Ayrton Senna’s Memory Honored with New Gran Turismo 6 Content, Documentary Film

In memory of the 20th anniversary of the passing of Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna, Polyphony Digital have formally unveiled their plans to support the Ayrton Senna Institute, developed in close cooperation with Senna’s family.

Starting with the launch of a new Senna Tribute website, Polyphony Digital will be releasing special content throughout the month of May to commemorate the life of one of the most important figures in the history of motorsport.

To begin, a new short film titled “Ayrton’s Wish” has been created by KAZ director Tamir Moscovici, which describes the history and purpose of the Ayrton Senna Institute, and documents the passion with which his family pursues the organization’s goals to make the best of Ayrton’s memory.

In the film, Kazunori Yamauchi describes the great sense of responsibility he feels in supporting the Institute. Bianca Senna, Ayrton’s niece, emphasized how the financial support of Gran Turismo will help the foundation achieve their objectives:

“To the Ayrton Senna Institute and to the Senna family, it’s really gratifying to have this partnership with PlayStation, through the game Gran Turismo 6, precisely in the year 2014, when we celebrate the 20th year legacy of our beloved Ayrton. The game, without a doubt, is a very nice way to share his values to the new generations, as well as renew and immortalize the memory of this worldwide idol in an innovative approach. Furthermore, it contributes to an initiative that annually brings a high quality public education to 2 million children and youth in all regions of Brazil.”


Among the new content coming to Gran Turismo 6 later this month is the Lotus 97T, which Senna drove to his first Formula 1 pole position and race victory during the 1985 season.


Stay tuned for more on the coming Senna content, which will be included in a free GT6 game update later this month. Until then, check out this lap of the car in action, with the master himself behind the wheel while capturing pole position in the 1985 Australian Grand Prix.

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Comments (219)

  1. georrodi

    This will be the last gran turismo I will ever buy, gt6 has been nothing but BS since its release.

    – For one, money transactions.
    They have made earning credit alot slower and harder in this game on purpose in hope that it will encourage people to buy credits instead of earn them.
    – Vision GT cars, there is only 2! (dont say there is 3 because it is only the mercedes and the bmw, a little added spoiler dosent count)
    and it has been HALF A YEAR since the game was released!
    – Sound update?
    The number one thing people complain about with gran turismo games, the fact that all the cars sound like electric sharpeners, is the one problem they never seem to address and always ignore. Come on..it cant be that hard for crying out loud. An update was promised but it looks like once again they lied about something.
    – Car color
    Its still crap, why cant you just paint you car any color you want just like EVERY OTHER RACING GAME IN THE WORLD.
    – and now they cant even keep their promises on release dates
    I know everyone is talking about it but, Senna is the only reason why I bought this game. They say it will be this week but I seriously dont trust a word they say anymore. They have become very gready and ontop of that lie.

    I loved GT2 and Gt5, but GT6 is just horrible. With delays and broken promises left and right, GT6 really sucks now, this game is not a worthy sucessor to gt5. They clearly dont care about it, this game feels like gt 5.5, it dosen’t feel like GT6.

  2. nuTTTz

    Today being the 27th, I am a little concerned I am not seeing anything in the store, or in the PSN Blog.
    Any indications from anywhere that it has been delayed?

    This reminds me of an old joke, reworked to suit. “how do you keep a gamer in suspense?”

    “hook them on Gran Turismo” :-)

  3. Flicky0069

    I’m not trying to be an a-hole when I say this, Kaz you’re helping the Senna Institute, great! You’re adding more stuff, great! But I think you should work on things you have already implemented in the game or promised… For example; What is going on with Vision GT? Or The amount of time trials? And other things that I can’t think of at the moment but are there… remember just a suggestion not a demand

  4. JASON_ROCKS1998

    It’s amazing that PD are working with the Senna Institute and it shows that Kaz has a real dream for GT, not just with the Senna Institute but also with the GT ACADAMY and all of the things they do with GT. I don’t see GT as just a game, I see it as one mans dream to make something everyone can enjoy and is willing to take some risks to achieve that and THAT is why I love GT. It’s a great game. It’s more than just a racing game. You can establish a massive garage of all of your favourite cars in the world, you can make the fastest track cars in the world, you can build up a team of other racers and have a fun time online. You can drive some of the worlds most famous and not so famous cars. It’s a game for anyone who likes cars. So it isn’t perfect but what is? The collaboration they have with companies such as Nissan, Red Bull Racing, Senna Institute and so many others shows the lengths PD is willing to go to to make a great driving game that anyone can play and enjoy. Thanks PD!

