New Colorado Springs Track Spotted in Latest GT Sport Trailer

Gran Turismo Sport 14 July 13, 2017 by

As is the norm when a new trailer hits for Gran Turismo Sport, the GTPlanet community searches with a fine-toothed comb to try and uncover any hidden details. The latest trailer announced the release date of the game: October 17.

This time, the community noticed a new off-road track, “Colorado Springs” will be making its way into the game this October. This is the third off-road course to appear in GT Sport.

The trailer shows a handful of Group B rally cars drifting around a bend lined with trees. This particular section of the course looks rather similar to the Tahiti family of tracks that made their first appearance in Gran Turismo 2.

Could this be an aerial shot of the new Colorado Springs location?

We may have actually seen the Colorado Springs location in the GT Sport E3 trailer. The shot above certainly does look similar to the footage from the latest trailer. The large body of water shown would also match the description of the springs.

Two other previously revealed off-road circuits will be making their respective debuts in GT Sport. The wide, undulating Fisherman’s Ranch track is unorthodox with how long it takes to complete a lap. The picturesque Sardegna Windmills track will be another location players will be able to test the limits of their off-road machinery. It’s difficult to tell exactly how Colorado Springs will compare to these previously announced dirt courses, since we’ve only seen a snippet of the action.

Of course, Colorado Springs is located just east of the famous Pikes Peak. Earlier this year, we learned that Gran Turismo now has exclusive rights to the Race to the Clouds. Could the mountain influenced this newest track — or is Pikes Peak still one of the handful of unrevealed tracks? We’ve got three months until the game launches to find out.

With just three off-road tracks revealed so far, it’s fair to assume that we’ll see more before launch. GT Sport has appeared to double down on the dusty stuff with the inclusion of modified Group B rally cars. We hope a few more dirt locations make an appearance once the game releases this October.

Hat tip to RaY29rus for first catching the hint of a new track!

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