Volkswagen Tease “VisionGTI” Car For GT6, More Info Coming May 23rd

May 15th, 2014 by Jordan Greer

Hot on the heels of BMW’s Vision GT debut, Volkswagen has released a teaser for their own car on the company’s official YouTube channel.

VW is using the #VisionGTI hashtag to promote the event, and the video itself clearly hints the car will be based on the Golf GTI while showcasing some of their German engineer’s acting skills (and what it’s like to get a call from Kazunori Yamauchi).

The last frame of the video reveals a Friday, May 23rd date, which will presumably see more info on the car’s release. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: VW have also launched a new official mini-site for the car.

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  1. May. 23, 3:48pm

    Keep in mind that this says more info will be here on the 23rd. It does not technically say we will be getting the car

  2. May. 23, 1:14pm

    The mini site has been updated…!

  3. May. 23, 11:55am

    It almost 24th in GMT+7 area. But where’s the VW VGT ? Come on, my internet gonna dead on 25th May.

  4. May. 23, 10:57am

    I too was wondering if this would actually happen today… seems kind of odd that something would be released today and then another release on Tuesday. That’s just not PD’s M.O.

    My bet is that we won’t see it until next week at the soonest.

  5. May. 23, 4:47am

    May 23rd, eh? WHERE IS IT!? Oh, well… next deadline; May 27th and Senna content.

    • May. 23, 8:09am

      I’m wondering as well. Maybe 23:59:59 23/05/2014?

    • May. 23, 9:47am

      :D The mini-site still says: BUCKLE UP. IT’S ALMOST TIME. (? :O ) 23.05.2014 … But it is the same old video. And stupid stupid me started up GT6 just to check out if the car was arrived in the vision GT section, when will i learn, never? I wonder… :(

    • May. 23, 9:52am

      Just want to make clear that i know the car wasn’t promised to be added to GT6 on that date, but i was just hoping and i was way to optimistic about it. It will never happen again… i swear.

  6. May. 20, 10:50am

    F**.f** this PD. Before making these cars,what about start making standards to premium! omg,please,there’s a lot of legend cars there that deserves a premium model!

    • May. 20, 2:27pm

      Look who’s talking, the person who defends PD.

    • May. 20, 4:13pm

      lol one by one they’re changing sides.

    • May. 20, 9:00pm

      The bigger issue is really the relative dearth of car DLC so far. 6 months is a long time in gaming terms and with just a couple of VGT’s and a couple of other cars we aren’t really seeing much in the way of new cars. Senna content will be great, but we need a constant stream of cars to remain interested, that’s just the way it is. Hopefully the Senna stuff and the VW VGT right after the BMW VGT signals the start of regular new car DLC.

  7. May. 18, 11:54am

    PD make concept interior, damn…

    • May. 18, 11:59am

      If you watch the videos you’ll see that these cars are not designed by PD. The auto makers are commissioned to design them. So if anyone is at fault for no interior its the car companies.

    • May. 19, 4:28am

      @smirwin. The designers of each car company makes all the interior. Its a full build. Pd is the one making the virtual car so they are responsible for the interior. I saw in the benz movie you see the interior during the movie. I hope the interiors get put in a future update at least.

  8. May. 18, 3:17am

    This is definitely a good sign. I think the big holdup was the Senna Tribute and we may potentially see things start to form a more complete game. Can’t quite praise PD completely, because they have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m anxious to see what they do after the Senna content is released.

    • May. 20, 7:05am
      SZRT Ice

      I think the major hold up was the track editor. And now, with the sudden surge of DLC, I believe there’s a good chance that they have it all sorted and a release of either the track editor, Zahara, or both is imminent.

    • May. 20, 9:19am

      2 VGT cars + planned Senna content doesn’t exactly qualify as a surge…lol. The VGT and Senna content was planned for many months ago, it’s not like they just started working on it.

    • May. 20, 9:43pm
      SZRT Ice

      Up until now, updates and DLC has been minimal. We had custom spoilers/wings early last month, and a drought before that.