  5. kollosson

    I really don’t think PD browse through the comments on this site let alone act on them, I mean how many members do we have here, GTPlanet must represent less than 1% of the global GT fan base, some members seem to think that their comments, constructive or not, actually make a difference to what happens to Gran Turismo, I very much doubt it, reality check in order methinks, all we can do is sit back and let be what will be, doesn’t mean we can’t stay positive though…

    1. SZRT Ice

      Ever heard of “Networking”? Or “word of mouth”? Advertising is simply putting an idea out there. If it’s a good idea that people can get behind, it catches fire. They don’t have to read it directly, but if the idea is strong enough, the influence it has can transcend a simple forum. People will discuss it, over the phone, in other forums, on a bus ride, on lunch breaks, etc. More people read these articles than there are those who post on them. Some will disagree, talk about a comments stupidity and diffuse it before it goes anywhere. But those who get behind them, can take it right to Kazunori’s doorstep.

      The Great Wall, the Eifel Tower, The Pyramids, and every other wonder of the world have one thing in common. They all started as an idea. An idea that someone shared, that others got behind and was made possible. Ideas that transcended the lifespan of those that had them and live on to this day. So, whether they have an immediate effect or not… There is always purpose in sharing them.

    2. SZRT Ice

      The car, the plane, the computer, the boat, the bridge, the satellite, the rocket, the internet, the shoe, the cup, the TV, etc.

      One idea, if powerful enough, can change the entire world.

  6. GTP_Versatile

    I wish they’d bring back all the classic F1 cars from GT3 the F094/h being one of my favorites.

    1. GTP_Versatile

      That’s what I mean though, at least in GT3 they had differences, sure they were GT replicas much like they did with the concept LM cars but still.

      You had the F686/M (Williams FW11), F687/S (Lotus 99T), F688/S (Mclaren MP4/4), F090/S (Mclaren-Honda MP4/5B), and the F094/S-H (Williams FW16)

      I’m not saying I don’t like the Formula Gran Turismo, but it would be nice to have the classics too.

    2. SZRT Ice


      That’s awesome, I didn’t know the differences related to real world versions!

  7. SZRT Ice

    I bet, that when/if PD actually starts making the changes that people complain about, all the praisers are gonna be egotistical towards the complainers with an “in-your-face!” type of an attitude, while not even realizing that it was because of the complainers those very improvements were made.

    It’s like, if you were fed a cereal and a banana for breakfast everyday of your life, and you never said a word about it and seemed completely content, how in the world would anyone know that you actually wanted pancakes and bacon if you never said anything? Meanwhile the cabinets and fridge remain full of the ingredients to make the breakfast you could only imagine and dream of.

    Seek and you will find, ask and you shall receive.

    I don’t complain because I want GT to fail, but simply because I know Kaz and PD are capable of better. They’re perfectionists, yes, but they have been perfecting acute areas and leaving the obtuse portion completely unattended. I am grateful for GT as a platform but as a game, it’s features, entertainment, and replay value are lacking. Not just behind its competition (which it does have), but GT is lacking behind itself. The grandparents (GT1 and 2) and the parents (GT3 and 4) would be ashamed of the children/grandchildren they birthed at this stage. Thinking of the future while playing GT4, GT5 & 6 are not the games you’d have imagined, I guarantee you.

    But I do say this, as after watching the Kaz and Senna documentaries, one thing has become more clear. They don’t want to push GT as “just a game”. The fact that Kazunori looks to Senna as a racer to be honored so greatly in the GT series says much about Kaz himself.

    Senna was a successful guy who felt almost ashamed of his success as so few from his homeland were granted the opportunity he was at being successful and escaping poverty. He desired for a way to help the children of Brazil to have the opportunity to one day find success and in his passing the Senna institute was formed.

    Kazunori, envisioned a way where people could one day use the GT series in a real life sense and one day become real racers (I believe as far back as the 1st or second Gran Turismo) and through a partnership with Nissan The GT Academy was formed. A contest that allows everyone in the world regardless of financial status, color, or race have an opportunity at becoming a world renown racer and achieving success (as long as you can afford a PS3, Game Disc, and have an internet connection that is…).

    I commend what Senna has done, and what Kazunori is doing, but urge that Kazunori and PD do not forget the broad scope of people who play Gran Turismo and the different reasons they play it. Not everyone is a young athletic person who will make it to the Academy. Not everyone wants to be a racer (You may want a Drift Academy too!, Just sayin’!), some people just want to have fun with friends, some want to paint, vinyl, and customize, and others just want to collect. Some love taking photos, some love rally, some love drag, some love a nice career mode, and others just want online tournaments. Many race alone, some race for teams (Sub-Zero Racing Team! :-) Get @ me!). But all in all, there are many reasons we all love Gran Turismo, and it alienates a mass majority when you place all your focus on just one. So Kaz/PD, make GT fun again! For everybody!

    1. MeanElf

      Some might, I think most will just be happy for more stuff. The thing is, not everyone reacts or thinks the same way to this kind of situation. It’s where a number of people in their ire have gone wrong; assuming that everyone else would think and react the same way as they are

      For example,you might think it a cool option to have an extended livery editor and tuning options that include engine swaps – I might agree with you, but that doesn’t mean I’d actually bother using them. So for me those things are less important.

