Aston Martin Vision GT Car Full Reveal, Hits GT6 in July

June 27th, 2014 by Wardez

The Aston Martin DP-100 Vision GT concept car was fully revealed today at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The DP-100 is a new creation from the Aston Martin design team exclusively for Gran Turismo 6. The virtual concept will be made available as a free download for GT6 some time this July.

Powered by twin-turbo V12 engine located midship, the machine boasts up to 800 BHP. The sound of the engine definitely exhibits Aston Martin’s legendary punchy and aggressive exhaust note. We expect this to be yet another enjoyable monster of a car for players to be challenged with taming in game soon.

Design Director Marek Reichman.

“DP-100 has been an exciting and intensive project for the team here at Gaydon. Features such as the car’s revolutionary ‘active aerodynamics’ are there not just as a way of enhancing form, but also to support the car’s function in-game. As with the CC100 Speedster Concept, many of the design cues visible in DP-100, such as the light blade rear lamps, could also feed through into future sports cars that we’ll launch in the offline world so the importance of this project should not be underestimated.”

Kazunori Yamauchi.

“When I first came face to face with this car at the Aston Martin Headquarters in Gaydon, UK, I was at a loss for words seeing the level of perfection in its design. I was surprised by the bold proposal of the car being the first midship layout model in Aston Martin history. And while it is clean and classy in design, it is also very emotional. Not only that, there was this future Aston Martin in front of me, that was so detailed it could be released on the market pretty much as is.”

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  1. Jul. 21, 7:50pm

    any news? i need this car right now!

  2. Jul. 15, 3:48pm

    What they are waiting for ?

  3. Jul. 7, 2:05pm
    SZRT Ice

    Jaguars and Aston’s always have some sort of resemblance to each other… Even here, this DP-100 looks like a modern day XJ220. You don’ even have to struggle to see it.

  4. Jul. 5, 10:40am

    Bring the course maker with it as well yeah?

  5. Jul. 4, 6:32am

    After watching the video and reading the latest Autocar mag, I can safely say this will have an interior. Something about the doors being designed to open in game…

  6. Jul. 3, 2:58am

    I really hope this car will really be able to be tuned, because recent Vision GT cars can’t be tuned.

  7. Jul. 1, 2:51am

    The ugliest Vision GT yet I’m sure you meant to say!
    Watching the trailer they talk about it like it’s God’s gift to the automobile industry.
    It is British though I suppose. Time to step out inthe wind and let those tickets blow of I believe!

    • Jul. 4, 6:34am

      It’s growing on me, it’s like the 80’s Bulldog and the One77 love child. I want this one more than the Nissan

  8. Jun. 30, 12:49am

    Better than I expected.

  9. Jun. 29, 9:10pm

    The angle of the front hood looks like the SSC Ultimate Aero

  10. Jun. 28, 3:38pm

    Ya know what it actually reminds me a lot of is the Ford GT90, those headlights scream GT90 and I must say, that’s a little disappointing from Aston.

  11. Jun. 28, 6:25am

    An excellent companion to the AMG VGT. Hopefully ;)

  12. Jun. 27, 7:26pm
    GT Pro

    The headlights don’t say ‘Aston Martin’ to me at all.

  13. Jun. 27, 6:34pm

    Well damn. That looks hot.

  14. Jun. 27, 4:03pm

    Reminds me of the Ford GT90.

  15. Jun. 27, 3:52pm

    I like it. I’m not a huge fan of the headlights, but I do like it. I would automatically love it if it has an interior though.

  16. Jun. 27, 3:29pm

    This car is by far the best looking Vision GT project so far. The headlights are a little weird, but I like them!

  17. Jun. 27, 2:06pm

    Absolutely stunning, I thought the merc was great but this is just awesome, can’t wait to have a blast in this beast..

  18. Jun. 27, 1:54pm

    It look great but it looks like the nsx concept from the back n guessing im not the only one from the front it looks like the gt-90

  19. Jun. 27, 1:48pm


  20. Jun. 27, 1:34pm

    People doubting the interior…if you can see the engine bank from outside, why would you not be able to from the inside? I think it will.

  21. Jun. 27, 1:34pm

    Oh yeah 2nd Gen Bulldog.

    Also discount GT90.

