Official GT6 Silverstone In-Car Video Released by Sony

July 9th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

The special GT6 content which Sony teased as part of their “Greatness Awaits” E3 marketing campaign has now been revealed as a gameplay video and wallpaper download.

Although the wallpaper apparently hasn’t been published yet, the video features in-car, cockpit video of a 370Z making its way around the Silverstone International Circuit.

As careful observers will note, in addition to the brighter lighting conditions (the car’s dashboard clock also changes the time) and altered track-side banners, the graphics and gameplay appear to be considerably smoother and more refined than the game engine shown in GT Academy 2013’s GT6 demo.

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  1. Jul. 11, 10:08pm

    Maybe it’s not? Let’s just hope..

  2. Jul. 11, 11:30am

    It’s pre-rendered. Notice the motion blur and the non-flickering shadows.
    The same happened with GT5 trailers back in 2010

  3. Jul. 11, 12:17am

    Let’s hope that on the release we don’t get series of 3/5 races and tournaments against 11 dummies.

  4. Jul. 10, 9:23pm

    one word to describe this vid “Smooth as Silk” the rate at which the track moves towards you at the given speed looks very “life like”. GT6 is going to be the simulator to have for home gamers. Great work PD!!

  5. Jul. 10, 1:14pm

    Also, this whole article is inaccurate.

    I just realized that this video shown was uploaded by Sony on June 11th, 8 days before Jordan published the “Greatness Awaits” article on GTP and about three weeks before the GT6 demo was released. The “Greatness Awaits” video still shows only 3.6 million views, well short of the 5 million-view target, so we are not getting any new GT6 content as of yet.

    This GT6 video, then, is likely pre-rendered footage made solely to showcase the Silverstone circuit before GTA is released, while at the same time hiding GT6’s true graphical nature.

    • Jul. 10, 7:05pm

      that is why it is locked or only people who have gotten the link, on youtube its not completely public. Only people from gtplanet or if there is another way to get to it. they will make it public when it hits 5 million views

  6. Jul. 10, 12:55pm

    It looks as though motion blur is present near the edges–in other words, the 30FPS replay engine is possibly being used.

    Either that or this is pre-rendered footage, as we have seen these same types of in-cockpit ‘graphics’ before in pre-rendered GT5 trailers.

  7. Jul. 10, 11:52am

    PlayStation.Blog.Europe – “Polyphony Digital has partnered with the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed (11th to 14th July) and has announced that the Goodwood Hill Climb course will feature in GT6 when it is released later this year.”

    • Jul. 10, 3:49pm

      I know it’s not right place for this post but as you watched forza 4 gameplay cockpit view you’ll notice that even on straight wheel shake all the time in gt 6 not like all tracks are perfectly flat. Any way just a detail

  8. Jul. 10, 11:21am

    @Hentis Where is the link to this great GTA 5 PS3 gameplay video then?

    All the vids i seen are on high end PC.

    • Jul. 10, 3:29pm

      My bad!
      I found it, you were right.

      Very surprised thats on PS3!!!

  9. Jul. 10, 10:35am

    no changes!!!
    still sloooow!!!

  10. Jul. 10, 8:58am

    I think it needs more emotional elements, like a real track day video, different noise from the ground, little stones that impact in the bottom of the car … more mechanical noise in gear changes, gears up and also gears down… some imperfect sounds

    • Jul. 10, 9:05am

      And also some bad shifts, because the shift times are always the fastest

    • Jul. 10, 9:22am

      Yes it’s like it’s too perfect and too smooth …

      In race cars (in real life) when can notice even more imperfections in sounds and noises

    • Jul. 10, 10:35am

      Casvan, How u’ll get “bad shifts” is it some (x%) when bad shifts happen?

  11. Jul. 10, 7:54am

    Looking forward to the release of this title.

    • Jul. 10, 6:31pm

      Yes i am also in high anticipation of this well regarded and highly respected title in the fiercely competitive racing genre.

  12. Jul. 10, 5:07am

    What’s all the fuss about the graphics. We all know PD doctors up their trailers just go look at them. Technically “in-game” footage but at a higher resolution with more AA that couldn’t be done in real time on a PS3, making it look super smooth and clear. This is no secret.

