Volkswagen Vision GT Car Revealed, Coming to GT6 in June

Volkswagen has officially taken the wraps off their Vision GT project car, providing our first look at the new car in Gran Turismo 6.

As previously announced, it will powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo VR6 TSI engine, producing 503HP and 491 pound-feet of torque. A full scale model of the car will be officially revealed at the Wörthersee VW festival in Austria on May 29th, and it will become playable in GT6 via a game update launching sometime in June.

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  1. HuskyGT

    Now that I see the full car, I’m less excited for it. It looks like half a car. I will say it again; big spoiler on a roadster is a automotive sin. Unless it’s an open wheeler.

    So far, even if they were kind of lazy, BMW has the lead in the VGT battle when it comes to design. But hey, at least the VW has an interior (hopefully).

  2. HaerBev

    This is nice for GT Concept fans, this is free, no complain, only hoping the red color will look fine on other cars. Pody and VW sould add oldies such as VR6 synchro MKIII, Rallye MKII, Corrado Vr6 and the recent Beetle.

    1. moxlox

      …and VW Golf GTi 16v MkII :) But yeah Corrado VR6 tops my fantasy GT additions list. Can’t see it happenning sadly.

  3. biftizmo

    Merc VGT date given came and went no probs…BMW VGT was in the game with hardly any prier notice …no fuss their… was given bye PD coming soon VW VGT more news on 23/5/14 …VW announced few days after the BMW release (stealing the limelight) coming soon fasten your seat belts banding the 23/5/14…turns out it’s not even coming till June….thier milking it for every moment of publisaty they can get….cheeky….throwing around images of drag raceing in photo location…bet that wasn’t soposed to happen either….Ayrton senna content still coming in May as promised ..but last moment legal difficulty”s …PD getting slated for letting down its customers ….it’s all good to me free stuff when ever. Is just fine…but take note manufactures you can stare up a whole hornets nest here in GTP land….ha ha…

    1. biftizmo

      Now we know why because they got a real live version and are in ka hoots with Kaz and a very big celebration… Who thinks free roam in a photo location is coming when this is released into GT6?

    2. biftizmo

      Now we know why because they got a real live version and are in ka hoots with Kaz and a very big celebration… Who thinks free roam in a photo location is coming when this is released into GT6?


    Sometimes i wonder… People get things for free and still complain about what they get.
    I think that says a lot about them.

    Well… i like the way it looks… and i hope it drives nice and we can repaint it…
    but if not… so be it, ´cos i didn´t pay a single cent for it.

    To all the haters…. get lost…

    1. superivanho

      It’s not about free or non-free it’s about the promise they deliver.

      I don’t understand why you call them haters. They are just like you, but with frustrations which is understandable.

      PD has such a big reputation and yet they keep delaying contents where they have promised, who wouldn’t feel frustrated?

      Some day you gonna wait for some free stuff somewhere waiting for days and eventually with your hopes and excitement all in vain.

  5. Soulfresh_ACV

    Did someone stepped on the car? haha. Without the VW badge, I would have thought it’s a Citroen GT wannabe.

    Hope it drives well.

  6. sind3ntosca

    why it’s look like standard model not premium? the paint is just flat… @_@

  7. DYLAN777-is-not

    Im this close to deleting this conglomeration of brainless unappreciative complaining $&@” of an app/website just because of the comment section. SHUT UP no one should care if a company cant complete such a massive game. Forza has like four tracks and a handful of cars and yet all everyone sees in this game is a few weak points! Ffs get over it! No one wants to hear whether your buying the next gt game or not! The VW is a concept car it looks beautiful. Id like to see ANY original content in forza. All of its dlc is re-sold old forza 4 content. What a utterly HORRIBLE community here.

    1. ultraman

      Wow you make it seem like GT6 is all new content, like nothing is from any past game and all of Forza is rehashed. Your wrong

    2. Tenacious D

      Wow ultraman, and I guess you think GT Planet has been filled with reasonable, sensible, thinking, polite humanoids. ;D

    3. vicgtr

      As far as original content goes sir, GT5 was a mashed up version of GT4 and GT Prologue, with some added cars. GT6 couold have easily been an update in GT5. If you do not like what comments are said, I’m sorry but people are people. I think you are really going to get upset when people start fixing your grammer mistakes and shortcuts like “Ffs’.

    4. fluegelmann

      But isn`t this a thing of online discussion culture in general and especially in forums?
      Online discussion is like one brings a point and at least 5 entries later the whole discussion has gotten to some wild bashing of totally different things. Seen this in every forum here and getting tired of it. From a companies perspective it does not make sense to listen to input like that, because it would never be that appreciated or just another hot topic will be hitting the communities attention.

