GM Revives Chaparral Brand for Vision GT Project Car, Coming to Gran Turismo 6


GM Design has surprised the entire auto industry today, announcing their Vision GT project – which gave them total creative freedom to design a concept car for Gran Turismo 6 – will be used to revive the historic Chaparral brand.

The “Chaparral 2X VGT Concept” will be fully unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week, November 21-30, and is set to be launched in the game this “holiday season”.

Chaparral Cars was established by racer and engineer Jim Hall and F1 Driver Hap Sharp in 1962. Thereafter, Chaparral created influential racing cars called the 2 series, including the “2”, ”2C”, “2D”, “2F” and more, which shook up established racing series in the United States and in Europe.


The company has always been creative in the design of its cars, having forged innovations such as semi-monocoque chassis design, automatic transmissions with torque converters, hydraulically operated rear wings, and most famously, “fan cars” which create suction to provide better cornering grip.

The 2X VGT is expected to be just as creative, with Chaparral founder Jim Hall personally involved the design. More information on the car will be revealed over the next week; stay tuned.

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  1. Piotr Jawniak

    as an addition, they should make both the 2j and the 2d premium. but I actually can’t wait. to see a car make like this come back to life after so many years.

  2. Ryowatanbe201

    I love the VGT project. Not because PD give them for free. But for the fact that the cars look amazing and feel amazing.Now i don’t get why many of you complain this much…i mean yes. We all want the cars we like in the game but put it this way if pd would listen to every car request they get…the game would have thousands of cars…and ‘im pretty sure that we still.get bitching from some one. Some people likes tuners…some like muscle…some like exotics…there’s is no way to please everyone. Now Back to VGT cars…if you dont like it…dont drive it…or hate the car just because its not the car you want in the game. This is huge for PD i dont see forza getting stuff made just for their game…dont get me wrong…i dont hate forza i like it, i play it too. But gt series are my favs. Every other racing game out there aims for perfection… and they always leave something behind. GT6 or GT Games they all aim for every aspect of the game. And i love it. Not to recall that PD its not you hard core developer like EA .I think i wander a bit of the path here..point is…Love the VGT cars!!! Dont hate them…because im pretty sure that if the cars weren’t free…the bitching will not be about the cars but about the fact that you have to buy them.

    1. pokemonfan58

      It’s not that if they don’t like the car. It’s the fact that a lot of these people want more cars that exist in real life. But hey I’m totally fine with the VGT program.

    2. Niku Driver HC

      In my view, I like the exclusivity that this project brings to the GT franchise, and I’m not bothered by their existence as they bring fresh air to the concept car world of GT games. Of course, that doesn’t count out the fact that I am worried the lack of influx of real life cars in the game mind you; the term “real life” is being applied to non-race cars in this situation and in this case, only the BMW M4 applies to it, so PD does need to sort this issue out. Also, I’d like it if people stopped lashing out at the VGT cars (and at us for not minding their existance) because, in their minds, the project is stopping PD from adding the features they want (Livery Editor, B-spec, you know the rest). Look, PD isn’t adding what you want and you have valid complaints? Please direct them to PD, and don’t lash out at us or the cars, calling us “fanboys” for driving them and not complaining.

      Sorry for the long text, but I just wanted to make my point clear. I like the VGT’s, but that doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to the issues that the game still has. And I think that’s the case with many other people.

  3. motokroy

    With the similarities between the corvette teaser and the chaparral it seems they may be one in the same. (They clearly share the open-cockpit design with a forward-swept wing and some sort of hans-device.) However, it’s worth pointing out that the ‘vette has a big, red chevy bowtie just aft of the open cockpit.
    Perhaps, we will get to dl a chaparral branded full racecar, with fans and active aero, maybe even some sort of hybrid drive with e.r.s., as well as a road-going version called corvette.

  4. TRLWNC7396

    This really is awesome! I am so glad that PD is working on the VGT project! How many other companies out there GIVE us new content?

    They could make a killing selling these to us as DLC, but they don’t. That is SO totally awesome!

    I can’t wait to see what this and the other cars that have been teased turn out to be!

    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Riblo72

    Everybody ask for 2d and 2j to be premium and have interiors…
    This new Chaparral VGT will have like almost all VGT no interiors I don’t expect the 2d and the 2j to have interiors too…
    The VGT is a waste of time IMHO cause they are all standard cars without the possibility to customize them or to tune them…
    You just collect them to have them in the garage and then you leave them there to gather dust…
    It would be better to have something really interesting for the game..

