Gran Turismo 5’s One Year Anniversary

November 24th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Exactly one year ago today – after much speculation, rumor-mongering, winds, and two official delays – Gran Turismo 5 was finally released to the world with a massive launch party in Madrid, Spain.

Six million copies and 365 days later, GT5 has received over 13 free updates (including its most significant, Spec 2.0), two new circuits, and 15 new cars via DLC pack in the PlayStation Store – all this despite a lengthy PlayStation Network outage and a severe earthquake in Polyphony Digital’s native Japan last spring.

Fortunately, the future still appears to be very bright for GT5. With Gran Turismo 6 apparently a ways off and “many batches” of additional content in the works, we could once again be celebrating a very different game come next November.

For now, enjoy the artistic retrospective video above by GTPlanet member jBhIpS (check out his full gallery). To Kazunori Yamauchi and the Polyphony Digital team, congratulations on a great year!

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  1. Nov. 28, 6:12pm

    Happy birthday, GT5!

    Your birth was an extremely difficult one. Good luck with your future.

  2. Nov. 28, 2:27pm

    happy birthday GT5, it took a year to get to 98% complete and there’s no way i’m doing about 1,000 more Seasonal Events to get enough XP to level 40 just to do the 24hr Le Mans. Adios.

    *goes back to playing Forza 4*

  3. Nov. 27, 4:39pm

    GOOD Gran Turismo 5: Many free updates. That’s awesome, as it shows PD is invested in the game. 2.0 was a great addition.

    BAD Gran Turismo 5: Laughable DLC. Only 2 new. tracks. While SPA e is a real world legend, the space kart track seems….out of place almost. Secondly, new cars would bring a fresh attitude to a game that’s been out for one full year, not 15 race mods.

  4. Nov. 27, 2:39pm

    Great vid!

  5. Nov. 26, 10:51pm

    One year of Nissan experience

  6. Nov. 26, 6:30pm

    Hey PD, nothing says happy birthday celebration like a free Audi R18 TDI :) Remember that when Chrostmas rolls around, FREE AUDI R18 TDI, added right into the game via update. Man would that be holiday bliss or what?

  7. Nov. 26, 4:12pm

    Who gives a toss if I can paint my wheels or my car, where’s the actually driving content that could so easily be implemented ? Restricted format races and leaderboards to take the game away to your own community. Where’s the proper competitions ? Millions have spent money on this game, organise some competitions ffs PD nevermind a ‘new seasonal event’ racing some cult car around a track on your own against the computer.

    Kaz I’m afraid you can’t see the wood for the trees.

  8. Nov. 26, 2:30pm

    You got it in one :-)

  9. Nov. 26, 1:09pm

    So….. do we get anything for enduring a year of stupid helmets and idiotic racesuits then? Oh…. i know.. we propably get nothing.

    • Nov. 26, 1:52pm

      I’ll tell you when you’ll be getting it. Hmm let see, oh I know. WAITING… Get it? And I love the clothes idea for your drivers, leave it alone you… I know your just being sarcastic haha, right?

  10. Nov. 26, 12:59pm
    AKA I95

    Awesome game, happy bday gt5, PD did a great job on you, now all you are missing its a drag strip and the test track, specially the test track since you always had the test track witch its an icon of GT series, once you release it to us, your game play will be complete as the greatest real driving simulator :)

  11. Nov. 26, 12:28pm

    Happy Birthday. I’ve played a great majority of those 365 days, and enjoyed them all. Actually, thinking about it, I’ve probably played this GT more than any other (in that time period), and like many of you here, I’ve been there since the original GT.

    Man, what an awesome game.

  12. Nov. 26, 12:25pm

    If only they would give us some leaderboards. It sucks that the only way to keep track of our lap times is to write them down on paper.

  13. Nov. 26, 10:05am

    Happy Anniversary GT5!

  14. Nov. 26, 6:45am

    Hugely disappointing this game.

    • Nov. 26, 8:18am

      And that is why you have a user on this site, where you spend your time explaining people who actually like this game, that it is disappointing? Go away.

