Wet Weather Glitch in GT Sport Allows Rain on Any Track

Gran Turismo Sport 80 November 4, 2019 by

In recent months, Polyphony Digital has been adding a new wet weather condition variant to a number of GT Sport‘s tracks. We first saw it at the World Tour event in Germany, with the wet Red Bull Ring. Since then the team has also added some dampness to Tokyo Expressway and, just last week, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps debuted with rain as standard.

It’s a slow process which essentially boils down to how Polyphony Digital pre-renders the lighting conditions for the circuits. Lighting is naturally different during even the mildest drizzle, so the weather variants need re-rendering to cope with the precipitation. That means that there’s a bit of a wait required before you’ll see your favorite track added to the wet list.

However, some enterprising gamers have discovered something of a shortcut. A glitch with certain private lobby settings means that the wet weather conditions are now available on absolutely any track in the game already, even the rally courses.

Recreating the glitch yourself is a simple, two-step process. First, you set up a Lobby any way you like — with the cars and settings you’d prefer — but set the track to any of the rain-enabled tracks and with the Rain conditions. Once this has loaded up, go back into the event settings and change the track to whatever circuit you’d like, at its default time of day. Now you have wet weather on your new track.

This works on all circuits, but to varying degrees. It seems that all tracks generate visible rain drops, triggering the car’s wipers, and you’ll kick up spray rooster tails as you go. The conditions also reduce surface friction notably, and the brake warning adapts to the loss of grip and increased braking distances.

However, surface water is a bit hit and miss. Some tracks, like Tokyo Expressway’s South course — the only Tokyo track currently missing a wet conditions variant — seem relatively complete, with patches of standing water and a more reflective road (though it is improbably raining in the tunnels and the pit-lane parking structure). Others look bone dry, but act wet.

Of course without the full lighting of the true wet tracks, these glitched conditions are a poor relation. That said, you do get an opportunity to try out wet tracks that wouldn’t be available ordinarily.

The glitch will likely soon be subject to a patch, so enjoy the widespread showers across the GT Sport planet while you can!

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