Gran Turismo 6 E3 Trailer + 84 Screenshots Reveal New Cars, Tracks, & Locations

June 10th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

More Gran Turismo 6 content has been revealed at Sony’s E3 2013 press conference in a new video trailer and screenshot pack.

New Cars

  • Nissan DeltaWing ’12
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) ’14
  • BMW Z4 GT3 ’11
  • Audi R8 LMS ultra (Audi Sport Team Phoenix) #3 ’12

New Tracks & Locations

  • Gemasolar (Photomode Location)
  • Willow Springs Raceway
  • Matterhorn

See the full announcement for more details on the new tracks and cars. Stay tuned for more exclusive Gran Turismo 6 impressions and content from GTPlanet, as we get our hands on the latest game demo available at E3 tomorrow!

Until then, join the discussion on all the new content here in our Gran Turismo 6 forum.

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  1. Jun. 11, 3:57am

    Great cant wait too.. Wish they would have improved the car sounds too but overall it will be big as always :-)

    • Jun. 11, 4:16am

      Ummm, watch the above trailer again and LISTEN to the cars! You will notice, in the first scene with the Audi S1 Rally Car on the Matterhorn track, that the exhaust “crackles” as the car goes past!
      Most of what we hear is music anyway, so how would you be able to tell that the ‘car sounds’ have not been addressed?

    • Jun. 11, 4:33am

      Exhaust from Audi R8 LMS & Nissan GTR N24 are New too… sounds are a bit dirtyer….

    • Jun. 11, 6:06pm

      You mean ‘meatier’ sound lol (That’s what it says on GT5).

    • Jun. 11, 6:43pm

      i dont say about the sounds i hear in the trailer, but there wasn’t any mention about sound improvments that the game needs

  2. Jun. 11, 3:39am

    When I first saw the thumbnail of the Suzuka pitlane I got all excited thinking that it was the Circuit of the Americas until I clicked on it to open the bigger version. l0l

    • Jun. 11, 4:29am

      After reading your comment, I went back to look at it – it does look a lot like Circuit of the Americas…
      I may be an Australian, but I know the shortened version of that track quite well as it is on our V8 Supercar race calendar!
      That first corner up the hill on pit straight is very challenging indeed! With penalties “ON” in GT6. an online race would be fraught with difficulties and frustration would be a constant companion to all that race on it!

  3. Jun. 11, 3:38am

    Ok well I anwser that, first off I have always been a playstation and Gran Turismo supporter, and will continue to be, regardless of the price, I don’t cars if it was 4, 5, or $600, I would still buy, I bought a PS3 in 2007 for $500, sold it to a friend because I did’nt play it because GT was not out yet. Then I bought another one at $500 in 2008 when GT5p came out and is my current PS3. Im not worried about selling, trading or borrowing games. Then it’s not a playstation plus, it’s a pay to be online like microsofts live. So to anwser you it’s not about the $60, it’s about those bragging rights that we always had over xbox that we did’nt have to pay for online, and alot of people love playstation for doing that, trust, money is not an issue, $60 is not going to make or break me, it’s principle, sony should have stuck to it’s guns and not try to look good by selling the PS4 for $400, when it’s clearly worth $5-600. im just saying. :)

    • Jun. 11, 3:50am

      Bragging rights are for children IMHO, the fact of the matter is PS4 is delivering on everything everyone wanted, and all they ask for is 60 dollars a year for online, I find it silly in this day an age where companies are loosing money on consoles IE Sony on the PS3, for people to think that they should give you something 100 times better and still not ask for a subscription on a yearly basis, I mean someone has to pay for the upgraded PSN right? Faster service, larger limits, and its not like XBL at all because its not just oh hey pay 60 dollars to play online, its play 60 dollars to play online plus you get all of this awesome stuff too, and hey if you don’t want to, you can play single player and we wont disable the game for not being connected to the internet like Xbox is doing.But back on topic, I had to change shorts after the GT6 trailer, I’m baffled that its not a next gen game as good as it looks.

