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Newly Released WRC 6 Trailer Features Super Special Stages

WRC Series 6 Sep 14, 2016 by Matej

The new WRC 6 trailer gives a better idea of exactly we are going to drive next month.

Forza Horizon 3 Scoops E3 2016 Game Critics Award for Best Racer

Playground Games’ open-world racer has been commended by the mass gaming media in the wake of its unveiling last month.

Aussie Auto History Will Be a Focus of Forza Horizon 3

Not content with setting their new open-world game down under, T10 and Playground Games are promising important local additions to the car roster.

GT Spin-Off Series by Another Developer Would be "Unthinkable", Says Kazunori Yamauchi

Gran Turismo won’t be going down the same path as the Forza Horizon series.

Assetto Corsa E3 2016 Console Footage; News on Version 1.7

Assetto Corsa 21 Jun 23, 2016 by Matej

Take a peek at the latest console gameplay video from last week’s big gaming conference, and learn more about the upcoming 1.7 update.

Gran Turismo Sport's "Advanced Matchmaking System" & "Sportsmanship Points" Detailed

GT Sport will introduce a new driver rating system to encourage cleaner online racing.

First Gameplay Footage of WRC 6 Emerges From E3 2016

WRC Series 10 Jun 21, 2016 by Michael Leary

Take in Rally de Portugal in the first gameplay footage of WRC 6.

Forza Horizon 3's Drone Mode Lets You Be the Eye In the Sky

Players will get the chance to take to the skies in the upcoming open-world racer.

E3 2016: Ferrari's SF16-H Takes on São Paulo in Latest F1 2016 Gameplay Footage

F1 2016 4 Jun 20, 2016 by Michael Leary

Experience São Paulo in this year’s Ferrari in the second round of gameplay footage of F1 2016.

Project Scorpio Designed as a 4K Console; May Not Make the Resolution Mandatory

Gaming 41 Jun 18, 2016 by Michael Leary

Phil Spencer reveals that while anyone can benefit from the upcoming console, Project Scorpio was designed with 4K in mind.

Forza Horizon 3: Auction House & Storefronts Set to Return

The highly-requested features last seen in the Xbox 360 era will return to the franchise this September.

Build Your Own Colorful Controller with the Xbox Design Lab

Hardware 18 Jun 16, 2016 by Michael Leary

The new Xbox Design Lab will allow you to make a controller that’s truly yours without having to rely on a third-party.

Horizon Blueprint: Forza's Custom Event Mode Lets Players Create & Share

The open-world game is set to offer almost limitless race options thanks to new event customization.

First F1 2016 Direct-Capture Gameplay Footage From E3 2016

F1 2016 6 Jun 15, 2016 by Michael Leary

Take in Canada, Brazil, and the USA in the first gameplay videos of this year’s F1 game.

Polyphony Releases Direct-Capture GT Sport Footage, Gallery of Images

Polyphony’s released gigabytes worth of data on their official site, allowing players to get video and images straight from the source.

GT Sport Image Blowout: Over 100 Screenshots From E3 2016

A veritable pile of screenshots arrive as E3 kicks off, showing of racing, car interiors, menus, and more.

3-Wheelers Will Come to Forza Horizon 3 According to Dan Greenawalt

In a recent interview, Turn 10’s head confirms open-world title will see a new type of vehicle.

GT Sport E3 2016 Direct-Capture Video Shows Off Group 3 at Brands Hatch

GT Sport’s mid-level class gets more contenders in latest video, showing two different races around Brands Hatch.

Watch the Sony E3 2016 Press Conference Right Here (UPDATED)

Gaming 31 Jun 13, 2016 by Kyle Patrick

Sony’s press conference is set to wrap up the day, and you can watch it with GTPlanet.

Forza Horizon 3 Pre-Order & Rewards Program Details

New title offers multiple levels of pre-order options, while also rewarding players loyal to the franchise.