      Also, I don’t feel that the grandparents – GT and GT2 ;) bad analogy by the way: the first begetting the second, then having kids together…and so on – I don’t think they’d be ashamed. That though is just my feeling on the matter. I have liked and enjoyed what both 5 and 6 have brought with them, like your later examples suggest, photomode and simply driving around plus driving together with friends does it for me.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Yeah, I exaggerated by saying “all praisers… etc.”, but I won’t argue your points, you’re mostly right.

      As far as the whole Grand Parent/Parent thing, it wasn’t meant in any way to be sexual/reproductive/whatever… It’s simply a tier system I came up with on the fly according to the Gen of the game system. I figured people could see that as abstract as it was and not take my words so literally. But whatever, that wasn’t the “meat” of my point and in spite of your content with GT6 and it “doing it for you”, it surely doesn’t do it for everyone.

      Mainly, I want GT to be more versatile with it’s content and features. To be both gritty and street, and also clean cut and professional. I’m not saying what GT should leave out, but more about how it could better include things that would heighten the experience on a grander scale. So you won’t be left out, I won’t be left out, Tim, Bob, Peter, Sally, and the rest of the gang. I’m not asking for them to just cater to me. GT isn’t just about a singular audience, and that’s obvious. But more so, that they should cater to more, instead of less. And to do it in such a way, without losing what GT already is, but monopolize on what it already is and yet allow it to become more.

    3. MeanElf

      All fair points. The bad analogy thing was more of a joke aside – trouble is, I got the wink in the wrong place.

      I think the next GT will have more freedom to explore, so be broader, or at least cater to a wider audience because of the greater capacity in processing that the PS4 will offer PD. I mean, that is what each game has done so far, improved, branched and deepened what has gone before.

      As I have mentioned before, I can only speak about GTs 3 onwards, but 3 was a fairly straight career structure, which 4 expanded upon, added B-spec and probably a few other interesting tweaks (forgive me for not knowing all of the details, it’s been a while since I played it) however, 4 was still quite linear to me. 5 came out with a lot more on the improvement front, certainly by the time spec II came out. 6 has built strongly upon that, I say that after spending some time today doing the finale seasonal events and needing to refamiliarise myself with the way 5 works compared to 6. So personally, I still feel that 6 is in no way a poor cousin of the previous games – but yeah, that’s my feeling on the matter.

      All said and done though, it leaves me keen to see what GT7 will offer, and of course what GT6 still has left to surprise us with, via its updates.

    4. SZRT Ice

      Well, if you’re satisfied, you’re satisfied. And if you’re not, you’re not. If PD only cares about pleasing people like you who are satisfied, people like me who are not will not even give GT7 a second thought and the GT series is going to take a hit. You might see people like me as opposition, but all I and those like me want is a better Gran Turismo for everybody. But it seems that you and many others like yo don’t care, just as long as Gran Turismo is “good enough” for you. Which to me is kinda selfish, but whatever. The ball is in PD’s court now, they can take the shot, or have it stolen by other developers on the horizon. Q4 will soon be here and so will many other racing games fighting for the title and another incomplete GT game on a next-gen system won’t be the answer in my opinion.

      Anyways, I hope the Senna Institute flourishes, and that many more of the dreams of the children of Brazil come to fruition.

      R.I.P. to a great man and a great racer. May your legacy live on…

    5. SZRT Ice

      P.S., there are things in your post I disagree with,but I don’t want to dissect it here. The expansion of the GT being one of them, though you may find its expansion as grand and acceptable, I see it as linear and missing so much. But that again comes down to what please everyone on an individual scale. I hope you’re right about GT7. I’m doubtful of 6’s future so far and if it’s treated like 5, we now have about 2 1/2, to 3 years before the servers are cut. Not very promising.

  8. NanoSaibou

    This is nice and all but what happened to the huge track we were supposed to get at February?

    1. sangdude82

      I reckon gtplanet admins should disable the ability to make comments altogether just like before.

    2. SZRT Ice

      @ JohnnyP:

      Everyone seems to be getting along fine to me, besides those who are intolerant of others opinions differing from their own.

      @ Sang:

      Why?, to hide the disappointments some have? No. It’s a “comment” section, not a “praise” section. As long as people are being true to their own opinions, and understanding to the differences in the opinions of others, I don’t see why that should be necessary.

      It’s not the “pro-GT” or “anti-GT” (I say anti to actually mean “disappointed with GT”, not to mean “against GT”) crowd that’s ruining the comments section. It’s the intolerance against differing opinions from ones own. But at a glance, the most of the comments seem mostly positive on this article in reference to the topic.

    3. sangdude82

      I’m not trying to hide anything SZRT Ice. As we know, some people go too far and drift away from the topic and arguing & insulting at each other with long as paragraphs.