    5. MeanElf

      @vicgtr – How could GT6 easily become an update within GT5? I am so keen to hear your personal theory.

    6. kollosson

      It is incredibly frustrating DYLAN777-is-not , as a GT fan I come here for the latest GT info and it is the best site for catching the latest news however the negativity is mindblowing and it seems to get worse when we have news of new content??? go figure. Personally I think GT6 is a wonderful game and a fantastic achievement, the fact that it is being compared to a certain ‘ next gen ‘ racer is testament to that. Sometimes I think its best to just avoid the comments, I really don’t believe a lot of those people are even GT fans, its a shame really because apart from that this is a great site.

    7. vicgtr

      @vicgtr – How could GT6 easily become an update within GT5? I am so keen to hear your personal theory
      How about you tell me how, adding some cars, a track or two, updating graphics, and changing the driving phisics, couldn’t have been done in an update? They’ve already done that in GT5, did they not?

    8. Quakebass

      Minor physics/lighting adjustments can be done in an update.

      A complete engine rebuild, though, can not.

      Just about everything else could’ve been, though. And that download would’ve been miserable.

    9. vicgtr

      Did the “complete engine rebuild “, have to be done? I meerly stated all of it, could have been done in an update.

  8. tpark103

    Interesting looking I’m curious to see what driving dynamics they’ve programmed into, after all that’s all that’s all that matters!!!!!

  9. masterrawad

    …but Porsche and Koenigsegg aren’t in the game, therefore, I don’t care. 0/10 PD. I’m done with you. sigh.

    1. Quakebass

      EA has Porsche locked down, you can’t put that on PD. As for Koenigsegg, I’m not certain, but there’s definitely license costs behind the vehicles.

      You’re getting angry at PD over things they mostly can’t control. Get angry over unmet release dates.

    1. Tenacious D

      According to the brain trusts here, my Supra sounds like a vacuum, when it’s really pretty accurate. Go figure. ;D

  10. Dude27

    Look like someone smashed the entire car with a mass… not very aesthetic, proportion wise… not really Gti, a more suited name would be Wolkswagen Pancake…

    1. ttfn

      Who said they can’t call it GTI ? it’s there choice so like it or lump it they’ll call it whatever they like

  11. tpark103

    Design wise I have to say that has to be the longest hood/bonnet I’ve ever seen on a Golf.

  12. TheMthaFqnMan

    I wan’t my money back, I am still playing GT5 because gt6 is beyond incomplete. Never again will I buy another GT… Where the $&@! is B-spec? Will we even get it? Gt7 will be a flop as the next Forza will be insane kinda like Forza 4 was.

  13. Skullsniper34

    Nope u get nothing poly digital did it in gt5 and theyll do it here keep making promices they will never keep . And another thing I dont care to be a race car driver to fat to fit in one lets focas on the game ladys . Promises promises when u do get what were told we will get itll be another bug in the game like the track bathurst . This is a joke . Gt planet u guys rock thanks for keeping us always informed

    1. TokoTurismo

      What’s, a ‘focas’? I know there’s ‘focus’ but ‘focas’??????


  14. vr6cas

    I don’t understand if the car is ready now, why not put it out now, I mean why keep dragging it on for more weeks, I can see days but weeks, by then it’s going to be played out and we didn’t even play it yet! And have PD just said we are not going to put real life cars on the game anymore?, the only real life car we got was the M4 and even that was late with an interior. Not even 10 cars in almost 7 months, with are they doing?, SMH.

    1. vr6cas

      Oh yea, this visionGTI is alright and I mean just alright looking, but am I the only one that thinks it would look even better with a roof? A hardtop version without the rear wing would be an epic futuristic looking GTI. I guess with a twin turbo 3.0 liter VR6 it will be called the R30 TT 4motion!

    2. Blood*Specter

      Unless they are waiting for the next server maintenance cycle. Then we get Senna and Vision GT content including tracks. Otherwise, I dont understand the hold up.

  15. Rolando781

    Cool this is going to be released on GT7 with Senna’s content as well!! yayy!


    There is no way I will be buying GT7 after the way GT6 has been executed, not even if I was payed to play it.


      @Rage9one – The “nonsense” you refer to is known by most normal people as English. Maybe you need to go back to school?…

  17. vicgtr

    Why do they even bother with giving us release dates, they are never met. And as far as the new cars, I can’t wait to not be able to customize them in any way, no rims, paint or parts. I wish more and more I would’ve gone with Forza, driving characteristics are crap but at least they pay attention to there fanbase. Kaz to busy with his racing career we are funding, to even care what we are saying. Can’t wait for July now, when we may get this stuff we’ve been promised. Yes July, we didn’t get it in May, why would we think we are getting it in June.

    1. MeanElf

      Where have PD said a release date? All that was put out there was the date on which VW will be revealling the car…y’know, in the real world.