  22. Jun. 27, 1:08pm

    I can’t believe how awesome this car looks. WOW! :D

  23. Jun. 27, 12:51pm

    savage if anything the rear echo’s Jaguar CX-75 but yeah i agree with flying scots the v12 sounds like a v8 but nonetheless i love the design.can’t wait 2 drive it

  24. Jun. 27, 12:13pm

    Why are people complaining about getting a VGT car and saying I would prefer a Zagato or something? What did you fall on your head, this is for VGT what part of that didn’t you understand? Incredible the limit is being reached right now, PD hasn’t started releasing DLC cars as of yet, only VGT and special cars have been added so far, how about you wait until they announce the paid for DLC eh?

    That car looks decidely DB9 like in the rear, and a mix of that super car from Burnout the McLaren look alike. Don’t care, I want to drive it. Seems like the VGT program is in fast forward, so perhaps they streamlined the process and soon will announce some paid for DLC cars…cars not in GT.

  25. Jun. 27, 12:09pm
    Sick Lenny

    Lol, the ones with the white front make it look like it’s wearing a sports bra.
    Still, can’t wait to drive it!

  26. Jun. 27, 12:04pm

    Love in a car.
    This encapsulates life.

  27. Jun. 27, 11:33am

    Finally an Aston Martin that looks different than the others xD Looks very nice. Can’t wait to drive this :D

  28. Jun. 27, 11:15am

    Yes. I won’t lie. I have been slighty disappointed with GT6. What I don’t understand why people are acting in surprised disappointment at the VGT project? From the original announcement of the first concept images; it was apparent that alot of these cars would look to the future, or like nothing we had seen before. The key was in the word “Vision”. The VGT project was announced before the game was released, so it has taken nothing away from PD producing more “real” life cars in the game. This is a completely separate project. Also people are complaining that it doesn’t look like current production cars, but then that to me would defeat the purpose; the BMW is just looks like a wide body production car with no original ideas put into it, and to me doesn’t fit in with the other revealed VGT cars.

    Personally I am pleased with the look with alot of the VGT cars. I think they look exactly what they should be; a fantastical, imagined pieces of machinery that we could only dream of driving. Would I like real production cars to appear as downloads in GT6? Absolutely! But I think they are two separate things. The fact that the creators of this car are willing to put so much effort, seriousness and reveal these cars at important events and exclusively to GT6, shows a level of commitment like I have never seen before. The realtionship buliding between PD and car manufacterers involved could lead to some incredible devlopments. People need to understand what these cars are and project are about. Maybe then they would appreciate them more?

  29. Jun. 27, 10:49am

    Very stylish. Very Aston Martin. And hurray for real engines! Reminds me a bit of the Veyron, but in a good way. Too bad it won’t have an interior which kills my interest of driving it.

    • Jun. 27, 12:54pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ Husky:
      I guess you didn’t see the second video?

      : )

    • Jun. 27, 2:13pm

      Was that an interior? I thought it was, at first. However, I might be getting fooled by it just being reflections on the glass.

      I’ll need to look at it a few more times to be sure.

      The lack of interiors for any of the cars in GT6 is a huge mistake. Taking them out of (or not digitally creating them) the Vision GT cars had to be one of the biggest blunders made by the graphics department.

  30. Jun. 27, 10:36am

    I’ll be honest – I’m not a big fan of MR cars, but this Aston looks good, even if it’s a sort of mash-up of a Ford GT90, Jaguar XJ220 and a Bugatti Veyron!
    The two things (visually) that is definitely Aston Martin is the grille and the painted outline of the grille! I’m also rather taken with the carbon/leather interior as shown at the 17 second mark of the second video!

  31. Jun. 27, 10:36am

    Looks like a skinny veyron!

    • Jun. 27, 10:37am

      More flat than skinny but…

  32. Jun. 27, 10:29am
    Flying Scots

    Not the worse VGT car, but:
    1)V12 sounds as a V8
    2)Is, in any case, a FANTASY car, that desturb me alot.
    I would have much preferred the V12 Zagato, or DB9R which won in its category at Le Mans, or Vantage which participates in the WEC championship…

    • Jun. 28, 8:09pm

      There is no vision in a DB9R or a Zagato so there was never a reason to hope or even consider that as a VGT car, Actually if one of those cars would have been Astons VGT it would of shown a lack of or absolutely no vision in Aston Martin. I think the point of VGT is exactly as it sounds, a vison, a car that you throw everything into with no restrictions or bounderies limiting possibilities, its a chance to show off in a sense as a car manufactuer kind of like a competition i feel like, Its a chance and mabey the only chance they have to show off what they are capable and can do and actually having a large number of people see it. I think its there chance to one up rival car maufactuers and I dont see the point in wasting this opportunity on creating a already existing car or a even basing it on an existing car thatz where I feel BMW screwed up that car is nice but I see nothing of vision in it it shows me tha they really cant design a car that doesnt already look like every other car in there lineup.
      Anyway good point on the engine sound(sarcasim) what would be an article without some crying about sounds again and again. Really?

