Alpine Teases Radical Vision GT Car for Gran Turismo 6 with Articulated Design


Alpine, the famous French sportscar company owned by Renault, offered an inside look at their Vision Gran Turismo project car with a recent post on Twitter. The car would be the most radical Vision GT we’ve seen yet, featuring a pivoting, articulated design.

The car looks different from the first teaser Alpine released for the car in December of last year; however, the tweet which accompanies the image is titled “style exercise no. 2”, so the design is likely not finalized and may still change significantly before it comes to GT6.

The Vision GT project, which involves more than 28 car companies designing exclusive concept cars for Gran Turismo 6, has already seen the release of concepts from BMW, Aston Martin, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan this year.

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  1. xirage faith

    Just a personal observation and it may vary according to each person:

    1. If this is the view from the rear, the car looks pretty much like a frog from the front, with small front and muscular hind.

    2. If this is the front view, the car looks like a giant vacuum cleaner, with the wide mouth upfront, customized and designed specially for gran turismo.

    24 vgt, 11 months into gt6, 6 cars released, I know PD is pushing very hard. But honestly, like Lambo just released the Asterion in Paris and how concept must a concept be for them to be in the game? Or do the manufacturers just treat the appearance of their cars in games as pure art and not thinking about the “real racing simulator”?

  2. kollosson

    I think this car will most likely be a hybrid or full electric, could even run on hydrogen but it deffo looks to be an energy efficient kind of car, I really don’t think its going to be packing a big engine looking at the dimensions and design.

  3. magsolid

    Such a bad design, this concept doesnt seems to work in real life. The designer needs to go learn engineer why do people like hire these guy?

    1. SZRT Ice

      “A concept vehicle, show vehicle and a prototype is a car made to showcase new styling and/or new technology. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not be mass-produced.”

      I think this is a cold ass concept car by the very definition of what a concept car is meant to be. If it was completely practical, it wouldn’t be much of a “concept” now would it?

      Respect and kudos to those willing to be extreme and think outside the box. How boring and lame to waste an opportunity like this on average and practical designs. This is the best format to test extremes in a realistic simulated environment whilst keeping costs for actual parts, machinery, labor, and testing at an absolute minimum.

      I’d love to see your design opposed to the art piece above. Nah, actually I wouldn’t.

    2. Tuppence870

      Wow magsolid. As a designer myself, I’m happy to know that you think my entire profession is a waste of time.

    3. Johnnypenso

      It works in real life magsolid, you see it in heavy equipment all the time. But I think it’s impractical for various reason on small passenger vehicles running on sometimes very confined roads.

  4. SZRT Ice

    I’m amused. When and if the day comes that street versions of these VGT vehicles or vehicles inspired by them make it onto rival competitor sims, many will say “we/GT had that 1st/years ago”. Yet all the while in the here and now, many of those same people are lamenting this very moment. A time where Gran Turismo has a rare and unique set of vehicles which sets GT apart from every other racer/sim on the market.

    These aren’t fantasy arcade cars from some random arcade racing game studio. These are actual future concept designs and technologies from lead manufacturers and international automotive developers of car industries the world over.

    I understand the dismay of many, but let’s call it what it is. The majority of the street make vehicles will arrive in GT7. GT6 and VGT are synonymous and go hand in hand.

    1. kollosson

      exactly, these are not make believe cars from ridge racer, these are real world concepts from the worlds leading car manufacturers and to have them exclusive to GT is quite an amazing thing, people may not like every one but I am not complaining, I think its fantastic and the fact that these cars are free makes it even better. Like SZRT Ice said, some of these cars could become production models similar to what happened with the Audi R8 concept in GT4.
      I have always liked concept cars and there have been some stunners over the years, perhaps we may see classic concepts appear in GT7, I would love that.

    2. Johnnypenso

      I think you both miss the point to be frank. These VGT cars seem to have supplanted most of the “normal” car DLC. Far less would be even mentioning the VGT’s if we had a steady flow of “normal car” DLC. When you take a franchise that had everyday cars as it’s bread and butter, it’s defining feature, and supplant them for the most part with fantasy cars, you’re bound to get some backlash. I was all for the VGT Project, and still think it’s a tremendously postitive venture, but not at the cost of a steady flow of everyday cars we all expected for GT6.