  4. Jun. 11, 3:33am


  5. Jun. 11, 3:24am

    I haven’t even completed more that 39% GT5 and now they come out with this! :) I can finally race real FIA GT3 cars, I guess its only amount of time before there’s a GT Challenge with GT3 cars or a unofficial FIA GT3 series online! You got the GTR GT3, Merc SLS GT3, Audi R8 LMS Ultra (’12 no swan neck spoiler uprights like on the ’13) and BMW Z4 GT3. All we’re missing is the Ferrari F458 GT3 but I hope that makes it into the original disc or becomes DLC.

  6. Jun. 11, 3:21am

    Sony , i will Purchase PS4 no doubt , PD good job , c’ant wait for GT6.
    I hope Logitech will improve some support for PS4 console , im reffer to g27 wheel steering.

  7. Jun. 11, 3:20am

    i wish all the superGT cars are available

  8. Jun. 11, 3:17am

    Matterhorn <3

  9. Jun. 11, 3:16am

    I want to play this game so very bad! I hope it will be as good as GT4! (For its time ofcourse)

  10. Jun. 11, 3:04am

    Wait, whaaatt???? I agree they just announced willow spring because it was in a trailer long time ago, but where is seattle!!! I love seatttle!!! Please, don’t make my dream die!!! And I’m still waiting for bathurst, bu it is less important.

    • Jun. 11, 3:48am

      Only new tracks will be there at release, as in never before seen in a GT game – Seattle and any of the older tracks will have to wait for a DLC release.

    • Jun. 11, 4:01am

      Hang on, Australian guy here! Waddaya mean Bathurst is less important than Seattle???

      In a way you’re right though, WHERE IS BATHURST AND SEATTLE?

      Well, if they don’t make the final press of GT6, they will probably be DLC at a later stage! Some say… the old tracks won’t make it back in at all, but I find that hard to believe because of the amount of people who want them ALL back! All I know is… we have only seen a trailer of what’s to come!!

      Grid will not be including Bathurst, Forza (pardon my language) will not be including Bathurst and Drive Club doesn’t appear to have Bathurst, leaving only one option – GT6 – the Best driving game… in the world!

    • Jun. 11, 6:17pm

      It would be such a waste if PD made Seattle and other tracks just for Acura NSX Concept video. Come on, PD. Please give us those tracks…

  11. Jun. 11, 2:30am

    Hi I’m playstation4, and since I’m so good and just beat Xbox in a second round knockout, I’d thought I let you know just like Xbox did for years I will start charging you a internet fee every month, yep your psn is no longer free. really sony? why? Oh I know why, I will sell you a PS4 with a PSeye camera and make it up in the long run by charging every month for psn! whatever.

    • Jun. 11, 2:56am

      But hey at least we don’t have to worry about a psn charge every month because im sure GT6 will hold us over for a long while, with DLCs every month, at least 3+ years.

    • Jun. 11, 3:14am

      Really you’re complaining that you have to pay 5 bucks a month for PlayStation plus, when the console is 100 dollars cheaper than the Xbox one, and is overall a better performer, and you can trade/buy/sell games without limitation unlike what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox one, oh! and lets not forget about the free games you get with PlayStation plus, at least 1 a year…. AND THEY ARE GIVING YOU DRIVE CLUB FOR FREE WITH THE SUBSCRIPTION! yet here you are crying about 60 dollars a year to play online.

    • Jun. 11, 3:51am

      You don’t have to have PS+ you know. It’s also a subscription which is valid for both consoles, not per console so I think they are being very fair.

    • Jun. 11, 2:19pm

      I retract that – as I couldn’t watch the entire Sony presentation, I didn’t get to hear about PS+ and online until now. However: “…only one PS4 account needs to be a subscriber in order for every user to gain online multiplayer access.” Which is pretty damn fair.

  12. Jun. 11, 2:26am

    Holy mother of God :O

    I can not believe what I saw tonight. Weeds, they freaking modeled weeds! And flowers, so well that I can tell what they are! Water stains on shingles, cracks in pavement, paint wear on towers, omg…

    And did anyone hear that snap in the exhaust when the Audi drives past on Matterhorn? Wow just effing wow. Z4, bring on the GT3s!