  33. Jun. 27, 10:28am

    Well, this is “design”.
    Looks great. I hope we will get the interior, having this fantastic piece of design without the interior would be a crime…

    Nissan’s so-called designers should have a look at that Aston Martin Vision car concept…

  34. Jun. 27, 10:19am

    I’m in love.

    • Jun. 27, 11:47am

      For me, It was love @ first sight!
      It’s just absolute sexiness!

    • Jun. 28, 8:12pm

      Right on I see this car being my new daily driver. Also excited to feel what a MR Aston drives like if I can stop staring at it.

  35. Jun. 27, 10:05am

    seriously… if there is no interior, i don´t want it.

    • Jun. 27, 10:28am

      At 17 seconds into the second video they SHOW the interior! Looks effin awesome too!! I suggest you actually WATCH the second video…

    • Jun. 27, 10:53am

      That is no guarantee that the car in the game will have an interior. Those were manufacturer sketches. PD is too busy doing other stuff irrelevant to the game and lacking of personnel to focus on detailing interiors on cars.

    • Jun. 27, 12:40pm

      @HuskyGT, please tell me about all of the detailed interior sketches that were provided to GT for the BMW VGT and the Mercedes VGT, and thousands of other concept cars come to think of it.

  36. Jun. 27, 9:32am
    Mister Slow

    Hope there’s an interior to go with that.

    • Jun. 27, 9:55am

      …in that video on top they talk about the interior design.
      In the video is a scene witch looks promising at 1:11.
      One can see the top of a dashboard an a wheel.
      Maybe we are lucky again this time like with the VW.

    • Jun. 27, 10:44am

      17 seconds into the 2nd video – watch it to see the interior!
      Remember, the companies that make the VGT cars are the ones who design the interior and, if they do it on a computer as Nissan, VW and Aston Martin did, the interior should also show up in GT6!

    • Jun. 27, 10:54am

      Those are manufacturer sketches and 3D models. It means absolutely nothing. The Mercedes Vision GT has an interior and PD never put it in the game.

  37. Jun. 27, 9:27am

    I rarely complain but, I’ve been known to make comments directly to Aston on how much all there cars look the same. I have to give them cridet for taking a chance and going far outside the box!!!!!!!!!

    • Jun. 28, 8:24pm

      Its not just Aston it almost every European car company I think, Bentley, Jaguars, Minis, BMW, Pagani, most Audis and Mercedes, Land/Range Rovers, TVR, Volvo, Porsche. IMO you see one you seen them all.

  38. Jun. 27, 9:26am

    Ok I want the one with the mint green livery now!!! :) Can’t wait to test this baby out. I hate getting these teases when the car won’t be out for GT6 in a month or two.. :(

  39. Jun. 27, 9:09am

    Tron? I like it!

  40. Jun. 27, 9:01am

    …a Masterpiece…congratulations Aston Martin.

  41. Jun. 27, 8:58am

    So, the Ford GT90 had some with the Pininfarina P4/5? And they badge it as Aston Martin.

    I like.

    • Jun. 27, 11:56am

      You know, I was thinking the same thing; like it’s a combination of the Ford GT90 and Jaguar XJ220 cars.

  42. Jun. 27, 8:56am

    Now THIS is a beautiful concept car.

  43. Jun. 27, 8:32am

    Does anyone notice a movable part on the wheel as it builds up speed? Looks like some sort of a shield or form to help air movement.. just looks insane!

  44. Jun. 27, 8:21am

    Looks like a modernized xj220

  45. Jun. 27, 8:10am

    Actually looks pretty close to a production car. #hinthint

  46. Jun. 27, 7:39am

    Lol he mentionned the sound. I’m so worried right now

    • Jun. 27, 8:15am

      They better make is sound good

  47. Jun. 27, 7:39am

    Did they just say “interior”? :D

    • Jun. 27, 7:44am

      So another VGT car without interior?

  48. Jun. 27, 7:39am

    They talked about the sound too…improvements all ready. no need to wait for GT7 then.
    Rest of the car looks VGT so far. Fingers crossed hopeing you can do everything to it..