      The 14th gave us the BMW VGT, the 23rd (9 days later) will give us the VW VGT(I), and 4 days after that we get the Senna DLC content which includes 2 new (old really) track variations, 3 new vehicles, and a kart (unless the Kart is one of the 3 vehicles).

      From the 14th to the 27th is literally only 13 days, so within 2 weeks we’re getting 2 VGT’s, 2 tracks, an F1, a Kart, and some other undetermined content & vehicles. If that doesn’t count as a surge by comparison to months prior (to you), then I don’t know what does.

      And considering that the 27th is @ the end of the month, who knows if PD will decide to keep the ball rolling and flow with the momentum with some awesome June announcements? We don’t know what can be in store shortly after for June. E3 is coming as well, and we did get a riddle styled info from Amar212:

      “Significant developments are preparing, one of them will be unprecedented in the series history. I think it will be announced sooner than later.”

      “The maintenance is coming. Some beautiful non-existant presents are a bit late, but it is better to get them after, than getting them never. And tides will change. And voices will be heard in the unimaginable fashion. And in the very near future, the shapes will become forms. It starts with this maintenance and it will continue to evolve. Progress and evolution are inevitable laws of nature that can only be postponed, never stopped.”

      So it seems PD may have gotten their pieces in order and are ready to move… Let’s see what they do from here…

  9. May. 17, 1:04am

    As cool as this may be this still doesn’t change the fact that were stilling missing a ton of content for this game.

    • May. 17, 1:05am


    • May. 17, 3:34am

      You expected it all to be done by next Tuesday teatime?

    • May. 17, 4:13am

      Yeah, not like they announced any of that stuff in 2013 or anything. No true fan should expect any of it for at least another decade.

      If it doesn’t come by 2024, then you can make casual observations about it’s absence. Not before.

    • May. 17, 10:09pm

      6 months in and we still haven’t gotten much,Track DLC,Car DLC(aside from Vision cars),Course Maker,GT6 app,Updated sounds (I know sounds won’t come anytime soon it was never 100% confirmed to come to GT6),we have a suggestion forum that literally makes it 10 times easier for them to bring us content that we would like and yet they really don’t care much for it.I wonder if we’ll get a decent DLC pack before Gtav gets their Heist DLC lol.

    • May. 19, 3:36am

      I think some people are operating on the assumption that PD visit GTP forums daily and are actually aware of the suggestion forum, I really doubt it, do you really think Kaz with his busy schedule makes a point every day or so to visit the suggestion forum lol , I think we need a reality check here…

    • May. 20, 6:57am
      SZRT Ice

      I think some people are operating under the assumption that PD cares less about GT fan feedback are completely unaware of user opinions be they good or bad. I really doubt that. Do you really think Kaz wants his creation to fail? And that with a multimillion dollar franchise, he doesn’t have employees that are paid to scour the internet for player/fan feedback on his product to better assess migration of demand and trending so that GT doesn’t completely fall behind? Lol, I think we need a reality check here…

      3rd bullet: “Polyphony Digital does use online forums and reviews (like GTPlanet) to gather player feedback and impressions of the games.”

      GTP: “In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the GTPlanet community?”

      KY: “The feedback we receive from our users – the positive and the constructive feedback – really provides energy for our company and really motivates us to do more. I think if we can keep up that relationship with the community, that would be great! Lastly, thank you all for your support!”


    • May. 20, 7:15am
      SZRT Ice

      Also, it’s funny how you said pretty much the same exact thing here…


      “I really don’t think PD browse through the comments on this site let alone act on them, I mean how many members do we have here, GTPlanet must represent less than 1% of the global GT fan base, some members seem to think that their comments, constructive or not, actually make a difference to what happens to Gran Turismo, I very much doubt it, reality check in order methinks, all we can do is sit back and let be what will be, doesn’t mean we can’t stay positive though…”

      Such pessimistic comments, and then you have the nerve to end it by saying we should stay positive?!?