    If my eyes open any wider they’ll fall out of my frickin head!

    • Jun. 11, 3:26am

      Keep it 100 and I’m glad it will be on PS3 since I just bought the thing back in Dec/Nov of ’12 Black Friday, like you BRING ON THE FIA GT3 cars!

  13. Jun. 11, 2:14am

    Wow the trailer looks superb, cannot wait for this.and the Deltawing, THE DELTAWING, lets hopevtherecare np Porshe drivers around, hey!

    Oh don’t know anything else yet on the pS4 only just woken up,7am GMT here. No spoilers please :)

  14. Jun. 11, 1:59am

    Tire deg now numbered out of 10.

    The HUD has the number 10 next to each tire so will be easier to see how much each tire is degrading per lap, helping avoid that ” I think I can make it one more lap before pitting…. damn!” moment.

  15. Jun. 11, 1:55am

    Would be cool if we Matterhorn was part of the custom track designer feature

  16. Jun. 11, 1:45am

    I really hope this is just a teaser and the they are about to announce a whole host of new off-track features.

  17. Jun. 11, 1:40am

    DeltaWing? Oh gawd.

  18. Jun. 11, 1:36am

    It’s almost so funny how it seems microsoft is struggling to sell a next gen spybox with all the tv, kinect, and games when today sony was still mostly promoting the PS3, How do they think they can compete with the PS4 when in all reality they barely can pass the PS3. LOL! Hey forza boys, just remember when your over there playing FM5 on your spybox painting your cars, and with your fake b spec, just ask yourself this, you ever get the feeling your beening watched! LOL hahahaha!

  19. Jun. 11, 1:31am

    Love it! Can’t wait!! :)

  20. Jun. 11, 1:31am


  21. Jun. 11, 1:28am

    My body is not yet ready for this Kaz…

  22. Jun. 11, 1:17am

    Sooo… Is this the same track (willow I guess ) that BBC TopGear came to for the Viper, Vanquish, and LFA challenge?

    • Jun. 11, 1:42am

      @Swagger897 Yes, same track when they was running from the airplanes and the same show where clarkson said the LFA is the best car he ever driven. LFA nurburgring edition and LFA gazoo racing GT3 please.

    • Jun. 11, 2:12am

      Didn’t notice any grid markings seems like a track day circuit, maybe rolling starts only?

    • Jun. 11, 2:18am

      Just been to website for willow springs they use a not very accurate NFS vid of the track, have a feeling they’ll be updating soon! lol

  23. Jun. 11, 1:15am

    I didn’t know Willow Springs was such a large complex… in the middle of nowhere too. Please let there be a proper skid pad to use at this location.

  24. Jun. 11, 12:58am
    Maddens Raiders

    Just saw this trailer for the first time. I shed a tear and now have no more words….

  25. Jun. 11, 12:53am

    This looks to be shaping up very nicely indeed – looking forward to more details being revealed over the next few days. :)
    Funny how all the photos of the cars with the white background have Kyoto Shoren-In reflections on them.

  26. Jun. 11, 12:42am

    A Zed Four BMW GT3………….I m in love. And with the inclusion of more GT3 cars my wish has been granted.

    • Jun. 11, 1:26am

      Yes sir chilly!

  27. Jun. 11, 12:42am

    First time I’ve been back on PS and GT in months.

  28. Jun. 11, 12:35am

    PS4 will be the greatest console yet! And to those who can’t initially afford the very affordable console, they can play GT6 in their existing PS3 consoles, of course. It just doesn’t get any better than this. For once, the gaming gods have listened and delivered. A Porsche was seen in the trailer for Drive Club (which means Sony can/already has the rights) so inclusion of Porsche in GT6/7 would make the world a much better place to live. Overall, the new trailer looks awesome and PS4 just blew everyone/thing away with being such an awesome gaming machine that puts no restriction on gamers and is offered at a great price! Awesome Monday!

