3:30am

      never mind, I see it on the photo

    • May. 12, 6:51pm

      PSN is down….derp

  21. May. 12, 12:54am


    • May. 12, 8:50am
      Jann’s Mum


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