DIRT 5 Details New Vampire Multiplayer Mode

Codemasters has revealed more information on DIRT 5’s mysterious “Vampire” teased with last month’s Playgrounds unveiling. It transpires that it’s a new multiplayer mode, based on DIRT 3’s Outbreak mode.

Although contagion might not be the most popular concept in the world right now, Vampire mode has the goal of infecting as many people as possible. One player starts off as the vampire, and they simply have to hunt down the rest of the players to turn them into vampires too. Of course for everyone else, the goal is to survive without being turned into the fanged undead.

Though it’s not currently clear how the vampire turns the other cars, we assume it’s simply a version of car tag. However, once bitten by the vamp, your car will turn into one of their kind, complete with demonic red driving lights. As more and more cars become bloodthirsty fiends, so the survivors’ chances will diminish.

According to the DIRT 5 social media posts revealing the Vampire mode, it will be one of several multiplayer “party” modes. There’ll be more information on other party modes coming along soon, with more on other multiplayer modes. However we can say that Vampire and the other party modes will make use of the Playgrounds feature, so you’ll be driving around some pretty intense arena courses as you try to either escape or infect others.

As you’ll likely already know, DIRT 5 will be coming to current generation consoles — PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — and PC on November 6. Thereafter it’ll also be a launch day title on November 10 for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. A PlayStation 5 version will also follow, and though the date isn’t yet known we expect that to also be a launch day title on November 12 or November 19, region depending.

Players who pick up a PS4 or XB1 version of the game can get a free upgrade to the PS5 or XSX/XSS title respectively when it’s available. All of their progress (Xbox) and Playgrounds creations (both platforms) will be preserved if they do indeed upgrade.

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