LED Light Bar Added to Upcoming BMW M4 Safety Car in GT6

Gran Turismo 6

As most readers will recall, a new Safety Car based upon a special edition of the BMW M4 was announced for Gran Turismo 6 a few weeks ago. Many of you were quick to notice, however, that the car shown in the screenshots did not contain a flashing LED light bar on the roof, as could be seen on the real car which BMW debuted at SEMA the following day.


The Polyphony Digital car modeling team, who was at the SEMA show, went straight to work, taking hundreds of photographs and scanning the new attachments. I had the pleasure of watching them work, carefully capturing every angle and texture of the lights.

And now, today, Polyphony has just confirmed that both the light bar and front grill lights will be available for the car when it arrives in the next GT6 update. They have also provided more details on a second set of aerodynamic parts for the M4, including a new front lip spoiler and racing rear diffuser.

The next GT6 update will also feature new time and drift trials with the M4 at Daytona Road Course (night) and Madrid, respectively.

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  1. nonficshaun

    Does anyone else think this car sounds like it is out of oil? Seriously, it is not the usual bad GT sound, but like the engine is running metal-on-metal because someone forgot to put the oil plug back on. Looks striking, but sound-wise it is mute worthy.

  2. austint30

    Now this is why Gran Turismo still beats the @#$% out of Forza in my opinion. You can’t get a lightbar on Forza, or free DLC cars and tracks and updates! Forza has turned into an expensive DLC fest.

  3. Riblo72

    It would be amazing if this pace car could be used in races (online and offline) by a scripted AI in particular race conditions…
    This would be a very good addon to the game

  4. Whodoyouthink

    Wonder if any members run any racing series where they have someone run as a safety car? I know we already have the GTR pace cars, but this is certainly a interesting addition.

  5. Custer85

    They took so many pictures but still got the positioning and colors of the lights wrong? The LED lights in the bumper of the real car are in the upper corner of the grill, while the ingame model has then on the lowest part of the grill.
    The color of the LED on the roof are rather red and white and not plane orange as with the ingame model

    But its not the first time PD got the lights on certai ncars wrong, like the Mercedes Benz SLK, driving with active rear fog light since 2004.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      I know there’s areal M4 safety car. It’s used in the DTM. Still, this isn’t supposed to be a representation of that car.

  6. wvmgmidget

    Nice! Now we just need a cop car, a tank, ultra 4 class buggy and a lamborghini limo. In all seriousness though I am actually stocked about the M4 mods and the pace car seems pretty cool. Wait now that I think about it I might actually want those vehicles as well.

  7. GT_Racer22

    I think that we could be seeing this update in the first week of December. Because it is announced that the update will bring time and drift trials, and last weeks were A-Spec events, this week will be trials, but is highly unlikely for an update. In addition, the first week of December is ended on Saturday, December 6th. Just my thoughts and speculation here, not actual information.

  8. AlexFFM1991

    Does anybody know when this update will come out ? I hope not next year xD ….. and by the way ….. What’s wrong with the track editor ? Will we get it one time ? I’m waiting for it since beginning of 2014 :/

    1. Tenacious D

      I’d like to see it in a couple of weeks myself, but we might have to cross a few fingers and toes for that.

      I’m wondering if the CM will be before the Spec 2 update, or included with it. I could see it coming before, and then goodies like better bot A.I., Race Mod, Livery Editor, Event Maker, the serious online update and other things being a part of 2.0. Polyphony has their own schedule, but a big part of that is making sure it works pretty well. People will beg for early releases of features, bugs and all, and then many of those same people will complain about every flaw, so Kaz and the team just can’t win. Might as well let people grouch that GT6 is “hardly ever updated.”

  9. Siren

    PD puttin in work! I’ve always been one to comment on their timing with features and content, but I’m not one to bash and talk them down. I know these things aren’t exactly what we want but its still progress. Baby steps in the right direction. Just look at the photographers putting in so much effort to get detail.w e should go a little easy on them for now because you never know whats going on behind closed doors. well in PDs case they never tell us but they’re trying too :)

    1. BrunoI_SRE

      I agree, and I bet there are people complaining that they are wasting their time, but if they didn’t add the details they would complain that it isn’t accurate enough.

    2. Siren

      Yea people will just point out anything to be salty over. I use to be one of those people. Constantly keeping myself from enjoying the game because there’s a few hiccups. But of lately I’ve just been playing the game the way it is and I’ve been enjoying the heck of it. I can’t wait for the update to roll in.

    1. Tenacious D

      I’m much more interested in the Beemer getting performance parts and bodykit enhancements, hopefully in prelude to a Livery Editor, but we’ll see on that. The pace car – or cop car – is nice though.

    2. Psychopulse

      Totally agreed! I remember one of the popular suggestions for the GT series has been to have aftermarket parts and bodykits from real manufacturers. It would be the best thing ever to tune an M4 with Vorsteiner accessories!

  10. fordskydog

    Nice. But I still wiwish we got the i8 safety car from formula e. I know that’s a tall order having not been modeled elsewhere for Gran Turismo, but I can dream…

  11. Mike-ZENKAI


    Any idea when this update will come out? Pretty big update with updated Suzuka, 2 or 3 VGT cars and this BMW.

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