Senna’s Kart, New Track Layouts Coming to GT6 in May Update

May 12th, 2014 by Andrew Evans


To go with the first Senna Tribute slideshow unveiled today, more information about what will be contained in the late May update has also been revealed.

Of course fans will already be aware of the iconic Lotus 97T in tobacco-free Team Lotus Special livery, but it seems the content will not be limited to just the one car.Senna_DAPkart78rear

Also coming to GT6 will be Senna’s #17 DAP Racing Kart that he raced in the 1978 World Karting Championship, allowing players to recreate the early years of his racing career.

Players will also be able to access period environments, as Brands Hatch and Monza have been given makeovers to recreate their 1980s layouts – perfect for putting the black & gold Lotus to the test.

The “Ayrton Senna Tribute” is a 4-part special content that retraces the life of Senna through various photographs and videos. Players will have the chance to relive Senna’s career first-hands by driving the same cars and challenging the same events that shaped his legend, such as the #17 DAP Racing Kart he drove to fight in the World Karting Championships and the “Black Beauty” (Senna’s Lotus 97T F1 car) on tracks like the Brands Hatch GP circuit and the Italian circuit of Monza, which have been given a complete makeover in order to restore their original layouts from the ’80s.

The first slideshow meanwhile contains images of Ayrton Senna’s youth, through his childhood and junior karting career and his time with Van Diemen. The second Senna Tribute slideshow – part 2 of a 4 part series – will be unlocked this time next week.

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  1. May. 13, 11:10pm

    this is very good news and I like the idea of more and more cars, especially these two beautiful cars

  2. May. 13, 7:09pm

    Wow this is massive! A f1 car AND monza and brands hatch in 80s layout! Im actually a bit more excited for the tracks then the cars lol!

  3. May. 13, 1:17pm

    fordskydog: ” racing against similar skilled people ” , its ashame that we can’t do that, because the online lobbies are full ot kids and idiots, and honestly, foreigners. Unless you are part of a dedicated league , racing online is pointless. To bad that gr6 doesn’t have an experience/safety rating, similar to iracing, you know the game that does what you wish this game did. On a side note, who cares about content, FIX WHAT’S WRONG IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!

    • May. 13, 2:23pm

      The way you say ‘foreigners’ implies you don’t approve. Maybe you missed the bit about online being an international thing, or are you just hiding behind the connection excuse when using the term foreigner?

    • May. 13, 5:00pm

      How odd, finding “foreigners” on a game sold all over the world. Wonders never cease.

    • May. 14, 1:53pm


      I race almost everyday with a group of French cats. It is very rewarding. I think there is an anomalously large number of French people (there’s a girl in the group) playing gtp who are better than the average rich white kid from the US who plays for 2 months and bitches for three years.

      Honestly. People are people. I don’t see what having been born somewhere different to you has to do with ANYTHING.

    • May. 14, 5:15pm

      Well said fordsky – the guy’s just an idiotic troll then.

    • May. 14, 8:18pm

      I haven’t been on for a month or so but the best room I ran in lately was a room based in France running untuned cars. Good group of guys, very polite, good range of skills. And most importantly (to me), running street cars on street rubber.

    • May. 16, 9:00am

      He still thinks that if he speaks “VERY LOUDLY AND VERY SLOWLY, while adding extra e’s and o’s” non-English speakers will understand him. Probably for got his ancestors moved to the United States from somewhere else too. Oh yeah and the game is made by Japanese and British companies, along with other ethnicities…

  4. May. 13, 11:56am

    Thank you PD. I really do enjoy karts and fromula cars for the excelent racing that can be had in them.

    I think all too often the people who play the game least end up having the loudest negative collective voice in these comments.

    Let’s all remember that the fun to be had in this game comes from racing against other drivers of similar skill to yourself. And in grinding on your own skill set. To those saying karts are childish play things, let me pose this to you: Get in a kart on a tight track by yourself in a time trial. Grind out laps racing your own ghost and see if you don’t get faster in other cars. When you get consistent fast lap times then go race against others in the karts and see if you think it is still childish. It is no more childish than any other form of racing, at least.

    The joy of this game is in the driving and racing. If you aren’t getting enough from driving and racing, this probably isn’t the game for you.

    That said, we all do appreciate free DLC, and even paid DLC in most cases. Thanks for the new content PD, and KEEP IT UP.

