New A-Spec Seasonal Events in GT6 at Tsukuba, Silverstone, & Nurburgring

August 6th, 2014 by Michael Leary


A new batch of A-Spec races are now available, ranging from a beginner’s challenge to that of an expert while overtaking as many opponents as possible within the allotted time.

Beginner Non-Racecar Challenge

  • Tsukuba Circuit, 5 Minutes
  • Period of Availability: 08/06/2014 23:00 – 08/20/2014 23:00
  • 450PP Max, Sports/Hard compounds or less
  • Gold: 50,000cr, Silver: 30,000cr, Bronze: 25,000cr
  • Gift: Matte Pink

Intermediate Non-Racecar Challenge

  • Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, 5 Laps
  • Period of Availability: 08/06/2014 23:00 – 08/20/2014 23:00
  • 550PP Max, Sports/Hard compounds or less
  • Gold: 90,000cr, Silver: 54,000cr, Bronze: 45,000cr
  • Gift: GT Fluorescence 004-W

Expert Racecar Challenge

  • Nürburgring Nordschleife, 1 Lap
  • Period of Availability: 08/06/2014 23:00 – 08/20/2014 23:00
  • 600PP Max, Racing/Hard compounds or less
  • Gold: 185,000cr, Silver: 111,000cr, Bronze: 92,500cr
  • Gift: GT Gunmetal 005-W

Be sure to stop by the new GT6 Seasonal Events forum for in-depth analysis and discussion, and tips and tricks.

GT6 Photomode image by fagnerpc.

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  1. Aug. 12, 9:22am

    There is a bug with A-Spec Seasonnal events,:Races did’nt count for the stats and wins are not added to the cars stats , only milleage counts… can you please fix that.

    We need endurance races too please, had so much fun doing 4 hours on nurgurgrin in gt 5

  2. Aug. 12, 3:58am

    All of you who struggle with the Ring, use a 2J. My 2nd lap was sub 6:20 with an easy win of about 10sec (Zonda was the rabbit).

  3. Aug. 12, 2:38am

    Wow! One of my pictures on a GTPlanet’s article!
    What an honor :)

  4. Aug. 11, 8:21pm

    I’ve been trying this one for 2-3 hours. Can get 2nd. Today I ran a 6’53” and was in 2nd place by only 4.5 secs. THEN I ran again and made a nice run at 6’45” so I’m 8 seconds faster and yet I finish in 3RD place…12.8 seconds behind the leader. What they heck is up with that!!

    • Aug. 12, 7:09pm

      Today I bought a Toyota TS030 Hybrid and got Gold on the first try — with that car…it was probably my 20th try :-). Lap time 6:36 with some mistakes. The stupid thing with the AI is, I passed the leader entering the long straight near the end like he was standing still. I watched the track map and he was not even on the map. My top speed was 186 MPH/300 KPH. Left it on the floor after the bridge and even the next turn before lifting a bit and the guy I passed suddenly HITS ME FROM BEHIND! He would’ve had to go something like 220 MPH to catch up with the lead I had…which is impossible with him driving a 7:40 lap time. Just ridiculous. Anyhow, if you’re having trouble you can spend 2 million on this car (or 4.5 million on the butt guly 2J) and get a victory.

  5. Aug. 11, 7:21am

    I used nissan R390 and gtr 500stealth – gold both times. You have to be aggressive, attack corners and not make mistakes. Both times passed them on the last straight.

  6. Aug. 10, 8:30am
    Gavin Vickers

    I used the calliebra vaxhall toruing car the lap is on yuotube

    • Aug. 11, 8:48pm

      Searched YouTube for “nurburgring calibra vauxhall touring car” and variations thereof. Cannot find your lap.

  7. Aug. 8, 1:26pm

    I can only congratulate PD. You did it again. You managed to do the AI even slower, stupid and useless than ever. Jesus……

  8. Aug. 8, 11:41am

    For the expert challenge use the Audi R18, I was running 6:30 lap times and passed him right before the last Carousel.

    • Aug. 10, 5:13am
      Magic Ayrton

      Tried the R18, came second and it was a pretty decent lap.. not sure what is going on there because I made no mistakes either.

  9. Aug. 7, 6:49pm

    The Matte Pink from the Beginner challenge is the same that was given for the VW Scirocco R super lap?

  10. Aug. 7, 5:50pm
    Bushido Cobra

    Wheres Matte Purple!! (T_T ) matte pink & matte light green came twice…

  11. Aug. 7, 1:11pm


  12. Aug. 7, 9:34am

    That Subaru looks really good!

  13. Aug. 7, 8:10am

    Remember when Gran Turismo had Seasonal Events like the Japanese 80’s Festival, Lightweight K Cup, or the German Touring Car Championship and some of us complained that they weren’t creative enough? Yeah, those were the days. These races now are just freaking unimaginative. Same boring crap every other week.

