Peugeot Reveals Vision GT Project with 1:1 Power-to-Weight Ratio

After releasing some mysterious teasers last week, Peugeot finally pulled the wraps off their official Vision Gran Turismo project today. It has turned out to be quite an unusual, beastly hyper car, with no side windows and boasting a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio.

It’s powered by a turbocharged V6 3.2L engine producing 875hp and weighs only 875kg, which allows it to accelerate from 0-100 kph in 1.73 seconds.

There is no official word on the release date, though the official announcement claims it’s coming “very soon” in a free update for GT6. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. CaroFDoom

    I think it would be amazing if Toyota could do the same thing they did with the AE86, (No boring, heavy, high-tech things, ABS, TCS, the like,) but with modern materials. This is definately proof that Toyota could make that. Getting this ASAP in GT6.

  2. pikapikapie

    Looks good! Finally, a VGT that has potential to look like a street car (apart from the Infiniti OFC)

  3. Kurei

    I saw the ‘dirt’ on the race(?) version pic, and for a second I thought that’d might happen…

    Then I remembered this is PD we’re talking about, where cleanliness is king.

  4. Playseatplanted

    Is there some kind of guideline that proto’s have took fractal? Or that no real cars can be released while the vgt program is carried out? I know I’m being a bit spoiled seeing how if this program was in some other game i’d be screaming where’s mine PD? But no new/updated car dlc for 6 months in this day and age is a little unheard of. I think even a paid dlc pack would calm the masses. Although if they were giving away “standard” cars and charging for vgt dlc I’d be buying it, so I shouldn’t bitch. I guess we’ll always want what we can’t have… AND STOP TALKING ABOUT GT7!…GT6 is only 6 months into its what?…3 year life span? And in actuality we’ve all gotten a crap ton of content. Even still WHERE IS MY LA FERRARI AND P1 DARN IT!!! :\

  5. Cole Morgan

    I’m gonna say it’ll be released on the 19th of March since that is when the next GT Academy is. Car looks ok. Sorta reminds me of the Onyx.

    1. essopsycho

      next update will be the 2nd of june! the gt academy stuff requires you to update then so that will be when we get the pug!! (just a guess)

  6. Samsonknight

    It’s unfortunate that there is some much criticism along with this car, especially time and effort Peugeot put into it. 0-100 kph in 1.73 secs does seem like a steep claim but I think that it shouldn’t written off until proven incorrect.

  7. SavageEvil

    This car will have two versions I see, there is a photo of a drawing of a racing version with rear deck wing and racing numbers on the windowless doors(?), that’s going to be quite interesting to experience with no real peripheral vision. Looks like they also have a real concept model just like the GT that came before it. Wonder what kind of power train this thing sports? More importantly, just what the hell is this things name or designation?

    1. SavageEvil

      Spoke too soon, seems like there are side windows they are just opaque from the exterior. The very first shot you can see right through and also the video the guy did say that the windows are very dark.

  8. HarVee

    Only the 6th VGT concept to feature a fully detailed interior. 6 of 16. That’s sad really. One would’ve thought that all of the VGT concepts would have featured a detailed interior. It makes one wonder why these manufacturers bother designing an interior.

  9. LR-MR-Cole

    Its official GT6 is dead. Not only do we get fake cars we get fake cars with absurd stats there no fun to drive. JOKE PD IS. 0-60 in 1.8 280mph. Thank god for project cars

    1. scalman

      Project cars just online racer no matter how good it looks. No carrer, no need to buy anything, and no normal cars. Cant find anything exiting there and I played it early builds. Graphic doesnt make it good racer . Dirt rally that is real stuff worth money

  10. Schmiggz

    What a beautiful non existent car. I love it with my inexisting passion for this fake cars. Any new Audis or BMW’s soon? Those we see on the street?