    3. SZRT Ice

      No JP. You’ve got it twisted. I’ll reiterate. GT6 and VGT are synonymous. Anyone that hasn’t accepted this by now is in denial. YOU’VE missed the point. I was part of your camp once. Now I’m with camps “indifferent”, “couldn’t care less”, and club “bring on Project CarS & GT7 already”.

      The VGT Project is a steam train rolling downhill with no brakes. Nothing’s stopping it. If there are other vehicles being modelled, they’re either coming or they’re not. Complaining is pointless. It may work for steering wheel physics and customization features. Heck it may even help direct PD away from continuing the VGT project with such priority for GT7.

      But as far as GT6 is concerned, it’s a done deal. You guys are still blowing hot air over it 10 months in, I got the point and stopped after about 7. I just wonder how long you bunch are gonna continue on or hoping on a dead game and obsolete system. But by all means, if it brings you or anyone else contentment, hammer away. I’m only worried about the course maker and the community and club features @ this point. After that it’s awaiting GT’s future. GT7. And I’ll be completely done with 6.

    4. Johnnypenso

      To my point – please show me where it says in any GT marketing/advertising, that VGT is going to supplant pretty much all ordinary car DLC? Please show me where it says the focus is now off ordinary, everyday cars and mainly on concepts and the odd supercar + Senna? Remember the Quantum Leap? Nobody told us the Quantum Leap would be a complete departure from what the series was built on for 15 years. So because you’re tired of it, people should stop expressing their displeasure. How about you just ignore it and let the rest of those unhappy they were sold a lemon after they were promised a bag of oranges do their thing?

    5. SZRT Ice

      Really dude? Are you serious?

      First of all, “please show me where it says in any GT marketing/advertising, that VGT is going to supplant pretty much all ordinary car DLC? Please show me where it says the focus is now off ordinary, everyday cars and mainly on concepts and the odd supercar + Senna?”

      I never claimed that it said any of those things anywhere. Please don’t twist my words, I hate that… But to offer up a rebuttal, where does it say that it won’t? I can come up with NUMEROUS articles speaking on plans for VGT and many other features, but as for normal car DLC? Nope not one… Not one.

      Secondly, I never said people should stop “expressing their displeasure” I even went so far as to say “But by all means, if it brings you or anyone else contentment, hammer away.” So do what you will man, I’m just one that see’s the writing on the wall the so many refuse to read.

      As far as that “Quantum Leap” comment? Dude, it’s hilarious… It’s one thing to stick to Kaz’s words as fact (we’ve all learned and know how that works out), but that statement wasn’t even made by Kaz! It was a Sony exec! A middle man! Not even on the development side of things!

      From this article:

      The comment was made here:

      GTPlanet recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s President and CEO, Jim Ryan, for a round-table discussion on the business end of the Gran Turismo franchise.

      “Regarding the DLC, it’s obviously going to be a big feature of GT6. How do you see it progressing and growing in the future beyond what it already is in GT5?”

      “I think that we very much cut our teeth on DLC with GT5, and I think there’s a real desire to make a quantum leap with GT6. Plans are not yet disclosed so I can’t talk in detail about what they are but there is a real desire to make a step change and take it to a whole different level.

      “And, you know, other games in different genre have demonstrated what’s possible in terms of providing a much longer and deeper consumer engagement and monetization, so our ambitions are to make a big jump.”

      By reading the comment that follows, one can presume that the “quantum leap” he speaks of refers to having a “much longer and deeper consumer engagement and monetization”! Seeing how GT6 is clearly going the “DLC Free” route, one can gather that as far as monetization is concerned, that’s been implemented with DLC money, and with ongoing consumer engagement via “Quick Matches”, “Seasonal Events”, “VGT’s”, “Senna”, and free track DLC (plus a few free cars here and there: i.e BMW M4, Lexus, etc.) the consumer engagement end has been upheld as well! You’re expectations for a PS3 GT are either way too high, or this is another example of reading into the words of another and twisting them to fit your own wants/meaning/etc.

