GTPlanet Weekly Rewind: The Odds All Stand Beneath Me

November 30th, 2012 by Michael Leary

With Thanksgiving firmly fading into the depths of my rear-view mirror, it’s now time to prepare for the final and perhaps most joyous holiday of the entire year – Christmas. I have something in mind just for the occasion but we’ll cover that in due time, but I assure you it will be in the spirit of good tidings upon ye.

And with that comes the Christmas setting in GT5 itself, although I’m not entirely sure if it carries on throughout the entire month leading up to Christmas or just the week itself. Whatever the case may be, it’s always something to look forward to because we all know the GT series has never been a slouch in the music department. I’ve had my fair share of the game this past week as well, what with me purchasing the Subaru BRZ, the 2012 N24 GT-R Academy race car and of course the C7 Corvette Prototype that was just released yesterday. The BRZ is an absolute blast to drive around Route 5 which just happens to be one of my favorite surviving original venues in the game, albeit slightly tweaked.

We’ll continue this later on because there’s a lot to get through this week so let’s a get a move on!

GTPlanet Picture of the Week

This week’s vehicle, recommended by tube chaser and courtesy of leeislee, features the Aston Martin V12 Vantage in a masterful autumn setting.

Have a suggestion for next week’s featured image? Drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Picture of the Week” and fill it out with your two choices and they’ll be featured in upcoming Rewinds.

Arcade Love – The Hit List and Game Changer

This was recommended by ncrthree and features our very own W3HS (Shem, for those of you who are unaware) and walks us through a better Arcade Mode experience within Gran Turismo 5. It’s a simple concept really, seemingly abiding by the ethos of  “If you’re unable to find a good race online, why not create your ideal event offline?”. It quickly addresses the concerns most users appear to have regarding the feature and looks to assure them that with careful consideration there’a a great deal of hidden fun to be had with the mode.

Take this quote from HKS racer into consideration the next time you find yourself in Arcade Mode:

“I noticed in Arcade mode you can “force” the game changing stuff in PRE race menu. This is how it works, in case, some of you want a specific AI pattern but still wont some freedom on regulations:

Go in GT mode select one of the setup slots (A, B or C). For instance let’s use “B”. This setup will be your “enter race setup” the one the game use to assign you AI cars. Let’s say this setup has race hard tyres and 450 hp. In “Select Race” menu, and before entering the race (black grey menu) don’t change tyres, not yet. Keep them as in setup B. The game will give you AI cars according to setup B pp/tyres combo.

In Pre race menu (when you actually see the in game track) You can change to setup C and have a totally different tune but still racing previously given AI’s. This will give some room on Bop (balance of performance), you can either have unbeatable stiggs or captain slow opponents, and everything in between, it’s up to you.”

For the entire thread, have a look here and be sure to post up your own combinations for a better Arcade Mode experience.

GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week

This week’s featured vehicle, courtesy of QuikSlvr223, features the Wankel-powered Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) which was Mazda’s premier sports car, so much so it was featured on Car and Driver’s “Ten Best” list on five occasions. Production of the iconic sports car came to an end in 2002 where it was succeeded by the RX-8.

Have a suggestion for next week’s featured image? Drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week” and fill it out with your two choices and they’ll be featured in upcoming Rewinds.

GTPEDIA – Think You Know Gran Turismo?

Just this past Tuesday “GTPEDIA” was announced, a 375-page monster of a book covering every conceivable detail of every Gran Turismo game ever released; the most comprehensive and thorough resource ever compiled for GT – yes, just as the description states.

Get your copy now as a PDF eBook ($17.95 USD) or a professionally printed paperback book ($19.95 + shipping); or save some money and get both with a combo pack ($29.95 + shipping). Hardcover copies begin shipping next Monday, December 1st and if you’re looking to make this the perfect Christmas gift international orders must be placed by December 3rd, and orders within the US must be placed by December 21st.

There’s nowhere to go from here but up, ladies and gentlemen. Keep a sharp lookout for the “GTPlanet Christmas Album” in 2015 where we’ll be covering every mundane song ever recorded in the history of time, I’ll be singing GTPlanet’s rendition of the classic “Friday” entitled “It’s 7AM, where’s my Gran Turismo?”

Seventh Generation Corvette Now in Gran Turismo 5

This video, courtesy of seizure_, features the newly included vehicle going around Spa Francorchamps. This very well marks the beginning of a relationship between PD and Chevrolet as GT5 is the first game to feature the next generation Corvette in any capacity, and with any luck we’ll be taking the unveiled production model around our venues of choice next year January.