    4. RLHubner

      Getting along isn’t going to get us better sounds, bug fixes, promised tracks, etc. I really don’t understand how people put up with being led on a lie. I for one, complain. Not because I don’t like GT6, but because I wanna see it evolve to it’s full potential. This Senna thing is alright, I get the message. But to promote a racing legend and his legacy on a broken, unfinished game isn’t the smartest idea. PD should prioritize what makes GT6 a relatively sup par game before they try to increment such particular content. I hope when this car doesn’t sound terrible when it’s released.

    5. SZRT Ice

      True, but that shouldn’t ruin it for those that don’t. And once GT gets itself together, all of these complaints will lessen.

  9. Chameleon9000

    Oh my god yes please!!! I was feeling annoyed at the removal of the f2010 and such but this…! This one takes the cake!!!

    1. RDAardvark

      Don’t get too excited – On the gran-turismo.com website, PD state that “Gran Turismo Late May update to introduce the ‘Ayrton Senna Tribute’.
      Remember that we are still waiting on the January update, so quite when the May update will arrive is anyone’s guess.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Yep, the article says…

      “Among the new content coming to Gran Turismo 6 LATER THIS MONTH is the Lotus 97T” Which could be in a week or so…

      However, the gran-turismo.com website says…

      “Gran Turismo 6 LATE MAY UPDATE to Introduce the “Ayrton Senna Tribute”A special “Ayrton Senna Tribute” section has been opened on 1 May 2014 in gran-turismo.com, 20 years after the passing of Senna.

      The special “Ayrton Senna Tribute” website will allow fans to follow the life of Senna through videos and a two-part slide show, leading up to the release of more in-game racing content in the LATTER HALF OF MAY. We hope you will follow with us in Gran Turismo 6, the footsteps of one of the greatest racing drivers in history, who still lives strong in the hearts of many today.”

      Which sounds more like the end of the month or closer to it… Guess we’ll have to wait and see….

  10. kollosson

    A lot of the images from the documentary are in the GT6 opening movie, all this was pre planned as well as the other content that is coming, a lot of stuff is being worked on to be integrated into the game, Polyphony have obviously given preference to the Senna content in order for it to be ready for the 20th anniversary of his passing, I think everyone complaining and writing GT6 off need to sit down and have a reality check, patience is a virtue…

    1. RDAardvark

      It would have been a fitting tribute to launch the Senna content on the actual commemoration day, rather than once again tease us with what is ‘coming soon’.

    2. SZRT Ice

      GT6 wasn’t ready on Dec’ 6th, 2013. The real game drops when these updates and features do. I don’t blame those who stuck with GT5 until now. I respect and commend their homage and tribune towards Senna, his legacy, and his foundation, but it has almost been half a year since GT6’s release…

      I won’t go any further with this post, I’ve said enough.

  11. GTfanda

    Very nice content to commemorate Ayrton, driver & personality no.1!

    Will PD fix major GT6 online bugs to be able to use it???
    – PIT BUG – racing tires still corrupted after pitstop
    – MR cars corrupted physics (this Lotus is actualy a MR car)
    – Bathurst sound issues & game freezing
    – sector times not working properly

    I hope I’ll be able to enjoy this DLC!!!

  12. Toshost

    I will buy this DLC it looks awesome its a dream to drive Ayrton’s car i so realistic game and i realy want to help these children

  13. infamousphil

    Promises, promises and more promises. I dig the game but Sony, PD and Kaz are behaving more and more like politicians… not gonna hold my breath

    Think all would be better served if they just shut thier mouths and suprise us. Catch us off guard. Do something that we’d never expect?

    Wonder if the licencing for all of Ayrton’s rockets are good for the life of the GT franchise? Since I’m not a fan of spec race cars – ’cause I cain’t keep up – it would be nice to see all of Senna’s whips from GT3 return in 6. No matter what livery PD chooses.

    I do vote on state and national matters ;) wish I was immune to 2 faced bastardry but I do dig GT. Color me gludden.

  14. Vitanin000

    “Marlboro” & “Marlboro” & “Marlboro” Why not red-while “Marlboro” F1 car ? +18??? SONY Take your hands off PD. P.S. I hate Greenpeace

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      It’s not because of Greenpeace, it’s because laws in several countries prohibit tobacco advertising, the USA included.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      It’s not their fault. If they kept the John Player ads on the car, the game would be banned in several countries (USA included). You can imagine how bad that would be for sales.

  15. PepeMickey

    You know what, I might actually buy GT6, this DLC and support this cause despite my opinion on the game.