    1. wvmgmidget

      A lack of interior does not always make it standard. With PD beauty is on the outside. A good indicator to tell if it’s standard is if you can’t view it in the gallery or just look at the car and tell that it’s much more detailed on the exterior. I would like to see an interior in the VGT and have the other chaparrals premiumized but I’m not counting on it. That’s all.

    2. Niku Driver HC

      I’d add something to what midget said; not all VGT’s lack interiors. The Volkswagen GTI Vision Gran Turismo has a premium interior, with working gauges. Of course, the reason for that was that VW designed the car as a roadster, pretty much “forcing” PD’s hand into making an interior for the car in-game. And if you see each VGT car’s page in-game, they all have interior sketches, so it’s not like these cars are designed without interiors in mind. It’s up to PD whether they add them or not (and so far, they decided that premium interiors are unecessary, apparently). Of course, having the ability to tune all of them would be great, as customizing these designs is unlikely, but again, that’s up to PD to decide.

    3. Amac500

      You do realize that the 2J has an interior, right. And you like all if us should know by now the general rule of thumb is of its open top it gets an interior, otherwise it doesn’t. The question for this car is if it will or won’t be open top. The chances stand at 50/50 from the glimpses we get in the video.

    4. Riblo72

      a lack of interior means for me to be NOT PREMIUM…
      GT is the REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR and a REAL cars has a REAL cockpit…
      We are in 2014 (almost 2015) and game cars without interior cockpit belongs to prehistory of the driving simulators…
      I know that the VW has a interior and this is the only VGT that has them being open topped (otherwise it would had the annoying standard cars black cockpit) and that the 2J has an “interior” (all open topped standards have an interior cause in the external view you must see something) but calling that INETRIOR is offensive cause it’s made by low resolution textures from PS2 and with a non working instrument panel…
      This is why i would get rid of all the standard cars in GT7 (that i am still not sure to buy because of the thrustmasters wheel affair) and keep only premium ones… infact there should be no premium/standard definition cause a standard real life car HAS a cockpit…
      And if you like so much the black interiors i can send you all a pot of black paint so you can give to your car a REAL DRIVING look…
      Nuff said

  6. Tvensky

    well thanks GM.. this is best GT news this year! Those 2 white cars from the 60’s are huge part of almost any GT game, every time I see them I remember GT..

  7. sayba2th

    And people want VGT removed from GT……

    Another fantastic upcoming adition that seems to have more positive feedback than negative from the community when placed against some of the older articles posted introducing the previous VGT’s. Good work PD, GM and Chaparral! Just a shame I won’t get much time on the PS3 til the other of summer here down under.

  8. Amac500

    I’m doing this jaw-dropped smiling face right now, I really don’t think there’s an emoticon for it. This was super unexpected and an incredible surprise. Put GM down as the pleasent darkhorse for my favorite VGT. If this thing has a cockpit view it puts the nail in the coffin of the other VGT’s (sorry Alfa Romeo).

  9. Chameleon9000


    Ok but seriously, best racing car company, the best ridiculous and effective ideas, this was destined to happen for VGT!

  10. SnakeOfBacon

    Hopefully towards the end of this year a large glut of VGT cars will be coming, that seems reasonable. Many of the manufacturers probably set a 12 month timeframe for their projects.

  11. WheelmanSteve

    Oh wow… given the play the idea of a mid-engine Corvette has been getting in some of the magazines lately, this makes perfect sense. Not many exotic buyers would bite on a 6-figure mid-engine Chevy, but a reborn Chaparral might be a whole different story…

  12. DCybertron

    Well, this was unexpected.

    I was right about them reviving something, just not the brand I thought it would be.

  13. GT_Racer22

    To people who think there is both a Chaparral and a Corvette VGT:

    GM Design is the brand for the VGT. I assume that GM would only have one VGT, like the rest, except for Mercedes with an exception. Although the Corvette Facebook page announced a VGT, it is the same exact VGT as the Chaparral. It was probably announced under the Corvette FB page because the old Chaparral race cars used Corvette engines as their power plants. So, there should be only one VGT car coming from GM Design, which is the Chapparal.

  14. OpticZero

    I’ll bet they designed this thing across the street from my house. The design guys at GM have their offices in my neighborhood.

  15. Lambob

    I can’t get gold in the new Chap VGT, I’m gonna have to pull out the old 2J to do it.

    /everyone in top 15,000 leaderboards

    1. Amac500

      Nice but it’s not in the game yet, isn’t even unveiled until next week. Plus that’s not how VGT seasonals work. A for effort though… actually no you got an F.