      Seriously? “o_O” Some people…

    • May. 20, 9:22am

      “I think some people are operating on the assumption that PD visit GTP forums daily and are actually aware of the suggestion forum, I really doubt it, do you really think Kaz with his busy schedule makes a point every day or so to visit the suggestion forum lol , I think we need a reality check here…” – kollosson

      I think you are operating under the assumption that Kaz is a mad scientist working out of a garage somewhere in Japan. It’s not like he has staff or anything that could browse popular forums like GTP and glean relevant information and report back to Kaz or someone who reports to Kaz…oh wait…

  10. May. 16, 10:13pm

    Lets hope this paves the way for the current line up of VAG cars, and I really hope they include the clever diff from the VII GTI

  11. May. 16, 6:59pm

    Yay! Things are starting to come together in GT6. Very, very excited. :-D

  12. May. 16, 4:39pm

    Wow, this is being released on my birthday c:

    • May. 16, 9:54pm

      it’s being released the day before my birthday :3

    • May. 16, 11:49pm

      It’s being released 49 days before my birthday!

    • May. 17, 2:37am

      …these guys…

    • May. 17, 1:03pm

      Aw you didnt let me get mine in.

  13. May. 16, 3:48pm

    sweet! still not used the BMW but I am off work all weekend so I think I might be stuck inside playing GT6. Unless its raining of course, Scottish summer and all.

  14. May. 16, 2:34pm

    Pd back in buisness yaaaaayyyy!!!!

  15. May. 16, 1:10pm

    VolkSWAGen :D

    • May. 17, 8:02am

      hahahaha oh my gosh hahaha XD

  16. May. 16, 12:55pm

    VW: We’re going to take out BMW with our new VGT GTi coming up. >:)

    BMW: Oh ****.

    MB: No one’s VGT is better than ours. Mysterious voice: Yeah right!

    lol xD

    • May. 16, 2:37pm
      Magic Ayrton

      haha nice one Toke, but then Toyota steps in and says “But they all sound like a DC50 anyway”

    • May. 16, 2:39pm

      Thanks Magic, and that’s a good one as well. lol :D

  17. May. 16, 12:52pm
    German_V8 Fan

    Very bad actors :D hilarious

  18. May. 16, 11:54am

    Standards in the promo!

    I would love a premium mk1 GTI conversion over ANY VGT. Or Corrrado, or mk2 Rallye. Cars I can relate to, cars I grew up with.

    A premium mk1, on BBS splits with a G60 is what dreams are made of. But no, we have to watch VW design stroke their ego’s in an event that stinks of free advertising talking about brand image and design goals blah blah.

    These VGT cars feel a bit alien to me and I’m struggling to get excited. Perhaps I’m getting too old. Flame suit donned.

  19. May. 16, 11:42am

    I like the sound of free cars but please put more effort in releasing cars that are actually in existent. These Vision GT concepts are cool and all but thats just something you’re going to use for the first 10 minutes when its out and then leave it rusting in your garage.

    • May. 16, 11:50pm

      I’ve heard of simulation before, but virtual cars that rust? That’s taking it to a whole other level!!

  20. May. 16, 11:05am

    Who in their right mind would be against free stuff?

    • May. 16, 9:56pm

      hopefully no one, but I don’t think that’ll happen….

  21. May. 16, 10:57am

    Golf Consept R400?

  22. May. 16, 10:22am

    I think GTP should build a troll house for its residents.

    • May. 16, 12:08pm


    • May. 16, 1:50pm

      You’re posting in it.

    • May. 16, 7:38pm

      have you ever considered using sarcasm…

    • May. 16, 8:05pm

      Yeah. Once.

    • May. 16, 8:51pm
      SZRT Ice

      Trolling trollers! THAT’S the answer! Yeah!


    • May. 16, 9:07pm

      Lol SZRT Ice :)

    • May. 16, 9:43pm

      I think that’s slated has an exhibition event for the next winter olympics.

