Suzuka Circuit to Receive 2014 Update in Gran Turismo 6


Changes are coming to the Suzuka Circuit in the next Gran Turismo 6 update, according to the latest post on Polyphony’s PitStop website.

  • New replay angles
  • Newly resurfaced West course
  • Relocation of crashpads and guardrails to match the 2009 renovation
  • Addition of circuit objects “Racing Theater” “Traffic Education Center”
  • Revision of the final chicane

The circuit will now also support time-of-day changes, and the guardrail inside the famous Spoon Curve has been removed, making the inside of the corner accessible to drivers.

According to the blog post, local officials at Suzuka were eager to work with Polyphony Digital to bring the circuit up to current specifications. “The people of the Suzuka Circuit themselves listed up the differences of the track, from when we first data captured the track years ago for inclusion in Gran Turismo, and what has been changed now. They were incredibly helpful in our data capture session,” said the Gran Turismo landscape design team.

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  1. GTP Ziggy

    A suggestion for track updates can be Circuit de la Sarthe. There are differences in the game and in real life that are noticeable in the environment when comparing 2013 Sarthe in GT6 and 2013 Sarthe for Le Mans. GT6’s 2013 version of Sarthe is too similar to GT5’s and GT6’s 2009 Sarthe.

    1. BLADErunner80

      Yeah id be happy if they never update Monza, no safety issue for us so lets keep the challenge of clipping the gravel trap.

  2. GTP Ziggy

    Part of the FIA/Gran Turismo Partnership. More tracks are suppose to be updated in the future as well (that the FIA deals with).

    1. Tenacious D

      I’m up on several more tracks being updated, like Le Sarthe, Laguna Seca, Cote d’Azur (Monaco), Fuji and the rest, as well as new tracks added, both real and fantasy. Tracks are as important as cars.

  3. DGXR

    I love the fact that PD is working to give us updates. And look how long they supported GT5! What other PS3 game developer is this dedicated to making its games the best they can be? Let us enjoy the beauty of the forest and not be distracted by a few disappointing trees. Even if GT6 were a perfect game, people would still find something to gripe about.

    1. DeltawingR18

      Thank you! Never have I seen a game community complain so much. Part of it is justified, but most is just plain silly.

    1. BloodHunterVX

      2014 Super GT GT500 cars are much different from cars of the previous season, they are aerodynamically similar to the FT-1 VGT/current DTM cars. They need to be added.

    2. catamount39

      Gtfan your getting confused there dude…besides the Raybrig and Takata GT500 cars in those shots those are all base models that got customized.

      If we got the current GT500 cars though that would be cool.

    3. gtfanforlife

      I’m not confused, all I said was that I want the new Super GT500 cars… Nothing about the pictures up above…

    4. Tenacious D

      I seriously want cars from every racing league, enough to flesh out a full field for single player offline racing. But this is the Suzuka update, so I’m with gtfanforlife. Include a whole gob of current Super GT300 and 500 cars.

      nowing my luck, they dropped GT300… ;P

  4. catamount39

    Wooh! I don’t think this will be 2.0 GT6, but this next update sure as heck will breath some new life into it! O can’t wait to be able to tune the BMW M4 and drive the Chaparral 2X!

  5. Lambob

    It will be a great time to recommence playing GT6 once the big update hits, I miss that game despite its shortcomings. by the way, how many hours do we have left in 2014?

  6. Sparkz_360

    You can tell this next update is going to be big, since they announced the Alpine Vision GT, BMW M4 Safety Car, Subaru Vision GT, GM Corvette Vision GT, Chaparral Vision GT (Correct me if I spelt it wrong) and now this, I have faith in PD as they have brought in many good updates, sounds like this one is going to be their best and biggest on yet don’t keep us waiting PD!

    1. catamount39

      Swagger that Alpine VGT announced a couple of weeks ago…

      To be fair, it’s the Chaparral 2X Corvette that’s being done by GM. But still I agree this update is going to be great!

    2. sirjim73

      Jordan has advised in the thread on the forum that there is only one GM car, the “corvette” and the “chaparral” are the same car. There was some confusion caused apparently by teasing the car on the corvette website.