    • Jun. 11, 6:38pm

      Some people say that they were RUFs. So it’s still possible that PD doesn’t have the rights for Porsche :'(

  29. Jun. 11, 12:31am

    GT6! PS4 $399!!!! insane sony I don’t think I will be able to sleep damn u sony and PD :P I love you guys. PLAYSTATION FAN FOREVER

    • Jun. 11, 2:28am

      GT6 is coming out for the PS3 bruh

    • Jun. 11, 1:14pm

      I know that. Can’t you see I said “GT6!” that means I am excited I separated from the PS4!!!!!

  30. Jun. 11, 12:29am

    I cannot get over the Z4 GT3! I cannot wait to race that bad boy!

    • Jun. 11, 12:39am

      I’ve always wanted this car in GT since I first saw it. I remember watching the time lapse build of it one day, which was a pretty awesome video!

  31. Jun. 11, 12:29am

    Man they sure know how to make a good trailer.

    • Jun. 11, 12:37am
      drag lab 101

      Yes they do!

  32. Jun. 11, 12:23am

    Like the new rear view mirror in bumper view, very nice touch pd.

    • Jun. 11, 12:35am

      Quite odd seeing that shot there amongst all of the other shots though ;)

    • Jun. 11, 4:41am

      I noticed, in that same photo, that the drivers have a national flag next to their name! If you missed that, look again…

      But do not be disheartened by the fact that there are inly 6 players – this is ONLY a demo and it is also being used for GT Academy – this will more than likely be rectified by the release of the full game! (I’m hoping for at least 24 in an online lobby!)

  33. Jun. 11, 12:19am

    Too much positive things at once. I won’t sleep today. And they really didn’t show much about GT6 other than a few new cars and amazing new locations. Wait until we get closer to GT6’s release. I’m sure we will be blown away.

    And Sony, again, I know sometimes I hate you with all my heart, but things like these are the reason why almost everything in my house is Sony.

    PS4 #1 new gen console. Period.

  34. Jun. 11, 12:18am

    Wow O.o

  35. Jun. 11, 12:18am

    Need muscle cars!!

  36. Jun. 11, 12:18am

    will you guys stop talking about the engine sounds now?

  37. Jun. 11, 12:17am

    Damn, Willow Springs Raceway looks so real :D

    • Jun. 11, 4:50am

      I’m just hoping some spectators show up!

      But they have to be quiet!!

  38. Jun. 11, 12:13am

    Z4 GT3 and Delta Wing look good. I hope they add the BRZ GT300 or NBR Challenge STI.

  39. Jun. 11, 12:11am

    This video = hardcore porn!

    • Jun. 11, 4:52am

      I dunno about that!

      I wasn’t having a tug!!

  40. Jun. 11, 12:08am

    OK now all I have to do is go to bed for 6 months and GT6 will be here, goodnight everybody LOL.

  41. Jun. 11, 12:07am

    Holy crap… Good shhhhhh :D

  42. Jun. 11, 12:03am

    BMW Z4 GT3 I Love it….

    • Jun. 11, 12:09am

      Love the GT3 cars lets see what other things as Have in store

    • Jun. 11, 12:38am


  43. Jun. 11, 12:01am
    Tenacious D

    I still can’t believe how incredible this game looks and performs ON A SIX YEAR OLD CONSOLE!! Can anyone even get a new game to boot on a six year old PC??

    Kazunori-sensei, you and the team are a bunch of wizards with secret powers. If replays look even half this good… well, XBOne who? Not even interested in it anymore. The SONY conference pretty much spent my money already, and I didn’t even know it. Gonna be a long, hot summer…

    • Jun. 11, 12:19am

      Be wiery of these HYPE videos, Tenacious. We’d be lucky to get the same quality at home. Also, hope we won’t have to login, ever, online to partake in the festivities.

    • Jun. 11, 12:45am

      @ infamousphil, regardless of how much of the trailer was actual in-game footage and pre-rendered, those photos and the photomode in particular still look very impressive.