      But if you need a reminder to the relevance and significance of VGT’s role in GT6, here are a few GT6 pre-release tidbit’s…

      PlayStations YT page:
      Gran Turismo 6’s release date trailer, titled:
      Gran Turismo 6 – Vision Gran Turismo

      From Gran Turismo TV’s YT:
      GT6 Concept Movie #4 “Vision Gran Turismo”
      Info: Published on Aug 20, 2013

      Vision Gran Turismo is a project in which the world’s automotive manufacturers, carrozzerias , and other global brands develop and announce concept cars for Gran Turismo. This is a present for Gran Turismo and its fans commemorating the 15th anniversary of the series.

      To introduce just a part of the concepts that will be making an appearance, there are cars such as the “Alfa Romeo 6C Biposto Vision Gran Turismo”, “Volkswagen Golf GTI Vision Gran Turismo”, and “BMW Vision Gran Turismo”; cars that point to the future of automobiles. Fans who have supported the 15 Years of Gran Turismo have an opportunity to experience this excitement and pleasure with us.

      This project will be released in order between 2013 and 2014, through online updates to Gran Turismo 6.
      This concept movie is a visualization of the philosophy behind Vision Gran Turismo.

      GT6 Article:
      GT6 Course Maker, Car Customization, & the GT Movie Discussed at Gamescom

      Note the amount the importance of VGT as listed as the lead bullet in the article. No news of street/race car DLC etc.

      And lastly… Considering the development time of GT6, the planned release window of GT7, and the amount of new cars we received in GT6 upon release date. I would presume PD may feel that they held up their part on new “licensed” content for GT6 as far as street vehicles are concerned, and wouldn’t expect anything substantial.

      The amount of “new” cars GT6 has is more than some “next-gen” games have upon release date. The amount of VGT’s we receive rivals the paid DLC other games have pinned in. And with GT7 planned for 2015/2016, I’d imagine that a majority of the content would want to be held so that GT7 has some substantial new vehicles on offer to go along with “it’s” release and “it’s” DLC calendar. So yeah, we may get a few more new DLC street/race/rally/kart/etc vehicles, but I wouldn’t expect an amount akin to that seen with GT5.

      But again, do your thing… Complain away… I’m unhappy with GT6 as well. But I found, once I stopped allowing myself to be so disappointed with GT6, and just give up on it/accept it (leave it alone, actually) for what it is, I could be happy with other games on the way and move my thoughts towards the future more optimistically. I mean, who doesn’t want to be happy and optimistic? I know I do, and I couldn’t really find that with GT6. So I had to sever any emotional ties (stop giving a damn) with the game and move on.

      You can choose to remain unhappy if you want to… Your expectations with GT6 are not going to be met and you will continue to be disappointed. It’s like a bad/abusive relationship… It gets to a point where you may love each other, but when you realize you’re not good for each other, it’s better to just let go… You can be happier that way, and may even better your relationship, because your expectations will be less, and you’d have learned to just accept it for what it is… Instead of just agonizing constantly over what it’s not. Idk, distance makes the heart grow fonder I guess. I haven’t completely deaded GT, I’m just not so much bothered by it right now.

      Eh, End rant. A cookie to the man who reads it all.

    6. SZRT Ice

      Also, here’s 3 more things to be annoyed by if you’d like:

      The sound was once affirmed to come to GT6 via DLC – Moved to GT7 after release.

      Monthly Track DLC
      And the “Enough tracks to make your hat fall off!” comment to help deliver the idea.

      The Magic Shrinking 100x100km? Nope. 50x50km? Nope. 20x20km Course Maker which was cutting it close to making it by release –

      GTP: First, Kazunori, I’d like to talk about your recent comments on the possible size of Course Maker tracks – when you mentioned they could cover an area of over 2,500 kilometers.

      “Yes, originally it was said there would be 100×100, then we said 50×50 kilometers.

