Gran Turismo 6: More Hands-On Driving Impressions

June 2nd, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Two GTPlanet members, Synwraith (Maz) and GTP_Ingram (Alex), were involved in the setup and organization of the recent “15 Years of Gran Turismo” event at Silverstone, where Gran Turismo 6 was revealed.

Both Maz and Alex are former GT Academy finalists, and had extensive access to the Gran Turismo 6 demo which was on display at the event. The following are their impressions and comments on the game’s new driving physics. For more comments and photos, visit our GT6 forum.

I actually spent more than an hour on the GT6 demo, both the previous build and the last minute update build that Kaz and his team brought to the show that we installed literally less than an hour before people got on the pods.

I’ve spent a lot of time on GT5 Prologue and GT5 on the wheel, so I felt the change in physics straight away. I drove without driving aids except ABS set to 1, SRF was turned off, and found the cars were much more sensitive and jittery, especially the race cars. Kazunori’s GTR from Nurburgring 24hr was especially difficult. So you had to be much more gentle on throttle and careful with steering input but the smoother you were, the more reward there was.

Cars like the Dino and Countach were utterly sublime. The lower power meant you could really coax them around the tight International circuit and it was such a pleasure. Definite improvement in physics, Lucas Ordonez agreed with us as well that you could feel more of the car’s weight shift and behaviour and where grip was – that’s not to say it was any easier to hold onto the grip!

Alex (GTP_Ingram – former UK GT Academy Silverstone finalist), myself and even the Academy champs were spinning quite regularly in the first few laps, even at seemingly innocuous corners. I think the race tyres are more challenging than before, but the lower grip tyres are even more satisfying now.

By the end of the day I was desperate to spend more time on it because the physics were most pleasant, but for sure without driving aids the game is now even more of a challenge than before.

Regarding dampers, I actually don’t think I have any useful feedback. All I know is the rumbles on Silverstone were brutal if you hit them with any sort of decent steering angle going on with the settings I was running with. Only the GT3 SLS AMG was able to negotiate them with any sort of composure. That car was fabulous by the way, could push and push and push.

The KTM test driver was quite impressed with the X-bow’s physics in the game, so that’s quite an endorsement. Although he did feel it felt slower and less grippy in the game than he felt it should be, but we explained that he was comparing it to the Nurb GTR which was on race tyres and more powerful. The poor guy spent nearly 20 laps trying to get close to Alex’s “ghost”!

To be honest, because I never got to try it with headphones, a lot of the background noise often masked the clarity of the sound from the demo. I am guessing the build probably is quite early – certainly the build of demo that was on before the last revision ended up being very buggy. We couldn’t exit the race screen without it crashing, even restarting in the pause menu meant we had to reset. The frame rate for the demo was noticeably low too, something everyone familiar with GT5 commented on immediately.

I must say, thanks to the amount of time we spent on the Silverstone International circuit, I’ve grown to absolutely love that layout. The high speed first section is exhilarating and it was a surprise how early you had to brake and turn in to get optimum entry and exit…and goodness help you if you missed your turn in and had to take a second bite at the cherry! It was extremely satisfying to nail the late apexes of some of those tight and twisty mid-section corners. Getting on the power too early did result in some quite merciless snap-oversteer in just about all the cars I spent a significant amount of time in (Countach, Dino, SLS GT3, Nurb GTR, Ford GT, 370Z Academy edition non-tuned).

To give an idea of lap time, the SLS GT3 was capable doing 1’02 at the Silverstone International layout on Racing Hard without aids, the 370Z Academy edition on sports soft was clocking 1’12 – this in the hands of experienced GT wheel drivers.

In the last section of the track, after the chicane, the double right-hander seemed to work well if you got the cars into a very slight drift and just worked the power with a low steering angle. To begin with as I was getting used to the new and sensitive phyisics on the powerful cars I found it easier to almost make multiple small inputs as the smooth fluid approach seemed to be sending me into spins – but with time the latter approach proved faster as you would expect. Both Alex and myself were left wondering whether our first laps were the result of rustiness on our part or a definite shift towards higher sensitivity physics. I think we concluded it was a healthy mix of both.

Something else to add, Alex commented when watching the Academy champions how they were throwing the cars into the corners with super-late braking tactics, and when he was driving against their ghosts he was noticing that while he was quicker on exits in a number of spots, the Academy/real drivers were amazing on the brakes. After he saw how much more beans he could give the car on brakes, he found a lot of lap time.