    • Nov. 26, 10:03am

      Hugely disappointing your grammar.

    • Nov. 26, 10:42am

      You wanna know what I’m hugely disappointed of. I’m disappointed to the fact that a guy who saids their game is about “cars”, always takes them out everytime they make a new game. For someone to love cars, you would no matter what want any car around you even the low hp cars such as the Fiat 500. But sadly all I’m seeing is a fast car festival without other cars especially the slow cars not getting the love for everyone to enjoy, even for the new and old generation players to enjoy them. Yeah, some car lover alright, you’ll need to go farther then that to say your game is about “cars”. If you say it’s about, again “cars” You wouldn’t have taken a bunch away from the commuity and turn them into, what was it again oh yea “unicorns” to catch the glitchers then gone in thin air or seeing priced for 999.999.999cr. To have “players” from all over the world to sign up for a competition they make, to gift the winner without him or her having to choose one on their own free will.

      And for the race cars, haha, what am I seeing, sure some race cars have their original designs but seriously. Half the cars only have made up designs, for the “players” to design them on their own which I like downloading from, but because they probably knew already they didn’t need too anyways. Oh I saw the cars they had before alright from their old games, I liked those ones but missed them, and they go and take them out for what reason? Not enough space? Maybe all of that’s explained in “under the hood series” but they reuse their old generation models and update them anyway sooo what’s up with the hole half the cars missing from their games nowadays.

      Well there you have it. I wouldn’t have switched the table around saying my truth about a game which I’m not gonna say because I’m disgusted. Not even a old FIAT 500!? I’m not trying to sound like a fan or anything but I’m saying I would care more about the commuity and share the cars I love with them, even if the new generation players who won’t want them because they’re not used to them, but for the old generation players to enjoy them too. Such as the Volkswagen samba.

      Note: I love writting big sentences like this, makes me feel proud to be able to write. ;)

  15. Nov. 26, 5:39am
    GT5 X1


  16. Nov. 26, 5:01am

    superb game. only game that i still play after a year.

  17. Nov. 26, 3:58am

    Happy years anniversary gt5! Well worth the wait

  18. Nov. 26, 1:00am

    I remember one year ago today, driving in pre rush hour traffic, being delayed by an accident, arriving at Video Game Trader and being told my Collectors Edition Copy wasn’t in and than I was late for work. It would go on to be 3 long weeks later before my pre ordered copy came :(

  19. Nov. 25, 11:29pm
    GT Pro

    And yet, they have still yet to deliver on the requisite Test Track. Shame.

  20. Nov. 25, 11:23pm

    Awsome happy one year anniversary. I think that they shoul hv given us a special car of this epic event. But that’s my opinion

  21. Nov. 25, 9:40pm

    Happy Anniversary, Kaz and PD. Thank you for a great year of racing and for the chance to meet and compete with so many racers from around the world.

  22. Nov. 25, 8:34pm

    great you tube video,loved it,had to say this here b4 watchin all of it.thanks to whoeva did it

  23. Nov. 25, 8:02pm

    340 days and a couple hours a day of playing and still enjoying the game. It’s great for those of us which racing is their life but have not the money to do it for real.

    • Nov. 25, 9:35pm

      Story of my life, as well.

    • Nov. 26, 5:43am
      GT5 X1

      Deep words bro. My story too!

    • Nov. 26, 10:24am
      Tenacious D

      Me too. GT5 feels very close to a PC sim. Outside of Forza, you’re lucky to find a game with a hundred cars in it, and many of them are just skins with slight performance differences. Cars in GT5 are intuitive to drive, cars behave the way you expect cars to behave, and even racing against bots in Arcade Mode can be a challenge. And you have SO MANY CARS!

      GT5 is my racing RPG, especially since Forza and I just don’t get along too well. ;-)

  24. Nov. 25, 7:22pm

    no anniversary GTR?