      Also, to my knowledge, all we’ve seen for the alpine is the final design for the car. I’m not saying the alpine won’t be in the update as no one knows, but to my knowledge no one has officially confirmed it will be in the next update.

      In any case, with these mysterious training thingies at Suzuka and Suzuka west and the corvette and Subaru concepts and the BMW safety car it’s already looking like a good update content wise (speaking generally here, it may not contain the things you specifically want of course).

  7. Ryowatanbe201

    Im pretty sure that as we speak all the tracks are getting updates to port them to ps4. GT6 its a awesome game but the ps3 limit the games capabilities.

    1. Tenacious D

      I’m so totally with you on this. I’m downright anxious to play GT7 and see actual shadows, and night racing with a few cars with real headlight beams, and numerous light sources around the track. And multiclass racing, more cars on track, Course Maker III, Event Maker (II), Race Mod, Livery Editor, better bot A.I., decent damage, many more leagues represented with fairly good racing… shoot, where do I stop? So many things are possible on a console that’s as good as a typical gaming PC.

    1. VelocityX

      For the full time cycle they perobably want to map the stars for the night sky, which they probably save for GT7 if they do it.

    2. MeanElf

      The same stars they mapped for the rest of the game do you mean? Sure, the elevation would change according to the location they are viewed from…but it isn’t that difficult.

      And yes, I realise that you were joking.

    3. VelocityX

      Either they don’t put a full cycle beacuse of time or to not waste memory, or they are developing a New cycle for GT7.
      Maybe a full cycle isn’t needed for Suzuka.

  8. Oyashiro-sama

    Great. Me gusta. So much is coming, that I’m beginning to hope it’s really a spec2 with shuffle, online community and no garage size limit. Well, one can dream.

  9. JKgo

    …… update’s gonna be BIG, ain’t it? 3 cars, 1 interior, and now this…hmmm…
    What else is coming, I wonder.

  10. Niku Driver HC

    It’s interesting to hear about Suzuka being reworked to up-to-date spec, one must wonder if this is FIA’s request to PD so that they (PD) upgrade the World tracks for the future FIA\Gran Turismo competition that was mentioned many months ago. Hopefully, to match the updated track, PD will add more recent Super GT cars as after all, they go hand-to-hand. And that “West track” sounds interesting as well, but in usual “PD’s rather vague information” fashion, people aren’t really sure if this actually means we will be able to drive on it or not. As for the date, this might be another part of the “large Spec II (apparently)” update, who knows?

    1. karelpipa

      Suzuka is with us from GT5 Prologue, which is from 2007, so Suzuka is really old. And looked worse than other premium tracks in my opinion.

  11. machine1121

    Maybe I’m just being pessimistic, but I’m not convinced that “Newly resurfaced West course” guarantees that we will actually get the West Course as a playable layout. It could just mean that the full course has been updated to reflect the resurfacing that was done on the west portion of the track. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I’m still looking forward to the update.

    1. RACECAR

      While you make a point, why would they specifically mention “Newly Resurfaced West Course” If they had no intent of including it? It would be like saying they have all the configurations of Circuit De La Sarthe and only include the 24 Hour course but no Bugatti Circuit.

  12. Kazzie77

    Any chance of seeing Horse Thief Mile on Willow Springs? I might go as far to say it might be data captured since you can see the layout from the sky shots when in Big Willow in the menu.

  13. Psychopulse

    Is it just me or have the graphics been updated? They seem to be better than PS3 quality. The pics with the CR-Z are off the track, yet look like they have much higher detail than current tracks. I’m starting to think that it could have been ported from Gran Turismo 7. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the PS4! On a side note, that Honda Today photobombing behind the Takata NSX in the twelfth pic is priceless LOL!

    1. karelpipa

      Suzuka is one of the oldest PS3 era tracks, so the tarmac used here looks better now (and its blacker because is new)

    2. Siren

      In the photomode the pictures always look better than the actual game because its rendered at the highest, why the game play it self fluctuates (texture pop in, frame rate dropping, clipping, screen tearing). So yes it looks better but that doesn’t mean better graphics. Just different rendering speed.