  16. Strop

    I was actually there during qualifying when Senna got pole at Adelaide. The cars are unbelievably loud and unbelievably fast when you’re standing by the fence. Looking forward to getting the car but now we need the track … PD? I’ve also ridden the track on a bike (people powered), could get a fair bit of speed going down Dequetteville Tce :-)

  17. celtiscorpion73

    I saw this posted on Facebook and thought I would check it out.
    I really had no idea who Ayrton Senna was and after doing a little research, I have to say that Kaz has made a wonderful choice in honoring a man who achieved so much and only wanted to give more.
    As for the content, I won’t add to the speculations. A little more faith in Kaz and PD has been restored with this and I will patiently wait to see what comes next.

  18. gtfanforlife

    If the add his Mclaren, it would be ruined… Well at least I don’t think they would put Marlboro in the game.

  19. Smeghead

    To all you whinny shamelss people who commented on this story about all the games shortcomings (all valid) . This is a story to pay homage to a man that lost his life RACING. You really show just how classless your truly are. Grow up, this about the loss of a great driver, and all you can do is bitch about a games content. Go out and play with a vagina instead of your games and grow the F up.

    1. HuskyGT

      Just because you don’t give a damn about Senna it doesn’t mean you’re classless. Just like some people like Baseball, some others like Football. Some people like Motorsports, some other just like cars themselves and just enjoy the game for what it is: a driving game.

      Senna, blah, blah, great diver. Do I care? Personally; no. I don’t play the game to be part another over-glorified merchandising scheme that only serves as a distraction to keep us waiting even longer for promised features that to this point, I fell they will never be delivered.

      And I guess talking about genitals is your way of showing class? HAHAHAHA!

    2. 550

      ” I don’t play the game to be part another over-glorified merchandising scheme that only serves as a distraction to keep us waiting even longer for promised features that to this point, I fell they will never be delivered.”

      Ignorant,wake up. Have you noticed that THIS 1 MAY UPDATE? It’s a tribute for his aniversary?Don’t matter what updates you want,if you don’t care about the driver,you should’t even be reading this post. Other updates will come later. Today’s updates is about ARTYON SENNA,ok?

    3. mef

      Husky, the significance of Senna is not that he was a racer, or even one of the best racers ever. The significance is that he was ALSO extremely charitable and humble which is a rare trait in a business that is dominated by a spirit of success and winning (and not much else). He inspired hope in his home country Brazil, he showed you could be somebody in the world coming from nothing. If you look it up you will found Ayrton Senna has donated in the region of 400 Million USD to charitable causes. The man is a legend and may have done more for Brazil than its political leaders.

    4. 550

      Thanks mef,all you said is nothing less than the true story. Good to see that still there’s people with a hearth here.

    5. joeledward

      I’m sorry Smeghead but your reply has no relevance or meaning to any one or any thing , because of your totally unclassy and crass reply. Funny how an individual can talk about class in one sentence and then tell people to go and play with a ####@@##. Hmmm methinks your name and your reply truly reflect wher you are coming from.

    6. 550

      – joeledward –

      You’re worried about the dirty language? Cmon! it’s even more “unclassy”
      you people talking trash,I mean,talking about other s***ty updates in this post that is an exclusive tribute to an hero. How the hell you guys can be so retarded? If you want to cry about other things,there’s a WHOLE forum to do it. No need to do it in this special place. Grow up,wtf! And what the f* the place he come from matters for something? It’s kinda funny such racist talking about class.

    7. Tenacious D

      I agree. This planet and its people really are going down the toilet.

      As some others have said in their replies, PD are involving in GT6 someone who used his talents and resources to make a difference in the world, not just to aggrandize himself. To make people believe in themselves and give them a lift up enough to make a difference in their lives. So they wouldn’t be petty, grouchy, dismal people always complaining about everything.

      This is clearly something we need a lot more in this world.

    8. joeledward

      @ 550 are you mad, there was no racist conottations or disrespect to smeghead other than where his mind is , some people ??

    9. joeledward

      Oh by the way, did I say that I think that this is an excellent gesture by Sony and PD , NO, well I just said it.

    10. MeanElf

      Joel – smeghead’s comments have relevance as there are always the hijackers here these days, people who just use the opportunity to blurt whatever is on their minds regardless of what the actual news item is about.

      550 – just a heads up, smeghead is from the TV series Red Dwarf.

    11. TokoTurismo

      Oh yeah let’s tell people to go play something else just because you don’t like seeing your “precious” franchise getting criticized… I rather play other games that’s FAR more superior than a joke of a game that lies to their fans left and right.

    12. 550

      I really tired to people comming to GTP just to say here how s*t is GT. This pisses me of. Then why don’t you just go to your “FAR more superior” games forums,and let us alone? I don’t really understand why do people like to trolling cometing how bad it is and how superior is other games in their OWN home. You have all the right to do what you want,but why don’t you just go to troll GT in ANOTHER place? It’s like I going to your home just to say for yoy how bad your house is.


    13. TokoTurismo

      I’ll never understand fanboys and fangirls… That’s why games like GT will never improve and will continue to be crap due to all the blind praises it gets. And seriously, no one mentioned Forza, and yet it randomly gets mentioned anyway.