    And remember when they gave out prize cars? What ever happened to that? We don’t need one for every Seasonal Event; just one for the set of 3 races we get during the non-Time Trial weeks.

    For being a bunch of artists and programmers, PD sure isn’t very creative.

    • Aug. 8, 10:51am

      I agree, optic…. very little imagination going into these recent events. Also, remember when they used to give performance point bonuses? The most fun was detuning a car, to see how low you could get it, and still win. There were a couple of events, I won over 3 million credits.
      ….aaaahh, the good old days….lol!

  14. Aug. 7, 5:34am

    Could they possibly put a longer rolling start? Theres literally no need for it to be that long.

    • Aug. 8, 8:16am

      Agreed.. Its sooo booring waiting to took control of the car.. Pleasee.. Make it short and simple.

    • Aug. 11, 8:49pm

      For sure, but it gives me a break between tries since I can’t seem to get gold :-)

  15. Aug. 7, 5:05am

    That Nurburgring race is unfairly difficult. My best is 2nd, but how are you meant to win against cars that are over the pp limit in dealerships, the only cars starting and finishing 1st are the Zonda LM (618pp), GTR R35 Touring (615pp) and the GTR Concept LM (620pp). How is this fair and how do you catch them when added to their HUGE time advantage at the start? I’d need another lap and a pp increase (which would make their cars legal too.)

    • Aug. 7, 6:23am

      I think they do this because some people were saying that a-spec was too easy that they had to use cars with lower-than-limit pp to get excitement.As improving AI difficulty is harder than just increasing the gap and pp of rivals,using this temporary measure would be better

    • Aug. 7, 7:59am

      They do it because PD knows their AI sucks and are slow. So they spread them apart from you to begin “chase the rabbit” and sneak in cars with higher pp that goes over the limit to make chasing them “difficult”…

      It’s that PD had to it that way.

    • Aug. 7, 8:00am


    • Aug. 7, 9:42am

      I have no problem to lose

    • Aug. 7, 9:45am

      I did it with my trusty Castrol TOM’S Supra from ’97 tuned to 600pp with just some minor suspension and aero tweaks. Laptime of 6.34.356 and easy first.

    • Aug. 7, 2:33pm
      Piotr Jawniak

      i won with my ts030 hybrid, but it took me like 3 tries.

    • Aug. 8, 10:44am

      You guys are forgetting about one of the best all around race cars from both GT5 and GT6: the 2J. Down tuning it to only 600pp still gives over 450bhp, and, because of the light weight, makes it one of the fastest overall race cars! I set the trans at 205, made careful passes at the top, and got gold on the 2d try.

    • Aug. 11, 9:40pm

      “You guys are forgetting about one of the best all around race cars from both GT5 and GT6: the 2J.”

      Yes, but it’s just so darn ugly! And it costs 4.5 million credits. I don’t own one and am not spending 4.5 mil to win one race…sure is fast though (watched your replay). So is the TS030 hybrid.

  16. Aug. 7, 4:24am

    This was fun – NOT! Nurburgring, start/finish line had a three car pile up for me to work through.

    I have been seeing this more often lately. Almost as though the AI is drunk or stoned.

    • Aug. 7, 4:30am

      The Nurburgring is a nightmare. The rolling start you start miles off the finish, the fitst AI car is miles away by the time you gain control and there just isn’t enough time to catch them, even being 30 seconds quicker over a lap.

      And the AI haven’t made a single mistake today, not even on the Nordschliefe. They have been making mistakes in previous events where I could win without, but today I’ve had no such luck.

    • Aug. 7, 4:57am

      This Nurburgring race is similar to the Le Mans one a couple weeks ago where the AI were really far away with rolling start.

    • Aug. 7, 5:07am

      But I could do that one with ample time to catch them and win. This Nurburgring race has the huge gap but not the time.

    • Aug. 7, 5:26am

      I found them to be opposite :/ I found that I could catch up easier on Nurburgring because I caught up using the corners. Maybe I’m bad at le mans! :'(

    • Aug. 7, 6:07am

      Both my Nissan Z GT500 and Audi Auto Union couldn’t beat their overpowered cars. What car did you use because I’m stumped??!!

    • Aug. 7, 6:29am

      I used R8 LMS ultra Phoenix team and won with a lap record 6:43;-)

    • Aug. 7, 8:12am

      I did it in 6:42.999. ;)

    • Aug. 7, 9:26am

      i play 10 times better stoned. concentration goes up. :) (dont do drugs kids!)

    • Aug. 7, 9:45am

      I did it with my trusty Castrol TOM’S Supra from ’97 tuned to 600pp with just some minor suspension and aero tweaks. Laptime of 6.34.356 and easy first.

