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Gran Turismo 6 Secret Stunt Tracks Discovered

Video game development involves more observation than one may think. Since producing a game implies working with various industries, every title usually has to undergo complicated schemes of developing content before it can finally reach the shelves at its best state. Naturally, if the cycle of production is slightly longer, it is likely that certain ideas that were initially set will change over time.

“GAME ON” Museum Exhibit in Japan Inducts Gran Turismo Showcase

The Gran Turismo series has been honoured with a spot in the ‘GAME ON’ exhibit within the Japan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. In this event, which showcases the history of video games, a fully functioning GT cabinet running Gran Turismo 6 can be played with a Thrustmaster T300RS steering wheel (pedals from the T500RS are used, however).

How Many Cars Does Your Driving Game Really Have?

Nineteen hundred seventy four. That’s a sizeable number, one with significance. You see, that is the total number of car models found in the following games: Gran Turismo 6, Forza Horizon 2, Driveclub, Project CARS, Forza Motorsport 6, Need For Speed, and Assetto Corsa. At least, that’s according to our handy, sortable Google Spreadsheet.

Racing Games are Better Than Ever… So Why Aren’t They Selling?

Sales. A controversial topic that’s known for sparking heated debate; a topic that is so heavily analyzed by the passionate user base that it is often misused as an absolute. It’s a topic one can’t help but be drawn toward—like a moth to a flame—as it gives a brief overview, or, at least, the perception thereof, of how well the product has been welcomed into the consumer’s home.

GT6 Update 1.22 Arrives With A Quick Fix

Interestingly enough, forum member @Whistlesnap has found evidence of two cars being added to the game: the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, and Toyota’s tiny S-FR. Both of these were on display at the Tokyo Motor Show back in October, and the S-FR was even playable in a special build of Gran Turismo 6.

GTPlanet’s WRS to Mirror Formula 1 Grand Prix Next Weekend

Next Weekend, we’ll be featuring the seventh special event of GT6, the F3 [D3] Japanese Grand Prix, at Suzuka Circuit.  The event will feature a realistic 3 round knockout qualifying format and a 41 lap F3 race distance.  The car used is the Ayrton Senna WSR F3 Car.

GTPlanet’s WRS to Host Special Event the Weekend of May 3rd

On the weekend of May 3rd, WRS online will host its second special event on the GT6 platform.  Titled “Moff’s Triple Mix“, the event will feature 3 races of 18 laps each, at the DTM layout of the Nurburgring GP circuit.  But wait, there’s more!  The catch is that participants will use a different car in each race, with each car having a different drivetrain layout.  Cars featured are the MR Layout ’99 Lotus Motorsport Elise, the FR Layout Mazda Roadster Touring Car, and the FF Layout Honda CR-Z Touring Car.  The cars will carry stock configurations, and tuning is prohibited for this event.

GTPlanet’s WRS Features Team Time Trial Challenge, Beginning March 16th

Signups are open now for the first ever WRS Team Time Trial Challenge.  The event will feature member organized teams of 5 or 6 drivers, competing against one another in a series of time trial events, over 4 weeks.  Points for the event will be based on a formula that takes both final lap time and handicap into account, allowing drivers of all abilities to contribute to the success of their team.

GTPlanet’s WRS Online to Host Silverstone Mixed Class Enduro on February 22nd/23rd

WRS Online events are in full swing, with 2 Weekly Races already behind us, and our first Special Event on the horizon.  On the weekend of February 22nd and 23rd, WRS Online will host a 2.4 Hour Mixed Class Endurance Race at the Silverstone GP Circuit.  The event is open to current members of and recent applicants to our GTP_Registry.

GTPlanet’s WRS Online Official Events Begin This Wednesday, Week 2 Time Trial is Now Live

On this Wednesday, January 29th, WRS Online will continue to support the online racing platform of GT6, hosting our first official weekly race event on GT6.  The Week 1 WRS Time Trial provides the platform for this race.  This exciting event features a car that’s brand new to the GT series, the Audi S1 quattro Pikes Peak Courtesy Car, on a returning favorite Original Circuit, Apricot Hill.  The races are open to anyone listed in the GTP_Registry.

Official GTPlanet WRS Events on the Horizon as Qualifier Deadline Looms

On January 15th, WRS Online will continue to support the online racing platform of GT6, hosting our fourth “Unofficial” online race event.  We’ll go back to another old favorite from GT5, with “The Legacy (really?) V2.0“.  The races are open to anyone participating in the GTP_Registry GT6 Qualifier (And those who are on the GT5 Registry).

GTPlanet’s WRS Online Events to Return January 8th

On January 8th, WRS Online will return from our holiday break, hosting our third “Unofficial” online race event of GT6.  We’ll go back to an old favorite from GT5, with “Mountaineering V2.0“.  The races are open to anyone participating in the GTP_Registry GT6 Qualifier (And those who are on the GT5 Registry).