  16. BRRT_Angel

    If you look closely, the vehicle is under a cover. Unless we’re getting Alfa as well, I only count two coming in.

    1. Swagger897

      um…. no. The ones on the outside are already in the game and are actual cars.

      Looks almost like an X1/2014… Not surprised GM would try to copy someone..

    2. Efiv12

      I am gonna’ gamble a bit. The pic that is associated with the Corvette here on GTP, has a very distinctive dorsal fin positioned above and behind where a drivers helmet might be. Now looking at that shrouded image of the forthcoming 2X, it looks to have a dorsal fin in right about the same area of where a driver “could” sit. I have no facts to support this claim that the images are of the same vehicle, I am just noticing similarities.

    3. Swagger897


      Corvette doesn’t even have a spot, nor does Chaparrel even exist anymore. Its the GM design VGT… which equals one.

      If he was referring to the Subaru VGT that’s something else, but there are three cars in the picture, that’s where I thought he was going with it..

    1. SavageEvil

      I’d love to drive the 2D with a nice premium interior and real engine sounds. I never knew that GM owned Chapparal, wtf PD why didn’t you jump at the chance to get both the 2j and 2D the premium treatment. I’m happy that they didn’t let the license lapse keep all the cars and keep on building out the history. New cars will always be there to add but once you start losing old, you never get them back and that’s the end of it. I find it funny not one ounce of paid DLC has come out as of yet, just who the hell even does this for a year and not ask for a penny over initial price?
      Anyone at PD listening, have someone work out getting race division engines and drive train layouts so we can do swaps for GT7. I know that nearly all manufacturers have a race division that builds cars and motors so it would be incredible to have those parts to have for plugging into appropriate vehicles that can officially support them.

  17. Davoxx

    “Holiday season”, can be this month, December, January or even February for some. It’s a bit too vague IMO, why not say next month if it is december ?

  18. pokemonfan58

    Wait. Theres two GM VGT Cars now? o_o
    Also the front of this new 2X car tells me that this is going to be an alien car.

    1. SVPSkins

      welcome back chaparrel. this out of all the VGT cars, is get getting me excited the most, just hope its not a let down.

  19. SavageEvil

    I thought GM was handing out another Corvette, this now this I can get behind. Sounds delicious, I’ll be waiting with my knife and fork in hand to scarf down this VGT.

    1. Bom15

      Perhaps this is another different one? The one we saw the other day looks like a roadster. Plus it was advertised on the Corvette FB page.

      It’s very alien looking. Dig those yellow eye’s. Also wondering what the body is made of. Kinda has the same look to it as the BMW Gina Concept. That would be cool. Especially if bit’s move. Perhaps an adjustable spoiler and you can see the fabric body crease? Or changing shape or something. Into a roadster for example. I highly doubt it. But that would be cool and something I can imagine Jim Hall doing.

    2. Bom15

      Was there a video earlier? Can’t remember. Anyway it give’s away a fair bit.

      I was right about fabric. It’s just a cover though. In the video you can see it’s a roadster. Or at least I think you can see a helmet with a yellow visor at around the 50 sec mark. The Corvette bit is the engine. Is the video just pointing out past innovations or is it pointing out features on the upcoming car? While doing that it shows an active rear wing. Could be 2E or 2F. Wheels could be any of them. 2E Perhaps the closest going by the side between the wheels. Rivets are in the wrong place though. Also you see the rear of 2J. Anyway they both look like renders. Especially the back of 2J. Looks much cleaner. Could just be for the video. But a fair bit of work to do that surely? Besides 2J doesn’t need that much work to become a premium. Already has an interior. Maybe your wish of some premium chaps will be realized. Maybe not now. But GT7 at least.

    1. OpticZero

      I’d prefer both. I’m not a fan of saying that PD should stop making cars to put into the game. Sure, some new road cars would be awesome, but that doesn’t mean to stop making these awesome Vision GT cars. Keep ’em rolling in, PD.

    2. Niku Driver HC

      I’d say that the VGT project should continue. I understand that many want to see new road & racing cars that exist in the real world, but that shouldn’t mean the VGT project should be stopped just because of that. Do I want new, real road cars? Yes, I do, and so do many others. But some VGT cars now and then don’t hurt either. PD should just pay attention to the lastest car launches to add later (whether in GT6 or 7, it’s their call).

    1. wvmgmidget

      Wait you didn’t know that yeah GT is getting heists soon. Yeah the cops always let you get away because of horrible sound of the cars annihilating their ears

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