    • Nov. 25, 7:56pm

      What!! Awww… lol

    • Nov. 25, 8:03pm
      Big Ron

      hehe, good one…..but nobody would expect too much. They would give us one of the Stealth or Chromeline car…..again and again and again

  25. Nov. 25, 6:33pm

    Memories… Just to remember how terrible the last four months of last year were in regards of waiting for GT5. The “GT5 goes gold” news, the last delay regarding the PS3 update and how can we forget that video of that guy giving the finger as he sat on his livong room racing around Cape Ring on a Miata when no one had the game still.

    Once I revcieve the call form the Video Game store that my copy was ready… I couldn’t believe that I actually had the game in my hands…

  26. Nov. 25, 6:28pm

    one year of PD teasing.

  27. Nov. 25, 5:10pm

    Yea, happy anniversary!! We should get a new car or two to celebrate, don’t let this day go away without celebrating, PD!! :)

  28. Nov. 25, 3:37pm

    Happy anniversary, don’t we get a new car for this special moment?

  29. Nov. 25, 3:32pm

    Knowing PD, they will celebrate their 1st anniversary in 6 years.

  30. Nov. 25, 2:48pm

    The GNX looked so sweet in the vid! Happy B-Day GT5, I’ve played just about everyday since the launch & been here from day1. I can’t wait to see the future of the best racing sim ever made, peace

  31. Nov. 25, 2:28pm

    hate to say it, but at the moment, gran tursimo is better then forza in only one way. that being the physics. For me that is quite important though so Im not going out of my way to get forza.

    • Nov. 25, 2:29pm

      this was meant as a reply to someone didnt mean to post it as a comment

  32. Nov. 25, 1:37pm

    happy Birthday hope Theres more stuff coming

  33. Nov. 25, 1:08pm

    I personally think its a joke that we havent recieved more DL contect. More cars, better cars. I think we should get 10 cars a month since they are SO behind the times when it comes to modern sportscars. GT5 is a great game. They just need to hire more people so they can produce more product for us.

    • Nov. 26, 5:45am
      GT5 X1

      They also need the money and creativity. IDC how many they come with. You people are too demanding. You think you can get everything

    • Nov. 26, 11:05am

      @ gt5x1, silly comment, asking for what is in every other racing game is not thinking we can have anything. Asking for new cars is not thinking we can have everything, especially when there is dlc on the way. Although people do get demanding.

  34. Nov. 25, 12:57pm

    that video was awsome, gt5 is the most realistic and beautiful “game” in the world hands down….. Forza 4, no matter how good it is will never come close to Gran Turismo in any way.

    • Nov. 26, 4:41am

      Im a huge gt5 fan but ive also got forza 4 on xbox and the graphics are much better at the moment sorry but thats just me, happy birthday gt5, still one of the best racing sims on the market

  35. Nov. 25, 12:19pm

    Yep, I remember my first online race. Thanksgiving Day last year joined a lobby and raced at Trail Mountain. Tons of family in the rest of the house and I’m playing GT5. I remember racing through the first sharp left tunnel with cars all around me and thinking “oh my God, I’m racing online at Trail Mountain. This is cool as *****.

  36. Nov. 25, 11:38am

    Remember this, all GT started out as was just a man with an idea.

    • Nov. 25, 1:37pm
      Tenacious D

      This gets lost on a lot of people. This was a dream that was unlike anything out at the time. Gran Turismo became the embodiment of love for the automobile, the essence of motorsports in general. It has a spirit that no other game has, thanks to its creator and the superb team he assembled.

      It’s not quite the game we dreamed of yet, but man, is it close. To all those who went out of their way to be a pain around here and denigrate Kazunori and Polyphony, do something worthwhile with your lives remotely as cool.

      Thank you Kazunori-sensei, thank you Polyphony, for such a great game series, and such a great game. Though by all means, keep making it better. ;D

    • Nov. 25, 2:50pm

      I can’t hold it anymore, so I’m gonna say this only to the people outside this great wonderful site right now. It’s not a big deal or anything so don’t take it personal. Some driving games are missing out the love for slow cars too which makes me sad. Such as the old Fiat 500 and the Volkswagen samba, even the Subaru 360. All I’m seeing is a “fast car festival” which I really like yes but not one single low hp car. I’ll love to tune a old Fiat 500 despite it not running as fast as others but who cares atleast it’s still a car I love. Thank you Kazunori and Polyphony for this wonderful game. But I’ll love to see some fast and new cars in GT aswell as everybody else does.