Regarding any comparison with sim-racing PC physics, my only point of reference would by GTR Evo, and I wouldn’t say the physics of what I drove in GT6 Demo – for the time I drove it – were more similar to that than GT5, but that’s not any sort of detailed comparison so best to wait on that one. There was definitely the whole ‘Gran Turismo feel’ evident in the demo physics. I do recall that in the high speed left hander of turn 2 at Silverstone I could really sense the roll in the cars at that speed and under high aero load. That was really brilliant, I felt, especially in the SLS AMG GT3.

Regarding force-feedback (FFB), I’d find this a little hard to answer because I’m personally quite sensitive to hardware changes, so running at these events on the Thrustmaster wheels is immediately different for me compared to the Logitech G27 I use at home. I drive almost exclusively with FFB set to 1 on my home setup, so I may not be the best judge of this parameter. Also, I almost always find it harder to catch slides and spins on the Thrustmaster wheels than the Logitech ones. Having said that, I think my initial difficulty in finding the limit was a lot more down to unfamiliarity with the International layout at Silverstone because both Alex and I were able to push boundaries in cars and corners quite well after the initial time spent on the demo.

I found the racing hard tyres a bit more challenging than before, and the lower grip comforts and sports I really enjoyed. The Dino and Countach were so obviously different with the Countach’s understeer on entry quite different to the Dino’s more slidy and delightful manageable oversteer. I could feel more grip sensations – that’s not to say there was MORE grip – I could just sense more, but making some kind of sense of that and manipulating it would probably take me some getting used to.

The following are comments from Alex (GTP_Ingram):

Like Maz (Synwraith), I was lucky enough to be one of the first to play the GT6 demo, and my first impressions are very positive.

The handling seems to have been improved greatly over 5 (not that I ever had any serious criticisms of GT5 in this area). There seems to be a far greater feeling of weight transfer as you brake, turn in, and apply the throttle. The cars feel more responsive as a result, I drove the N24 GTR for some time (Lucas set a benchmark time, so I couldn’t just leave it unchallenged…) and compared to how it feels in 5, the difference is very pronounced. This, combined with the heavier feedback of the Thrustmaster wheels that the rigs utilised, caused a spin or two at first!

After getting settled I can say that any time I lost the rear of the car at low speed was down to me being greedy with the throttle or careless with steering. Nothing was jumping out at me saying “wow that didn’t take much to spin” while in the SLS, Dino, 370z or Countach. On the flip side, I didn’t feel that during the chicane at the end of the lap, or turn 3 hairpin, that it was handling vastly differently to how I remember GT5, and the exit of turn 3 hairpin was the spot that I had the most incidents. The occasions where I felt the cars slowly letting go and I had some time to catch them were all at the last corner, but that was 3rd/4th gear typically. In turn 4, the very small left hander between the tight right handers, going over the kerb with too much throttle and steering angle did cause some drama.

Of course, I’m happy that Silverstone is now included in the game, but what excited me more were the fleeting details disclosed about the course maker. During his presentation, Kaz showed the aerial view of a village in Andalucia, explaining how a circuit could be created from the roads both within the village and the surrounding countryside. This will be such a welcome break from the rather anodyne circuits that could be created on 5, where scenery extended as far as an occasional tree, and no further.

Overall, I have a lot of positives to bring from my time playing the demo, and I think we should be all excited for the game’s full release!

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  1. Jun. 4, 1:27pm

    The new revamped course maker blew my mind.

  2. Jun. 4, 1:08am

    Cannot wait the demo in July… but i think there are only Nissan cars right? because the demo is part of GT Academy 2013?

    • Jun. 4, 2:20am
      Pit Crew

      Nissans for GTAcademy but 10 different brand cars in the Demo…1 being a Nissan, The GT3 GT-R

    • Jun. 4, 8:01am

      If the demo is anything like what we experienced, there are a few manufacturers – Nissan (e.g. N24 GTR, 370Zs), Ferrari (e.g. Dino, 458), Lamborghini (Countach), Alpine, KTM (X-bow), Mercedes (e.g. SLS GT3), Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, LCC, Audi, Tesla etc

  3. Jun. 3, 9:37pm

    This July when the demo is out, it will be the first time in over 10 years since I played a demo of any game.

  4. Jun. 3, 7:08pm

    “Regarding any comparison with sim-racing PC physics, my only point of reference would by GTR Evo”

    WTF? Why? There is no excuse for that.

    “I drive almost exclusively with FFB set to 1 on my home setup,”

    uhhh… so basically no FF at all.

    • Jun. 3, 7:22pm
      Both Barrels

      I was thinking the same; If I set my wheel to FFB 1, I could spin it like a Frisbee.

    • Jun. 3, 8:13pm

      All he is saying is that the only pc racing sim he has played is GTR EVO…

      And hopefully he forgot a 0 on the FFB line… Cuz yeah that is no FFB…

    • Jun. 4, 7:57am

      “WTF? Why? There is no excuse for that.”