Best of all? It’s free. If you haven’t downloaded it yet for whatever reason why are you still here? Go! Now!

GTPlanet Tune of the Week

For the second consecutive week, this week’s tune is a Seasonal Special for, you guessed it, the Lotus-featured Seasonal Event that went live just this past Wednesday. The tune, courtesy of our very own praiano63 of Praiano’s Tunes, instantly grabs your attention by basically guaranteeing an easy victory with the Esprit Sport 350, which just happens to be as quick as the Elise 111R. It’s a tune specifically devised for the 480PP Autumn Ring time trial, so don’t expect it to conform to other tracks brilliantly.

Should you have any questions about this week’s tune have a look here.

Exactly like the Picture and Vehicle of the Week features, if you have any suggestions for the upcoming Rewinds be sure to drop me a private message, entitle it “GTPlanet Tune of the Week” and let me know.

Closing Thoughts

Every week you would have noticed the Rewind has a subtitle attached to it, as in this week’s “The Odds All Stand Beneath Me” and before I explain exactly why I chose that or any of the previous titles, their sole intent is to serve as indications of a chapter, albeit with more of a striking presence. The reason why I chose this week’s subtitle is literally because I was listening to Santigold’s ‘Disparate Youth’ while writing this up, and even though it had no direct relation with the article at the time, it does now. Think about it, how many of us continue to play GT5 despite all of it’s setbacks? How many of us continue to find enjoyment, no matter how minute, in the game despite it being less of an experience than the previous release? The odds stand firmly beneath you. As for why I choose the titles that I do at all, it’s usually to do with the primary feature of the article.

So there you have it, a look into my mind – now get out. Until next week keep racing!

GT5 Photomode images by MadMoss and XSquareStickIt.

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  1. Dec. 11, 12:35am

    I Love GT5 during Christmas month, reminds me of when it was releases or when I bought my first DFGT 2 years ago. Best experience ever. Dont knock this, GT5 is what push me to get iRacing and practice in the track on GT5 gets the same effect for iR.
    just thought i share. Still love this Sim after 2 years.

  2. Dec. 5, 11:20am

    Now that we are seeing more and more Photomode pictures being featured in the News section, I guess it’s about time I start submitting some of my own onto GTPlanet. Not to toot my own horn, but some might be worthy of knocking off some seconds of my 15 minutes of fame.

  3. Dec. 4, 10:05pm

    Ha! I got mentioned in the news! I’m famous! Cheers T12!!!11!one!! Great article.

  4. Dec. 4, 8:42am

    LOVE reading your weekly rewinds Terronium.
    and that picture is simply breathtaking leesliee.

  5. Dec. 4, 3:14am

    Wow, that pic of Mazda RX07 Spirit R type A is going to be my wallpaper from now on!It should be in the “5 best” list if I had anything to say about it. Thanks again for publishing those bad boys.

  6. Dec. 4, 2:08am

    Thanks for the post Terroniun-12, to be honest, the Lotus esprit Sport 350 ’00 is one of my best cars ever seen in the game. I simply love it. Thanks for the post again.

  7. Dec. 3, 3:43am

    Imagine how wonderful it would be if we could orchestrate the AI opponents ( choose the cars / tyres / pp for them ) !

    • Dec. 3, 3:48am

      Bytheway, great thread Terronium, I always look forward to these each week! One question: does the aforementioned trick work with Seasonals?

    • Dec. 3, 9:05am

      Stephanos, that is a dream which most of us have- an authentic Event Creator.

      click here for more..

      and unfortunately, the techniques in the game-changing Arcade thread do not apply to Seasonals or a-spec..

  8. Dec. 2, 9:16pm

    How do you make a thread

    • Dec. 3, 12:20am

      Not that this is the best place to ask such a question, but you’ll want to click on the “New Thread” button atop every section in any of the sub-forums you’d want to create a thread in.

  9. Dec. 2, 7:02pm

    Just had to say how great that Aston Martin pic is. Also the Weekly Rewind this week is good also, will need to try the Arcade “trick” and Praiano’s tune for the Esprit Sport 350, would not have considered that car for those seasonals.

  10. Dec. 2, 2:03pm

    Been there and done that arcade mode trick or cheat. Don’t waste your time with A or B mode ’cause the cars don’t change and the AI is simply slower. Enter with whatever whip you want to drive then add or delete whatever performance parts you like. I find myself there when I can’t find a decent SS tired event online, then you always come to the realization that 1. the races are fielded by much closer (pp wise) competition w/o the rabbit car as in the special events then 2. There’s no competition there like acual online play. Next step form PD is to alllow us to setup our own fields using the tuned whips (or stockers) in our garages and race against ours and our friends’ Bspec pilots and maybe those who chose to join. Lets keep our sunny sides up and the paint chips in the shop…

  11. Dec. 2, 10:20am

    The C7’s interior in 3D is right on, so gorgeous, yet so hidden. Love that car.