  49. Jun. 27, 7:26am

    They talked,emphasised on the sound too. Are we going to see improvements all ready…no need to wait for GT7 then….

  50. Jun. 27, 7:22am
    GT5 Level 41

    Those blade tail lights are genius.

  51. Jun. 27, 7:14am

    eeeekkk! thats a sexy VGT! I love a lll the color combos too! and for those who didn’t watch the visual video , YES there is a interior. idk if we will get it in GT6. but there is one.

  52. Jun. 27, 6:55am

    True beauty!

  53. Jun. 27, 6:52am
    Magic Ayrton

    That’s pretty nifty.. good work :)

  54. Jun. 27, 6:20am

    Do we think this might have been why the physics of most MR cars has been fixed? Maybe Aston said they wouldn’t release until they were fixed?

    • Jun. 27, 8:17am

    • Jun. 27, 10:09am

      There was nothing wrong with the vast majority of MR cars, you just can’t drive so PD put ridiculous toe and camber as the default setting on a lot of cars

  55. Jun. 27, 6:14am

    I like the back. But the front not so much

    • Jun. 27, 6:50am

      The one at goodwood looks much nicer though. Just seen a pic. Hopefully we can have the colour it’s in to. It’s white with a black stripe. Thats outlined by an orange stripe.

  56. Jun. 27, 6:12am

    I’m hoping that we’ll hear that “sound” that they’re talking about

  57. Jun. 27, 6:07am

    hard to tell if there’s an interior or not, but we can clearly see the helmet, and the third to the last photo (the black and red stripe DP-100) kinda looks like there’s an interior…..BUT since there’s no interior photo at all suggests otherwise :|

  58. Jun. 27, 6:05am

    Looks like Ford GT90.

    • Jun. 27, 8:19am

      just the front lights, but that is another great car PD didn’t include :( i would love to see it in GT6

  59. Jun. 27, 5:57am
    Fat Tyre

    It’s an eyesore.

  60. Jun. 27, 5:54am

    My wife wants the “Tron looking one”.

  61. Jun. 27, 5:42am

    It’s so ugly….

  62. Jun. 27, 5:42am

    It’s very similar to the XJ220, made 20 years later and has the tail of the rare One-77..

    Hope it drives spectacularly well.. Along with Nissan’s 2020 Proto.

    • Jun. 27, 8:26am

      Thought the very same thing

  63. Jun. 27, 5:39am

    Meh…so, so design. Aston seem to nail the rear, but not sure about that diffuser…needs a bit of refinement there. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  64. Jun. 27, 5:37am

    Looks like the Ford GT90

    • Jun. 27, 5:47am
      Rafael F


  65. Jun. 27, 5:35am
    Rafael F

    Hope it sounds good.
    It could be a wooden box with wheels, I would enjoy it if it sounds good.

  66. Jun. 27, 5:33am

    Sorry, this could quite possibly be the ugliest car ever with an Aston Martin badge. Inspired by Giant Burrowing Cockroaches?

    Hope it drives well though.

    • Jun. 27, 5:37am

      You clearly haven’t seen the Aston Martin Cygnet then…… which is only a Toyota IQ in effect, but with a bigger price tag, and nicer interior lol

    • Jun. 27, 5:37am

      I disagree. It’s.. Different, shall we say. But I still personally think it’s beautiful. That is an absolutely beautiful MR shape.

    • Jun. 27, 5:38am

      @cally-dave: Not as ugly though.

  67. Jun. 27, 5:24am

    Back lights sort of remind me of One-77 but the front is totally “Alien” :)
    I LOVE IT. Great job, AM and nice job on the sound of the car, PD. You’re getting better at this by the minute!

    • Jun. 27, 5:29am

      It looks nice, along with the Nissan these last few months have been busy. The sounds not that I am overly bothered about them But I think you might find this a placeholder sound. Sorry to disapoint. But I hope im wrong.

      Hmmm Spec 2 at some point in July then?

  68. Jun. 27, 5:23am
    David Brooks

    Looks like it’s sticking it’s tongue out

  69. Jun. 27, 5:06am

    OMG!!! There’s a UFO! Oh wait that’s just the new Aston Martin, lol. Now let’s go Ford, SRT and GM. Lets show the world that we can Git er Done.

  70. Jun. 27, 4:59am

    looks awesome, hope it sounds good too..

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