    At least they aren’t as bad as Turn10 though, they literally show complete CGI and tell you it is gameplay…

    • Jul. 10, 8:22am

      :o) Spot on Bro – But people love to be Sonypulated, illusions are Illusions no matter how you put it..

      Us that plays the Demo already, knows that this can’t be the actual PS3 gameplay! it’s Quite simple :o)

      But maybe we shouldn’t call it a GT6 Demo, It’s rather a GT Academy 2013 run on the updated GT5 engine.

    • Jul. 10, 12:59pm


      No it’s not an updated GT5 engine, otherwise PD would be lying (again). In replay mode, GT Academy 2013 clearly states that it is “powered by Gran Turismo 6”.

  13. Jul. 10, 4:59am

    I would love to know what it is with people and the shadows! Everyone is crazy about the shadows but I dont see anything wrong! lol

    • Jul. 10, 6:09am

      They just need something to complain about

    • Jul. 10, 6:23am

      Dont forget the 3d trees ^^

  14. Jul. 10, 4:50am

    Well look at the clock. That’s the lighting is brighter, it’s noon. The time is different in each trial of the demo.

    Good thing is the aliasing is gone. I pray they also get rid of the stupid MLAA. That’s way to blurry and it barely helps.

  15. Jul. 10, 4:04am

    Sound isn’t so different from GT5. Does anyone think the same?

    • Jul. 10, 4:51am

      GT5 sounds have been used, apparently as place-holders. Kaz said he is doesnt know if the new sounds will make it into gt6 in time for the opening but we will get them as dlc at some stage

    • Jul. 10, 12:15pm

      Not as DLC, we will get them via updates (patches)!

  16. Jul. 10, 3:54am

    Looks much better that GT Academy.

  17. Jul. 10, 3:28am

    I find it very hard to believe this is real gameplay footage. If it was real, why would the demo -which came out just a few days ago- be so very much poorer (aliasing, frame dropping) than this? It does not make sense.

    • Jul. 10, 3:30am

      I expect that the academy demo was the latest build ad this version of the the video again was the very latest build. Also the its set to a different tie of day to the versions in the demo?

    • Jul. 10, 4:00am

      In reply to Hentis: on the Youtube page for this video, the upload date is June 11, three weeks prior to the GT academy demo release.

    • Jul. 10, 4:49am

      @sillybilly – that doesnt mean gt academy was a later build. They’ve probably had gt academy ready for ages. 3 weeks is nothing in game development time

    • Jul. 10, 5:39am

      Because you download GTA, you have a disc with GT6. Ergo, GTA HAS to be poorer to avoid seventeen hour download times on a standard Internet connection.

    • Jul. 10, 8:48am

      @Neilson248 and legacyMACHINE – I hope you’re both right.

  18. Jul. 10, 3:16am

    Well thanks Sony! Thanks for ruining our surprise!

  19. Jul. 10, 12:34am

    Sorry, but this level of graphics is not possible on a PS3 so I don’t know what they used to render this. Certainly not in real time or maybe a high end PC could do this but what exactly is the point?

    • Jul. 10, 3:28am

      Really, have you seen the recently released video of GTA 5 gameplay that was entirely captured on the PS3 and compared it to GTA4, have you? If not go and watch and then tell me that the PS3 couldn’t cope with that? Some of you people ave just waaaaay oo much time on your ands.

    • Jul. 10, 4:54am

      @Hentis I highly doubt GTA V is gonna look that good. It should be an improvement over IV which looked terribly blurry in my opinion but most likely a lot of that trailer is cutscene graphics, or it was rendered in the same fidelity as the cutscenes.

      This video however does not look any better than GT5 other than improved lighting and shadows so I think it’s ridiculous to say “it’s not possible on PS3”. That’s just ridiculous.

      Especially making judgements based off youtube video about graphics in most cases is useless. Details are non-existant in youtube videos because of the ridiculous amount of compression in them.

    • Jul. 11, 12:26pm

      @TomBrady “This video however does not look any better than GT5 other than improved lighting and shadows so I think it’s ridiculous to say “it’s not possible on PS3″. That’s just ridiculous.”