    • Jun. 11, 2:26am

      In other news…

      The new Mac Pro…

    • Jun. 11, 7:02am

      The power of the PS3, coupled with gifted artists, and Kaz’ vision, just totally blew me away with this trailer. I never knew our console was remotely capable of such greatness. 256M Vram, lol. I don’t know how they did it. Must be some exceptional algorithm, where every hundredth second is a new image/data/sound/state of calculation that is fed into that HDMI like racing exhaust!

  44. Jun. 10, 11:57pm
    tube chaser

    Looks like a show-reel for better engine sounds too. Good times ahead.

  45. Jun. 10, 11:56pm

    cant wait to see how “new” these features really are.

  46. Jun. 10, 11:53pm
    The Prodigy

    By the way did they fix the drafting issue

    • Jun. 11, 12:30am

      Doubt that sort of info would come through in an E3 dazzle performance – it’s probably something that may get learned during an interview or subsequent game info release.

    • Jun. 11, 1:30am

      It could be part of the new Aerodynamics model. Remains to be seen though.

  47. Jun. 10, 11:50pm

    This is only for PS3, I can’t imagine how much more once PD max the maximum potential of PS4.But for now I’m ready for GT6.

  48. Jun. 10, 11:48pm

    Still no Road Atlanta… :(

    • Jun. 10, 11:55pm

      I want that track too. Got to re-learn it in iracing and I loved it. I hated it in Forza 4, but luckily, their version of it is incredibly inaccurate. I’m really not trying to bash Forza but it’s the truth man, their version of Road Atlanta is WAY OFF

      But even more than RA, I want VIR with all 9 of it’s layouts. That’s the best track on the western hemisphere.

  49. Jun. 10, 11:48pm
    The Prodigy

    . Well lets see what’s new. Physics, suspension model, aerodynamics, new rendering system, and of course ……….pretty sexy cars and tracks. Pd as a long time fan I have got to say you have really raised the bar. Starting from the original gt and now this. I’m so impressed and this has got to be pushing the ps3 capabilities to the max. Can’t wait for the demo!

    • Jun. 10, 11:51pm
      The Prodigy

      And the tire modul

    • Jun. 11, 12:03am
      Tenacious D

      No lie, no lie. And all we saw was a teaser reel! Just wait until Kaz starts dropping info bombs on us over the three game conventions.

    • Jun. 11, 12:22am

      I don’t do abbreviated GT.

    • Jun. 11, 12:36am

      Agreed I believe they are displaying with the group of keys of the powers that gas is no reason John and his team can do and GT7 will be having Sulu be amazing online play station

  50. Jun. 10, 11:47pm

    Yeah not bad, not amazing or fantastic, but I’m hoping their intentionally holding back, and showing a mere glimmer of what’s to come. I’ve already pre-ordered GT6, and will definately get it, how much I get for my money I’m unsure, the Dino is a nice start :)

  51. Jun. 10, 11:44pm

    Hahahaha!!! Oh man, that was so hilarious how Sony PWNED MS like that, and murdered them with the final blow with PS4 priced for $399. That was pure rich! XD The GT6 trailer was pure badass and those photos are so DAMN stunning! *v*

    High five to both Sony and PD! :D

  52. Jun. 10, 11:35pm

    Simply amazing!…can’t wait for this….high five yourself Sony, and high five yourself twice PD ;)

    • Jun. 11, 12:04am
      Tenacious D

      What he said x 10.

  53. Jun. 10, 11:34pm

    This is just AWRSOME, I can’t wait! Bring on GT6!

  54. Jun. 10, 11:33pm

    The hype train is in full swing I see :)

  55. Jun. 10, 11:31pm

    We all know GT has Ferrari

  56. Jun. 10, 11:31pm

    When the deltawing is leading the 4 GT3 cars… what is the car wayyyy in the background? Ford GT?

    • Jun. 10, 11:33pm


    • Jun. 11, 12:08am

      Can’t confirm it, but based on the front nose, it looked like it!

