New Project CARS 2 Gameplay Videos Show Off Rallycross and Track Driving

Project CARS 2 95 June 14, 2017 by

Slightly Mad Studios has released some gameplay videos of Project CARS 2, straight from the game’s E3 build. Each video features a selection of cars and tracks, providing a look at some of the content that will be available on release.

Ferrari 488 GTB at Algarve International Circuit

The first of these new clips focus on the beastly Ferrari 488 GTB taking on the Algarve International Circuit. The demo shows off chase and cockpit cam in a 32 driver race.

This is also a multi-class race, so the HUD makes a distinction in the player’s overall position and where they sit in their vehicle class. Live Track 3.0 is put into full use as we see a four minute transition from brightest day to dusky night.

The GT3 class vehicle looks like a handful and the team seems to have recreated the Portuguese circuit faithfully.

Honda Civic at Circuit Rallycross De Lohéac

Our next video selections shows off some rallycross action. The Honda Civic GRC takes on Loheac in the clips below, giving us a look at Project CARS 2’s dirt physics. A spotter will share information and strategy in real-time as you race, helping you deal with the dynamic driving found in rallycross.

The lighting is particularly impressive here, with shadows realistically reacting to the car’s movements. The Civic also looks like a joy to throw around.

McLaren 720s at Bannochbrae

Scotland seems to be the hot property as far as fantasy circuits go these days. Project CARS 2 joins Assetto Corsa and Driveclub in offering a circuit from north of the wall.

Bannochbrae is a fast road circuit that takes place along a loch, offering the perfect place to try out the McLaren 720s. The British supercar looks at home on the huge straights and we’re sure some crazy speeds will be reached here. Check out videos below for chase and cockpit cam clips.

Project CARS 2 is coming along well on the road to its September 22 release. Slightly Mad Studios has clearly put a lot of effort into the many tracks, cars and disciplines in the title. We can’t wait to give it a go ourselves later this year.

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