      Forget comparing it to GT5 and compare it to the same track in the GT-6 Academy Demo. Watch the massive amount of aliasing artifacts around the fence rails as the car zooms by. In this video there is none, to the point that I’m wondering if this might even be ray-traced. If you’ve worked in computer graphics for a while, and particularly on techniques for antialiasing you’d appreciate how incredibly difficult (read: compute intensive) this is to do.

      I would be very impressed if they could do this on a PS4, but there is absolutely no chance this is possible on a PS3 unless you’re prepared to give it a couple of days to render your two minute replay video. Real time, absolutely not.

  20. Jul. 10, 12:14am

    PS4 version…

    • Jul. 10, 2:23am
      Pit Crew

      No PS3… It makes no sense to build a GT6 for PS4. What would you be getting new? Far as content, It’ll still be the same game the PS3 version. I could see it if GT6 was a PS4 launch title and their was a version for PS3 releasing at same time, but waiting 6 months or more for the same game just for a graphical upgrade, faster frame rate is a waste IMO.

    • Jul. 10, 2:49am

      If you think so, why does it say PS3 at the end of the video then?

  21. Jul. 9, 11:51pm

    will this be the only content unlocked? (besides the wallpaper )

  22. Jul. 9, 11:44pm
    Amuse Mugen SI

    Vuhl 05 an Mastretta Mxt add ASAP now look them up it worth a google.

  23. Jul. 9, 11:43pm
    Amuse Mugen SI

    Put the vuhl 05 and Mastretta Mxt plz some Mexico sports cars wouldn’t hurt right it’s history in the making show so love pd/kaz

  24. Jul. 9, 11:40pm
    Amuse Mugen SI

    I hope gt/pd and kaz are able to put Mexicos sports cars it is history so it does have a purpose to add them in the game first car is the Mastretta Mxt the the new car they came out with is called the vuhl 05 plz add them in the game so love to Mexico wouldn’t hurt right.

  25. Jul. 9, 11:24pm

    guys stop bashing the demo. ITS A DEMO NOT THE FULL GAME!! of course some stuff from gt5 will be better.

    • Jul. 9, 11:36pm

      Some people can’t help but complain its in they’re nature, even if the stuff is free

    • Jul. 10, 3:07am

      I bought a PS3 in 2007 for £350 purely for GT5, after waiting another 3 years and listening to all the hype and promises Kaz/PD made about the game i think i have a right to complain after they let us down badly with inconsistent graphics and framerate, poor textures, poor tyre, suspension and aero modelling, unfinished and incomplete game modes, 800+ PS2 cars, PS2- like tracks, horrendous loading times, missing features like youtube and real time track temperature, generic tuning and wing options for most cars, only 17 RM cars out of 1050+, loads of patches and another year at least to get it to a satisfactory quality.

      So i think i am well within my rights to have a genuine issue with not expecting much from GT6.

      It took over 2 years from Prologue to GT5 with no improvement in framerate, a drop in ttexture quality and only added a few more tacks and 100+ premium cars.
      So if you think in a few months they are going to have GT6 sorted you are in for major disappointment!

    • Jul. 10, 4:56am

      @phil_75 youre always on gtplanet moaning. We all know gt5 wasnt perfect but whats the point in crying? just appreciate, if you cant see that gt6 is a big improvement already then you might as well give up and get yourself an xbox and get out of these forums.

    • Jul. 10, 6:52am

      What bit is the improvement?

      Do you have a different version to us?

    • Jul. 10, 12:57pm

      @phil_75 – The reason we were missing all the “promised” stuff in GT5 was because the public un-intentionally put pressure on Sony and Sony put direct pressure in Polyphony Digital to get GT5 out A.S.A.P.!
      Kazunori Yamauchi (the head of Polyphony Digital) said that he really wanted another two years to complete GT5! Now, before you go on to say “Yeah, but that was THREE years ago!”, let me add that the fact that GT5 was incomplete and patches, updates, DLC and the fixing of server issues had to be attended to, the extra year was warranted!
      In effect, GT6 is what GT5 was supposed to be!
      As for your final statement, I’ll answer you with this… Have you ever heard of EXPONENTIAL growth? It’s similar to the ‘snowball’ effect where technology feeds on itself to make technology better and faster etc. The word itself does not belong entirely to technology – it can be used for anything – but it means that the wait for something to come up to it’s full potential will be shorter than expected! So when GT6 comes out YOU will be in for a major disappointment!!
      Here in Australia we have a term for English nay-sayers – Whinging Poms!