    • Aug. 7, 2:30pm

      You guys are really great at this game,with those AI getting in the way and still 6:34…it’s a shame to compare my record with you all.Btw hardstyle…get that habit over with,it’s really bad;”(

    • Aug. 8, 5:08am

      Finally did it in the Toyota TS030 Hybrid lap time 6:31. It was rewarding to win I must say!

    • Aug. 9, 8:23pm

      Finally got this one pegged with the TS030. I really wish there was a way to upload replays to Youtube without needing an external recording device.

      After surviving a a pile up caused by the R8’s at Kellenhard by driving down the middle, I was able to get into 5th place with 28 seconds required to catch the leader.

      I am not sure what corner it was, but there was 3rd sitting just off to the side not even moving.

      Thankfully this time I did not have a higher end LM car to deal with, just the Zonda LM Racer and it was moving so slow I think it went back in time.

  17. Aug. 7, 3:37am

    I’m a bit annoyed that they keep using the same pp levels every fortnight for these events. It’s just like it was on GT5 and I just use the same cars each week as I know I will win if I do. I could use different cars, but change the pp and I will use different cars. And I guess it’s a detuned GSXR4 for most people on Tsukuba, which is a bit cheating.

    • Aug. 7, 4:10am

      It was a 450pp time trial on Tsukuba last week, so we’ve just got a race of that which I could win without the GSXR4 which I had to use to gold and get quite high on the TT.

    • Aug. 7, 7:40am

      I don’t mean to sound like I’m having a go at you, but for the record …
      Last fortnight : 500/600/700PP and New : 450/550/600PP A-Spec.
      3 different tracks, time limit instead of laps for Beginner, and different tyres for Intermediate this time around.
      So I think they are trying to mix it up a bit.

      But yes you’re right.
      Currently there are 2 active 450PP Tsukuba events.
      They could/should have found a different combo. for the new Beginners A-Spec to avoid this clash.

    • Aug. 7, 8:19am

      What you describe is hardly “trying to mix it up a bit”. I would say that they let it sit in the bowl and watch it settle on its own for a while, and then after it still mostly resembles the batter that they original mixed together they put it back up for us to eat. It’s still the same lumpy cake batter in the same flavor in the same bowl.

    • Aug. 7, 8:37am

      What I described is in direct response to the original post :
      ” they keep using the same pp levels every fortnight for these events.”
      Nothing more, nothing less.

      If you feel you need to take it further then that’s your prerogative.

  18. Aug. 7, 2:54am

    Yes!!! Another Fluorescent colour. 2 weeks in a row after a couple month drought…. anyone mind telling me what colour this one is?? As I won’t be able to get on for a several hours.

    • Aug. 7, 3:00am

      Just checked the GT5 paint pack DLC list #4 should be a lighter green than last week, correct??

    • Aug. 7, 3:50am

      And another matte color !

  19. Aug. 7, 12:30am
    Tenacious D

    I’m hoping that eventually we’ll be seeing events that resemble a FIA sanctioned race.

    I’m seriously hoping that PD updates GT6 with more single player offline events that resemble FIA racing league mini-seasons. This would require updated bots, but hopefully we’ll be getting those too.

    And Race Mod, and Livery Editor, and Event Maker, and Course Maker, and online clubs and racing leagues… ;D

    • Aug. 7, 12:34am

      You’re being waaaaay too optimistic if you think PD is going to do all that… Remember GT5’s special events?

  20. Aug. 7, 12:17am

    I’ll be rolling my awful handling Audi R8 Ultra GT3 out for that expert one. I worked my butt off to male it drivable and I did somewhat, but it still is a bit unpredictable and unstable because the suspension is too hard, and I made is soft as it can be. That’s what’s wrong with that car, the ride height needs to be 20 higher by default and the springs need to come softer and they need to make it possible to adjust spring to be softer.

    • Aug. 7, 12:33am
      Tenacious D

      I’d be curious of your settings. I’ve been using a modified version of Ridox’s tune for the Team Phoenix R8 and it’s served me well, but it’s not perfect.

    • Aug. 7, 2:08am

      I’ve actually found the handling of the R8 gt3 to be really good now at default settings since a couple of updates ago, might be worth doing that and seeing if it works for you too

    • Aug. 7, 4:19am

      Use the HSV-010, you won’t regret it. :)

  21. Aug. 6, 11:49pm

    I literally just turned my PS3 off 30 seconds ago because I finished the Lotus 97 seasonal…

    • Aug. 11, 7:20am

      I used nissan R390 and gtr 500stealth – gold both times. You have to be aggressive, attack corners and not make mistakes. Both times passed them on the last straight.

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