    1. scalman

      Gt6 is so dead that I play it after all assettos or project cars . Surely it must be dead

  11. Bom15

    Knew Peugeot wouldn’t disappoint. They make rather boring road cars. But some of there concepts are fantastic. Onyx, SR-1, Quark, EX-1, 20cup and Quasar to name a few. Just a shame they never make any available to the masses.

  12. PikachuRacer11

    If this car can do 0-62 in 1.7 seconds, hopefully it also has a 280+mph top speed and still can handle well enough for competitive lap times.

    Also if a Custom Gearbox is included on the car, then I’m sure this could make this a fairly popular choice on Route X racers (alongside the Huayras, Vipers, and other cars that can be made to run near or over 300mph).

  13. DCybertron

    And I thought the Chaparral was insane for using lasers, but at least you could look out the side.. visors? Windows?
    Anyways, we have our discount Koenigsegg One:1 now!

  14. wvmgmidget

    I’ll have to probably take some time off from Project CARS so I can experience this beast!

  15. Nielsen

    As always, looking forward to whatever the update might bring aside from yet another VGT I have no interest in.

  16. MrWaflz55

    Hope they include the racing version, and maybe make a helmet like the one guy in the trailer

  17. XSRacing111

    875 hp…I hope it feels like 875 hp. The Aston Martin VGT had over 800 hp but it felt and had a top speed like it was actually 550 hp. Hopefully that 0-60 time doesn’t translate into low top speed.

    FYI: The Chaparral 2X VGT is by far the quickest VGT, that will, in all likeliness, never be matched, but the Mazda VGT has the highest top speed – 280 mph+ (448 km/h+)

    Speaking of the Chaparral, come on home country! Get your VGTs out! I’m looking at you, Ford, GM Design, Tesla Motors, and SRT. It’s like waiting for Mewtwo’s customs in Smash 4.

    only worse.

    1. CaroFDoom

      Low top speed isn’t bad unless you top out everywhere.
      It’s probably going to have an adjustable transmission on GT6 anyways.
      Also, this weighs less than an AE86. It’s probably going to feel like ALOT more than 875 hp.

  18. TomBrady

    Holy crap. Much better than the Koenigsegg IMO. It’s way better around tracks I’m sure

  19. Ben Rogue

    The only thing that would make this design better is side windows… Damn, some designers just have to be different, even if it means screwing things up!

  20. DSUjoeDirte9

    Better then other peugeots but i still don’t like it. Very front is ok from fender foward.

  21. ZoidFile

    Daring, I actually like it.

    I find the lack of side windows quite interesting. Its intriguing and hilariously stupid at the same time.

  22. Kovu

    Okay… who is the genius who forgot to mount the side windows? The car doesn’t look bad… but please… give it some more windows – I want to see what’s around my car when I’m driving.

    1. Snorevette

      Smash the front windshield and drift through the drive-thru, then grab your order with one of those grabby sticks that people use to pick up litter.

    1. Wider

      No. 20, 26, 34 pictures have visible dashboard. But maybe it’s just for good official images tho (as with Infinity).

  23. Wider

    Could it be with modeled interior. Couse in 2 pictures there is clear windscreen with visible interior even in in-game pictures with drive. oh I only wish. :D Also wonder, how will it sound. All in all it could be the best VGT so far. But we’ll have to wait, unless we can drive it.

    1. DSUjoeDirte9

      Idc if its in pcars or not. From what I’ve heard of early reviews it’s more of an arcade game and feels like Like Nfs: shift. It looks good, but sticking to GT for console sim.

    2. WarriusZero

      With all due respect, DSUjoeDirte9, you clearly did not hear right…
      Back to the topic, this Peugeot looks rather nice!

    1. BrunetPaquet

      Hopefully this won’t be everything there is in the update. After all, Project CARS is coming, PD need to make a stand… so… yeah, c’mon PD give us something cool and not just a VGT and a bugfix patch like last time.

    2. FiftyBelowZero

      >implying VGT isn’t cool
      It’s one of the redeeming factors of the game, what the hell are you on about?

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