      Sure there is. I have lived in small apartments for the last 5 years where my wheel/stand has constantly had to live in storage, I live with my wife and my daughter where we work on different days so there is no time for me to play any video games of any sort, let alone other sims – especially on my quite low spec Desktop PC. I hadn’t even played Gran Turismo for nearly a year prior to some laps just before attending the 15th Anniv. event – didn’t help that my PS3 died in 2012 and didn’t get replaced until 2013. Sim racing is not my life, it is a hobby I enjoy when I have the time and freedom, which for the past 24 months has been virtually not at all.

      “uhhh… so basically no FF at all.”

      FFB set to 1, define that however you like. I drove with FFB 5 for the first year or so of my G25/G27 use and then gradually reduced it. Not necessarily due to discomfort, simply because I spent almost all my GT time exclusively on the WRS and time trialling where lap time was the most important factor in the settings I operated with, and I found a lower FFB was giving me better lap times.

    • Jun. 4, 9:52am

      I’ve tried FFB at all levels of the scale and I can see where a low FFB could make you faster because it forces you to be smooth. If not you add so much input that you’re constantly be spinning out or smashing barriers from plowing the apex.

      However for me personally it takes most if not all of the realism out of the steering component. Even if I am slower I think the FFB is essential to a realistic experience. Just my $0.02

  5. Jun. 3, 7:04pm

    I’m curious if any drivers took out the any of real cars at the Event around Silverstone to compare it to the Demo. Were there vehicles that were in the Demo at the Event?

    • Jun. 5, 10:30am

      Yeah. I tried to get a lap in… but the officials promptly blocked off the track and wisked me off to the pokie ;) Just kidding. Been playing with the idea of purchasing that British airfield track and comparing to The Stig’s times.

  6. Jun. 3, 4:59pm

    If this course maker is as good as it sounds….I’m just gonna be watching photo stream for a week….there’s just going to be loads of top sneaky photos to be had in this scenery!

  7. Jun. 3, 4:42pm

    Was just gonna say can’t really see any complaints for a change…

    • Jun. 3, 5:27pm

      It’s refreshing isn’t it

    • Jun. 3, 9:49pm

      Lol +100 @tpark103

    • Jun. 4, 6:06am

      @tpark103 No that’s horrible, basically a room full of sheep.

    • Jun. 4, 1:26pm

      No Apple has far bigger sheep than GT.

  8. Jun. 3, 4:24pm

    i wish and hope taht gran turismo 6 have a multiplayer splitscreen

    • Jun. 3, 5:33pm

      I hope the have an online Multiplayer

    • Jun. 3, 5:49pm
      Pit Crew

      @austin4500 ??? Your Kidding right?

    • Jun. 3, 11:06pm

      No I’m not KIDDING. I personal think its a good idea. But If u don’t Think so that’s up to you

    • Jun. 3, 11:51pm
      Pit Crew

      Well I guess you’ve been living under MT Everest or your talking about the demo, because its widely known that GT6 will have online multiplayer, just like GT5 has now. The details of GT6 expanded and improved online features were given to us back when the official announcement was released in May…

  9. Jun. 3, 3:18pm

    I wish an hope theres a course creator for the special stage route, (hoping to create c1 and wangan route areas) and hopeful theres one that id mountain/touge based. Livery really needs to make it this time around. Fingers crossed

  10. Jun. 3, 3:04pm

    “freeroam” in a racing game? Never gonna happen, not in this one. Maybe you can play Gta? And also, I very much doubt Poly is capable of doing a whole city when they couldnt even finnish Gt5 properly. Imported Ps 2 cars, same sound as Gt1, a half assed a-spec mode, no livery editor and so on…

    • Jun. 3, 3:52pm

      haters gonna hate

    • Jun. 3, 4:50pm

      With all the good vibe on GT at the moment….I don’t think he could contain Himself ..and just had to blurt something

    • Jun. 3, 7:06pm

      Yeah bif, that’s what’s called a kazach stain… lol

    • Jun. 3, 7:13pm
      Pit Crew

      LOL @ ScottiDawg . I almost teared up on that 1, I Iaughed so hard.

    • Jun. 3, 8:10pm
      Both Barrels

      LOL you guys, but kazach is right. Free roam? Go roll one and putt around your own Main Street…there’s nothing to see here…

    • Jun. 3, 8:15pm

      ^ bwahahahahaha….!!!!

