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GT6 Screenshot Gallery: Acura NSX ’13 Concept

The Honda/Acura NSX Concept was added to the GT6 car list a few days ago, and today its inclusion in the game has been formally announced with a gorgeous set of official screenshots. The car was first announced for the GT series in a special trailer (above), released in January last year.

Honda Weider HSV-010 Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay Video

The latest round of new downloadable content is hitting PlayStation Stores worldwide, and players are finally getting their hands on the first entirely new car model to be released in GT5 since January, the Honda Weider HSV-010.

North America’s Bonus GT5 Downloadable Content Details

Although Sony has still not explained the seemingly bizarre last-minute delay of Gran Turismo 5’s DLC in North America, they have now detailed the “special bonus” the region will receive when the content is eventually released next week on October 25th. From the company’s latest PlayStation Store Update:

Kazunori Yamauchi Live Twitter Interview With @Honda Transcript

GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi is taking your questions live, right now, via Honda’s official Twitter account! If you’re on Twitter, submit your questions by including the “#Honda” and “#E3” hash-tags in your tweets. I’ll be following the interview closely and will update this post accordingly. The interview starts right now, at 12:00 PM Pacific Time!