    2. vicgtr

      First off it’s calm down. It’s not the car that bothers me, it’s the broken promises that have let us down time and time again. Cars coming with no interior views, non- paintable, and non-adjustable. I am not the only person with these views. Most of my online friends have dropped this game and moved on to others. As mentioned by others, GT7 is probably not going to be on my shopping list, gt5.5 just didn’t do it for me, and the series has gone down hill since GT3. Again, enjoy your racing career Kaz. Thats my 2 cents.

    3. TokoTurismo

      You’re that Robby(PSN) guy who wrote me those 3 messages filled with rage over me making one little error… You need to ‘calm’ down, so ‘calm’ down!

      Happy now?

    4. MeanElf

      Funny little fella, isn’t he? The only promise I’m seeing in the article is from VW still (and the appealing promise from vic to go away)

    5. TokoTurismo

      Funny indeed. He even questioned why I was GTP member of the week when I talk ****…..
      This guy has serious issues that needs solving. So it’s very funny he want’s to play mr. ‘calm’ on here, when he’s more threating saying F-words to you on the PS3, other consoles and probably PCs.

    6. vicgtr

      No TokoTurismo, I didn’t send you those messages, I’m not “filled with rage”. You got somebody else mad. I was just noticing in other comments that you like to correct peoples grammer, I was just helping you out. Please get your facts straight please, before you accuse others. My PSN is not that “Robby” guy.

    7. TokoTurismo

      What? What do you mean? You said “First off it’s calm down.”, than that other guy said the same saying something like “check my spelling” and blah blah blah. How can that not be you?

      If it’s not you, than who was that than? Your brother or friend?

    8. vicgtr

      I do not lie, I, other than here in this post, have nothing to do with you. As stated before, I have no clue who you…. angered, when I play GT I am there for fun, contrary to what you think. If I do not like someone, I generally “walk away”. Unless, like in this post, I, and my character is attacked in some way. Do you think you and I are the only ones reading these posts? ANY of the readers could have sent you those messages, so why does it have to be me or a friend. You’re taking misinformation, treating it as gospel, and when you figure out it’s not the truth, you’re angry and lash out. I’d kinda say that’s what I was doing in my original statement, but I not angry, I’m disappointed at being promised stuff, and we don’t recieve it. I’m not the only one that feels this way, read other posts. Looking forward to your replay.

    9. TokoTurismo

      Well…. Okay if you say so. I deeply apologize if I thought that was you. :( You sound more professional than that other guy, so I trust. :)

      It was random when I got those messages…

    10. vicgtr

      All that because I was being a smart a$$ and corrected your grammer. That’s why I hate the whole system of messaging, I prefer the old fashion way of actually talking, too many panties in a knot over “how things are typed”, THIS IS APPARENTLY YELLING AT YOU, not…. I screwed up and hit caps lock.
      Enjoy the game and whatever we get (and whenever we get) new toys to play with.
      Keeper between the white lines

    11. vicgtr

      I liked GT4, just not as much and it went steadily downhill, for me, as stated. I am disappointed with the broken promises, I am a man of my word. I expect it from everybody else. Please, everybody, stop putting words in people’s mouths. Stop poking the bears.


    Nice… but wasn´t the Senna content to be released today.
    I mean, it´s May the 27th, isn´t it?

  19. eran0004

    I don’t know if it’s the headlights (eyes), the VW emblem (nose) or the air intake (mouth), but the front looks like a Batman villain.

  20. Nestor_Motta

    Here in Brazil we have a phrase that says “in a team that is winning, not moving (change).” The big problem is the Polyphony invent unnecessary things. So many good concepts to be remembered … An example? Ford GT-90. Polyphony lost purism. Instead of inventing, should remember. BMW M5 (E34), Audi RS2, Porsche 911 Turbo S (993)… Forza and Accetto Corsa, Here I Come!

    1. SAzzopardi

      It’s already in the game. You could buy his helmet and suit for 500,000 credits.

    2. soarin

      Really 500,000 credits for a suit that’s highway robbery and it hard to earn credits as it is and i miss the reward cars u get for wining a championship

  21. mister dog

    “somewhere in June”
    @ PD; June is the 6th month of 2014 and it has 30 days ok? :D

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Um, it’s Volkswagen’s choice as to when to release the car. Likely they needed some extra time to finalize the design.