  11. Jun. 3, 2:40pm

    I sure hope that PD doesn’t overlook all the wonderful “organic” road and city courses that they nearly eliminated in GT5. One of my biggest problems in GT5 what that it is much more “perfect planned race track” oriented, whereas I vastly prefer tracks which flow due to the natural surroundings – I like them rough and bumpy and natural feeling. This left me with basically only 2 tracks that I really loved in GT5, a handful of “meh” and a whole bunch of “don’t ever want to drive it agains”. For example, I like these tracks more than everything in GT5 except the Nurburgring: Seattle Circuit, George V Paris, Citta di Aria, Costa Di Almafi, Infineon Raceway, El Capitan and Midfield Raceway. AND I would choose these over most of the tracks in GT5: Opera Paris, New York, Hong Kong, and pretty much all the GT4 dirt and snow tracks.

    So I’m definitely in the “GT5 was a HUGE disappointment” camp and looking at GT6 to turn this around. Early reports look good. Let’s all hope we aren’t disappointed.

    • Jun. 3, 2:55pm

      Since We are getting only 7 new tracks on GT6, I don’t think that any of the tracks from the previous GT games will come into the game. It shouldn’t be that hard to upgrade them and sell them as DLC. God, PD has left out so many awesome tracks from GT5 :'(

    • Jun. 3, 4:29pm

      A REAL track creator would also work fine. That would allow people to recreate the general layout of their favorite tracks. But overall I would prefer PD simply do the job right and included all the old tracks that people repeatedly state that they miss.

    • Jun. 3, 4:46pm

      sangdude82 you mentioned 7 tracks yet GTP and GT Official site are reporting 19 “NEW” tracks.

    • Jun. 3, 5:02pm

      19 new layouts, not tracks.

    • Jun. 3, 5:02pm

      Oh, really? May be they’ve updated that info. I will check it out, thanks tpark103.

    • Jun. 3, 5:06pm

      I reckon asking for 19 new tracks from PD is not possible…

  12. Jun. 3, 2:06pm

    All I want to know and I think it should be very easily answered by the guys who actually played the demo is…

    Is it possible to do a standing start now?

    As in the cars behaviour being realistic from a standing start, not asking about the game allowing you to start a race from a standing start.

    • Jun. 3, 6:38pm

      Sorry I was not able to answer this for Scaff in the discussion thread or here for you, it never crossed my mind to carry out a standing start and check for torque steer etc. For most of our time we were carrying out tests on the machines/pods/equipment and then just fell – regrettably – into the same old WRS/GT Academy habit of going for laptime so both Alex and I became a little pre-occupied with beating our own ghosts in whatever we were driving.

    • Jun. 4, 1:32pm

      Aww ok, well thanks for the reply and feed back anyway.

  13. Jun. 3, 1:49pm

    I wonder if the improved the tire degradation realism. 1 lap at nurb should not finish off my rs tires…. Or at least I don’t think so.

    • Jun. 3, 2:48pm

      You realise that tyres can, within reason, degrade at whatever rate the manufacturer desires? The last few seasons of F1 are testament to that.

    • Jun. 10, 7:17pm

      Dude, mercedes is a joke
      their cars are so powerefull, but they DESTROY the tyres.
      i’m still impressed that rosberg stayed alot of laps with the same tyres SUPER SOFT on canada.

  14. Jun. 3, 1:47pm


    • Jun. 3, 1:50pm

      May be in GT7…

  15. Jun. 3, 1:21pm

    Low frame rate :( I hope PD can get a solid frame rate in the final game.

    • Jun. 3, 7:56pm

      30fps is not low … It’s quite the standard for current-gen games.

  16. Jun. 3, 1:19pm

    I am very much looking forward to next week’s E3. I think, we’ll get to know more about GT6. Maybe even a release date. Let’s wait and see what’s around the corner.

  17. Jun. 3, 1:19pm

    I hope the demo is online :D ValStream style! ^_^

  18. Jun. 3, 12:28pm

    I can hardly wait for the demo and the real thing. I have been a fan of this series since the first game was released in 1998 (I’m 27 now) and I played the demo at department stores when I was in the 7th grade after struggling with racing games – all starting with that bumper-car minigame in Cosmic Spacehead (I owned the Genesis version in 1995) by British developer Codemasters. Racing games were NOT my strongest specialty in the early-to-mid ’90s (yes, I struggled with Ridge Racer Revolution and Daytona USA on the PlayStation and Saturn as well before GT drastically changed all that).

    Seeing something exciting like this makes me wish Polyphony Digital re-released the first two games for download at the PlayStation Store as well as the excellent PSP game. I would love to see a Vita iteration of GT, too…

  19. Jun. 3, 12:18pm

    Why has the Couchach got ‘utterly sublime’ handling? I’m pretty sure every motoring journalist has openly said the Countach is a dog to drive…

    • Jun. 3, 2:27pm

      True. Hopefully by “sublime” he means the the experience of driving them was “sublimely realistic”. Because it should be a pretty terrible car to drive from everything I’ve ever heard or read about it.