  5. May. 13, 11:38am

    YES! Yes yes yes yea!

    Yes yes yes yes yes jus yes yes yes!

    I’m happy.

  6. May. 13, 9:15am

    Senna was NOT World Champion in 1978 he came in 6th. Lake Speed, a U.S.A. racer won that year. Senna was good, but let’s stick to the facts.

    • May. 13, 2:17pm

      With the help of the legendary Lynn Haddock!!! The golden era of karting…lol.

  7. May. 13, 8:08am

    Excellent, looking forward to these additions. It would be cool if they have an 80’s Silverstone under their wing for the next phase of the Senna material.

    Will be interesting to see how that kart handles compared to the contemporary versions. And I wonder what challenges they’ll give to use it?

    • May. 13, 9:20am

      Silverstone with the old bridge corner would be a cool addition – flying through that in the (JPS) Lotus 97T. Would like to see Estoril featured as this is where Senna scored his first GP win.

    • May. 13, 4:37pm

      80s Silverstone was pre-Bridge corner. It had super fast Stowe and Club corners, and a completely different Becketts.

      But I share your enthusiasm for Bridge corner. Bring that on too. :)

    • May. 14, 3:17am

      Very true about the Silverstone circuit in the 80’s – a basic but super fast circuit!!

  8. May. 13, 7:00am

    would love an “Old Spa” layout…!

    • May. 13, 7:10am

      ^ This.

    • May. 13, 7:38am

      Also old versions of “La Sarthe” and “Nurburgring Nordschleife” and the return of Infineon Raceway. These would be very awesome/welcome additions.

    • May. 13, 10:01am

      Targa Florio – Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie…. It’s a shame we don’t get circuit like this. Would love to take a Mark IV Race Car around that place just to see if I could break 39 minutes (this is a 45 mile course through mountainous terrain including an 8.4 mile straight).

    • May. 13, 10:37am

      Isle of Man TT would be good too – would love to try to match the lap time of the 2010 WRX STI around here (it was lightly tuned and ungoverned – 19 minutes, 33 seconds).

    • May. 13, 2:33pm

      And the old pre-1987 mount panorama bathurst track! without the chase meaning conrod straight just goes straight through! And no walls across the top of the mountain!

    • May. 13, 7:40pm
      SZRT Ice

      +1 @ Progress (for both comments!)

      Your name fits perfectly with your suggestions!

    • May. 13, 9:46pm

      @ SZRT Ice – let’s hope for a 50 km x 50 km grid on the course maker (wishful thinking along with both of those circuits). Longer circuits should not be a wish on driving games/simulators at this point. We have had the Option Stream Z since GT4 – I doubt if many people know exactly what that car was really built and used for….

    • May. 14, 3:15am

      Very true about the 80’s Silverstone track – quite a basic layout but super fast circuit!!

  9. May. 13, 5:45am

    great news.. Its nice we can have a drive on historic tracks… they are all gone now in real world.. at least games gives us a glimpse…

    • May. 14, 3:16am

      Oops! Wrong reply!!

  10. May. 13, 4:20am

    Nice news , looking forward for a cart , F1 , classic version of track and whatever else might come. Even pictures in slideshow #1 reveal yesterday were great. But just cannot believe some comments > you’ll get this (whatever it will be) for free and still you find a time to complaint over and over again .


    • May. 13, 5:23am

      Complaining will give me a false sense of authority and importance. #Where’smypremiumRUFCTR

    • May. 19, 4:27pm
      SZRT Ice


      And just what is it that you two think you are doing? Like your complaints are any different than mine.


  11. May. 13, 12:57am

    Cool! 80’s Monza! That’s one step closer to getting Monza Banking and the Combined Circuit :D

  12. May. 13, 12:14am

    Personally I stink at the new carts on the game so I’m really going to have a hard time with this dinosaur but, it was a nice thought.

  13. May. 12, 9:46pm
    Cole Morgan

    Another part of this DLC will be the Interlagos circuit (Brazilian Grand Prix) I assume.

    • May. 13, 11:40am

      Don’t count on it.

  14. May. 12, 9:40pm

    iRacing anyone?

  15. May. 12, 9:39pm

    Show me a Lotus 49 and some 1960’s track configurations.

