New Batch of Gran Turismo PSP Screenshots


This little game just keeps looking better!  Take a closer look at the Ferrari Enzo and the Nissan GTR V-Spec in these impressive new screenshots.  For the skeptics, take a look at this gameplay video footage.

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  1. Ngrignon

    @ all the fireflies against Use-your-brain
    I’m professional Graphic designer and I own a Playstation Portable: There is NO WAY that these screenshots are from ingame gameplay. PERIOD! To all those who own a PSP, they know that this kind of graphics are JUST IMPOSSIBLE ingame on a PSP. Look at the quality of reflections, the details and the full antialiasing, then ask yourself have you ever seen that on a PSP… together? This is so obviously images from: 1/ a starting cinematic 2/ a photomode 3/ the GT engine graphically rendered on a powerful computer (NEVER ON THE PSP, Dreamers)
    Then, the dreamers will show me some videos captured from an external camera who NATURALLY ANTIALIASE the video signal (try yourself with a camera, shoot your screen, you’ll see for yourself) and to conclude, even if I admit that the GT PSP will be one of the best on this console, just make a LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE comparison of the reflections in the video and on these screenshots, the ones who still see the same thing are surely believing in god too (faith defies all logic anyway).

  2. P.M

    Wow!! The Screen shots looks like an improvement of GT4. Amazing!!! Can’t wait for it to come out :p

  3. PJ

    @Use_Your_brains_people: Have you seen the game in action? They aren’t the original screenshots, but they are took from the game and upscaled to HD. GTM already looked good so i would expect not much work for them. They do that with every single game ever created, take pictures and make them look better before releasing it, so that they fool idiots into buying it.

  4. qwwe

    All console games get the picture treatment when it comes to screenshots.

    Having said that this game looks amazing. Look at the car models! amazing its a PSP game.

  5. viejaloca

    @Use_Your_brains_people and Shokz

    Shokz, You have a point with the non-PSP technology being used. I don’t read gaming magazines so I wouldn’t know that they would mod screenshots and stuff.
    Use_Your_brains_people, you deserve every bit of what Moooooooooo said to you.
    PS: I have never played Final Fantasy.


    nice work jordan! u the only one who gets news on here! how come some (but not all) are saying bad things about it when it aint even out yet! the screenshots looks cushty-(del boy language)

  7. Emmanuel

    I just saw the playstation magazine scans, they say nothing new (all we see it the teaser shots, I’m so disappointed) except for a “release date”…christmas 2009…maybe…..
    nothing new really.

  8. Egg & Chips


    P Digital really push the limits of a console, now even the PSP portable.

    GT5P will be 2 years old in October yet not a single console racing game has appeared with 16 cars, 60 frames in 720p never mind 1080p on ANY console since…

    GT5P even if 1280×1080 native has exactly 1.5x more pixels than a traditional 720p game
    Additionally no other racing game yet has car models to match it.


  9. sean

    These pics are obviously from photo mode, but they were still produced by the game.

    Who cares if they aren’t actual screen shots? this game looks gorgeous in motion.

  10. ColinZeal

    @ Northstar3914 & Shokz:
    Is it really necessary to point out that GT Mobile won´t beat Forza 3?
    Of course it won´t.
    You don´t get any cred points for that.

    In other news. I love the fact that the cars I acquire in GT Mobile syncs up to my GT5. That way i´ll be able to get cars while at work. :P

  11. Hoot

    Nice, a I hadn’t seen the Zonda or the M5 officially confirmed yet. With Kaz recently talking about keeping cars from PSP to GT5…. that’s awsome!

  12. MegaArtest123ABC


    :} Friend, I said if its in-game on the ps3 version of GT5 – not the PSP version.
    still, PSP version looks amazing & has so many cars then GT5. Great for the go, atlast!
    Its like… the pokemon spiff of real cars. Gotta’ Catch’em ALL! :D

    And remember, both GT5 & PSP will have both GT-R V-Spec & Enzo, two respectable cars what more do you we want, lambo-porshce? blah don’t care.
    thats enough for my table :)

  13. wolfercz

    @Shockz: I was just protecting myself because computers and electronics are my student profession and game programming and graphics my hobby, but I have decreased IQ and knowledge level thanks to illness..I am cold… sorry for bothering here

  14. Zimmerd

    These pics definitely look good…
    and @ Dudezi : I don’t think (90% sure) there will be a cockpit view in gt mobile.

