Mercedes-AMG GT3 Now Available in Project CARS

Project CARS AMG GT 09
The Mercedes-AMG GT3 debuts in Project CARS today, joining the likes of Driveclub and Assetto Corsa.

As revealed late last week, the sonorous Mercedes-AMG GT3 joins Project CARS, further expanding the title’s impressive list of GT3 class racing machinery, and is available to everyone at no additional cost.

The successor to the SLS AMG GT3 is no stranger to racing games, having already appeared in Driveclub, and appearing several days later in Assetto Corsa last December. The new racing machine from the Mercdes-AMG camp impresses with a new “Panamericana” radiator grille reminiscent of the 300 SL sports car that won the “Carrera Panamericana” endurance race across Mexico in 1952.

Like its predecessor, the all-new machine is powered by a naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter V8 engine, and it produces in excess or 500 galloping ponies. The extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the car’s body allows it to come well under the FIA’s recommended 1300 kilograms minimum weight requirement.

Project CARS AMG GT 06

You’ll have the opportunity to drive the team’s newest GT3 effort whether you’re enjoying the game on the PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and take in the sonorous sound of the V8 powerplant for yourself.

Remember to stop by our Project CARS forum for more discussion, in-depth analysis and and speculation regarding possible additions and features the game may deliver.

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Comments (17)

    1. TomBrady

      @FS7 Thanks buddy. Was having trouble finding answer on google. I was under the impression that it would come out with the AMG GT but I was mistaken

  1. Magic Ayrton

    PCARS massacres GT6. Full stop. Won a race with the Merc yesterday at Monza.. Damn that game is good on a 3 screen PC setup :)

  2. SavageEvil

    Nice car, slightly better handling and turn sensitive stock than the SLS but it’s slower and the audio is borked when you drive in packs from the hood cam view. Feels like I’m listening to the game with water in my ears. Also seems like loading times got longer, not sure how that came to be.

  3. GranTurismoFive

    I haven’t played this in months. However, I still admire the constant work they’re putting into this title. The on going support is fantastic. So much content.

    PD could learn a lot!

    1. gladbecker82

      PCars is still low on features compared to GT6 and Forza.
      And it has a very inaccurate Nordschleife and also cars aren’t as High quality as in other games – I won’t be getting PCARS 2. Assetto Corsa will be my go to Sim from June onwards.

    2. Johnnypenso

      PCARS is not an AAA game with an AAA budget so you can’t reasonably expect the same features as say a GT or Forza game. For the funding they had they did an incredible job. The cars in PCARS are as detailed as any other game but their fidelity has been reduced on console in favor of frame rates and number of cars on track.

    3. Donnced


      GT6 more features? Don’t be fanboy!

      GT: more than 800 cars standard..
      Pcars: all cars full modeled

      Pcars has the biggest track roaster on console, all with 24H day & night cycle, climate, 365 days of the year, track and ambient temperature.

      Pcars has a larger offline history mode,with endurance races to 25H.. (no 24 minuts like GT6)

      Pcars has mechanical and visual damage. Track flags,if you run out of fuel you can’t go to box,better tyres physics, and every category has his own types of tyres.
      The cars are limited like the normative of the category (no like GT6, that you can tune a GT3 car with turbos and other pieces)

      Pcars has more setup options.. In Driving Physics directly pass over GT,more cars on track.. And very competitive IA.

      Less graphics than GT6.. (in my opinion no) but physics take a lot of memory and cpu.. So,GT that is more arcade and no so depending of memory and cpu and can put more graphics in cars or star constellations..

      Ah,and if you don’t like Pcars.. Don’t go to assetto, it got less cars, tracks etc.. But it’s all about driving physics.

      And, yes,PD can learn from those little studios, they’ve got their own forums and listen to their users, also Pcars putted 7 tracks and + 50 cars in the game with free and payed DLC..
      GT6 didn’t even fixed the broken driving physics or didn’t even completed the vision GT list, and the worst, don’t give even explanations to his users.

    4. FS7

      PD can learn a lot from PCars about including options to setup proper realistic races. Things like free practice, qualifying, standing starts & normal rolling starts, mechanical damage, fuel/tyre wear, pitstops, balanced grid, large grid, multiclass racing, decent AI. Turn10 needs to implement most of those things in their game as well.
      It’s kind of pointless to have cars & tracks if I can’t setup proper races with them offline.

  4. SolidRacer

    Thanks for the free car… I really appreciate developer’s who support the game and community… Slightly mad studios will definitely deserve my attention with their next project….

    1. TomBrady

      I agree. Plus the game itself is as rock solid as they come. IMO it’s a benchmark for how to make a sim

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