  57. Jun. 10, 11:27pm


    • Jun. 10, 11:36pm

      No need to shout lol

  58. Jun. 10, 11:27pm

    there was also an Zagato alfa romeo in the video right after they show the z4 at willow

    • Jun. 10, 11:44pm

      As stated earlier T10 and Polyphony Digital have both been keeping a tite lip almost like a poker hand with their teases and previews. With the release if new platforms on the horizon the competition for new buyers in this market is make or brack. Microsoft 60M GT570M need I say more.

  59. Jun. 10, 11:26pm
    GT master42

    On the screenshot that shows the paddock diner at Willow springs. Notice how they’ve accurately modeled the rooftop fan and HVAC equipment, as well as the staining on the shingles, Talk about obsession with detail!

    • Jun. 11, 2:02am

      Ya even one of the units missing the side cover… so they modeled the inside of it LMAO!

  60. Jun. 10, 11:26pm

    there was also a Zagato alfa romeo in the video right after they show the z4 at willow

    • Jun. 11, 2:23am

      Yeah… But we already knew about that from the Silverstone GT6 reveal.

  61. Jun. 10, 11:26pm

    anybody notice that screenshots and demos of GT6 often show a time of 11:09? Release date? 11/9/13?

    • Jun. 11, 1:14am

      Why would a Japanese game company use the back-to-front American date system? (MM/DD/YY)

    • Jun. 11, 1:59am

      Because it would then show 9:11. Can you imagine the political implications of that here in the US?!

      Idk… it is an interesting idea though… Nov 9 would make sense

    • Jun. 11, 2:54am

      You have a point there, smskeeter… I didn’t think about that. I still expect GT6 to release in November/December, but I doubt the clock is a hint.

  62. Jun. 10, 11:25pm
    Ferrari Enthusi

    I am psyched. Sony has hit it out of the park!

  63. Jun. 10, 11:25pm

    I still have a few reservations about the game being a revamped version but I’m beginning to get excited about the game after E3 it may be the best GT ever

  64. Jun. 10, 11:25pm

    Even though the layout is not exactly the same, could Matterhorn be the tribute to Gridenwald GT2? ;)

    • Jun. 10, 11:47pm

      I think so. Wasn’t grindewald based on the matterhorn region?

    • Jun. 11, 12:05am

      Gridenwald and the Matterhorn are both in the Western Swiss Alps. However, Gridenwald is north of Rhone and Rhine in the Bernese Alps, and the Matterhorn is south of Rhone and Rhine in the Pennine Alps.

  65. Jun. 10, 11:25pm

    Did I see Complex String in the trailer???


  66. Jun. 10, 11:23pm

    Dear Lord!


  67. Jun. 10, 11:22pm

    The detail the detail. What of the set up sheets and tuning page?

  68. Jun. 10, 11:21pm

    DeltaWing!!!! Yes!!

  69. Jun. 10, 11:18pm

    Are we still getting the C7 vet in GT5 at the end of the summer when the car goes to the dealers?

    • Jun. 11, 1:55am

      But we already have it ?

  70. Jun. 10, 11:18pm

    Heard a bunch of different engine sounds. Hope this means they’re likely to sound as dynamic as it sounds in this trailer.

  71. Jun. 10, 11:16pm

    $399. Nothing more needs to be said.

    • Jun. 10, 11:49pm
      Tenacious D

      Sign me up, Dan-o! I have my money earmarked.

  72. Jun. 10, 11:16pm

    Z4 GT3 looks incredible! as does the SLS GT3! can not wait for this game!!

    • Jun. 10, 11:56pm
      Tenacious D

      Just today I downloaded a Crowne Plaza decal for Forza 4 because I knew it wouldn’t be much fun to create from scratch, and here, Kaz is teasing me with the GT3 Beemer. Please, God, make this year pass quickly…

  73. Jun. 10, 11:15pm


  74. Jun. 10, 11:14pm

    I was very impressed. BMW Z4 GT3, Nissan DeltaWing, Willow Springs Raceway & Matterhorn :D I can’t wait for some video clips from the demo from E3. It would’ve been even better if they showed bit of Bathurst during the presentation…

    • Jun. 10, 11:57pm

      *video clips of demo that played & recorded by GTP admins

  75. Jun. 10, 11:13pm

    I’m excited about GT6, but all I saw about the PS4 has sold me the console day one (if I manage to get the money).