  26. Jul. 9, 9:32pm

    I don’t think PD tested a PC racing sim before. It’s not about the graphics, it’s about the feel. They wasted way too much time on unnecessary things. And the outcome is always bad. Standard cars for example, not saying it’s solely down to that, but take that away and include something better. A separate garage dedicated to tuning & modding. Also re-introduce the aftermarket car part brands, small things like this makes the game more appealing to car enthusiasts.

    • Jul. 9, 10:42pm

      Good point. But instead of getting rid of the Standards, why not take at least 200 of the best or most popular models and turn them premium? I’ve always felt very negative toward Standards, but there are some of them I love so much and that I will definitely miss… It’s like a love-hate relationship.

    • Jul. 10, 1:59am

      couldn’t have said it better myself. Its an eye sore sometimes. Aftermarket parts arent though ;)

  27. Jul. 9, 8:52pm

    I cannot believe people are complaining about the graphics. They look amazing to me. No more jaggies. So realistic.

  28. Jul. 9, 8:34pm

    It’s possible a demo version on Ps4?

  29. Jul. 9, 8:33pm

    I guess some players have never used the 370Z before. The odometer always worked and so has the fuel gauge. The dials we want to see work are the water temp, oil pressure.

    • Jul. 9, 10:37pm

      Really? I haven’t notice. I don’t use that car so often, but the times I’ve done, I really haven’t seen those gauges working. I know for a fact that the older Z33 has working oil pressure gauge and digital speedometer.

  30. Jul. 9, 8:25pm

    Shadows should be MORE sharper and clearer. If you don’t believe me, then watch some RL onboard videos on YouTube.

    • Jul. 9, 8:54pm

      Dude, this is suppose to mid day. The sun is directly above the track, so there ain’t suppose to be alot of shadows. Haha, come on now!

    • Jul. 9, 9:54pm

      I mean the shadows in the cockpit is too blurry and not sharp in all GT6 demo. It doesn’t look realistic like in real life. In GT5 it was better and more realistic.

    • Jul. 9, 10:14pm

      Lol, alright then I see what your saying. Yeah, the cockpit view could use a touch of suring up but I think it’s something PD can handle.

    • Jul. 10, 1:44am

      Yeah. Most of the non-close up/detailed shadows look TERRIBLE and blurred from what I’ve seen. I believe it’s the AA… But I’m not sure of the terminology. I get that PD wants smoother shadowing for some things, but you really only need that for far away objects… Y’know… Like in real life objects… Objects closer to where the light falls will have a sharper shadows than those that are far away.

  31. Jul. 9, 7:54pm

    It’s probably being played on a development PC…………….

  32. Jul. 9, 7:50pm

    This looks really good. I’m glad they revamped the motion. It looks more natural. Visually, the game looks more consistent and smooth. That’s one of the problems I had with GT5. Some moments were just hard to look and just jarring. Looks like they’re doing good with the development of this one and knocking out the things that need to be fixed instead of adding new features that may go un used.

  33. Jul. 9, 7:35pm

    They revealed what we just did a couple of days ago :P Other than that, it’s fantastic to see that not only the clock, but also the instruments below the speedometer are working in the Fairlady (odometer maybe?). I hope to see fully working gauges in more cars now.

    As for graphics; seems smoother. Fantastic graphics nevertheless.

    PD, please! More news on content!!

    • Jul. 10, 3:23am

      I can second that you says about fully working gauges, but in all cars :P And i hope that we can turn of and on the lights on the cars even if it sunny , hm and hazard lights , so I can tell the other players that I have a slower car :P

    • Jul. 10, 2:31pm

      Lol Aero, they will appreciate the courtesy!

  34. Jul. 9, 7:24pm

    feels very realistic, love it!!!

  35. Jul. 9, 7:09pm

    So many gameplay videos.. Why not just release the game?