      “Going by the latest info I’m getting from our development staff, it might end up being closer to 20×20. That is still very large – the Nurburgring is about 5×5 kilometers in the game, so it is quite a lot of space.”

      GTP: Will players have more control over the tracks they can create in GT6, compared to GT5?

      “Yes. In regards to the course maker, it is cutting it really close as to whether or not it will make it in time for day one or not for GT6. It’s definitely going to be there, but whether or not it will be available from day one I’m just not really sure right now.

      After all this stuff, what’s the point? I’m just amazed you guys still have the energy…

    7. BrunetPaquet

      Ignore JohnnyPenso, SZRT… He’s just as awful as Tenacious D who says every non-Gran Turismo games suck… they keyboard warriors and puppets and they’re not worth the attention of anyone who goes in GTPlanet.

      All they want is attention and will do anything to get it… Lots of people like that everywhere. Dunno why there isn’t an option to ignore lowly twats like them in the news section.

    8. SZRT Ice

      Oddly enough, I put together a comprehensive response to JP’s argument, yet it seems to have been removed by a mod. It was very informative, and not attacking/flaming/disrespectful/ or baiting in any way.

      I don’t understand why it got removed, but you can still view it on mobile.

  5. fghwe3

    Alpine just tweeted me saying it’s coming very soon, and they have just released some more pictures of the car driving in game.

  6. sayba2th

    I fail to see why people still keep bashing the VGT project. It’s here, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We already know there are people here who can’t stand it but there are those that love it and then there are those that fall in between. I myself think it’s a great initiative however if it was not in the game I would not lose sleep. Guess I have bigger fish to fry than to waste time brooding over the validity of VGT. I would not be expecting the bulk of new cars to be introduced until GT7 and I think we are all aware of that.

  7. Amac500

    This and the Alfa Romeo are my 2 most anticipated cars. I’ll reserve judgement on the Alpine for now. All I really want is a fun little sports car, because that’s what Alpine is. The A110 is my dream car, so I was hoping this car would be true to Alpine history, but Renault is relaunching the brand so I guess an eye to the future makes sense. Still, I hope its not too out there. Can’t wait to see it!

  8. scobra1cz

    Oh no… It seems like maybe we are going to get another car for free :( Why PD, why… you don’t want to pay for it? If it is going to be for free, I am going to play Forza 5 – there are no free cars in Forza!!

    (No one told it is VGT car, no one told it is going to be in GT6 and you are complaining about it already. Desperate…)

    1. SZRT Ice

      “No one [SAID?] it is [a] VGT car, no one [said] it is going to be in GT6 and you are complaining about it already[?]. Desperate…”

      “Alpine, the famous French sportscar company owned by Renault, offered an inside look at their Vision Gran Turismo project car with a recent post on Twitter”

      Did you even bother reading the article?

    2. Amac500

      Ice already nailed it, but there would not be an article about this if it isn’t for Gran Turismo so common sense should have told you that anyways. I’m not really sure what you were trying to say anyways…

  9. motokroy

    If you order a pizza, do you then feel entitled to change the recipe for the dough?
    If there is a store opening near your house, with a sign that claims it will be “coming soon”, do you show up there every day demanding that they keep their promise?
    If the coach for your favorite team claims they will win the championship, but they fall short, are you then owed a refund for your tickets?
    If you b**** at a birch tree til you become brown in your britches, but nobody beholds, wouldn’t it behoove you to bate your breath?

    1. SZRT Ice

      No, but I do feel entitled to have options, and to choose my toppings.
      No, but if I’m an investor, and have already invested in that store, I will complain if a date is not met, or if the quality is less than what I paid for, or if features are missing entirely.
      No, but this is a product, you’re speaking of a show/sport. It’s not tangible, and you can’t take that team home with you.
      And Yes. Apply tissue and wipe generously.