    • May. 13, 11:41am

      I’m with you there.

  16. May. 12, 9:17pm

    A cart is about as exciting as a paint chip. But looking forward to check out the classic Monza layout and Ayrton’s F1 car.
    P.S. I hope GT7 won’t be another iteration of ‘over promised, under delivered’

    • May. 13, 11:42am

      You are retarded. A kart is about exciting as an F1 car.
      That’s the point of starting your serious racing career in one
      You know, like Senna and everyone else in F1…

      Thank you PD.

    • May. 13, 2:47pm

      @fordskydog… of course do you know that you are not any kind of a god, so you can’t say to nobody that his opinion it’s stupid, but only that some kind of race it’s funny or whatelse do you think about it; it’s out of question that you have to learn respect; the sooner the better…

  17. May. 12, 8:59pm

    Already driven this ”classic” tracks to death in other games so…meh, a kart? OMG… that’s exactly what everybody is looking for in a racing game! Just bury GT6 under ground and get on with GT7 if you want to get my money. I was kind of hoping that by now, GT6 would be polished and cheap enough for me to actually buy it but at this rate, I’m not even going to buy a PS4. Well done PD, you gave Microsoft a new customer.

    • May. 13, 4:32am

      Does this mean you’re finally going…for good?

    • May. 13, 5:25am

      Cool, can’t wait to read your messages about how this decision was one of your best ever and you even more realising how PD is the most incompetent developer in the world. K bye.

    • May. 13, 5:15pm

      If you are going to have an attitude about this, I suggest that you leave to your XBOX. I really don’t like when people can’t just accept the fact that PD as a team is working their *** off to provide content just for the community. And yes, I know that they are bugs and features not yet available, but do you want to know what I have to say about that? >Man up, and get over it.

  18. May. 12, 8:39pm

    Honestly I’m kinda annoyed with the lack of DLC they promised. BUT. This game is still big. I still have a long way to go to get my 534 car garage back like in GT5. There’s tons of cars I haven’t tested yet. Just wish we could get some good grinding Seasonal Events to make the good money. I suck at the X1 races. Too powerful of cars for my skills. That’s my opinion.

  19. May. 12, 8:28pm

    I wish we could get Imola. Try to beat The Stig’s time from Top Gear in a 458.

    • May. 13, 11:44am


      But thank you sincerely, PD.

  20. May. 12, 8:20pm
    SZRT Ice

    Now all we need is some bananas, some turtle shells, and some red and some green plumber racing suits and we’re golden.


    #wewantzahara #wheresourtrackeditor #communication #monthlydlc #enoughtrackstomakemyhatfalloff #visiongranturismo #hashtag #whysomanyhashtags #gt7yesornaw

    • May. 12, 8:25pm

      That post gave me cancer

  21. May. 12, 5:43pm

    Classic tracks, sounds great : )

  22. May. 12, 5:36pm

    So Brands Hatch and Monza makeovers and no Interlagos?

    • May. 12, 6:29pm

      There’s still another slideshow unlock, so there’s a good chance more stuff could be announced there. As for what, we won’t know until the 19th.

  23. May. 12, 5:27pm

    OMG I can’t wait! Some classic tracks, maybe we can get a classic Monaco.

  24. May. 12, 4:56pm

    And how much is this going to cost?

    • May. 12, 4:59pm

      All of the Senna content will be free.

  25. May. 12, 4:32pm

    Happy about about the new track layouts. The 80’s monza is sick looking forward to riping on that one.:D

  26. May. 12, 4:27pm

    Cool, just like the Hudson! :D Love this kind of “we had to start somewhere” stuff!

    • May. 12, 5:18pm

      Agreed! Fame boost to you, sir.

  27. May. 12, 4:09pm

    Can’t wait!

  28. May. 12, 3:28pm

    Amazing, I’ve never driven the old first chicane at Monza :D

    • May. 16, 8:47am

      Give me the old Monza with the banked oval, it is not like we can get harmed doing it in a video game, I have driven the 60’s version on Assetto Corsa and it is no big deal unfortunately.

  29. May. 12, 2:56pm

    This whole package is mighty impressive. I’ve always supported PD, but I have to say, I was taken aback to some extent by the quality and comprehension of this update.