  23. May. 16, 9:01am

    Every new vision car is like a birthday present. Thank you Kaz and all the designers for the VGT project. Only one more week!!

    • May. 16, 9:23am

      …a newborn in our hands…

    • May. 16, 12:26pm

      Well said sosa, agree completely

  24. May. 16, 8:51am

    really hoping it won’t be a powerfull front wheel drive .

    • May. 16, 9:45am

      Probably it’s a 4×4 like the R32

  25. May. 16, 8:10am

    Well, keep the VGT and give me a premium MK1 or 2.

    • May. 16, 11:56am


    • May. 18, 4:32am


  26. May. 16, 7:39am

    First Mercedes-Benz, then BMW, now VW. There’s a pattern here…

    • May. 16, 11:01am

      Germany is on the rise :)

    • May. 17, 1:00am

      It’s good to see some euro love.

    • May. 17, 1:03pm

      I think Subaru is trying to out-engineer everyone again.

  27. May. 16, 6:59am

    Alot of people seem to be upset about the fact that the vision cars don’t have a cockpit view. Let’s not forget that these are concept cars and therefore do not have developed interiors. So what those people are asking is unrealistic.

    • May. 16, 8:20am

      Thats a good point very true.

    • May. 16, 10:31am


    • May. 16, 1:10pm

      Yup that’s exactly the reason why, altleast you understand but it will be hard to convince others.

    • May. 16, 1:45pm

      There are plenty of concepts out there with interiors. It is fairer to say that PD’s concepts have yet to include interior views. Also, concepts are more likely to be unveiled to the public sans an engine and/or suspension so a better question would be how’d they they simulate the cars’ performance? Wishful thinking? Not hatin’ just sayin ;)

    • May. 16, 2:59pm

      If it has a concept exterior, why can’t it have a concept interior?

      The whole care is concept, so make the interior a concept too.

    • May. 17, 7:07am

      to be fair, there are pictures of the Mercedes-Benz VGT with an interior on the official GT site, and the background image on the MB VGT’s page in GT6 is a picture of its planned interior, so interiors for these cars weren’t entirely out of the question.

    • May. 17, 9:38am

      That may be the case. And I hope there will be interiors added as there was with the M4. But keep in mind that automobile design comes in four stages. First is the paper draft. Then comes the shell. Third is the engine and drive train. And last is the aesthetics. I would love to see a cockpit view but I’m just glad that the cars are coming out.

  28. May. 16, 6:25am

    looking forward to the gti… the current mark7 is making a stir in europe, and should do the same in the us. maybe this concept will be a look at the future mark8… BRING IT!!!

  29. May. 16, 5:46am

    I’m not happy with the sounds either but for the better of the game, keep it coming. At least there’s some progress to keep us all entertained for a bit while we wait for more. This approach is better than nothing and I’m all for it.

    Seems like we might even get some of the box cover games features of GT6 after E3.

    P.S. To be honest with the way things are going with GT6, I don’t think we will get any sound improvements anytime soon if it will even happen.

  30. May. 16, 5:43am

    im well happy with PD’s efforts, nice 1.07 up date, nurb looks fantastic with added scenery and signs, nice ffb and screen movement on the bumper cam, nice BMW VGT, plus 2 tracks and cars coming with senna content. Hopefully another big update when GT5 severs get switched off/over, now this VW VGT. happy happy happy well done PD.

  31. May. 16, 5:38am

    May=Big month for GT6!!! ;)
    PD keep working for the good of the game!!!

  32. May. 16, 5:38am

    Another car without an interior and with horrible sound. WHo gives a ****?

    • May. 16, 5:59am

      Door’s over there…make sure it doesn’t hit your ass when you leave…..

    • May. 16, 6:19am

      +1 ttfn

    • May. 16, 6:33am

      Vision GT was one of the things I was most interested in before the launch of GT6. In the months after the second AMG VGT being released I was worried that the project was not going anywhere but after the BMW (and now with the VW hot on its heels) it looks like the project is gaining some serious momentum! Now that Germany’s had its fun, lets get something a little crazier next, I really hope the Bertone car comes soon!