    • Jul. 9, 7:25pm


    • Jul. 10, 1:45am

      …Because it isn’t done yet…?

      We’re seeing all of these graphical issues, and you expect it to be released in that way…?

  36. Jul. 9, 6:24pm

    I must be watching a different video than many of you. It looked pretty good to me.

  37. Jul. 9, 6:10pm

    Gran Turismo – The Real Nissan Simulator

    • Jul. 9, 6:22pm

      Yea we all know nissan is the star of GT but the actual demo after the Academy will feature more brands of cars. The Academy is a Nissan only event. So new cars are coming to test.

    • Jul. 9, 8:55pm

      When did they announce that? GT academy is the demo, there isn’t another.

    • Jul. 10, 1:36am

      GT Academy is the demo until July 28. Then when the Academy is over the rest of August will feature more cars in the REAL demo. They said it in one of the articles on here and on the official GT Academy site. How many brands and what cars will be featured I have no idea. But they said more will be available after I know that for sure.

    • Jul. 10, 2:32pm

      Cool, thanks Quigz125

    • Jul. 11, 12:15am

      The Nissan joke will never ends.
      Deal with it.

  38. Jul. 9, 5:52pm

    Kaz said that he will release some more info on GT6 at Gamescom at the end of next month, right?

    • Jul. 10, 2:35am

      He sure did. I think he said there were exciting news too. :)

  39. Jul. 9, 5:25pm

    And the video is laggy, isn’t that just enthralling.

    • Jul. 9, 7:26pm

      And you’re a bit whiny today. Isn’t that surprising.

    • Jul. 9, 7:27pm

      Enthralling. smh

    • Jul. 9, 7:52pm

      And you’re still acting like a Jakhole today. Isn’t that surprising.

  40. Jul. 9, 5:18pm

    Never seen so many people complain about the graphics of a game that already has amazing graphics.

    • Jul. 9, 7:53pm

      This generation is spoiled.

    • Jul. 9, 8:55pm


    • Jul. 10, 8:48am
      SZRT Ice

      Indeed, graphics aren’t everything.

  41. Jul. 9, 5:04pm

    New sounds and AI are still not proved… I’m still waiting for that.

  42. Jul. 9, 5:01pm

    This looks much more fluid and less shaky

  43. Jul. 9, 4:54pm
    SZRT Ice

    OH THE IRONY!!! Some select people should be hella stuffed right now from EATING SO MUCH OF THEIR WORDS! i FEEL LIKE QUOTING 80 DIFFERENT PEOPLE RIGHT NOW… The dead giveaway was when I tried rolling the Nissan Leaf and 370 to no avail. I knew PD was holding out and GTA wasn’t the final version!

    • Jul. 9, 5:26pm
      Zevious Z

      lol, wth are you talking about?? fnid me one person in any of those discussions that said GTA was the final version? lol.

      This video still has framerate issues btw…

    • Jul. 9, 5:26pm

      You sound like a conspiracy theorist. Let me guess the Government is trying to turn us all into cheese, right?

    • Jul. 9, 5:40pm
      SZRT Ice

      @Zevious Z: In the last comparison article between GT5 & GT6, there were loads of people swearing the demo was proof that the final product being no different. The PS3 is incapable, etc. etc. It’s a demo, and I felt intuitively that there is still improvements to be made and much more to come as the release date draws near.

      @ HarVee: And you sound like an arrogant egotistical fool right now. I’m entitled to my opinion as is anybody else. More so, I’d rather be the shepard, then a shepardless sheep blind to the slaughter at hand. Don’t sleep on conspiracy theorist, they risk there lives to bring knowledge to the oblivious. I just can’t be bothered with schooling the “ignorance is bliss” crowd myself. I inform those who show interest.

      THIS however is not an arena for such a quarrel. Consider yourself the victor.

    • Jul. 9, 5:45pm
      Zevious Z

      I haven’t seen anyone claiming the demo is the final version. I’ve seen folks worry that it might be difficult to resolve some of the issues in the demo in time for the final version release date though. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a demo is and that its not the final version…

    • Jul. 9, 5:55pm

      I got the 370z to get on its side on autumn ring.

