Share Your Best GT Academy Lap – Win a PlaySeat, Thrustmaster, GoPro, & More!


It’s time to submit your qualifying time for the PlaySeat Challenge!

As announced, we’re taking the top U.S. qualifiers in GT Academy Round 2 and putting them together in a head-to-head race, broadcast live to GTChannel’s massive YouTube audience on May 26th. There are big prizes up for grabs, too:


Here’s how to qualify for the big race:

NOTE: Entries are now closed. Good luck!

  1. Click here to submit your fastest lap time in Round 2 of GT Academy in the “PlaySeat Challenge Lap Time” field, before May 21st 12:00am EDT.
  2. Be sure the PSN name set in your GTPlanet account is the same you used to record the lap in GT6 – we will use this name to verify your time.
  3. The fastest drivers will be contacted via private message here on GTPlanet with further instructions.

That’s it! If you are not a GTPlanet member yet, just create your free account and submit your time. Due to contest laws, you must be a legal U.S. resident and over age 18 to win prizes; review the official contest rules for details.

If you have any questions or problems, leave them in the comment section below or here in the official competition forum topic. Good luck, everyone!

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Comments (18)

  1. Steph290

    Besides using a DS3, which pretty much negates any chance of making the top ten, I just don’t have the hours to grind. I can make top 500 in the world easy with just a few laps, but I was asking some of the top 100 contenders and some have put 10k+ miles on their vehicles already! It just makes me wonder what would their lap times be if the vehicles were limited to just 100miles or 15-20 laps? I know they’re good, but just how good fresh out the driveway?

  2. spongertwo22

    I agree with everyone else. The winner will probably have a nice setup already. Should be for ds3.

    1. Doodle

      Not all fast people have good setups. I won my first seasonal time trial with a G27 strapped to a wobbly desk.

  3. Samus

    It’s a very generous competition but I’d be amazed if the winner didn’t already have a great sim wheel (Perhaps even a T500RS) and seat.

  4. GBO Possum

    @Jordan, very sweet implementation! So easy to enter! It makes me tempted to enter my 9+ minute time which I set specifically to get an estimate of the number of Academy players! However, I don’t want to waste your time until I get it down below 5:00.

  5. vr6cas

    I wish I was rich because I would do a PlayStation Dual Shock 3 Challenge, for us ds3 users to have a chance to win something nice like this. More than likely, wheel users are probably faster on a wheel than controller so they would be at a slight disadvantage to us ds3 users of they did try to sneak in. Nothing against wheel users, (I owned a dfgt but sold it because I want a t500rs or g27) it just seems PD and now GTP is catering to wheel users because GTA and this challenge, ds3 users don’t stand a chance. So if I was rich I would sponsor a Dual Shock 3 Challenge.
    1st place: A PlayStation 4 console with 4 Dual Shock 4 controllers, your choice of a g27 or a t500rs wheel and pedals, a play seat rig and your choice 5 ps4 games and when GT7 arrives you get that to.
    2nd place: A $250 gift card to best buy and a $100 gas card to fill your tank up.
    3rd place: A $100 gift card to best buy and a $50 gas card to fill your tank up.

    1. GBO Possum

      Last time I looked, most, but not all of the top ten were using wheels. I take my hat off to such fast DS3 drivers. It just doesn’t seem possible.

    2. rwiaes

      You hit the nail on the head. I still use the D-pad. GT6 is all about the wheel users. The gas and break and turning are all pressure sensitive, granted, but the travel of compression is so short it is far trickier to compete with a wheel and petals with greater travel. The controller gamers are at a serious disadvantage. This is a gross over site by GT. Its like a fire starting challenge, people with wheels use a lighter and controller users are given two sticks. You tell me which will win? I can hold my own using the D-pad for the most part, but gt6 different interfaces should have challenges with certain consideration towards that. But lets be real about all of this, do you think they really care…lol.. doubtful.

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