GT6 Online Service Maintenance Announced for May 30th, Ayrton Senna Content Expected

May 29th, 2014 by Jordan


Polyphony Digital has announced an online service maintenance period for Gran Turismo 6, expected to begin on Friday, May 30th, at 04:00 GMT/UTC (click here to convert that to your local time).

1lU0iduAlthough online service maintenance does not guarantee a game update will be released, this is widely expected to be the case after we learned the highly anticipated Ayrton Senna Tribute content for GT6 was set for release in the later part of this week.

As reported in our forums, several Brazilian media outlets have already had their hands on the new Senna content, sharing brief gameplay videos and screenshots.

GTPlanet user devilracer1987 has also discovered two new GT6 PSN Trophies have been added which relate to the new content:

  • Hero’s Trophy: Complete all the Ayrton Senna Tribute events.
  • Senna Master: Get a gold award in every Ayrton Senna Trubute event.

Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. liv4hardstyle

    this gets considerably less comments than the news thread stating senna content will be a few more days.. interesting. cheers PD, still play this game everyday and love it. great unwind after work.

  2. joetruckv8

    Why don’t you guys go ahead and give us Imola too to complete the Senna Package off right? Actually send us Interlagos & Imola &

  3. SDsnakebutt

    Very happy with PD! They said end of May… Its the end of May. Thank you!

  4. furiosomarron

    Yeah? We’ll see.

  5. Playseatplanted

    Well I hope it’s the real deal this time. You know I can’t help but think all this could have been avoided if pd had just released it to the countries that had the licensing and the other countries would have to wait a “little longer”. Global release is noble but not at the expense of alienating all ur fans. Of course I’m assuming it was some little postage stamp size countries that the licensing was suspect… But If it was America that had the licensing issues forget everything I said above and you bastards can wait! JK! Also I can’t say for sure but I don’t think this is an f1 license issue. if it was… then we should be seeing a hell of a lot more f1 cars then senna’s coming our way! That’s the whole reason their is only a pd f1 and 2 Ferrari’s (ferrari has its own licenses separate from f1)

  6. andrew84555

    The new trophies are a nice surprise, clearly some real thought went into this.

  7. Zacky1312

    Are we gonna get the black senna suit?

  8. merlinrichards

    Time to Don the senna suit.

  9. Amac500

    PD kept their word on the update. They said it would be May and here it is, and when there was trouble and it could be out on the announced date they let us all know and resolved the problem as quick as they could. I’m not about to fault PD for the licensing troubles, and mean we are working with an F1 license here, I’m not surprised they gave us trouble!

    Well done PD, thumbs up all around! This is the quality of content and communication we hope to see on atleast a monthly basis!

  10. TomBrady

    Can’t wait.

    Why is there ads for butt paste on a site about Gran Turismo?

    • TheProRacer

      Oh my, butt paste?

      These formula cars look stunning!

    • gtfanforlife

      I’ve got American Red Cross on my screen…

    • Progress823

      It’s currently showing a Gucci purse on my page, and unfortunately my lady is gawking at it…. The true price of playing GT6.

    • snarls200

      gotta pay the bills somehow

    • joeledward

      Google Chrome and adblock plus puts a stop to that, no need for butt cream

  11. Izzyracer97

    Awesome! It should have been out Tuesday, but atleast we are getting some communuication from PD.

  12. YaaaY !!!!

  13. DustPohl

    Once again, Jordan delivers! Keep up the good work!!

  14. Brunskill777

    Finally, it is (probably) coming, the Senna Tribute we’ve been waiting for all week!


    Senna Content Expected???? OMG!!! YAY! more teaser pictures!!! :) …and the downloadable stuff will come some time late 2015 cant wait!

  16. research

    So no actual racing then? Pretty sure Senna was a RACING DRIVER. Not a Time-Trialer, or a Hot-Lapper.

    Thumbs down.

    • QuattroDelta

      Well, he’s famous for his qualyfing laps.

    • Amac500

      So by your definition rallying doesn’t count as racing, soooo….

  17. gtfanforlife

    I’m going to put thousands of miles on that Lotus and enjoy every mile!

  18. fordskydog

    Does this mean midnight tonight? I always get so confused about whether 12 AM belongs to the day before or the day after.

    If it is tonight, I’ll be staying up late to play with my new toys.

    • If you’re on the East coast of the U.S. (EDT), then yes, it’s coming at midnight. 12:00AM is the first minute of the “new day”.

    • Jbaffoh

      The maintenance should be done by midnight tonight for people on the west coast (PDT).

    • though, Maintenance is from Midnight to 3:00am EST,

  19. This is the first time I will ever be outright buying an expensive Cr car, the Lotus, before trying any of the content, I need to get this on the Nurburgring right away.

    • Are ya sure? Cus if you do the events you’ll get it for free…

  20. TokoTurismo

    Alright! :)

  21. Rall7art

    Wow a update.with trophies that awesome never thought that pd would do that. :)

  22. DRIFT3R_X7

    Oh god, Please don’t tell me that this DLC will cost $$$


      You realize this is going to be free, right? You’ll get the cars by winning the challenges, or from buying them in the dealership (One of which for only a measely 3,000,000 credits).

    • TheProRacer

      Yes, the Lotus is winnable and buyable for $3M and the Ralt F3 is $3.5M.

    • Why is the F3 car going to cost more than the F1?

  23. diegorborges


  24. Hypergolem

    This time is for real!!!

  25. 01Michael

    I’m not watching those gameplay videos! I want my first experience of the sound and feel to be when my hands are on the wheel. Mega excited


      Lucky for you, the gameplay videos have nothing but talking so you hardly are hearing anything from the game really.

  26. GRAFX21

    Yay! :)

  27. This looks great! Hopefully, it is released by tomorrow!

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