    • Jul. 9, 8:58pm

      What does trying to roll the Leaf and 370z have to do with anything? Realistically you shouldn’t have been able to do that anyways. I honestly have zero clue what you are talking about.

    • Jul. 10, 8:22am
      SZRT Ice

      I expected you and everyone else to be intuitive enough to realize that I was talking about the final version of the physics model, and game engine used in the demo. The display showed to us @ E3 was clearly an advanced update to the demo we have currently. And typically, when games do updates, they are titled version 3.1, version 3.2, 3.5, etc. Thus the term “version” that I used.

    • Jul. 10, 8:47am
      SZRT Ice

      @ Zevious Z: Look at the Digital Foundry comparison article. There were plenty of people stating that the problems in the demo show that GT6’s final build will be exactly the same and that the problems wouldn’t be fixed by launch.

      Even if this video is inaccurate, 4 months is some ways off, and even if it came down to it, a day one update could verywell change the game we are playing now to something well improved by launch day.

  44. Jul. 9, 4:51pm

    Note that this video isn’t ‘new’, it was published on June 11th. Therefore it’s not a new amazing build post-demo that has fixed all the issues. It’s a rendered replay video.

    • Jul. 9, 5:34pm


    • Jul. 9, 6:43pm

      Thank you Samus, these people believe everything they’re told.

  45. Jul. 9, 4:50pm

    The framerate doesn’t look smooth at all.

    • Jul. 9, 6:43pm


  46. Jul. 9, 4:28pm

    Can’t wait to play this. My only gripe is that I wish all gauges were functional. The gauges next to the clock not moving is sort of lame. Oh well. Already got my preorder though!

    • Jul. 9, 7:40pm

      The digital cluster below the speedometer seems to be doing something. I don’t know what it is though. In GT5 it’s just a fixed texture.

      Having at least the odometer, clock (if applicable) and fuel gauge working in all cars would make me a very happy guy. There are very little cars that have all these fully working.

  47. Jul. 9, 4:09pm

    So that last post about the frame rate was useless like I thought!

    • Jul. 9, 4:39pm

      LOL, your nickname says it all, open your eyes, it doesn’t look any better.

    • Jul. 9, 9:04pm

      And your nickname says you’re a MintyMouse… AND!!!!!

    • Jul. 9, 11:56pm

      No, this video is useless!
      Pre rendered?
      Running on dev PC?
      Doesn’t look smooth anyway!

  48. Jul. 9, 3:43pm

    This video wasn’t released by Sony yet as the number of views hasn’t been reached yet. What’s happened is that the video is unlisted on Sony’s channel and con360 fished out the URL somehow. We’re not supposed to be seeing this.

    • Jul. 9, 3:44pm

      Close mate, if you want to know how it was done, pop over to the thread for this in the GT6 section and I’ll stick up a tutorial in a sec!

    • Jul. 9, 4:36pm

      …didn’t find tut you were talking about con360…


  49. Jul. 9, 3:35pm
    tube chaser

    Maybe Nissan wanted higher polygon counts to showcase their cars in the demo, and that hurt the frame rate.

    • Jul. 9, 6:50pm

      WTF hahaha

      NO !

  50. Jul. 9, 3:26pm

    I see Polyphony has gone for the worse-than-TDU2 interior shadows.

    • Jul. 9, 3:35pm

      I like ’em. The sharp edged shadows of the GT5 interior seemed a bit unreal whereas this just feels more natural. Of course, I know it’s not but I’m happy to live with something less distracting.

    • Jul. 9, 4:00pm

      I sure don’t. It’s just my opinion. I’d prefer everything to look as real as possible, and not have those cotton-ball looking shadows as compared to GT5’s real ones.

    • Jul. 9, 4:03pm

      GT5s shadows were no where near real

    • Jul. 9, 4:26pm

      More real than GT6’s garbage

    • Jul. 9, 4:52pm

      Leave GT6 shadows alone!!! PLEEEAAASEEE!!!