  14. JASON_ROCKS1998

    Is it just me or does the road look better than before? Could be the time of day they chose, anyway nice to see a day night cycle. I love Suzuka but never race on it as I like to have 25 minute 24 hour endurance races, have been using Bathurst for a while but this looks to replace it. I wonder if that off track area is accessible to players. Can’t wait to take my Honda NSX Type R around here at sunset.

  15. Amac500

    Man of they are going to be updating tracks there are tracks that need a lot more attention than Suzuka. Like Daytona, still completely botched because of the barrier where there should be run-off in turn one, and we are running the long bus stop from the 90’s that doesn’t even exists any more (we should be running the short bus stop). They even added time and weather to Daytona and se how missed that, and by the Nextel logo on one of the buildings they rendered that track in 2006. They need to add things to to the infield as well, like the Ferris wheel. The most famous shots of the Daytpna road course are all at night with the Ferris wheel glowing. Indy has went through major reconfigurations twice since the version in the game was used as well.

    I know people have wanted a skid pad though, so that will be cool, and I will like having time change and the other improvements to Suzuka. Despite PD’s usual Japanese bias there is only 1 Japanese track layout with time change and that is the full course at Motegi. Some how more American track layouts have time change than Japanese ones, so my frustration with Daytona is probably more a personal thing than anything else.

    1. JASON_ROCKS1998

      If think if they do this a track at a time to bring them up to 2014-2015 standards. I’d love them to at least put day night cycle on Laguna Seca. LS is my favourite track and I’m unsure if there has been major changes since it was put in GT in 2001, although I think they re-did the tracks in 05 for GT4.

    2. stupidstormy36

      I think you are justified with the Daytona issue as I am bothered with it as well. I’d also like to see a day/night cycle for Laguna Seca as well (4 to 6 hour race heading into the evening/night would be cool for me there). Laguna Seca in GT5 was pretty much a direct inport from GT4, with some touch up here and there. Same thing with GT6 but imported from GT5 with even more touch up here and there. But this is a pretty good start though! :)

    3. Nato_777

      The thing about this track update is that Suzuka approached PD to get it done, I also suspect that the FIA certification might have something to do with it too. It may take the circuit owners or FIA to insist an update for it to happen.

    4. BRRT_Angel

      F1 owns the licensing to the Circuit de Monte Carlo. Unless PDI feels like paying a bunch of money, Cote d’Azur probably won’t be changing

    5. Tmont317

      Indy road course desperately needs updated, I live in Indy and go to every race, even when f1 was here. The evolution of the road course has made for much better racing and better flow through the track, i just wish I could experience it in gt6, defiantly on my wish list of track updates, the SVRA event this year made me think Gran Turismo!

  16. Hastatus

    PD is always impressing me with their long game. Few developers these days spend as much time as PD always improving their current title when they can (hardware limitations are understandable). Other developers would have used this new Suzuka data for their next instalment but PD is adding a nice surprise for existing customers. I can’t wait to see how their ambitious attitudes take shape on the PS4.

  17. deviln3

    Off track photo shoots!?!! Nice.. I wonder if more tracks will get this treatment.
    Glad they’re still putting in effort to update some of the classic tracks we have in GT!

    PD has given us some free tracks/cars in the last year, looking forward to the next big update.

  18. LJ12

    Great to see the return of the west circuit! One of my all time favorite courses, and it`s a welcomed addition to GT6. Love Suzuka, so this was a pleasant suprise!

    1. Amac500

      Well we know it will come with the M4 stuff a and at least the Chaparrel VGT but also likely the Subaru, and a smaller chance of the Alpine. So yes, this will be a major update likely in the last week of November.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but the only thing that has been named for November is the M4.
      No date for the track, no date for the Subaru, ‘holiday season’ for the Chaparral, and zero news from PD about the Alpine.
      Odds are there will be more than just the M4 in November, but nothing else confirmed at this stage.

    3. Amac500

      This is the norm for PD with the big updates though, like how the Red Bull Ring got tacked on after we were expecting the VW VGT. And it’s not unreasonable to expect the Chaparrel will be added just after it’s unveil because that has been the nature of GM’s relationship with PD going back to the unveil of the C7 Corvette in GT5.

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