Gran Turismo 6 to Include KW Suspension Testing System

Gran Turismo 6 115 September 25, 2013 by

Polyphony Digital’s partnership with KW Suspension for Gran Turismo 6 could be more of a collaborative effort than many may have initially realized.

jpegAccording to an article posted at, a behind the scenes tour was given of Polyphony Digital’s office during last week’s Tokyo Game Show.

After a discussion with Michael Grassi, Head of Motorsport Sales and Technical Support at KW Automotive GmbH, it was revealed that players will be able to fine tune suspension systems using KW’s “7-post” test environment which is as detailed:

The 7-post mode is reserved for the so-called track replay mode. First of all, data has to be collected at the race track which is then evaluated at the test stand. The data record can only be used for identical car constructions.

At the chassis, three solid attachment points have to be created for the three additional hydraulic cylinders which supply lateral inclination, downthrust and other car body movements during the test run.

As you can gather, this level of authenticity will allow players to continually test, tweak, and re-test the cars suspension systems, getting it just right before heading out to the track.

For the entire behind the scenes look, including interesting comments on a new “Vision Gran Turismo” car, check out the entire article here, and learn more about the “7-post test” on KW’s Technology page.

The testing equipment can be seen in action below.

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