  12. Dec. 1, 12:57pm
    HKS racer

    Hey T12 thanks for giving the Arcade Game Changer a spot on the Official News! :D
    Hope it help some people out.

    And how are you doing W3HS
    thanks for creating that thread!

  13. Dec. 1, 6:07am

    Love reading these Weekly Rewinds – Fantastic Aston Photo!

  14. Nov. 30, 9:54pm

    Thanks for putting up the Arcade article T12. GT5’s still got some gas left in the tank. Been working on some similar methods for practice mode one makes-too bad it doesn’t have the sliding scale AI. Love the Aston photo!

    • Dec. 2, 11:08pm

      good point, and great nomination, ncrthee. That thread is fantastic.

  15. Nov. 30, 9:02pm
    Fire Yoshi

    Oh, and these are lovely photos we have here. Especially the Aston Martin one, it’s breathtaking. :)

    Nice one leeislee!

  16. Nov. 30, 8:55pm
    Fire Yoshi

    The arcade mode trick is actually something I already found out about some time ago when testing my created tracks with bots in GT mode. You can actually do this by simply changing the tires. Slap on comfort hards, then swap them out for racing softs when the race loads. You’ll see what I mean. :)
    I do this often with GT300 cars, because they always seem to give you opponents that are way faster than you when you pick one of those.

  17. Nov. 30, 6:54pm

    Thanks again, this Lotus esprit Sport 350 ’00 is one of my favorite car in the game. I have another tune (Special Nordschleife) 550PP sport soft tires that is more in the range of the car.
    I hope PD will present us with a seasonal 500PP race car, i did some test today and i realize that i don’t know and drive this cars. Acura NSX RM, S2000 LM Race car, Clio trophy….. All amazing machines….

  18. Nov. 30, 6:48pm

    Both the Aston and RX7 pictures are fantastic !

    • Nov. 30, 6:51pm

      Oh, and another great Rewind Terronium! :tup:
      Keep this up (please)! : )

  19. Nov. 30, 6:01pm

    Thanks man. I really like that your tune of the week is connected to the week’s current seasonal. Also liked this weeks article on Arcade racing. I will be going there more often looking for a challenge.

  20. Nov. 30, 5:53pm

    Thank you, I really enjoy your weekly article. Keep up the hard work.

  21. Nov. 30, 4:45pm

    That Aston Martin picture is unbelievable :P

    • Nov. 30, 6:09pm

      Yea i was amazed. I love your pics as well lee

    • Dec. 1, 4:32am

      Nothing like a bit of self-promotion, eh lee!

  22. Nov. 30, 3:46pm

    Nice weekly Report :) was an exciting week!!

  23. Nov. 30, 3:33pm

    Great weekly round-up (again). :)

  24. Nov. 30, 3:21pm

    That Aston is the September in the calendar I made myself for 2013. Such a beautiful shot.

  25. Nov. 30, 3:06pm

    Thanks Terronium, I love the weekly rewind :)

  26. Nov. 30, 3:03pm

    Well… I was hoping to see the leeislee tuturial in here (as I suggested by PM)… probably more worthy than his autumn shot. It’s an AWESOME shot though!

    Congratz leeislee!

    • Nov. 30, 3:05pm

      What do I always say? In due time. :p

      Besides, he was suggested twice for this week! I couldn’t have one person dominating two features in one article; that’s not good for business. Hah.

    • Nov. 30, 4:45pm

      Cheers man!

  27. Nov. 30, 2:59pm

    Whoa Terronium.

    Best weekly rewind to date! Great content, and love the end… exactly my feelings, and the feelings of many here…

    “Think about it, how many of us continue to play GT5 despite all of it’s setbacks? How many of us continue to find enjoyment, no matter how minute, in the game despite it being less of an experience than the previous release?”

    • Nov. 30, 7:30pm

      GT5 has keped me playing FOR TWO YEARS, no other game have i played regularly for two years.. Every big patch had me on teh edge of my seat.. and if you think about it , this version is a completely changed game than the launch one!

  28. Nov. 30, 2:52pm

    Lovely Aston Martin picture!

    • Dec. 1, 8:57am

      Absolutely. Quite possibly the best GT5 photo I’ve seen for some time. btw- where is it taken?

      And also, great weekly posting dude.

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