    Did anyone heard the bomb that Sony dropped on Microsoft? We will still be able to sell and buy second hand games, no mandatory online play and same free online play. We still have a real console for at least another 10 years. You are the best SONY!!

    • Jun. 10, 11:15pm

      IKR! Was there any word on price?

    • Jun. 10, 11:22pm

      I stopped watching. I believe they didn’t say anything though. It’s not going to be cheap, but I’m hoping it won’t be unnecessarily expensive.

      Either way, I’m buying it. I’ll get a credit for it if it’s necessary XD

    • Jun. 10, 11:23pm

      $399, €399, £349

    • Jun. 10, 11:24pm

      Nevermind, I think we got an answer a couple of comments above. I am speechless if that’s true…

    • Jun. 10, 11:26pm

      It was the last thing they announced. :) Always stay to the end!

    • Jun. 10, 11:27pm

      THANK GOD! that why I been a playstation gamer from tye jump! Sony kicks ass!

  76. Jun. 10, 11:13pm
    Lazy Liquid


    • Jun. 10, 11:49pm

      me too bro. That’s the one really awesome thing about Grid, touge was incredible, I hope GT gets it. Those tracks are so fun to drive on

  77. Jun. 10, 11:13pm

    Oh My God I Want Summer To Be Over Already!

  78. Jun. 10, 11:13pm

    In other news, PS4 will SUPPORT used games, has no restrictions on disc based games, no need to be connected online to play, games will still work if you haven’t authenticated in 24 hours! In other words, PS4 just(in the words of Joe Pesci) kicked the everlovin s#!% out of ya Xbox!

    • Jun. 10, 11:15pm

      I wanted to cry when I heard that!! Did you hear the audience going crazy? Oh man, I don’t know what’s going to happen with the Spy Box, but they better up their game.

    • Jun. 10, 11:52pm
      Tenacious D

      I am SO glad Microsoft isn’t winning the console war. I know people will be quick to say that no megacorporation is all that wonderful, but I swear, M$ wants to own this planet and make us pay rent. GO SONY!!

  79. Jun. 10, 11:11pm

    Have faith brothers! PD will give us a hell of a game!

  80. Jun. 10, 11:10pm

    If that Quattro doesn’t have at least 500bhp, I will be so mad.

    • Jun. 10, 11:14pm

      It has 469hp, it says it on the car list screen shot

    • Jun. 10, 11:17pm

      Weird. I thought this Audi was the Group C monster with 800+ HP. Still, in Rally you don’t need much power. 469hp is insane for a rally car.

    • Jun. 10, 11:24pm

      The Audi Quattro only produced a little over 350bhp in its days as a Killer B

  81. Jun. 10, 11:08pm

    I love the way the PS4 looks, all black nothing to crazy or over the top, don’t like the spybox, and forza looked like crap, somehow you can tell the physics still sucked lol, can’t wait to see the future GT7&8 on this smaller more powerfull than spybox machine! Forza you better enjoy and take advantage of your two to four year head start on PS4s GT7, because your gonna need it!, I love how GT6 on PS3 is going to walk over F5 on a next gen console. And I hope Jordan or pd is not trolling us with the content above that we already seen and know about, the bmw and delta is really the only “new” content up there. Other than that TAKE THAT MICROSOFT SPYBOX!

    • Jun. 10, 11:53pm

      Everybody says that you’re just bashing forza by saying that but I noticed it too bro. Just look at the wheel closeups in the trailer. It went over bumps and looked incredibly fake like usual, maybe even worse than forza 4

      And I really love the design of the PS4 too. Plus it’s tiny, and will take up less electricity than Xbone because GDDR5 memory uses much less power, is twice as fast, and has a ton more bandwidth. So not only is PS4 a lot more powerful (CPU is a lot faster, 8 cores at 2.2 GHz, plus DDR5 RAM instead of oldschool DDR3 like Xbone), but it’s $100 cheaper.