      This is what happens when one sticks to one game and that one game only.

    14. 550

      TokoTurismo – I will ask again…why don’t you just go to another place to say that’s GT is a joke? Why have to be here? Any construtive critics are very welcome,we all does it,but there’s no sense to came on GTP just to say that’s everything is a joke. I really hate you retarded trolls.

      Just go troll in somewhere else,cause you don’t help the game to grow,you just troll it,as many others. Let us alone with our “joke” game,we dont need trolls.

    15. TokoTurismo

      Yeah arguing with you is a joke now. Retarded? Really? Such a child… And no, I’m not a troll, but a fan of GT like everyone else. It’s just I’m annoyed with PD that they treat us like fools, and we let them get away with it. I’m come here waiting for PD to announce news, but they take like months to inform us anything.

      Also, what’s the point of being a critic, if PD doesn’t listen to us? You ever think of that? Oh wait, I guess not because PD has you in their basement locked in the dark. Please, do continue to be their little pet for all I care, but I want PD to step up their game by communicating with us, which other game devs has been doing for years.

    16. MeanElf

      Actually Toko, quite a few game developers don’t really communicate much – even those with dedicated forums, there are but a few in my experience who are regularly active and responsive to comments.

      PD has never really communicated much, they have actually improved a little, but to expect them to change so drastically and in such a short space of time…well, I think you’ll be disappointed.

    17. TokoTurismo

      ^ It’s strange that PD won’t chat or listen to us? Why? They could have made so much improvements if they did, but oh well I guess. :(

    18. 550

      If being critic PD doesnt listen you,how you think they will,just to say that their work is a joke? They will step up and comunicate with you being calling “jokers”,that’s what you trying to say? Now that’s a real joke. It don’t works like that. GT6 has many problems since the release,including comunications with players,but we being ignorants will not solve the issue.

    19. MeanElf

      I know what you’re saying Toko – I think it’s an old software developer thing; they never used to, or liked communicating with the outside world too much ;) Things are different nowadays, with far more social software devs on the scene, but these guys at PD have been around for a long time.

      Also, listening and implementing outside suggestions, presupposes one thing: that they are open to changing their game into something that they are possibly not really comfortable with. That’s my take on the situation – just because a fan would like something that’s not there, doesn’t mean it should or will happen. They run the risk of losing players, but they always have lived with that risk while following their vision.

    20. TokoTurismo

      @550 Their also a joke at releasing half finished games as well.

      Agreed @MeanElf. :)

      Well. I at least wish they can fulfill their word on what they promised for GT6, and also make GT7 based on our concerns with the series. :P

  20. lalaurentide

    You guys remember when Polyphony said they were planning on releasing monthly content? So yeah, I’m selling the PlayStation and GT6, it’s the last time I give my trust to a game developper beforehand. I’m going to play my modded Race ’07 instead, got every circuit imaginable and more than 200 cars.

    1. 550

      Have you noticed that absolutelly no one here is interested to know about your other games? If you don’t like GT and want to talk about Race ’07,just go to nogripracing.com and don’t waste your time here anymore.

    2. lalaurentide

      Have you noticed that I wrote about GT6 and how deceptive the “monthly DLC” claims was. I couldn’t care less to sell people on another game.

    3. Arhok

      Oh no, this is the end of the world, this guy is going to sell his PS3 and GT6 copy like anyone cares, grow up!

    4. montecarlo87

      Too bad you entirely missed the point of this post. You must be one of those anti GT guys anyway who has infiltrated GTplanet. You are heartless, gutless and completely without shame complaining on a tribute post.

    5. Hentis

      So lalaurentide go tell people who give a damn. I certainly dont. Oh and dont let the door hit you in the arse on the way out!

    6. SZRT Ice

      Some of you guys just plain suck. Sorry you tired of waiting LaLaurentide, hope that other game you spoke of gives you what you are looking for. I will stick with PS3 & PS4 however and what ever titles they provide. I have a good group of friends and my racing team here and don’t want to abandon them. I will however look up that game you spoke of. Dueces bro’.

  21. 550

    I have no words at all..really. Thanks,just THANK YOU for this,PD. Now I can enjoy my idol on my favourite game,too. That’s the best update I could ask for,absolutelly.

    1. RACECAR

      Well not entirely. People were having a hard time figuring out which Lotus it was (with some commenting on how similar the 97T and the 098T looked similar. They knew it was a lotus but that’s it.

      But yeah, you had people actually saying they wouldn’t do it even with the car in the intro.

  22. GTman1996

    I can’t wait to rip around the nurb in that thing! I love older F1 cars to death… im sure senna’s watching down on PD and smiling at what theyre doing to commemorate him. Rest in peace.

    1. kolio123

      It doesn’t matter when they release it, it is still to remember him.
      However, I want it now!!

