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Amazon Reveals “Luna” Cloud Gaming Service, Includes GRID at Launch

The cloud gaming market has just got a little more crowded — and interesting — as Amazon has revealed its long-rumored service at a special hardware event today. It goes by the name of Luna, and it joins Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud in the console-less gaming arena.

M3 Owner Orders an OEM Clutch From Amazon, Gets an F1 Assembly Instead

Amazon is typically the first place most people go if they want to buy something on the web. With its fast shipping and wide array of virtually everything in existence, it’s the perfect place. However, occasionally you do end up with something you didn’t order. This is exactly what happened to an M3 owner just looking to fix his car.

Alexa Will Be Your Digital Co-Driver in Future Toyotas

Almost every voice command system in cars is awful. Most of the time it doesn’t understand what you asked. And just when you think it does, it calls your step-mother instead of adjusts the seat heaters. Amazon thinks it has a solution to this by offering its Alexa system for cars.

Do You Have What It Takes to Host The Grand Tour?

Do you take a look at The Grand Tour hosts and think you could do a better job? Well, now you have a chance to put your money where your mouth is. Amazon now has a posting for a temporary presenter.

The Grand Tour Launches in Select Territories Today

They’re back! Jezza, Captain Slow, and Hamster have officially returned with The Grand Tour, fuelled by a venerable American e-commerce juggernaut. Amazon Prime subscribers in the US, United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany can enjoy the first episode — titled “The Holy Trinity” — right now.

Logitech G27 Featured in Amazon “Deal of the Day”

The Logitech G27 remains one of the most popular and widely used wheels in sim racing, thanks to its sturdy construction and nearly ubiquitous compatibility with console and PC racing games. Although it can’t quite offer the same range of features or technology that today’s high-end wheels provide, it is still one of the most affordable ways to upgrade from a controller.

GT5 Sales Rank Increases 1300% on Amazon After Release Date Announcement

As observed by PlayStation LifeStyle, Gran Turismo 5 suddenly became very popular after the game’s official release date announcement last Friday. Within 24 hours, the standard version of the game topped’s video game “Movers & Shakers” list with a 1,300% increase in sales rank. The more expensive GT5 Collector’s Edition came second on the list, with an 823% increase, followed by the 160GB PlayStation 3 console with a 236% increase. Impressive numbers, to say the least!

GT5 US Collector’s Edition Sold Out at Amazon, GameStop

When the Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition was first announced, Sony said “quantities will be limited”, but they didn’t go into details. It looks like they weren’t kidding, though, as two of arguably the most popular US gaming retailers- Amazon and GameStop – have both stopped taking pre-orders for this version of the game.

Pre-Order GT5 at Amazon, Get $10 Off a Steering Wheel

Web retailer has updated their Gran Turismo 5 listing to include a special promotion: pre-order the Standard Edition of the game with them, and get $10 off your next purchase from their “Video Games” department. Fortunately, that just so happens to include both the Logitech Driving Force GT and Logitech G27 steering wheel, providing a handy little discount if you don’t have the hardware yet or if you’re looking to upgrade before November. Also, keep in mind that Amazon is still offering “release-date delivery” for about $2.