      Although most of the conference sucked and was too slow, PS4 just won e3 by a mile and even the microsoft fanboys and IGN admitted it

  82. Jun. 10, 11:07pm

    Is it me or does the SLS in slide 18 seem to look more white than grey like we have seen in previous screenshots??

    • Jun. 11, 1:34am

      I noticed that too

    • Jun. 11, 12:29pm

      So, there’s a grey one AND a white one!

      Who…. the hell…. cares?

  83. Jun. 10, 11:07pm

    I hope that the screen shot of the Grand Valley East pre-race menu with temperature means that the tempurature will effect the track conditions!

  84. Jun. 10, 11:05pm

    Just Bloody WOW!

  85. Jun. 10, 11:04pm

    Very nice!

  86. Jun. 10, 11:03pm
    GT master42

    Completely impressed. I did not think the visual upgrade would be that big but wow…

    Also, let’s hope there’s more of where those sounds came from!

  87. Jun. 10, 11:03pm

    Did anyone else notice that there were Porsches in the DriveClub trailer…? This doesn’t mean GT will have them…


    You gotta wonder…

    • Jun. 10, 11:04pm

      They were Ruf. I saw the Ruf badge in the steering wheel.

    • Jun. 10, 11:10pm

      There is no reason we can’t have Porsche’s with the RUF badge on then to the same level we could have other current Porsche models. Maybe we could have an RUF GT3 race car to make up for not having the Porsche 911, the most classic model in the GT racing world!

  88. Jun. 10, 11:01pm

    And just when you thought GT’s graphics couldn’t get any better… you stop looking at your screen when a car shaped like male gentalia drives by.

  89. Jun. 10, 11:00pm

    Love the GT3 content :D.

  90. Jun. 10, 10:57pm

    I can’t wait to try out the Delta Wing. I’ve been looking forward to that since I first saw it.

  91. Jun. 10, 10:50pm

    I was hoping for “New Sound Model” to show up….

    • Jun. 10, 10:59pm

      But Matterhorn does look amazing. Time for 峠!

    • Jun. 10, 11:00pm

      Yup, that’s the only thing I care about…

    • Jun. 10, 11:04pm

      The Audi S1 did sound pretty nice.

  92. Jun. 10, 10:48pm

    sound lighting physics…

  93. Jun. 10, 10:44pm

    They had me at Matterhorn.

    • Jun. 10, 11:02pm

      They had me at “New”

    • Jun. 10, 11:10pm

      They had me at PS3

  94. Jun. 10, 10:43pm

    Let’s just wait for the demo shall we…

    • Jun. 11, 7:03am

      good things do come, to those who wait.

  95. Jun. 10, 10:39pm

    I just saw it. Man you guys are quick! First thing I noticed was the BMW Z4 and the Delta Wing. Not much shown, but definitely more to keep us craving for the game.

    Still watching the conference. there’s a lot of cool stuff presented so far.

    Oh, and the PS4 looks so weird XD

    • Jun. 10, 11:12pm

      I wish they kept the controller the same. The new one is weird to me.

    • Jun. 11, 2:15am

      I haven’t held it yet, so I’m not in a place to judge. I can get used to most controllers so it’ll probably be fine for me…

    • Jun. 11, 12:45pm

      The only REAL difference with the controller is that there is a bit sticking up between the ‘bumper’ buttons!

      The overall feel of it and how you hold it won’t be any different to what we have from the current controller!

      For about 3 weeks I used one of those aftermarket controllers for the PS3 with the Xbored set-up and got bad RSI in my left thumb. I bought a new Sony controller for the PS3 and the pain had gone

  96. Jun. 10, 10:38pm


  97. Jun. 10, 10:37pm

    Jesus those look absolutely incredible! Fantastic work yet again PD and SONY!

  98. Jun. 10, 10:36pm

    Wow…this is amazing. Holy cow. O_O

  99. Jun. 10, 10:36pm

    I´m just really looking foward for this game…Hope Midfield would be in it… =)

  100. Jun. 10, 10:35pm


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