    2. MeanElf

      Could be due to Sony’s schedule also – don’t forget that all content needs to be tested by Sony before it’s allowed through as an update or to the store.

  23. Hypergolem

    Yeah cool. Love it. I was actually in Imola at the Tosa turn and saw Senna’s accident :( One of the saddest moments in motorsport history (considering the day before Roland Ratzenberger died too). But PD… don’t think this can make up for all the missing features that were promised… all the promised monthly DLC! I just hope it is a beginning of better times for GT6.

  24. Magic Ayrton

    Love Senna hence my name but PD don’t do him justice.. constantly telling us that DLC will be coming later and later and later. Just forget it, you do not do the Senna name any justice whatsoever. But just cash in on the name.

    1. MeanElf

      Cashing in on the name with a free update and support donations to the institute…

      Seems like you are the one cashing in on the name to further your cause.

    2. MeanElf

      I’m not actually following you around – you do however insist on coming up with the most ridiculous statements, on a public forum.

      If you said sensible things, ones based in fact and not just supposition, then you wouldn’t hear a peep from me – well, maybe the occasional agreement.

  25. LR-MR-Cole

    I cant believe you guys complain about this. If you dont know Senna learn about him. Warch the movie Senna. And the lotus 97t is one of the most iconic f1 cars. I hope it dances in gt6 like it did in real life.

    1. MeanElf

      Well said indeed. I’m surprised however that more hijackers haven’t shown up…they usually do.

  26. JTB10000

    This is pretty cool although F1 cars aren’t really my thing.

    This might be a bit of of stretch, but I am hoping for something like the X2014 Standard Championship: standing start races with this new Lotus against the A.I. and one Time Trial at Interlagos with “Senna” like we raced with “Vettel” for the X2014 Fan Car event.

    Probably not because we know PD.

    1. omnibusse

      Right now, we don’t get anything but an announcement. I’m tired of announcements, I want content.

  27. HuskyGT

    … I appreciate it, but… Try harder, PD. Senna doesn’t mean much to some of us, and even if he did, I don’t see how one car would make up for quality content. It’s good for half an hour or so worth of hot laps, but that’s it.

    This is no different than having the Ferrari F1 car or some unique concept that can’t be really exploited in the game due to restrictions and lack of events for it.

    And… I told you!! XD Just one car and probably a couple of TT events!

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      They said they’ll be releasing content throughout the month. Therefore it’s not just going to be one car; it’ll probably be a few other things as well.

    2. HuskyGT

      I REALLY want this to include a track. I’m afraid of hoping too much for it, but one new track is enough to give me months worth of fun.

  28. fatkid

    Neatly replaced the John Player Special sponsorship with Team Lotus Special. Looks better than leaving it blank, or the ugly diagonally arranged rectangle lines that previous cars in GT have had. Wish that they would do the same with the Jaguar XJR9 and it’s missing Silk Cut sponsorship.

    One can only hope for an McLaren MP4/4 and the Imola circuit.

    1. Hekongaro

      I wish they would keep it historically accurate. Tobacco sponsorship was a thing back then and there’s no point in trying to censor it out of history.

    2. Amac500

      What I don’t get is why the Audi Quattro doesn’t have HT sponsorship, or why the R8 LMP’s don’t have Infineon.

    3. RACECAR

      @Hekongaro: Tobacco Sponsorship isn’t allowed in games. Its the same reason why you didn’t see it in F1 2013 classic Edition (which also featured the Lotus 97T) and the very same reason F1CE did not have Marlboro on the Ferraris, Mild Seven on the Renaults, West on the Mclarens or Lucky Strike on the BAR Hondas.

  29. jakshemash

    I appreciate what you are doing PD and would be really glad if we could see Senna’s McLaren MP4/4 in the future. Always wanted to try it out in GT.

  30. fortbo

    YUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!! I can’t wait to try this car. And what a great video about Ayrton Senna! What a great way to commemorate him!

  31. TokoTurismo

    Great to see some news but still not very convincing. It has to be very special for me to put GT6 back on…

    However, you have all respect Ayrton Senna.

  32. KiroKai

    So we get a neat PR film (where Senna himself is shown for less than a minute) and a Formula 1 car with presumably 6 cylindre sound for GT6?

    Sorry if I’m ignorant but Senna doesn’t matter much to me, and neither can I imagine young kids GT6 aims at bother him or bother watching a 20 minutes film about the Institute. I don’t see how this solves any of the game’s problems.

    I would appreciate the passion of Kaz but when he/PD leave the game in this state, then more content thrown into it doesn’t make it better.

    1. carfanatic45

      I’m a younger person and I care about Senna and I love the classic F1 cars. The sound is great and the racing was phenomenal. But I get what your saying, most players are casual gamers or are just people who use GT as a Need for Speed type game and don’t watch any sort of racing, especially kids.