    • Jul. 9, 4:53pm

      I don’t know if your old enough to drive yet but if you were you would probably know that real shadows in a car don’t have sharp edges… There’s a lot of light coming in from different directions which diffuses the shadow…

    • Jul. 9, 5:12pm
      SZRT Ice

      THANK YOU M13rdaInTheSky!!! Light refracts from multiple things within the cabin of a car, EVEN YOUR SHIRT! Thus, sharp, razor edged shadows are actually NOT realistic UNLESS it’s in CLOSE PROXIMITY of one item to another!

      Hand/wrist shadows on steering wheel.
      Steering wheel, signal, windshield wiper, paddle shift pads to dash.
      Shift knob to middle storage cabinet/arm rest. etc.

    • Jul. 9, 6:00pm

      In real life, the shadow of the side rack and roof of a car has a sharp edge, believe me, as it was in GT5.

    • Jul. 9, 6:29pm

      SZRT Ice@ you’re wrong. Sharp edged shadows are actually REALISTIC. I have a car in RL and I know what I’m talking.

    • Jul. 9, 7:05pm

      If you do not believe me, then watch some onboard video on YouTube.

  51. Jul. 9, 3:25pm
    HKS racer

    LOL another 370Z, breaking news.

  52. Jul. 9, 3:22pm

    It would’ve been better if they’ve used a car that hasn’t been shown before…

  53. Jul. 9, 3:22pm

    No credit… :'(

  54. Jul. 9, 3:20pm

    I sure hope this is what the final game looks and runs like. Soooo smooth.

  55. Jul. 9, 3:19pm

    nice graphics! And wow this does look much much better than the GT Academy, glad it’s something they fixed.

    • Jul. 9, 3:23pm

      BUT DAT SOUND!!!! looooool. GT1 sounds/10…… fix it PD, fix it.

  56. Jul. 9, 3:16pm

    WOW :)

  57. Jul. 9, 3:16pm

    meh…car sounds like GT1


    • Jul. 9, 3:17pm

      GT1 – Gran Turismo 1

  58. Jul. 9, 3:15pm

    He shifts on time! The modeled driver that is.. :O

  59. Jul. 9, 3:15pm

    I feel like GT6 is a slightly updated version of GT5…. I’m gonna hold off for a major and significant change, i.e., Gran Turismo 7 on PS4, probably in 2016.

  60. Jul. 9, 3:14pm

    Different lighting? Would love to choose daytime freely. Pleaaase!

  61. Jul. 9, 3:13pm

    Nope, still jagged and blurry at the same time, I know YT is only 30 fps but this video still shows inconsistencies in the framerate. Plus, once again, why would Sony show off something if it’s not finished yet? simple, because we are no longer looking at placeholders anymore, this the final game…

    • Jul. 9, 3:35pm

      How can you tell? (I mean abouth the “final game”)

    • Jul. 9, 3:39pm

      Common sense, Why would Sony publish something unfinished?

    • Jul. 9, 4:40pm


    • Jul. 9, 4:51pm

      Video is from a more recent build, swear people are like idiots. No idea how old the build we are using for GT Academy 2013 is but it’s got to be at least 6 months out of date and a lot can change in that time. Final build, I highly doubt that as this video was already on the site for quite some time this would even further support the fact that the build we’re playing is much older than 6 months if this video was there since right after E3. Who knows how old the build for Academy 2013 is and how old the build was when the video was taken. Sigh, people conveniently forget that there is such a thing as time and within that we cannot expect things to remain constant, such as the game development process…

    • Jul. 9, 6:19pm

      @PepeMickey: Tomorrow someone at PD could find someway to make the game ‘slightly’ better, or finish the new sound “system” that Kaz was talking about in an interview. In this 4-5 months while GT6’s still in development anything can change.

      Also by your reasoning Sony shouldn’t have released GT5, because (IIRC) you couldn’t access the online part of the game until a patch was released later.

      @SavageEvil, is that directed at me? (sorry I’m a little lost ATM.)

  62. Jul. 9, 3:11pm

    BFD. (Big Freakin Deal)

  63. Jul. 9, 3:10pm

    And here come all the haters crying about the sound looool.

  64. Jul. 9, 3:09pm
    GT5 Level 41

    And the dash click works

    • Jul. 9, 3:10pm
      GT5 Level 41


  65. Jul. 9, 3:08pm


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