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Gran Turismo 6 Secret Stunt Tracks Discovered

Gran Turismo 6 26 Mar 20, 2016 by Matej

A GTPlanet member has found some curious tracks buried deep within the game.

"GAME ON" Museum Exhibit in Japan Inducts Gran Turismo Showcase

Gran Turismo takes its place among the legends of video gaming

How Many Cars Does Your Driving Game Really Have?

Features 52 Feb 7, 2016 by Kyle Patrick

Forget the figure posted on the case: how many cars can you access right from the start? We look at seven popular games to find the answers.

"Vision Gran Turismo" Recognized for its Contributions at the Japan Car Awards Ceremony

The “Vision Gran Turismo” program is recognized for its contributions to the automotive industry at the Japan Car Awards Ceremony.

Racing Games are Better Than Ever... So Why Aren't They Selling?

Features 56 Jan 12, 2016 by Michael Leary

The topic of sales is a debate in and of itself, but does there come a point where a number carries more of a burden than necessary?

Gran Turismo 6 Celebrates Second Anniversary

A look back at the last year, as GT6 hits the twenty-four month mark.

GT6 Update 1.22 Arrives With A Quick Fix

GT6’s newest update is one of the smallest yet, but could possibly hint at future improvements.

How To Use the GT6 Course Maker On Your PC

Frustrated by the tablet requirements of the newly-released GT6 Track Path Editor? Read our guide to understand the various workarounds available.

GTPlanet's WRS to Mirror Formula 1 Grand Prix Next Weekend

GTPlanet’s WRS Hosts it’s seventh special event on the GT6 platform.

GTPlanet's WRS TT Features GT300 Car at Fuji

This week’s Time Trial features a GT300 car at the world famous Fuji Speedway!

GTPlanet's WRS Introduces Streamlined Registration Process

The longest continuously running Time Trial series on the Gran Turismo Platform introduces a simplified registration process.

GTPlanet's WRS to Host Special Event the Weekend of May 3rd

GTPlanet’s WRS Online will host its second special event on GT6.

GTPlanet's WRS Features Team Time Trial Challenge, Beginning March 16th

The WRS is taking signups for a 4 week long team event.

GTPlanet's WRS Online Hosting Silverstone Mixed Class Enduro on Feb. 24th [Live Stream Replays Now Available]

WRS Online is Hosting a 2.4 Hour Mixed Class Endurance, and will have live streaming of the action!

GTPlanet's WRS Celebrates its 11th Anniversary at Trial Mountain

The longest continuously running race series on the GT Platform celebrates its 11 year.

GTPlanet's WRS Online to Host Silverstone Mixed Class Enduro on February 22nd/23rd

WRS Online Hosts their first Special Event of GT6, the weekend of February 22nd.

GTPlanet's WRS Online Official Events Begin This Wednesday, Week 2 Time Trial is Now Live

GTPlanet’s WRS Begins Official Online Events this Wednesday

GTPlanet's WRS Announces Qualifier Results, Week 1 Time Trial is Now Live

GTPlanet’s longest continuously running Gran Turismo race series is now live on GT6!

Official GTPlanet WRS Events on the Horizon as Qualifier Deadline Looms

Online races on GT6 Continue, GTPlanet’s WRS Qualifier Deadline is Monday, January 13th

GTPlanet's WRS Online Events to Return January 8th

WRS Online Events returns from the Holiday Break and hosts a race at Trial Mountain Reverse.