    • Jun. 3, 4:50pm

      Shifting/clutch is heavy in the Countach. You can’t replicate how smooth or rough it is to shift. Steering you can somewhat with the FFB settings.

    • Jun. 3, 6:36pm

      Yeah that is what I meant, the handling felt true to what I’d expect of the Countach. It was heavy and understeery on entry, and under poweron exit it became oversteery. But not at all unmanageable, just challenging and genuinely enjoyable. The Dino was much more nimble and sharp on turn in. After the GT3 SLS everything that happened in the Countach and Dino appeared to be in slow motion anyway :)

  20. Jun. 3, 11:27am

    I’m gonna play the hell out of that demo in July :)

    • Jun. 3, 11:36am


    • Jun. 3, 11:52am

      Even if there is only 1 track and 9 cars.

    • Jun. 3, 11:53am

      Plus my disc drive broke so I can’t play gt5 until I fix it :'(

    • Jun. 10, 7:18pm

      even if the 9 cars are Different colored GTRs?

  21. Jun. 3, 11:20am

    It is such great news that they are bringing more realism (difficulty) to the physics. I still remember vividly how the GT5 prologue physics were fantastically rewarding. Unfortunately they had some issues with many of the MR and RR cars being wildly oversteer happy. I still think they “solved” this by simply programing in more forgiveness. Some of these issues even remained in GT5 for a while, but every time they “fixed” things the overall driving got to be less and less of a challenge, until it got to the point where you could make crazy idiotic mistakes and still catch the car nine times out of ten (a big reason why you’ll see so many bad drivers online keeping up reasonably well with the better drivers).

    If they really got it right this time that’s going to be wonderful for all of us.

  22. Jun. 3, 11:12am
    Pit Crew

    Jordan? did Kazunori mention something to the degree that the Track Creator for GT6 will be expanded with DLC layouts also?

    • Jun. 3, 2:13pm

      Yes he said this in presentation ….track editor is gonna be massive I bet!

    • Jun. 3, 5:23pm
      Pit Crew

      Yeah I heard that in the presentation video, just wanted to be sure I heard it right so I watched it again.

  23. Jun. 3, 10:58am

    Simply put, in the words of “Flounder” … This is gonna be great! ;)

  24. Jun. 3, 10:53am

    Jordan. Pah

    • Jun. 3, 12:54pm

      Care to elaborate, or are you just practicing noise making?

  25. Jun. 3, 10:23am

    Would it seem too much to ask of the developers, to create a track creator similar to that of Mod Nation Racers? I know that game is more arcade than anything, But the track creator was amazing. I know it wouldn’t be as robust as in Mod Nation racers, but the capabilities it has would be awesome in the Gran Turismo series. Didn’t Kaz himself create a track for Mod Nation Racers using the track creator? Now I know, like I said before, that it would be limited do to the majority of the resources of the game being put into the actual pre built tracks and premium cars… I’m just wondering if something like that would work in the Gran Turismo series….

  26. Jun. 3, 10:03am

    This is the kind of feedback that the game needs. The folks at PD and Sony, in the past, seemed as though most community feedback fell on deaf ears. Now that there are some opinions coming from very respected sources in the community, I feel like the game might make, and are making, many improvements. Time will tell.

  27. Jun. 3, 9:02am

    Hope we get another layout in the course creator. Like a city scape, where you can drive on the Interstate then exit into a downtown area. And the two others (Toscana countryside and Eifel racecourse) with more of a free hand in the design. PD has brought a totally new aspect to driving sims with it. Being able to re-create your favorites, like Road America or the old Hockemheim would turn the racing community on it’s ear.

    • Jun. 3, 12:14pm

      I wonder if the demo is going to have a version of the Course Maker.

    • Jun. 3, 12:16pm

      Sorry, that comment wasn’t supposed to be a reply! Must have been a bug. :)

  28. Jun. 3, 8:48am

    Thank you, Jordan, to bring us these great feelings! :tup:

  29. Jun. 3, 8:06am

    Thanks a lot guys
    Precious review indeed
    I can’t wait to try the July demo

    The new track maker option is really interesting
    Also, I can’t wait Bathurst to be confirmed, for what I saw on the web it will be a lot of fun!

  30. Jun. 3, 6:45am

    GT6 is a great improvement in physics for sure. But we can’t compare with GT5 if we use differents wheels, and old G27 vs and reffined and smoother T500RS, only that make a huge difference in the feel of physics !!!