    2. Tenacious D

      I must say that a lot of people do act like motokroy describes. We just got Zahara a few short weeks ago, a track that was clamored for by a lot of people. But that was then, so now it’s old news. We get word of another free car, and because it doesn’t look like a Fia GT car or Formula 1 road rocket, some people complain. And it’s just a teaser. This is quite an unusual place with a strange race, Earth…

  10. HuskyGT

    I agree with some here. It looks like a shaver! But anyway, I just got Forza 4 yesterday and I don’t think I’ll be touching GT6 ever again. I thought that Forza 3 was fun, but DAMN! This game is just amazing!! :D

    Hopefully GT7 comes out soon in the next year or so. I’ll be silently waiting and hoping that GT7 will revive my love for the series.

    1. Fire Yoshi

      I agree Forza 4 is really, really good. The list of cars it has, including the dlc (Porsche!) is pretty darn awesome. I just wish it had more awesome race cars like GT6 has, but that’s not too much of a problem.
      To combine the car roster from ever Forza game and every GT game, plus adding more cars via dlc and updates…would be a goldmine. :Q

    2. HuskyGT

      I was afraid the physics would be bad like in Forza 3, but even that improved a lot. It almost feels like a GT game and that surprised me! If there is something no game but GT can do is smoothness when steering. FM4 is the first car game I ever play with that GT-like smoothness and precision. Graphics are a massive improvement from FM3 too. Never expected the game to look this good. Sounds are a bit sucky when comparing with FM3, but definitely destroy GT’s sounds in accuracy. I wish they weren’t this loud though, and the shifting sounds when using clutch are a bit glitchy, unlike in FM3.

      What is sad is that Forza 4 has literally all the cars I’ve been waiting for in GT ever since the PS2 titles. And I said sad, because I kind of feel I’m betraying my favorite franchise. I really have no reason to play GT6 anymore.

      Now to spend a bunch of money on DLC! Hopefully it’s still available at the XBox Live store. Porsche, here I go!!

    3. Fire Yoshi

      You can get the season pass still I think, which saves you money. I don’t think it gives you the Porsche expansion though.

    4. Tenacious D

      “Sounds are a bit sucky when comparing with FM3, but definitely destroy GT’s sounds in accuracy.”

      Eww… it’s nice and all that you found a new home, but accurate doesn’t describe the Forza sound, unless you mean nothing but modified cars and racers. Street cars are loud, but not accurate.

      Still, all these games are there in order to provide us all a range of goodies to choose from. So for those of you who do nothing but pull your hair out hating Gran Turismo, honestly, perhaps there are better choices for you.

    5. Johnnypenso

      What do we do with people pulling their hair out hating on Forza all the time and defending PD/GT with their last breath?

  11. SZRT Ice

    Where’s my shaving cream?

    J/k, I like these outlandish and cool cars. Having them in GT is awesome. Crazy concepts with realistic physics. Not gonna happen elsewhere.

    1. Tvensky

      thats true, I Never Thought of It That Way!

      But I still strongly dislike these new concepts, I would better have 1980’s Premium BMW, old Supra or some heavy insane 1960’s concept from USA etc.

  12. karelpipa

    Oh god another unpractical car in the game. Just like Nike One in GT4.

    GT series should focus on everyday cars like VW Golfs and such and in Vision GT they should focus on everyday cars with new features.
    No, i don’t mean just normal car with added electric motor. I mean a car with the least amount of drag (low fuel consumption) but still practical for use as 4 5 or 7 passenger car with some luggage space.
    Or cars with the least weight possible but not some Alpine design. Still practical and usable by normal people.
    Or normal cars with new ways in design (LEDs or new cheaper composites than steel)

    Something like that! God sake Kaz i think you are too deep in yourself!!

    This Alpine design is just a designers orgasm. Nothing else.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Thank God you’re not designing a game for all us. Your opinion isn’t the only one you know… A GT made by you seems very boring to me.

      That’s one mighty high horse you’re on there…

    2. Lou_Bitgewd

      PD And KAZ dont directly develop these vehicles, the respect automotive maker does. PD just plugs it into the game once designs are complete.

      Having said that, do I “Like” VisionGT cars? No.. I think its dumb. This is supposed to be a Driving Simulator. Real Cars, Real Tracks, Real Physics.. While they supposedly are producing these VisionGT car’s in real life there’s almost 100% chance I will never see one in person.

