GT Academy 2012 Rumoured – Coming in March?

January 26th, 2012 by Famine

The brakes have barely cooled down on the GT Academy Dubai 24hr team‘s Nissan 370Z, but it seems GT Academy 2012 may be just round the corner – at least for the Europeans.

An article reporting on the impending event was spotted in the Dutch language magazine “AutoNews” and it will apparently be following a familiar format. Entrants from 12 European countries will be eligible to take part – not all of the countries are specifically named, but Belgium, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands are included.

Initially there will be a time trial to be launched in March, with the top 20 eligible players from each country being invited to a local national finals – the article names Spa-Francorchamps as one finals venue. 20 qualifiers in total will then be invited to attend a 6 day long final selection process, once again being held at Silverstone, with the winner being given the ultimate prize of a seat in the 2013 Dubai 24hr race.

With the time trial event being at least a full month away, there’s plenty of time to get some practice in and become the next Gamer-to-Racer in Sony/Nissan’s already successful, world-champion breeding GT Academy program!

Thanks to Manuelos for the tip and translation!

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of ceiling_fan.

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  1. TokoTurismo

    Can’t wait to see who the next gamer becoming a real race driver will be.

  2. Tintorera

    There are 50 sovreign states in Europe. 18 is listed on the Official GT Country selector. Only 12 of these are eligible for GT academy! I realt hope one day we all can compete in these events

  3. Lord Grey

    Here is some info on the German version, piped through Google’s translation function into English:

    There is a comment in there reading, “The GT Academy 2012 will be even more global.” I don’t know if that means North America will be included, but I’m hoping it will be.

  4. NissanGTRspecV

    That is a very cool picture


  6. zocker_16

    There has been some official News on the German Playstation Blog last week.
    Germany will have their own Academy and one seat at the 24 hours of Dubai 2012.
    The Timetrails will start on March 10th.
    It looks like there will be several Academys in different regions and the winners of each will get together in one car at Dubai.

  7. nice

  8. SvenB1984

    Cool! Just yesterday playing online, talked about when the next GT-Academy might be arriving. Hope we didn’t start this al. Probably not :o)
    Anyway, can’t wait for it. Good luck to al you racers!

  9. DustDriver

    At least I have a driver’s license now. Last time they were in Belgium i failed the exam a couple of days before the national final.

  10. theArmourKing

    and to Ukraine;)!

  11. 37kazzmark

    2013? The worlds going to end on the 12/12/12 I’m pretty sure :p

  12. BlackIce90

    Please bring GT Academy to Canada!!

  13. alexgontijo

    I hope someday the South American’s have a chance. Brazil hosts the best drivers in the world, and we have Argentina with great tradition too.

  14. GlobeKIDD

    :( They need to have a WORLD challenge, not just a location challenge. This lessens the chance of anyone winning, yes, but it also brings out THE VERY BEST

  15. white2abbit


  16. A_Higher_Place

    Canada deserves a chance !

    • FdkVeilside

      i know right? gotta love how its called north america even though the rules clearly state the entrants must be citizens of the states

    • ask a canadian any other time of the year if they are american and they’ll kill on sight, but as soon as they can’t do something the americans can do it’s “well, we’re practically american eh!” haha

  17. damn,,North Americans would like to be apart of this.

    • FdkVeilside

      damn, Canadians would like to be part of what PD calls “North American”

  18. zr1chris

    Those damn cheaters probably lost all credibility for the US.

  19. Dang hopefully they include a new GT Academy car like the red and white GT Academy 370Z with all the fancy logos. Make the number changeable too unlike the GT-R Academy SPECIAL.

    • +1. Still hoping they put the Signature edition SLS model in game to.

  20. Rajareits

    And I just can’t understand, why Estonia isn’t a part of Europe..

  21. Primus Ortus

    Great photo Ceiling Fan. I’m not from Italy, but it seems only fair that they include Italy this time around given that the prior qualifying left them out. After all, Riccardo Patrice, Enzo Ferrari, and Mario Andretti (born in Montona, Istria, once part of Italy), etc. weren’t too shabby.

  22. ceiling_fan

    Sweet pic! :P

  23. Lets hope no one cheats this time around or they come with track that cat be cut.

  24. So Cool!!

  25. Viperbeatsvette

    darn im 18 in april.. also im in australia :'(

  26. Dr.Frogg

    That photo is pro.

  27. robert_

    How many countries could participate last time?

  28. TheeFrogmanlego

    Turn 18 already body! JUST DO IT

  29. BMWRobertL93

    Dat rims! ^^)

  30. carracerptp


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