    2. Hellchime

      Yes you are very ignorant to slam the best f1 driver in history. If senna means nothing to you then neither does racing which begs the question, why are you even playing or commenting on this game to begin with?

    3. Encyclopedia

      @ Carfanatic – I myself (and I’m sure plenty of others who play GT) am a car enthusiast foremost, racing secondly. And as far a racing goes, formula 1 is one of the least interesting series to me. I’m more into GT style racecars. So it is perfectly possible to be a GT player and still care about Senna or this update.

  33. Swagger897

    While I am happy we were already getting content related to him,vi am even more happy that news of the content was released before the release of the content (if you understood that).

    However, news of such should have come a month before this, and not on the day of his anniversary…

    1. Tenacious D

      Yeah, might be a whole four weeks ;D

      It’s nice to see that PD is taking this promise seriously, but then the Boss takes Senna pretty seriously himself. Might be why everything else had to take a back seat for a while.

  34. VDG

    Great stuff! Beautiful car, nice film. Hopefully we will get Adelaide as 2nd Australian track in the game.

    Forever in our hearts: R.I.P. Ayrton Senna

  35. andrew84555

    I’m not religious but my thoughts have been with Senna and Ratzenberger today, along with the loved ones they left behind. R.I.P.

  36. PikachuRacer11

    Wow! Senna’s 1985 Lotus 97T “JPS” is finally to be in GT6, Nice!
    Looks like this adds a new possiblility to be my birthday car, other than 6 rally cars, two FC RX-7s, a Peugeot 205, and a Honda Today. :)

  37. DiVz

    Noooo i can just picture them screwing up the sound of this car like they did for the S1 pikes peak

  38. silverstar189

    They obviously can’t use the John Player Special livery, but the car did run in some races where tobacco sponsorship was prohibited at the time with a series of laurel wreaths instead of the lettering. It would be more accurate and easier for them to use that instead.

  39. Kavey


    Except without proper F1 events and a proper range of other F1 cars, seems like we won’t get much use out of it. :/

    1. SZRT Ice

      This is my concern. I hope there’s at least a “Base Model” version so we can have a bit of variety on track when racing them online.

  40. SomePlayaDude

    I’m preparing my laundry early, because i know my pants will be wet driving this.

    *no reference to his ‘race ended early but still won’ win in Monaco.

  41. kayto101

    Can we have the classic Adelaide track aswell please estirol and interlargos would be nice aswell

    1. ScotteDawg

      @05XR8, Adelaide was considered, by all F1 drivers at the time, as the best street circuit in the world and they threatened to boycott the Melbourne GP as a sort of protest over Adelaide losing it to Melbourne.
      Of course, if PD do make this full Adelaide GP circuit available to GT6, they will also have to do the shorter Clipsal 500* circuit and give us some V8 Supercars…

      * For those of you not in the know, the Clipsal 500 is run – to this day – on a shortened version of the original Adelaide GP circuit. The V8 Supercars were run on the full course while the GP was in Adelaide but, when it was lost to Melbourne, the track was shortened to prevent traffic congestion over the four days that the race is run and the 2-3 weeks that the track is worked on.

  42. The Stig Farmer

    PD, we know you read this, so I have but only one request: please let us fit the Lotus with even bigger turbochargers

  43. 2012GT325

    I feel like we were misled to think this content would release today, but as is customary in PD culture, the content is late, with a vague “this month” release date!?

    1. RACECAR

      They never promised it was coming May 1st, only that it was coming in May (and this was two months before the game came out) so they aren’t “late”

  44. ScotteDawg

    1) New content will be good
    2) Senna’s lotus is good
    3) I was at that race and I was there when he got pole!
    4) In the lead-up to the release of GT6 it was said there’d be a second Australian track – could this be it? (Adelaide, as shown in the second video)
    5) When is this 35km (21.75 mile) track in Spain coming?

    1. Jayson619

      My jaw dropped when I saw Senna drive that in a dangerously drenched Monaco. He could have won until the race officials ended it early.

    2. Jordan

      Just to be clear, I randomly picked that video from Adelaide for this blog post because I thought it was a good showcase of the 97T in action; it doesn’t have any relation to GT.

  45. GODfreyGT5

    ‘Later this month’, I don’t see how PD can be late for absolutley everything…. Today is the anniversary, and would be awesome for us all to be experiencing driving this beast, but now we’re sat around twiddling our thumbs watching another film from super movie producer kaz!
    RIP Ayrton.

    1. GODfreyGT5

      Oh yeah, and when is that 35km countryside track dropping (must be a few months late now)?

  46. MLRSparco

    Not really into F1 cars,but I’m glad they kept there word about releasing content for May.

  47. Scuderia Paul

    Finally. I cannot wait to try the car as it looks a bit of a beast. I think I’ll be off to Cote d’Azur first.

    As others have said, Interlagos would be amazing. Love that circuit.

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