    • May. 16, 6:33am

      GAR! Didn’t mean to send it here, that^ was supposed to be its own post, I’ll try that again

    • May. 16, 7:48am

      The sheer amount of ungrateful b:censored: on GTPlanet is just too damn high!

      You make a better game! Go on! Let’s see you trying to arrange an operation this big with about a hundred people under your command!


    • May. 16, 8:18am

      There is a reason why there is no interior…I do hope you realize. They are only concept cars and it takes a while for an interior ti be figured out, I’m sure Benz, BMW, and VW are more concerned about how the outside looks rather than what everyone else is gonna cry about on the inside.

  33. May. 16, 5:15am
    M2M design

    I make a prediction: another Vision car without cockpit view. The sound? Horrible!

    • May. 16, 5:29am

      Don’t get the car then, simple lol

    • May. 16, 5:33am
      M2M design


    • May. 16, 5:38am


    • May. 16, 7:38am

      Vision GT cars aren’t supposed to have interiors…

  34. May. 16, 4:27am

    So , one week and we’ll have another “free” vision car. Great. Guess, things finaly start moving with that vgt project :D

    On a side note .With all the complaining about lack of content (I know > trackdesigner,that long track from february …:D ) I was just thinking yesterday ,that we got “staticticaly” more than one free car per month > GT is out 5 months and we already got > MB VGT,MB VGT race car, BMW VGT, Chevrolet Corvette ’14 , Toyota FT-1 , Andretti’s “first love” and now VW is comming , followed by Senna content (3 x cars, two classic tracks ?) . Not bad. Keep on.

    • May. 16, 5:08am

      Someone who realises what we have gotten instead of what is missing!?! Are you sure this is GTPlanet? *laughs*

    • May. 16, 9:25pm

      You forgot the 2014 Red Bull cars.

  35. May. 16, 3:39am

    Lol at the haters, always the same, great news for GT6, enter the haters, this is not about constructive criticism by fans more an obvious attempt by certain individuals to try to damage GT in any way, I don’t think it is working though. Gran Turismo is held in such high esteem by the Automotive community, that much is evident when watching the VGT movies. I wonder what the haters will say when we get the Senna content and the new track and B-Spec and the track editor? get ready for some frustrated angry haters lol

    • May. 16, 3:52am
      Magic Ayrton

      Are you hating on the haters again Kollosson? People aren’t too pleased about being lied too. No hate here.

    • May. 16, 4:04am

      No, I’m laughing at them, did you miss that bit ?

    • May. 16, 4:10am
      Magic Ayrton

      The truth hurts eh.

    • May. 16, 5:06am

      Hehe, these people have indeed never heard of constructive criticism. I always come to this site to have a bit of a laugh at people bashing everything, thinking they know it all and therefore can demand anything.

    • May. 16, 5:27am

      Magic Ayrton, what truth? what on earth are you babbling on about ?

    • May. 16, 5:46am

      I get forums are “free spech” and I’m not blind about some shortcomings or things that are yet to come (or maybe not?) ,but reading same old complaint from the same few people in just about every daily topic that is opened (whether it is news, feedback, help … ) is getting pretty much old and boring. Some should really get over their lost love by now :D

  36. May. 16, 3:39am

    It kinda helps that I am a VW obsessive, but I am very excited for this. :)

    One day I dream of that mk1 Golf bring premiumized too! Off into the future I think, though.

  37. May. 16, 3:18am

    Probably going to be similar to the Volkswagen Vision GTI Concept that was shown off at the LA Auto Show

  38. May. 16, 3:04am

    Keep em coming!

  39. May. 16, 3:01am

    This VGT thing is really keeping me interested in playing GT6. I hope it continues throughout the whole life cycle of the game. I really enjoyed driving the BMW VGT and now I’m looking forward to the VW VGT. Even better, we have Senna content coming later this month!

