New Need For Speed Payback Trailer Shows Off Police Chases

Need For Speed Payback 6 August 22, 2017 by

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have celebrated Gamescom with the release of a new Need For Speed Payback trailer. Shown off during EA’s presser at the event, this trailer focuses on high speed pursuits. NFS 2015 attracted a bit of ire thanks to the bland police chases featured — Payback is aiming to fix this.

Return of The Rhino

The trailer kicks off at the end of a street race. Our protagonist is talking to a character named Mac, who seems to be a spotter of some kind. As is often the case with these types of race, the fuzz appear and this is where the exciting part kicks in.

Driving the newly announced BMW M5, our hero is chased alongside two other racers — a Mitsubishi Evo and Mercury Cougar. We get a further glimpse of the title’s customization features as each car shown is tricked out accordingly.

Its immediately apparent that the police in this game are a lot more varied compared to the 2015 outing. The classic Crown Victoria is here, so is the Chevrolet Corvette, but there’s only one real star of the show and it’s one NFS fans have been waiting for.

The Rhino is back. Infamous for being the scourge of street racers in previous titles, we get a good look at its latest iteration. It appears shortly after some sort of EMP device is deployed onto the player’s car — yes, really — stopping it dead in the process. With the M5 unable to move, the camera cuts to the large, intimidating off-road vehicle screaming through the construction yard. The trailer seems to suggest that the Rhino will be a “last resort”-type approach for the cops.

It’s still early to assume Payback has fixed 2015’s boring cop chases but it seems progress is being made. Sure, the dialog is slightly cringe-worthy but that’s to be expected with one of these revenge stories NFS loves so much. Gamescom has just kicked off and we’ll be reporting the latest on Need For Speed Payback as it comes in.

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