    I remember the wheel for demos of GT5 was a cheap Logitech about 100 dollars and for GT6 we have a 500 dollars wheel…

    So i really believe in that physic improvement, but that’s not the way for comparing from both games.

    • Jun. 3, 6:50am

      The option of track maker within the village is GREAT !!!

  31. Jun. 3, 5:17am

    The new course maker sounds good, I just hope we have enough options to create copies of real world tracks. The main reason I goto rFactor or Race 07 is to race on tracks I have just been watching a real race on, be it F1, Moto GP or BTCC etc, the modding community on these sims develop a vast number of tracks, and it would be great if we could have our own GT modding community of sorts, developing real world tracks for GT.

  32. Jun. 3, 4:59am

    Kudos to Jordan and his folks! It’s great to hear these feedbacks since GT6 seems way above GT5 on the physics side. My concern is that for the average players like me, who drive with skid recovery ON and ABS set on 1 (don’t laugh!); will the game be “less accessible”? On month left before we can all get to experience what you privileged dudes have already enjoyed.
    Good work again!

    • Jun. 3, 9:56am

      I’m willing to bet that improved physics will only make gran turismo MORE accessible. Closer to a real car feeling, more intuative feedback for the driver- all of this leads to an ease of understanding, which makes the learning process of how to drive the cars much faster.

      Harder to control at the razor’s edge, but easier to figure out how to be ‘generally’ quick.

  33. Jun. 3, 4:36am

    After GT6 is released, it will sorta mess up the current history of Gran Turismo:
    There have been big jumps between each GT game however, the next 1 isn’t very big…

    GT1- Genesis, the first game to bring a new sim to the world that will always be special and I would be happy to play 3yrs from now
    GT1-> GT2 Improved massively on the number of cars + improving graphics and the graphics,
    GT2 -> GT3 Brought a big leap in graphics and had you stuck to A-spec for months!
    GT3 -> GT4 took the large number of cars from GT2 and added to them and took the quality of GT3 and added to it
    GT4 -> GT5 brought online features, premium cars and so many new features to add to the social aspects
    GT5 -> Polishes GT5, adds a few more features to the current 1s as well as fixing them, more cars, a few more tracks, takes away graphic bugs brings a new engine…

    Its not right to say GT6 is a GT5 Spec 3.0 cus you cannot put the features of GT6 into GT5 thu updates, its impossible due to the differences in engines, I would happily play any previous GT games cus each 1 was soo distinct from one another, GT6 is everything that GT5 is + what GT5 was suppose to be

    *GT5 is GT6 Prologue* a small stepping stone for PD to get to GT6

  34. Jun. 3, 4:18am

    Great review… so excited for GT6, does any one know any news if Bathurst is definantly going to be on GT6… Iv’e heard it is but i can’t find any confirmation (fingers crossed) :)

    • Jun. 3, 5:59am

      No literal conformation as yet, but it sounds like it will be there! If not in the game on release, it should make an appearance as an early DLC!
      I’ve seen what Shift has done with Bathurst and though it looks quite good, as with all these other non-GranTurismo games, it has that badly lit cartoon quality about it! I’m sure PD will do a much better job!!!

    • Jun. 3, 8:05am

      Don’t get me wrong i love Silverstone and it look’s great in comparison to the real circuit, but i’m so pumped for Bathurst. Watching some Youtube vids of onboard action you can see how busy the driver is in cockpit view. I can’t wait to wrestle with the car with so much undulation on the track along with these new GT6 physics, its going to be a hell of a drive (providing it is in the game)

    • Jun. 3, 12:05pm

      We also want the V8 Supercars that we here in Australia race!

      Holden and Ford were joined by Nissan and Mercedes this year and there have been rumours of Chrysler and Toyota joining up either next year or 2015. This development in the V8 Supercar Series would make for interesting racing in GT6, if only we could have MORE cars on the track! At the moment it’s 16, but could you imagine 24 in an online room or 32 in arcade?

      An idea just came to mind… Instead of going to the dealerships of Ford, Chev or Toyota and picking out a NASCAR in the livery of whatever driver you want, there is only ONE plain white NASCAR per manufacturer (because they’re all the same PP and BHP) that you purchase, take to GTAuto and THEN you can select from, say, 8 liveries in which to clad your car? Any new drivers in future seasons would have their liveries as either an update or DLC!

      The same goes for the Australian V8 Supercars!

    • Jun. 4, 3:07am

      cool thanks guys yea shift bathurst looked ok just didn’t like the physics and yes the v8’s would be awsome. even if they all handled the same just with differnt livery on them. Always wanted a holden conterpart when my mates and I ran XR8 races in GT5 (esp being a holden man ;)

  35. Jun. 3, 3:49am

    God, I love reading GT stuff from people who actually know what the hell they’re talking about. The major gaming sites are so lacking in that department.