  30. May. 12, 2:49pm

    So hopefully part 2 will be his later years, possibly containing the McLaren…

  31. May. 12, 2:36pm

    Well if 80’s era tracks can be properly reproduced maybe we might one day see versions of Imola and Hockenheimring from those time frames. Hockenheimring in particular from that time (1960-2000) would be off the chain.

    • May. 12, 3:39pm


    • May. 13, 11:45am


  32. May. 12, 2:26pm

    At this rate we will not have the final game until Christmas.

    • May. 12, 2:40pm


    • May. 12, 8:03pm

      2020, maybe

    • May. 13, 5:01am

      Nah, definitely 2022 just before PS6 comes out lol

    • May. 13, 5:45am

      Maybe in 2022 they’ll add the production model of the Nike ONE to the game.

  33. May. 12, 2:20pm

    Very cool. Looks like fun. But I sure hope they fix the kart physics, they are FAR too easy to drive in GT6 when compared to RL race karts… Biggest problem appears to be braking, which is vastly too forgiving in GT6, allowing us to brake while turning with little or no trouble.

  34. May. 12, 2:01pm

    Just cool! I expected to see Senna’s kart, but not two original track layouts… Monza sounds very interesting. :-)

  35. May. 12, 1:51pm


    • May. 12, 5:41pm

      such a sad post…

    • May. 16, 8:51am

      The point is that kart racing is an essential building block for many of the best racers of all time, like Michael Schumacher. Plus since they already have 125 single speed karts all they have to do is change the visual coding and it is ready to go.

  36. May. 12, 1:24pm

    Don’t forget the McLaren MP4/4!!!!

    • May. 12, 4:56pm

      That’d be great, but unfortunately Codemasters has the full license for that formula car.

    • May. 12, 5:40pm

      @TheProRacer, no they don’t… actually they weren’t given permission to use any older McLaren, hence why there’s only classic Lotus, Ferrari and Williams in F1 2013…

    • May. 12, 6:45pm

      Could have swore that they did. But, after a quick search, you are obviously correct.

  37. May. 12, 1:21pm

    So I should assume that the 80’s Monza is going to include that really big Oval track correct?

    • May. 12, 1:51pm

      Sadly my friend that version of monza was used in the 50s and 60s

    • May. 12, 1:53pm

      Still, Monza with 0 chicanes is a dream come true. It will be as it was originally meant to be raced.

    • May. 12, 3:22pm

      If you want 0 chicanes you would have to go pre 1973. The 80’s layout has chicanes.

    • May. 12, 3:25pm

      sp basically you are saying we are getting nothing with regards to the new Monza layout?

    • May. 12, 10:23pm

      I’m pretty shure the 80’s version will have the Lesmo corners the way they used to be which is not as tight as they are now. They were a lot faster.. If so that would be awesome.

  38. May. 12, 1:01pm

    Lol aftr 5months of no dlc we get mario kart yipeee look at me im marioooo!!!

    • May. 12, 1:04pm

      Hahaha I love this post. Nice one. xD

    • May. 12, 1:05pm

      I wonder what happend to the vision cars theres only 1 past 5 months and the zahara track

    • May. 12, 1:07pm

      I bet you have never driven a kart in real life. These things are great.
      Also: Why not cherish the fact that we finally DO get new content? For free as well.
      And it’s not only the kart. It’s also the Lotus F1 car, 2 new track layouts and possibly more.

    • May. 12, 1:15pm

      Stilzkin i only loved karts when i was a kid back in super nintendo days but comon man 5 months and we get a kart wich we cant use online!!!!

    • May. 12, 1:16pm

      LMFAO!!. :D

    • May. 12, 1:32pm

      I really wish pd looks at all of our past 5 months of comments what the fans want but we are getn nothn but silent treatment what a shame

    • May. 12, 1:51pm

      Makkan786 what makes you say we won’t be able to use it online? All other karts are available online so why wouldn’t this be?

    • May. 12, 2:10pm

      Phouchg really? If u can thats nice but it still boring man

    • May. 12, 2:53pm

      I’m not sure you fully understand motorsport, or karting. If your experience of historic racing karts comes through Mariokart on nintendo, I think you might need to look at the situation again.

    • May. 12, 4:37pm

      Reading through some comments, it’s hilarious how far people go defending PD

      Sure the content revealed so far is not half bad, but after all this time all we get is two cars (most likely unusable in other events) and two tracks that are already in the game but just slightly modified? We didn’t even get another of those useless VGT cars after the Mercedes. And what about Sahara and the other stuff? Where’s the “monthly” DLC?