    • Nov. 25, 10:03pm

      Truth! Each of you speaks the truth.

    • Nov. 26, 1:00am
      SZRT Ice

      Plus one to all 3 above posts…

  37. Nov. 25, 10:37am

    GT5 just received a 2011 birthday ticket. :P

    • Nov. 25, 11:20am

      And Managed to produce a full list of new DLC cars from 2011 that everyone wanted!!!! WOOOHOOO… if only…

    • Nov. 25, 8:40pm
      SZRT Ice

      2010* Birthday Ticket.

  38. Nov. 25, 10:01am

    “we could once again be celebrating a very different game come next November.”


    • Nov. 25, 12:50pm

      “Gasp!” You don’t think. When he meant different game. GASP! it is! :D Dahh I don’t know ether, but the word game is beginning to get me noticing though. :) I don’t want to jinx it. ;)

    • Nov. 25, 1:09pm

      Don’t get carried away, Toko. I simply meant that, over the course of the next year, GT5 will likely receive many updates that continue to transform the game beyond what it is today.

    • Nov. 25, 1:36pm

      Opps haha, your totally right Mr. Jordan. I’m sorry. ^^’ It looks as if was hyping myself to much at that point, I’ll drink some green tea and keep my socks on for some news and updates. Thank you very much. :) Love your website.

    • Nov. 25, 4:37pm

      I understand. Also I hope so.

  39. Nov. 25, 9:56am

    Great Video. Still think the game is great after a year. Was distracted by call of duty for a week or two but then I decided to put in GT5 and race around The Nurburgring at night in a Mclaren F1 with no assists. The disc hasn’t left the PS3 since:D

  40. Nov. 25, 9:29am

    1 year gone 1008 cars collected ;) happy birthday gt5, 5 new tracks in the next dlc please

  41. Nov. 25, 8:17am

    Happy birthday GT5. Keep up the great work Yamauchi san and all the team at PD…;-))…

    • Nov. 25, 9:31am

      Happy Anniversary! And I’m enjoying my free Nissan GTR that I got from the time trial.

  42. Nov. 25, 8:06am
    Big Ron

    Congratulations to your first Anniversary, GT5. But as it seems, you will not patry a second Birthday in my PS3.

    • Nov. 25, 8:07am
      Big Ron

      I mean celebrate…

  43. Nov. 25, 7:56am

    Happy Anniversary, to The only game I ever play on PS3 FAT SSD, or should I call it, the hardware necessary to run GT5. Many Happy returns, and looking very much forward to DLC, Spec 2.5, and hopefully improved FFB algorithm to the now supported G25/27. I’m about to hook up a pair of Klipsch RF82 II’s to take the experience to the next level.

    • Nov. 25, 1:53pm

      The Klipsch RF82 II is a mighty speaker for the money!!! Is SSD better by a long way?

  44. Nov. 25, 7:51am

    I’ve clocked hundreds of hours on GT5 so far, so well worth the money. The only things I’m hoping they change for GT6 is far less cars, (300 would be great), improve the driver A.I., bring back some of my favourite tracks like New York City, Seattle, and Tahiti. For the love of God Polyphony, we don’t 40 variations of the Nissan Skyline, Jay Leno’s tank car, or a WWII jeep!!!!

    • Nov. 25, 9:22pm

      Instead of saying “we don’t need” you should say “I don’t need”, because you damn sure don’t speak for me. As a true enthusiast of all things automotive, I say the more cars, the better.