    • Jun. 3, 4:53pm

      + 1^^^

  36. Jun. 3, 3:43am

    Going to be really disappointed if we don’t get to drive the full Silverstone circuit. Are we witnessing the death of 3.5 and 4 mile long circuits?

    Great news on the course creator. The inner city loop sounds like its going to something of a rally or time trial circuit. Fine with me. Still waiting for more information on how much of a free hand we’re going to get.

    • Jun. 3, 4:06am

      @infamousphil – If you go back to the article Jordan did on his first drive in the KTM, the video shows ALL THREE layouts of the Silverstone Circuit in the course selection section before the other options came up!

    • Jun. 3, 8:30am

      Thanks Scottie, Jordan. The “Gran Prix” circuit is one of my all time favorits.

  37. Jun. 3, 3:33am

    Interesting read. Some of these real race car drivers are having trouble staying on the road? Hmmm. Hope this doesn’t mean I won’t be able to keep up. It’s hard enough already.

    • Jun. 3, 4:01am

      You’ll have to turn SRF on ;-p

    • Jun. 3, 4:33am
      Maddens Raiders

      Sounds really really challenging! I can’t wait for GT6!

    • Jun. 3, 8:07am

      SRF on? Am l the only one that is slower with SRF on?

    • Jun. 3, 12:02pm

      No Phil, SRF kills me too, especially when the car goes into a skid and wants to completely brake for you lol.

    • Jun. 3, 6:27pm

      You should’ve seen me catch that mean slide through that 1st turn, Progress. I though, for sure, I was going to slap the wall. If I had that SRF on, who knows…?

  38. Jun. 3, 3:31am

    Nice little write up. I am really looking forward to the demo next month as well as GT6 release later this year.
    The revised course maker looks a lot better but it must include a way that you can upload the track to a server so to share with everyone leave comments etc etc. the current way of saving a track is hamfisted. Also poi t to poi t racing is a must.

    I bought Grid 2 this weekend which I like and ok for an “arcade racer” it really felt the difference in handling between That and GT5 . GT5’s was slow and stiffer but i delt more comfortable with that.
    One of the things from that I would love to see is the Red Bull Ring track, the North, South and GP variants. I was storming through that and just loving every minute of it racing around the track, perhaps one of the 7 new ones? The “car” editor is a must where you can plaster yer car with all sorts of nonsense is also something I would like to see. Although the “No Genitalia” option is a must!!!
    Also would like to see a You Tube style uploader option added.

    • Jun. 3, 12:14pm

      Yeah, I loved the Red Bull Ring too. Since PD has a good relationship with Red Bull, they shouldn’t have much problem with scanning the track and bring it to GT6. I also liked Brands Hatch & Yas Marina Circuit as well. I doubt that Brands Hatch will make into GT6 but Yas Marina Circuit might have a chance to come in as a DLC.

  39. Jun. 3, 3:29am

    Why do people involved in motorsport always have to say “for sure” in everything they say?

    • Jun. 3, 4:03am


    • Jun. 3, 4:11am

      I agree, for sure!

  40. Jun. 3, 1:39am

    Great right up. Very nice to hear.

    I was practically celebrating when he said the racing tires are much more challenging than the ones in GT5. I think that may be one of my biggest complaints about GT5, the Racing Softs, and even the racing mediums a bit just don’t feel realistic at all to me. Especially the softs just feel like a joke on most cars in my opinion. Sounds like they addressed that issue.

    I’m also super excited about that course maker location too. That small city part of it looks like I may finally be able to have something in place of Costa di Amalfi and citta di Aria from GT4. I hope they give you enough options on the course maker to really hone in what you want, but the fact that you can make tracks go through the city is enough to make me happy for now. I hope there’s more course maker settings like that one.

    I loved the course maker in GT5, however it’s true, the environments definitely get a bit boring. Plus more freedom would be good. But as an idea, I truly believe course maker is the best recent new feature added to any sim. It just adds so much depth to the game. My biggest complaint about GT5p was a lack of tracks. That game really made me appreciate something like the course maker in GT5 even though it wasn’t the best

    • Jun. 3, 4:48am

      Definitely, the new course maker will be good, but they need to get rid of that cheering and clapping – it is so darn annoying!!! Particularly as there is barely any crowd there…

      They showed Andalucía as one of the course maker options, but are there any OTHER new ones? I’d like to be able to make use of all the extra roadways around Tokyo R246, Clubman Route 5 (SSR5/SSR11), Route 7, Seattle, New York, Hong Kong or Seoul!

