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Ford's Solution to Sleeping With Selfish People: The Autonomous Bed

Car manufacturers are always looking for new ways to implement their autonomous vehicle tech. Nissan, for example, has self-parking slippers. Well, now it’s Ford’s turn. The Blue Oval has decided… Read More »

Volvo Trucks Introduces Vera, a Fully Autonomous Electric Semi Truck

Electric semi-trucks are not a new concept. Tesla, Nikola, and Thor all have concepts they’re working on. However, Volvo Trucks is taking things a step further with its latest concept… Read More »

Honda Sends ASIMO to Robot Retirement, But Its Tech Will Live On In Your Cars

Car Culture 23 Jul 2, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

As you probably know from its cool adverts, Honda makes more than just cars. From jet planes to generators, if it’s mechanical, chances are Honda has a version of it.… Read More »

Autonomous Chevy Bolt Gets Slapped With a Ticket in San Francisco

When an autonomous car commits a traffic violation who’s at fault? This is the debate between General Motors’ self-driving division, Cruise, and the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD). According to… Read More »

New Technology From Nvidia Blurs the Line Between Virtual and Real World Driving

Sim racing games let us experience cars we only dream about. Now, Nvidia thinks it might have a way to push that envelope. Debuting new technology at its Graphics Technology… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Reveals "AI League" in Stanford University Lecture

Gran Turismo’s founder, Kazunori Yamauchi, visited Stanford University in California recently to participate in the 17th “Open Garage Talk”. Open Garage Talk is a lecture series founded in 2012. It’s… Read More »

The Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Concept Doesn't Need a Stinkin' Steering Wheel

The Volkswagen group got a head start on the madness that is Geneva by showing off a selection of its wares yesterday. Leading the way for the Peoples’ Car brand… Read More »

Fisker Is Back From the Dead With the Electric EMotion

Fisker gave us the full unveiling of its latest car at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re surprised to see the Fisker name pop up… Read More »

Nissan's New Self-Driving Tech Knows What You're Thinking

Nissan has revealed a new vehicle assist technology that reads its driver’s mind to enhance the driving experience. Called “Brain-to-Vehicle” — or B2V — the system works with the human… Read More »

Mazda Finds 71% of Europeans Don't Want Full Self-Driving Cars

Car Culture 255 Dec 29, 2017 by Joe Donaldson

It goes without saying that most gearheads love to drive. This is why the thought of self-driving cars worry so many of us. What about the average person though? If… Read More »

Bad First Day: Navya Self-Driving Shuttle Involved in Accident With a Semi

Whenever you start a new job you hope your first day is without incident. The last thing you ever want is something to damage your future career. For one AI… Read More »

The 2019 Audi A7 Sportback Is Loaded With Futuristic Tech

Audi finally gave the world its first look at its brand new A7 sportback in its hometown of Ingolstadt, Germany. Packed with all sorts of futuristic tech, the A7 is… Read More »

Audi Unveils New A8, Brings 'Level 3' Autonomous Driving

Audi has revealed the latest generation of its luxury executive car, the A8, at the Audi Summit event in Barcelona. As the car that Audi believes will be the new… Read More »

Apple Uses Logitech Hardware in Autonomous Car Testing

The tech giant turns to a familiar piece of sim racing hardware for its autonomous car project.