    • Nov. 26, 10:59am

      The problem with that is, they try and please so many people that the car list gets unbalanced. Maybe if they give us more cars but themed better it would be nice. But at the time being, 500 quality cars would e better then400 good cars and 600 repeats and or sucky useless cars. I’m fine with whatever, as long as the game keeps evolving. I must say though, I would be the happiest guy in town if they gave use an m3 gt2! Hsv-010gt would be great too

  45. Nov. 25, 7:41am

    1 year anniversary and not even a gift at least an gtr

  46. Nov. 25, 7:15am

    Music by the XX… That was REALLY original… Nah, just kiddin’. Me nipples are still hard. Happy B’day, Kaz and co.

  47. Nov. 25, 7:08am
    HKS racer

    Time fly very fast, but isn’t it the point of GT? A man his car, a battle against Time.. Happy Birthday GT5!
    Great Video

  48. Nov. 25, 7:03am

    happy birthday GT5!!! to think all the happy birthdays were all gonna still wish on the years coming…..

  49. Nov. 25, 7:01am

    That video would be perfect for 3D!

  50. Nov. 25, 6:14am

    Happy Birthday GT5!!!

  51. Nov. 25, 5:41am

    Its amazing how Ive had this game for a year and only now realizing how incredibly deep and awesome it is. Something truly unique in the world of video games.

  52. Nov. 25, 5:34am

    Yuhoo! more race and cars to come Happy anniversary to us all!

  53. Nov. 25, 4:36am


  54. Nov. 25, 4:31am

    Happy One year anniversary GT5!

    I still play this game at any chance I get. This game is just getting better and better as time passes.
    At launch this game seemed a bit unfinished to me, but after all the updates, bug fixes and new DLC this game has truly blossomed.
    If new updates and DLC will keep coming I see myself still playing GT5 as much as I do now, on it’s second anniversary.

    • Nov. 25, 7:35am


  55. Nov. 25, 4:30am


  56. Nov. 25, 3:44am

    Nice video. Very nice indeed.

  57. Nov. 25, 3:10am

    Is that real at 2:15!? That looks amazing

  58. Nov. 25, 2:18am
    killer tiller

    No free car??? Haha. Happy 1st birthday GT5 and a big thank you to Kaz and the whole PD crew.

  59. Nov. 25, 2:16am

    fan of gt since the first on PS1!!!!!happy 1 year for GT5!!! hoping news from Kaz about the next updates!!!!

  60. Nov. 25, 2:15am

    Happy Happy BIG Anniversary Gran Turismo 5. :D

  61. Nov. 25, 2:06am

    Do all the platinum winners in the 1st year get a free GT-R polyphony digital? It would be a lot cooler if they did.

    • Nov. 25, 2:19am

      It would be awesome if trophies had a purpose and were used to award players like that. Any player who can get the platinum in any game deserves a little something for the achievement.

  62. Nov. 25, 1:36am

    Congratulation! Gran Turismo forever and thank you for all the updates&free stuffs

  63. Nov. 25, 1:07am

    Awesome video… And GT5 is still VERY alive, unlike many games after one year… I still play everyday, still have many cars to test! hehehe

    • Nov. 25, 3:10am

      PLUS 2!

      I haven’t bought an Enzo, yet. I only have about 110 premium cars.

  64. Nov. 25, 1:05am

    I remember leaving auto mechanics class early, picking up my bike and rode about 4 miles to gamestop in the rain and another 4 back home to go get my Collector’s Edition copy of the game since my car was in the shop…that’s commitment right there hahaha

    • Nov. 25, 2:17am

      hell yea, that is. Heart of a lion.

    • Nov. 26, 10:55am

      Up hill both ways? Haha jk

  65. Nov. 24, 11:48pm
    MGS2 Snake

    Happy Birthday, Gran Turismo 5!!!

  66. Nov. 24, 11:43pm

    Beautiful video, beautiful game. Happy Birthday GT5.
    Sorry I’m unable to return the favor of sending YOU a birthday gift!

  67. Nov. 24, 11:33pm

    Happy birthday! Thanks for making such a fantastic game! oh and my gamesave finally corrupted :( oh well starting over has some benefits. like getting the cars i was dumb enough to sell off that i could never get back. lol

  68. Nov. 24, 10:57pm
    Mac K

    Awesome, happy birthday GT5!!