      If this is it (hopefully not, and my apologies to Senna all the way to his grave since I personally don’t really care about him), but how shameful on PD’s part…

    • May. 12, 5:16pm

      I actually really appreciate this kart. You should not be allowed to eat your turkey this year. Haha, just messing, but I really do love this kart!

    • May. 12, 8:08pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ Stiltzkin:

      Kartz are are great fun in real life. The open air, feeling of the drive, the sound of your wheels chirping. Not so much in a video game. Even less so without a steering wheel. And although the handling is great, GT’s lack of a sense of speed takes away from the fun even more so.

    • May. 13, 10:19am

      +9000 @HuskyGT

    • May. 16, 8:20pm

      Husky, really – it’s quite funny also to see how far people can be blinkered on the other side of the fence too.

      As I’ve seen your ID around for a while, I’m guessing you may have read some of the resoning why the VGT cars haven’t all come out in neat order, the reaon being that the manufacturers in some cases want it released when they see fit…ie: nothing to do with PD.

      Your gripe, whilst poingnant, now seems a little misplaced when two days later, VW suggests that their concept may be ripe for release too…

  39. May. 12, 12:32pm

    Somehow I really trought that they could come with Senna’s kart. Nice to know that they really will do.

  40. May. 12, 12:17pm

    Will this give us the update?

    Notification of Maintenance

    At the following time we will perform maintenance on the servers for Gran Turismo 6:

    Start: 05/14/2014 05:00 EDT
    Finish: 05/14/2014 07:00 EDT

    During the maintenance, it will not be possible to connect to any of the online services.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

    *Please note that the maintenance time may be subject to change.


  41. May. 12, 12:06pm

    It’ll be nice if the 80’s Brands and Monza has day/night cycle and weather. If not than there’ll be very dull IMO.

  42. May. 12, 11:49am

    This looks pretty good. I can’t wait until they release this DLC in July.

    • May. 12, 12:23pm

      july???? :(

    • May. 12, 12:24pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Exactly.. September more like it.

  43. May. 12, 11:47am

    I doubt that I can handle that much content. Does this make me incontinent? :lol:

    • May. 12, 1:33pm

      You keep using that word, I do not it means what you think it means.

    • May. 12, 2:00pm

      I am in North America. Does that make me in-continent?

    • May. 12, 7:14pm

      Only if you live underground.

  44. May. 12, 11:44am

    “Brands Hatch and Monza have been given makeovers to recreate their 1980s layouts…” Gotta say, that is pretty cool. :-)

  45. May. 12, 11:43am

    Glad to see communication from PD themselves! I’m going to trust them this update!

    • May. 12, 11:52am

      This is just a announcement, not really communication.

    • May. 12, 12:01pm

      An announcement is really communication. What else could communication be? Picking up the phone and talking to everyone individually?

    • May. 12, 12:05pm

      ^ Seriously? So chatting on fourms isn’t apart of communication either? Whatever dude.

    • May. 12, 12:28pm

      lol @hsv010,just ignore this guy.

    • May. 12, 12:31pm

      ^ Oh look comes out from hiding. lol.

    • May. 12, 12:43pm


      It’s better than no form of contact, like back in the early GT6 days. They seem open about things now.

    • May. 12, 12:46pm

      I sure hope your right @TheProRacer. ;)

  46. May. 12, 11:39am

    I’m still waiting for the “February DLC new super large track”…

    • May. 12, 11:41am

      I didn’t here any news about that? do you have a link to it?

    • May. 12, 11:59am

      It was never formally announced, or confirmed, by any representative.

    • May. 12, 12:07pm

      @zzz_pt Same here bud. We were promised that track for February and it never showed up…

    • May. 12, 12:22pm

      Just from the top of my head, in the NSX trailer from 2013 we also saw Seattle in a modern version which we still yet have to receive.

      While that very long track was never formally announced, Kaz officially did talk about a monthly DLC schedule including tracks.

    • May. 12, 12:23pm

      ^ This.

    • May. 12, 7:42pm

      We were suppose to hear more about it in February I don’t think it was confirmed for the February update, but sadly still nothing though. I hope we wil get some news after this senna content.