    • May. 16, 3:31am


  40. May. 16, 2:56am

    Looks like its a good thing I waited to get the new stuff at the end of the month. That way I don’t have to hit the library four times in two weeks and get everything all at once. (Geographically internet challenged)

  41. May. 16, 2:38am

    So. Kazunori, you gonna fix the sounds sometime this decade? Yeah? Cause i’m annoyed at your talent at being crap.

    • May. 16, 2:48am
      Magic Ayrton

      Yes, the game is great, but lack of communication and complacency are a major turn off. Broken promises destroy good marriages…

    • May. 16, 3:30am

      Its good how VW kept the crap sounds of GT6 in the ad.

    • May. 16, 4:37am
      Rafael F

      The dudes at BMW and Mercedes must be a little pissed. Such a hard work creating those beautiful cars and PD puts pathetic sounds on it.
      Let’s hope the VW gets a better treatment from PD.

    • May. 16, 12:30pm

      @JDMTuningDR30 so if the sounds were fixed to you’re liking you would be happy and content?

  42. May. 16, 2:37am

    Not a tease at all.

  43. May. 16, 2:17am

    Finally. Not hyped, but at least they remembered.

  44. May. 16, 1:55am

    It’s great GT6 seems to be coming together now but that 6 month window of almost silence from PD really hurt the game. Hope the can salvage the game and make it what it should have been at launch.

  45. May. 16, 12:46am

    Vision Remove Kaz.

    My vision has never been clearer!

    • May. 16, 12:58am


    • May. 16, 1:02am

      Are you ever going to stop? Have you considered being a politician?

    • May. 16, 1:30am

      …that’s a very uncomfortable comment you just made.

    • May. 16, 2:35am

      What a ridiculous comment on what is great news….

    • May. 16, 2:47am
      Magic Ayrton

      @kollosson.. pretty funny though.

    • May. 16, 2:49am

      Meh. Par for the course in the GTP news sections.

    • May. 16, 3:02am

      GTP should add a comment rating system.

    • May. 16, 3:34am

      Good on you for speaking up. The whole reason GT is so crap is because of the little kiddies in these forums ‘thanking’ PD for everything. Never criticising always thanking. Like a bunch of yes men. When they can’t face constructive criticism all they can say is ‘go play another game’. Well I have. Its called an actual simulator. iRacing.

    • May. 16, 4:41am

      Constructive criticism is one thing, obtuse off-topic ranting is another.

  46. May. 16, 12:29am

    These totally new cars…and instantly in the game…shake my soul…

  47. May. 16, 12:24am
    GT Pro

    How about a ‘VisionSound’ announcement?

    • May. 16, 1:06am

      Lol, that’s a good one

    • May. 16, 2:37am

      Hahah so true!

    • May. 16, 5:36am


  48. May. 15, 11:47pm

    What is impressive is the rate at which a car can be brought to the game.
    This tells me that GT3 458 Aston Martin and MP4-12C liveries cant be far away.

    Vision GT will spring board plenty of sales for the companies involved. Because the demographic (25 – 40) is well represented by GT6. And its not out of the realm of possibility for some or all of these manufacturers to commission PD to handle their interment clusters in the same manner Nissan has used PD for the GTR dashboard displays.

    And at some point Porsche will come knocking. You can bet on it.

    This is brilliant on the part of Kaz/PD. They will always have an inside track on the rest of the game developers because car companies will always be looking to PD to assist with the release of their products. Because the manufacturers can use GT to gauge the reaction of the demographic to new or updated products BEFORE they spend the production money.

    With financial backing from participating real world car developers, PD will have plenty of revenue to divert to the further development of Grand Turismo. We should find out soon if the passion for his creation still burns inside of Kaz. I suspect it just might.

    • May. 16, 1:20am

      What? This is all sarcasm, right?