    1. Nurburgthing.


      Rallye Golf
      G60 Limited
      Mk1 Golf 16s
      Golf Country
      VR6 Syncro
      Corrado VR6

      Etc etc


  22. StealthRocket

    So wait let’s get this straight! VW announce they are launching GT Vision on 27th May for DLC now it is sometime in June, Senna content is supposed to be out today but once again it is not even mentioned. Another BS ruse by Polyphony!! False advertising once again!! Kaz if this message reaches you, know this, what is left of your GT fanbase are seriously disappointed!! No one believes anything that comes out of Poly’s mouth any more, seriously pissed off!! Feeling short changed, duped and a annoyed at the blatant lies coming out of GT!! Can someone in the know or has access to Poly get some hard facts and serious answers please, before GT has a mass exodus!

    1. StealthRocket

      Oh your right I cannot read the 28th my bad apologies!! Still where is the Senna content? ot any smart answers to that @ildd @Toko @ Lambob…..mmmhhh guess not!! BOOM!!!

  23. Oyashiro-sama

    Ugly. So far only the BMW VGT was pretty. Trying to make it look badass always fails. It looks like someone squeezed it. It would be terrible to drive with that windshield. Just my opinion.

  24. Steph290

    Kaz and the PD staff are professional trolls. Now with that off my chest, this is a pretty beautiful design on Vdubs part.

  25. jscc48

    I don’t really care about the VW Vision GT all I care about is when the Senna content coming out

  26. Situation1994

    Looks nice and maybe from what i see this is the first vgt with interior awesome

  27. SLAMandRIDE

    So wait Is there gonna be a Update tomorrow? (28th) cause im really been exited on all these things im reading…

  28. MeanElf

    Those guys were driving around the Gemasolar array…or was that in real life?

    Going to enjoy this car though.

    1. MeanElf

      Well, like I say, it might be the real-life location instead. If it is in the game, then that is interesting indeed.

  29. YukinoSuzuka

    Am I the only one who’s thinking this is a very basic and simple design? From my opinion it’s nothing to do with ‘Vision GranTurismo’. It’s a very basic design of what could be the next GTI, with or without roof. There’s no vision for the future, no boundaries are crossed, just an average concept car of something that could be the next Golf. I know the traditional VW’s on the streets are booooring and lame, but I really hoped for an extra-ordinary design, a design that would flip your mind and says “See, they can make something special there at VW HQ”.

    Well VW, no, you can’t. I am dissappointed.

    I really hope the Ford is the next VGT we get ! :)

    1. soarin

      yea me too they said it will end by the end of this year and half of them not even here yet

  30. z71L28

    Are we going to be able to drive in in photo mode locations? It seems like thay are hinting this, secound video know. Maybe will come with new update?.

    1. z71L28

      Are we going to be able to drive in in photo mode locations? It seems like thay are hinting this, secound video know. Maybe will come with new update?. Lol, sometime in june I’ll make sure I’ll be holding my breath.

  31. RaceFace85

    The front is a bad copy of the Toyota FT-86 II Concept! VW only has its own ideas if the design is ugly or boring. By the way… I’m a german.

  32. Efiv12

    Senna content, VA concept “sometime in june”, multiple post suspension tuning, livery editor….Oh and whatever happened to the Spanish(?) track that’s longer than the North Loop. Get the feeling we are playing a dead game with minimal support, I call it a wash.

  33. Amac500

    I love how they keep giving dates for more updates. May 23, May 28 more info, car unveil May 29th, car coming in June. Rope me along some more, lol.

  34. AustinPowers

    If you like to drive things that looks like spaceship this is a good one lol I don’t want this s£$%!!! Where is Senna content!?!?

  35. KOUKI507

    What’s even more exciting (for me) is that this thing exists in the flesh and will be a real car with a real engine, not a remote controlled one like the Merc VGT! Can’t wait to see it at Wörthersee tomorrow!

    1. StigBelcherStyl

      Actually that’s not true I saw 6 of the Mercedes for sale on a site called’james edition’ the were sold to the privates market all sold within a week

  36. Amac500

    The real question is where is the Senns update because it is the 27th and all updates to the game so far game through at midnight server time, but this one didn’t. What’s the story there?

  37. Kalax3

    Interior +1

    Finally PD is releasing more content, they still aren’t consistent as they said they were gonna be, the car looks nice though.

  38. Conor Swan

    That IS the coolest VGT car to date, the steering wheel is just what fans want. An interior that excites.

  39. speeeyskells

    so at least PD got a rough idea for this car so withen the next four weeks as we are about to hit said month

  40. ildd

    I was led to believe May 23rd, but good wording fooled me.
    Then May 28th, but that’s for real life.

    Uaghhhjj ahhjhhh I just want stuuuf

  41. Leo0308

    Have to laugh that the news story below this says 28th may.

    just because there are pics of interiors doesn’t mean it will have interiors. see merc vision car.

    1. mistersafeway

      28th is the unveiling of the, for want of a better term, real car, and the pictures of the interior are in game, not drawings like the Mercedes. Any more mindless negativity, or are you done?


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