      To me, its a waste of space within the game. CORE features could have been implemented in the space this takes within the game.

      KAZ Real problems are his development speed, and content focus. Like that stupid Nissan GT-R analytics crap that was put in right after the release…. How many fans ACTUALLY Own and or have access to a Nissan GT-R? Dual Monitor support, that was Awesome for the 19 people who can afford multi monitor set ups.

      He’s plan of attack is ass backwards… Seems like he tried to cater to the Small niche’s first instead of trying to please the Masses. 10 months after release and still narry a word on B-spec, Course Creator, Community features… And the biggest doozey of them all… No race settings for offline arcade races…… That to me is the single dumbest thing he’s done…

      I cant set Tire wear, Fuel Consumption, Damage or anything… its mind blowing that this was omitted. Literally the ONE reason i purchased the game… My friends and I would get together on friday nights, and have “Mini-Endurance” races while we drank, and made merry.

      New game comes out.. Sweet.. Gna grab it so we can race with the new physics…… NOPE said KAZ….

    3. karelpipa

      Yeah i know, but GT1 was nearly full of normal cars (except for a few like DB7, Viper, Griffith or Cerbera) and i liked it very much.
      For me iam totally okay with just a few supercars. You know, build the game on normal cars which can be tuned to 300-600 HP by yourself, that is the real fun to me. But today everyone wants Zonda and A vent A door s and such… Those cars are boring to me.

      what does this sentence mean?
      That’s one mighty high horse you’re on there…

    4. SZRT Ice

      @ Lou_Bitgewd

      @ karelpipa
      high horse
      n. Informal
      A mood or attitude of stubborn arrogance or contempt: Get down off your high horse and apologize.
      high′ horse′
      a haughty attitude. ”
      high horse
      “Arrogantly believing oneself superior to others, often by putting down large groups of people. In usage, such a person is described as “on a high horse” or may be told to “Get off your high horse.”
      Get off your high horse; you aren’t as smart as you think you are.”

      In response to you saying “Something like that! God sake Kaz i think you are too deep in yourself!!” and “This Alpine design is just a designers orgasm.” Not o includ the overal attitude of your post.

      Kaz does not govern or influence the designs used by each company for the VGT Project, he simply implements them into the game.

    5. Johnnypenso

      The franchise was literally built on the back of everyday cars and how many have we seen as DLC since December 2013? I hear crickets……

    6. Tenacious D

      “GT series should focus on everyday cars like VW Golfs and such and in Vision GT they should focus on everyday cars with new features.”

      Well… no, I disagree. Gran Turismo is about racing cars of all kinds and always has been.

      And project cars are always about pushing envelopes, thinking and technologies. No one would get excited over another Ford Ka.

      I’m with SZRT Ice. So, the Vision cars aren’t for you. How many of the several hundred everyday-ish cars have you driven? I’ll admit that I haven’t plowed through all that many yet, but I have in GT5, and the physics are similar enough in the lower end of the car performance scale that I’ve been able to experience and mod most of them. And then I began to creep up the scale towards the powerful sports and supercars. Eventually I’ll explore them all over again.

      The thing about Gran Turismo is that it’s so full of cars and the ability to customize them that those who want to make GT a slightly different game, this is the one best suited to that end because it has so many cars of every conceivable types. And now it’s the only game with brand new, never before seen concept cars. You can’t get more “daily driver” than with a slew of Japanese Kei cars.

    7. Johnnypenso

      What differetiates GT from the pack is it’s wide variety of everyday cars, not race cars. Almost everyone does race cars, sims focus on race cars, so if that is the direction GT is moving, then they are just moving towards being just like everyone else and losing their identity. The DLC for GT5 was well balanced, with a wide variety of cars, the DLC for GT6, not so much. So it’s no surprise to me that it isn’t nearly as well received because it’s basically ignoring what the fanbase wants – a wide variety of cars from everyday life, a few exotics, some race cars and a one or two weird ones thrown in for good measure. What the fanbase has never clamoured for is 30 imaginary cars that don’t exist in real life. It was a grand experiment on PD’s part, but as I said from the beginning, it’s most likely that the VGT project will supplant the majority of car DLC and if so, the fanbase will rage. Welcome to the future…lol.

