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SEMA 2018: Honda Turns the Ridgeline Into an Off-Road Buggy

We’re on the ground at SEMA 2018 and there are trucks everywhere. So many in fact, it seems Honda has had just about enough of it all, and turned its… Read More »

Honda Sends ASIMO to Robot Retirement, But Its Tech Will Live On In Your Cars

Car Culture 23 Jul 2, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

As you probably know from its cool adverts, Honda makes more than just cars. From jet planes to generators, if it’s mechanical, chances are Honda has a version of it.… Read More »

Red Bull Racing and Honda Agree to a Two-Year F1 Engine Deal

Formula One 2 Jun 21, 2018 by Michael Leary

It’s official: Red Bull and Honda will join forces in Formula One beginning in 2019. The engine deal covers the 2019 and 2020 seasons, right up to the end of… Read More »

Honda Gives the Pick-Up Treatment to the Civic Type R

Car Culture 25 May 25, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

Combining the utility of a pick-up with the sportiness of a performance car, the Ute is a brilliant piece of Australian ingenuity. However, outside the Land Down Under, these vehicles… Read More »

Red Bull and Honda Discuss Engine Deal for 2019 F1 Season

Formula One 12 May 1, 2018 by Michael Leary

If this season weren’t enough already, Red Bull has begun talks with Honda for an engine deal in 2019. The move is likely to come as a surprise to many,… Read More »

Was McLaren Right to Ditch Honda? (Spoiler: Yes, Yes It Was)

Formula One 49 May 1, 2018 by Andrew Evans

It was one of the biggest stories of the 2017 Formula One season: McLaren and Honda split after three years. That said, it wasn’t exactly a shock. In their seasons… Read More »

Toro Rosso Launches the Honda-Powered STR13 for 2018 F1 Season

Formula One 294 Feb 26, 2018 by Michael Leary

Scuderia Toro Rosso is the final team to reveal its 2018 F1 contender, the Honda-powered STR13. No, you didn’t misread the previous sentence; this year’s chassis will use a Honda… Read More »

The Honda Vision GT Concept is the Baby NSX We Want

The current Honda NSX is a very impressive car. However, it also carries an equally impressive price tag which is out of the reach for most buyers. With the latest… Read More »

The Best Way to Sell a Used Honda Accord Is With a Luxury Car Commercial

Car Culture 18 Nov 5, 2017 by Joe Donaldson

If you’ve ever sold a car you know what a hassle it can be. Between low ball offers, scam e-mails, and even some shady buyers, it’s not an experience most… Read More »

Three Lego Car Models We Want Right Now

Car Culture 6 Nov 1, 2017 by Joe Donaldson

Back in August, we showed you a handful of Lego cars that were sure to bring out your inner child. Now we’re back with another crop of vehicles that are… Read More »

Cute Honda Urban EV Concept Could Be On Sale By 2019

Honda has chosen the Frankfurt Motor Show to reveal a dinky, electric city car it expects to sell in 2019. This urban, electric vehicle — helpfully named “Urban EV Concept”… Read More »

First Drive Review: Honda Civic

Car Reviews 5 Sep 4, 2017 by Andrew Evans

There’s few model nameplates quite as enduring as the Honda Civic. In fact the first car ever made was a Honda Civic. Okay, we made that up, but it has… Read More »

Honda Brings the Beat to Life With New Production Parts

Car Culture 2 Aug 19, 2017 by Matej

Owning a strange, low volume, imported car is hard work. When things go wrong, as they inevitably do, repairs can be a nightmare. Spare a thought for Honda Beat owners… Read More »

Fender Bender Reveals Rare Honda Civic Clown Car Edition

Car Culture 2 Aug 3, 2017 by Matej

What initially seemed a typical driving accident turned into a most bizarre scene in England earlier this week. A Leicester security camera captured nine people vacating a Civic after it… Read More »

2017 Super GT Round 4: The Luck of the Pit Stop Draw

Super GT Jul 28, 2017 by Matej

After a long summer break the prestigious Super GT series has resumed its exciting rivalry. Following two months off, the world’s fastest GT cars returned to action at Sugo, the… Read More »

Do These Patent Images Show Honda's New Baby NSX?

A series of 3D renders filed to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) could reveal a new, small Honda sports car. Rumors about such a car have circulated ever… Read More »

Wednesday Want: Honda Accord Type R

Car Culture 32 Jul 5, 2017 by Andrew Evans

There’s a something endearing about about a performance badge applied to a highly unsuitable car. For example, you may be familiar with Honda’s “Type R” badge. The company has used… Read More »

Are There More Civic Type R Models on the Way?

Honda’s new Civic Type R isn’t even on sale yet, but the company is already talking up what comes next. It’s making a good impression on the world’s journalists and is… Read More »

Dear Carmakers, We Need To Talk About Nürburgring Records

Car Culture 27 Jun 7, 2017 by Andrew Evans

We’re getting increasingly worried by how obsessed some brands are getting about a statistic that has almost no merit…

Sauber F1 Switches to Honda Power for 2018 Season

Formula One 56 Apr 30, 2017 by Andrew Evans

As it marks its 25th anniversary in Formula One, the Sauber F1 team has announced an unexpected switch to Honda power units for the 2018 season. Although the Sauber brand… Read More »