    • May. 12, 8:01pm
      SZRT Ice

      Well the course maker was promised. He mentioned that he did not believe it would be ready by GT6’s release date, but that it would likely drop shortly after. It’s been almost half a year later since GT6’s release.

  47. May. 12, 11:39am

    So nice to see some positive news and feedback from and about PD.

    Long overdue. Now please please pleas PD don’t screw this up.

  48. May. 12, 11:24am

    Wow! That is really cool, but hopefully we will be able to use these cars online

  49. May. 12, 11:17am

    good to see a couple of 80’s tracks being brought in. new kart looks nuts. i don’t think I’ll use it too much tbh. I will use the lotus though. would be good to see more f1 cars make it in.

  50. May. 12, 11:16am

    Makeovers yay!!!

  51. May. 12, 11:16am

    More promises and previews of things we will get at some point or not?

    I am aware we will get this Senna DLC sometime this month but the whole concept of showing off (everything + a bit more) what you will introduce into the game ahead of actually doing so has lead to so much overhype and disappointment since, well pretty much since early GT5 days, but GT6 is a new let down record, you’d think PD learn their lesson.

  52. May. 12, 11:04am

    YES!!! PD is back on track people!

  53. May. 12, 10:49am

    80’s track layouts? I’m impressed, didn’t see that one coming! Plus there should be 2 new tracks added still. Kartodromo de Interlagos is the karting track at the beginning of the intro credits, so I figured we would be getting that track and a kart, because honestly when does PD not add a kart with a major content update? Lol. And that kart track is literally right next door to Interlagos ad we know PD was “finishing some stuff up” at that track, so I full expect those too. I kind of just hope we get one of the other cars he drove on the way up between go-karts in F1, i.e. Formula Ford, Formula Ford 2000, or F3.

    • May. 12, 11:06am

      Though ya know what track would have thrilled me from the 1980’s? Kyalami :D Not being pick, just saying, lol

    • May. 12, 11:19am

      Personally, I want the old Bathurst track! The one without The Chase (that dogleg at the end of Conrod Straight, before you turn on to Pit Straight)!

  54. May. 12, 10:49am

    This is great and all but how about some stuff we will use.

    • May. 12, 10:51am

      I’m gonna use this.

    • May. 12, 12:07pm

      +1 for Kyalami. I live around the corner from this great track.

  55. May. 12, 10:43am

    Im excited about this.

  56. May. 12, 10:42am

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i am so hyped up.

  57. May. 12, 10:42am

    Historic makeovers for Brands and Monza? Oh yes!

  58. May. 12, 10:38am

    Positive comment

    • May. 12, 10:44am

      Negative comment insulting PD and questioning your intelligence.

    • May. 12, 11:54am

      Agreeing reply.

    • May. 12, 1:22pm

      Trolling interjection and OT complaint.

    • May. 12, 1:36pm

      Over the line insult on Kaz’s personal ability and integrity.

    • May. 12, 1:48pm

      Negative comment questioning your intelligence and ancestry and insulting PD for no good reason.

    • May. 12, 2:33pm


    • May. 12, 3:02pm

      Sarcastic comment regarding how old that joke is.

    • May. 12, 3:49pm

      Back in the day comment, we didn’t have internets, we were happy with what we got.

    • May. 12, 4:29pm

      Angry “Who deleted my “first” post?” comment.

    • May. 12, 5:12pm

      Using the opportunity to declare PD’s incompetence, gather raging fellowmen and blackguard the fanboys, because it feels good.

  59. May. 12, 10:36am

    That’s just what I wanted. Recreated tracks from the early days. Nice going PD. Thank you very, very much!! :)

  60. May. 12, 10:28am

    NEW KART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • May. 12, 12:53pm

      Kart is nothing but bloatware

    • May. 12, 9:50pm


  61. May. 12, 10:18am

    I want this historic cart, now!

  62. May. 12, 10:16am

    They got me at “Brands Hatch and Monza have been given makeovers to recreate their 1980s layouts” . Now I’m more than excited.

    • May. 12, 10:45am
      SZRT Ice

      Let the floodgates of tracks be opened!

  63. May. 12, 10:15am

    Shaping up to be a spectacle of unprecedented wonders…

  64. May. 12, 10:13am

    This is very good news!

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