  15. Use_Your_brains_people

    Shokz.. If you look at the softness of the trees in the first pic, theere is no way that is PSP tech in action.
    There are both Soft and Hard Shadows on the cars, where Gt5 on the PS3 not showing that yet.

  16. Shokz

    @ wolfercz – Why is he moron of the year if he’s completely correct? Oh the irony.

    @ Use_Your_brains_people – Yes, i too can’t believe some people believe these are straight from the PSP version – if the rest of you would care to look around for other undoctored aliased 480×272 images from the actual game you’ll see it doesn’t actually look much worse than this, but there are jaggies all over the place, there’s not nearly this much polish, and there’s no blur effects, it also seems they’ve upped the textures a little too. You can see that these images are up to 576×1024 in size, and therefore over four times the resolution of a PSP screen…

    @ ColinZeal – You’re a Playstation fanboy, so naturally you would say that, but believe me, the worst comment so far was by Use_Your_brains_people and he spoke nothing but the truth, so, i’ll gladly tell you you’re wrong – Gran Turismo Mobile will obviously not beat Forza 3 , which is the iteration we’re referring to here – i do however believe Gran Turismo 5 will.

    @ Moooooooooo – You must understand that the game looks better in motion than it does in stills, you should also note that in videos the jaggies and lower poly count / texture resolution will be far less obvious than when you have the game in your hand. I do not, however, doubt that Gran Turismo Mobile will be one of the best looking titles on the PSP. So, that said, no, they’re doctored and therefore not “real” as they’re not indicative of actual in-game screenshots, and no, he was not “shit talking” or “tossing around hyperbole” (i do have to point out that the word “hyperbole” can’t be applied to the situation anyway).

  17. Northstar3914


    There are multiple GT Mobile video’s some that show similar graphics to the Enzo and GT-R while some are closer to the pic with the GT-R and the Viper which have graphics that look horrible compared to the Enzo and GT-R.

    @ ColinZeal
    GT Mobile will not be able to compete with Froza or and console game for that matter.

  18. wolfercz

    @Use_Your_brains_people Thank you for being moron of the year. Of course these are not gameplay screenshots, probably just HD in-game shot which got sort of photoshoped. But still they are amazing.

  19. Moooooooooo

    Having seen the game in action at E3, its pretty obvious that they are probably real. You should take a look at some game play vids before you start shit talking and tossing around hyperbole.

  20. Use_Your_brains_people

    Do you idiots think before you post…. PSP Screenshots ? ROTFL…. unless Sony hid a Cell CPU inside the PSP all these years now and Polyphony got permission to unlock it.

    This is too funny, are you the same people who used to watch Final Fantasy Commercials for Ps2 and thought all those Pre-Rendered cut-scenes were real in-game footage ?

    OH LORD, thank you Sean, Jack UK, wolfercz, viejaloca, homerfreak for being the morons of the month….

    Too funny…

  21. Jantsu92

    “Are these screenshots actually in GT5 in-game? :)”
    No. Resolution is too big for a PSP game and motion blur effect is not in game.

  22. sean

    check out the youtube videos of this game in motion.. these screenshots accuratly represent what gameplay will look like, doctored or not

  23. Northstar3914

    No way those are real, especially when you look at the third pic at the top(which seems to be the only actual screenshot).

    If anyone thinks the gameplay will look like this they will be disappointed.

  24. Jack_uk

    WOW! these screenshots look brilliant, now considering buying this for psp. If these are good the GT5 screenshots are going to be mind blowing!

  25. john

    These are movies at the beginning of the game. No way these are in-game. I watched in-game footage and it doesn’t look like this.

  26. wolfercz

    i just played GT4 but this… looks MUCH better! impressive, now I’m really considering buying PSP

  27. viejaloca

    WHOA! those screenshots look sick! They don’t even look like they’re supposed to be on the PSP! I’m definitly gett GT for the PSP and Ps3

  28. MegaArtest123ABC

    What we seeing here is two incredible automobiles racing side by side;

    The NISSAN Skyline R35 (V-Spec) & The Ferrari Enzo (F60).

    Amazing. can not wait to drive the both in PSP & GT5.

    Are these screenshots actually in GT5 in-game? :)

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