    • May. 16, 2:41am

      Nah, This is just what happens when you smoke the wrappers from old copies of GT1. XD

  49. May. 15, 11:45pm

    Finally! So good to see GT6 getting back up after that “dead” period… We´re getting new DLC, we got a new Vision GT and now we´re getting another one in such a short period of time! Let´s up for even more for GT6 I say! Maybe more cars as DLC, and who knows, maybe even new tracks, like that promised 20 mile long track we saw in February.

    • May. 16, 2:40am

      Nah, This is just what happens when you smoke the wrappers from old copies of GT1. XD

    • May. 16, 2:41am

      Oops, meant that for above…

  50. May. 15, 11:41pm

    And I thought VGT was dead……

  51. May. 15, 11:30pm

    Can we get a homie to translate what they said?

    • May. 15, 11:46pm

      Subtitles are now enabled for the video in the YouTube player. Not sure if they will show up on mobile devices or not, though.

    • May. 16, 12:32am

      Thank you. Didn’t even think of checking that.

  52. May. 15, 11:08pm
    Eyes Fried Open

    What with all the German Vision projects

    • May. 15, 11:20pm

      German efficiency. Isn’t Bertone going broke? Will we see a VGT car from them?

    • May. 15, 11:40pm

      Uh, when isn’t Bertone going broke?

    • May. 16, 2:11am

      There’s rumor that Mitsubishi has a mini SUV VGT coming soon…

  53. May. 15, 11:04pm

    Well… One can only expect Audi next…

  54. May. 15, 11:03pm

    [VGT intensifies]

  55. May. 15, 11:02pm
    Eyes Fried Open

    Well it looks like the wind down on gt5 is having some positive effects. Keep it up Kaz, don’t drop the ball now….

  56. May. 15, 11:02pm

    Anyone else immediately think Peugeot when they spotted the thumbnail for this article on the homepage?

    • May. 15, 11:12pm

      You’re not the only one.

  57. May. 15, 10:58pm

    I CALLED IT!!! I called it for months!!! I’ve been saying VW unveils theirs at Worthersee. I said it in the forums just like yesterday. CALLED IT!!! I get credit for that!

  58. May. 15, 10:57pm

    LOL. BMW’s going to be miffed at VAG for trying to steal their thunder, but that was great! It definitely seems like Volkswagen is recognizing the potential of the VisionGT as a marketing tool… Should be a great car!

    • May. 15, 10:59pm

      Actually, anybody else curious about the shot showing them drag-racing at the solar energy farm photo location?

    • May. 15, 11:08pm

      Yes I spotted that to…..I little something not promised and out the blue…interesting….makes me think there’s loads going on we don’t even know about…great stuff

  59. May. 15, 10:50pm

    Teases. TEASES.

  60. May. 15, 10:46pm

    I was already stunned with the BMW Vision GT and the Senna content coming this month but this is just amazing. I really hope GT6 continues like this until GT7 comes out.

    • May. 15, 11:12pm

      The cars and Senna content are nice but how can you be stunned when we’ve known for months about them?

    • May. 16, 3:34am

      Because they are good. And to be honest I didn’t expect the BMW VGT this week…thought it was just Senna content at the end of the week.

    • May. 16, 9:30pm

      Because we got nothing for months and now all this content.

  61. May. 15, 10:29pm

    Let me guess…still crappy sounds

    • May. 15, 10:58pm

      So much free content within a month! Would be better if they could fix some of the numerous frustrating physics bugs though.

    • May. 16, 5:36am


  62. May. 15, 10:21pm

    Not bad, but still waiting for the hefty paid DLC and other stuff.

    • May. 16, 3:29am

      Exactly what “Paid DLC”?

    • May. 16, 5:41am

      No Paid Dlc for GT6; everything ll be free!!!!! ;)

  63. May. 15, 10:03pm

    Alright, it’s catching up!

  64. May. 15, 10:02pm

    More VGT. The more the merrier.

    • May. 15, 10:15pm

      Absolutely! But that will only be 3 out of a supposed 28! They have 4 VGT’less months to catch up on…

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