  69. Nov. 24, 10:55pm

    nice video!!!!!

  70. Nov. 24, 10:44pm

    Happy birthday to the greatest game of all time. a true revolutionary racing game that has currently set the bar on all upcoming racing sims.

    but “15 new cars via DLC pack”, don’t you think that’s a bit of a stretch since every one of those cars was technically in the game before? :(
    I want more Ferraris, Koenigsegg, more astons, lambo reventon!

    • Nov. 25, 9:07am



  71. Nov. 24, 10:44pm

    WOWWWWW Freaking amazing video!!!!! Great Job!

    • Nov. 25, 11:07am

      I want a 2007 HSV GTS, coz my Parents have one. That or a 2011 HSV GTS either one works.

    • Nov. 26, 10:54am

      Speaking of hsv, the Honda hsv-010GT gt500 would be amazing too

  72. Nov. 24, 10:39pm

    Man time flies. I remember that day clearly. As soon my university physics class was done I ran to gamestop, got my copy of GT5, ran home and the rest is history :) Very good game but I’m hoping we get some spanking new cars soon (Aventador, 2012 GTR, Gumpert Apollo, and Koenigsegg.)

    • Nov. 24, 10:40pm

      i want the new 2012 Dodge Charger in the game ;)

  73. Nov. 24, 10:23pm

    What song is that in the video?

  74. Nov. 24, 10:17pm

    Good looks with the video jbhips, nice use of The XX!

  75. Nov. 24, 10:16pm

    I’m sorry, but that video loses all credibility at 0:47, where it shows the Gallardo with the ring pulls on the hood. That’s ridiculous, it’s an oversight by Polyphony, and any video celebrating GT5 shouldn’t show it.

    Makes me angry it does!

    • Nov. 25, 12:07am

      It’s the carbon hood.

    • Nov. 25, 4:03am

      Have you ever tried to install any carbon hood? It seems not..

    • Nov. 25, 8:53am

      What are you on about you silly, silly boy.

    • Nov. 25, 1:01pm

      This guy should play GT5.

  76. Nov. 24, 10:14pm

    365 days. I think I have played GT5 at least 350 of those days. Thanks PD!

    • Nov. 25, 1:26pm
      Tenacious D

      Same here. I skipped Thanksgiving, but am about to get back to it.

      Long live the King!

  77. Nov. 24, 10:09pm

    whoooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year down!!!! great job GT5!

  78. Nov. 24, 9:59pm

    I whole heartedy agree with a anniversary car!!”””

    • Nov. 24, 10:09pm

      I agree

    • Nov. 25, 11:04am

      I agree too, but the chances of them actually making one is really unlikely.

  79. Nov. 24, 9:58pm

    It’s only been a year?

    • Nov. 24, 10:14pm


    • Nov. 24, 10:55pm

      duh, every one knows

  80. Nov. 24, 9:48pm
    Psycho Tuber

    Happy Anniversary! There really should be one heck of an anniversary car to go with it!

    • Nov. 25, 5:54am

      Indeed, an R35 GTR with a nice decal.

  81. Nov. 24, 9:45pm

    Happy anniversary, congrats!
    Great video too!

    • Nov. 25, 5:02am

      Yep, the video it’s just amazing.

    • Nov. 25, 8:31pm

      HAPPY BIRFDAY TOO U,HAPPY WIRF DAY TO U,HAPPY BIRFDAY DEAR GT5,HAPPY BIRFDAY TOO UUUUUUUUUUUUU *done in skimmpy leather gstring only….stop droolin guys

    • Nov. 25, 8:33pm
      SZRT Ice

      Whoa… I wanna know how he made it…

  82. Nov. 24, 9:45pm

    As long as it took, I’m glad it’s here :)

  83. Nov. 24, 9:43pm

    Happy 1st Anniversary GT5! :)

    • Nov. 26, 6:39pm

      E30 m3 please

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