Trolls Can’t Ruin Your Fun in Forza Horizon 4’s Online Modes

Forza Horizon 4 29 July 7, 2018 by

Recently, the gaming site IGN sat down with the guys at Playground Games to take a closer look at Forza Horizon 4.

The interview covers several points we already told you about shortly after the game’s unveiling. These include things like seasons, the ability to buy homes, and the way of life throughout the game.

One thing Playground Games does expand on in the interview is how the online experience will work.

We already know that it’s possible to play FH4 entirely offline. However, the guys at PG make a compelling argument as to why you should venture online.

Right off the bat, PG’s principle game designers Mike Brown and Ben Thaker-Fell put some fears to rest about the online side of the game. We know online often means you’ll run into people looking to ruin your fun. But it looks like that won’t be the case in FH4.

According to Thaker-Fell, other players can’t crash into you or ruin your photo ops. However, they can interact and chat with you if you so desire. Players you encounter across the UK will be ghost on contact, unless they’re on your friends list. This overcomes a major hurdle with the online gaming experience. You still get all the social interactions without all the frustrations.

Another case for the online mode comes with the features. Things like photo mode, rewind, and even a pause menu are all part of the online experience.

Finally, PG talks about how Forzathon Live events will work online. Instead of getting a new challenge each week, they’ll pop up once an hour and run for about 15 minutes. PG describes this as sort of a soft entry into the world of online gaming.

During these Forzathons, you will work as a group to complete three separate goals. The one example they gave is trying to accumulate the most points in a Danger Zone.

Once the first goal is done, then the team moves on to the second one. At the end of the time limit, all players get the same reward. There’s also a lack of a leaderboard to show who did the best and the worst.

This could turn off some of the more competitive players. However, there are several other online racing modes they can enter.

Moving away from the online portion, PG also opened up about different activities in the game. Obviously, racing is at the forefront of these. But there are other jobs as well. These include things like stunt driving, fast taxi services, and even exploration of the map.

From what we are seeing so far, FH4 is shaping up nicely. The car list and Barn Finds help that along as well and make us excited for the October 2 release date.

If you want to see the interview in its entirety you can check out the video below. There’s also plenty of new gameplay footage to feast your eyes on too!

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