    8. SZRT Ice

      “30 imaginary cars that don’t exist” wouldn’t be an issue if PD had the manpower to keep the pace of the YTD street and race makes up to snuff. The real dilemma with the whole VGT issue is the lack in workforce for car modelling over @ PD HQ. Even without the VGT’S, it was already an issue. The VGT Project only magnifies the problem.

      An emphasis needs to be placed expediting the output rate of the car modelling process while maintaining efficiency in the quality of the models.

      That’s a more tangible argument opposed to complaining about the VGT’s themselves. I’m just sayin’.

      No Goku.

    9. Johnnypenso

      Surprise! I agree completely, the core issue is really not enough modeling staff, not pumping out the cars fast enough, or if they are, they are witholding them for GT7. It all goes together – VGT supplants regular car DLC because they can only churn out about 40-50 cars per year and if too many more are released as DLC, there will be fewer new cars for GT7.

      Outsourcing….that’s the key!

  13. Le_Manuz

    strange idea
    looking at the profile, the picture is a 3/4 rear view
    flexible exhaust ? never seen that in reality as for rear steering
    and because it’s too much effective (dangerous)
    ok ..
    monster trucks have it at both ends but it’s too turn in a few meters because of lack of space

  14. Lou_Bitgewd

    Cool another VGT car ill never use…. Gran Turismo The Real Fantasycade.

    Still eagerly awaiting B-spec, Course Creator, Offline Endurance settings ( tire wear, fuel consumption & Vehicle dmg ) Community Features..

  15. CeeJay

    I almost totally forgot about the VGTs, hate to admit this but I’m kind of losing interest in them. New tracks or new modes (course creator) would def get me back into GT not just another wild looking concept car.

  16. go6

    I would like to see an “Elio” 3 wheel car inside gran turismo sometime in the future. We are moving close and closer to a 3 wheel community. It just makes sense to put 2 wheel up front and one in the rear. < The most efficient automobile yet. Winter will be tough, but that just means you will need a larger wheel in the rear with more tread on it, that's all! So come on everyone! Lets see the "Elio" … can count on me to buy one in the near future!

    1. chill

      i don’t know where you re from but here in canada we all know that in winter you need to have tires less large then in summer
      the smaller the tire is the better the grip
      that’s just a question of physic

  17. hardvibes

    “the tweet which accompanies the image is titled “style exercise no. 2″, so the design is likely not finalized and may still change significantly before it comes to GT6.”

    Alpine VisionGT in 3..2..1 year.

  18. sirjim73

    So presumably this would pivot from the V at the back middle to the wheels at the front. As outlandish as this seems I’ve no doubt that some people thought the same of the delta wing. Mind you I’ve never been able to keep that in a straight line lol…

    It would be good to see some innovative designs appearing in this project, even if the final car doesn’t look like this hopefully it’s going to be something different.

    Oh and can we please have a concept that is outside the 600-630pp range. I’d like to see something 450-500pp that can be used in seasonal events at a lower level.

    1. Tenacious D

      I know that the vision of future car design is about picking and choosing rules to use or break, and this is definitely daring. I have to wonder about the turning radius of this particular design if both front and rear wheels aren’t involved in steering.

      Eh, this is a teaser. If it steered like a bus they wouldn’t make it. I’d assume… ;P

  19. DCybertron

    The more insane the VGT’s are, the more I like them. It adds spice to the game.
    Please Nike, go back to your monowheel design.

    1. dddsprayshop

      ???? 6 ?
      1.AMG VGT free with first update when you started the game the first time?
      2.AMG VGT Racing
      3.BMW VGT
      4.Mitsubishi VGT
      5.VW VGT
      6.Nissan VGT
      7.Aston VGT
      8.Toyota FT-1 VGT

      No vgt but new cars and free if you got gold:
      1.BMW M4
      3.Toyota FT-1
      4.Corvette Stingray GT Concept
      5.Senna Kart
      6.Senna WSR
      7.Senna Lotus
      8.GT-R Nismo ’14 when you participated in the GT Academy.
      Can’t remember about the redbull X challenges.

      new models but i did not win or got them free.
      1.GT-R Nismo GT3 Team RJN ’13, but i did not win that one.
      2. Lexus CCS-R
      3. Toyota FT-1 Graphite, lame, i know, but still added to dealer.
      4. Toyota TS030

      I think i forgot some.But not sure.

    2. Johnnypenso

      2. AMG VGT is the same as 1. with a wing attached.
      8. Toyota FT-1 is a race version of the FT-1 already in the game.

    3. dddsprayshop

      Try to convince PolyPhony about that.
      Both still count as VGT in polyphony’s book.
      Doesn’t matter how “you” see it.

    4. hsv

      Don’t play the race car dupe nonsense. A race car is as far away as you can get from a road car. They have a vague resemblance in appearance at the very most.

    5. eran0004

      @ScotteDawg: Well, the Ferrari 458 had to be nerfed when made into a GT2 racer. Racing versions basically just means that they’re adjusted to fit within certain regulations, it does not necessarily mean that they are faster or more powerful than the road car versions.

    6. SZRT Ice

      Right, just because it’s weaker, doesn’t mean it’s not lighter, faster, more agile, corners, and breaks better.

      But getting back to the real topic, it’s nearing the 1 year mark for GT6, and I did believe we’d be nearing 15 to 20 VGT’s by now. Kaz did say he planned to release them over the course of GT6’s 1st year. But we all know how it fares when declaring a Kazunori statement as fact. I’m surprised people are still surprised by all this. Eh… At least it gives us something to talk about…

    1. Quigz125

      The track on GT6 will never look the same after this new vacuum, err I mean “car” hits the track and starts sucking up, I mean kicking up debris. Looks like it’s got very good suction, umm I mean downforce for the type of Dyson, no, car it is… Anyone know if uses bags or has the collector bin? Lol

    2. SZRT Ice

      Could you imagine? A company trolling PD/GT by making their VGT a racing vacuum cleaner? At least the sounds would be accurate!

      : )

      4give me, I kid.

  20. Steph290

    I don’t see rear steering. I am curious as to how that rear pivot is going to work. Without a rear steering system wouldn’t those back wheels just be pulling straight creating understeer?

    1. Johnnypenso

      I believe it’s the front that pivots…like a soap box derby car sort of. Interesting concept, radically different, quite suitable for a “Vision” car IMO.

  21. YukinoSuzuka

    Hmmm, the first teaser showed us a VGT based on a LMP2 car? Now it is inspired by a frog? Sure, I’m interested in this rear-pivot steering ‘thing’ but to be true, a bit dissapointed, because the LMP2’ish car we could get… damn, A Suzuki GSXR/4 on steroids (overdose). :(

    1. Andyc709292

      Racism and sour grapes in a single post is an achievement though, you can be proud of that I suppose.

      Personally I’m happy that a game I bought whenever it was (long ago) is continuing to get content produced for it – even if it’s not my ideal content.

    2. Johnnypenso

      In Andy’s mind would be my guess. He’s happy he’s getting free stuff even if he doesn’t want…he’ll be fine.

    3. sirjim73

      It seems that the original post was referring to the SHAPE of the car looking kind of like the SHAPE of a frog.

      “Frog” is also an (possibly) racist term for a French person. It’s a bit like calling a British person a Limey or someone from Japan a Jap. If it’s not racist it’s at least offensive to French people. I wouldn’t use any of those terms these days tbh. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t intended by the first post though.

      Let’s move on to talking about the car I think that’s best. But I thought it might help to explain the possible misunderstanding.

  22. Spongeinside

    Looks awesome, I hope it’ll come soon. Now 10 months into GT6, only 6 companies have realeased a VGT car..

  23. TheStratGuy

    Unfortunately the Vision GT cars dont have interiors except for the Volkswagon, and that was only because it is a roadster ( convertable )

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