      One of the other problems I find with GT5’s course maker is that the track you make can’t be run (officially) in reverse!

      If you go back to the launch video, you will see a totally redesigned Citta di Aria! At least, that’s what it looks to be anyway… As for Costa di Amalfi, we’ll just have to wait and see – that was one of my favourite tracks and I hope it comes back!!

  41. Jun. 3, 1:23am

    Interesting write-up Jordan.

    • Jun. 3, 2:53am


    • Jun. 3, 2:57am

      I hope that they’ve added that jerk when your in automatic when it shifts

  42. Jun. 3, 1:17am

    Anyone want to see PD do a Tourist Trophy 2?

    • Jun. 3, 1:37am


    • Jun. 3, 5:00am

      TT2? They could do that on the PS4 and incorporate it with GT7!
      No cars and bikes in the one race, but access to both when you go online and the host chooses what they want to run. In the race option menu the host can choose Lambo’s, GT300, GT500, Karts etc… Why not motor bikes? Now THAT would be fun!!!

  43. Jun. 3, 1:11am

    Thanks for a great report also to all involved.

  44. Jun. 3, 1:10am

    That last bit of news about the course maker is possibly the best GT news i’ve ever heard.

  45. Jun. 3, 1:09am
    Ferrari Enthusi

    Looking forward to the demo & the complete game!

  46. Jun. 3, 12:13am

    I am really looking forward to trying out the new Course Maker

  47. Jun. 2, 11:27pm

    I haven’t read it yet, but I appreciate this so much, Jordan.

    • Jun. 2, 11:28pm

      *we appreciate this

  48. Jun. 2, 9:45pm

    Great to hear about the physics. But did anyone read the paragraph at the end of GTP_Ingram’s feedback!? He said that: “Kaz showed the aerial view of a village in Andalucia, explaining how a circuit could be created from the roads both within the village and the surrounding countryside.” How awesome would that be for, not just for the Gran Turismo series, but for the whole world of video gaming!?

    • Jun. 2, 9:52pm

      YES!! :D Love the sound of that, and can’t wait to try that out in the new updated course maker. :)

    • Jun. 2, 10:21pm

      Definitely my number 1 coolest feature on GT6. Can’t wait to try it out.

    • Jun. 2, 11:24pm


    • Jun. 2, 11:29pm


    • Jun. 2, 11:32pm

      Them tight alleyways of Andalusia remind me of cita di aria track, would love to run thru them roads again.

    • Jun. 3, 1:17am

      I very much miss the Cita Di Aria Track of GT4 and besides the coursemaker, I’d like that track to be included in GT6. Also, the track/setting of the Isle of Man TT would be an exciting addition to GT6 or a possible Tourist Trophy 2.

  49. Jun. 2, 9:12pm
    Both Barrels

    This is glorious feedback. I would classify myself as a purely technical driver, and the new physics dynamic sounds like it’ll be right up my alley. I may explode before the demo hits.

    • Jun. 2, 10:20pm
      Pit Crew

      LOL@ Both Barrels I Agree my friend. I can see from the feedback that my present driving technique could get me in alot of trouble on GT6, but my drift style will probably grow by leaps and bounds.

    • Jun. 2, 11:06pm
      Both Barrels

      I hope so, I wanna see you drift that X-Bow…

    • Jun. 3, 1:16am
      Pit Crew

      You got it bro, thats a promise :tup:

  50. Jun. 2, 9:02pm

    Already have my copy of GT6 preordered! I’m getting excited for E3 and the future!

    • Jun. 2, 10:29pm

      How? I just went to Gamestop today to see if I could & they didn’t have any information on it.

    • Jun. 2, 11:25pm

      Wait. Definatly. Stupid autocorrect

    • Jun. 2, 11:27pm

      That’s not possible. You can’t preorder it at all from anywhere. And if u did I feel sorry for u cause you just paid for a fake game that is probably gt5 just recovered and says gt6

    • Jun. 3, 12:57am

      I’m preselling copies of GT 6. But with my copies you will also gain access to a Nigerian Prince who occasionally needs to move money out of the country, quite legally might I add, with your help.

    • Jun. 3, 1:27am
      The Stig Farmer

      Amazon in the UK are taking preorders.

    • Jun. 3, 4:14am

      You don’t actually pay for pre-orders until it is about to ship, so no one has lost anything. It just gives the suppliers an idea how many pallets of GT6 they need to order themselves…

    • Jun. 3, 8:41am

      Gamestop has preorders. You just need ti go to the desk and ask. It should be a $5 deposit. Also, its in gamestop’s website.

    • Jun. 3, 9:27am

      Amazon US is taking preorders too. I wont be doing that until the release date is announced though.

    • Jun. 3, 11:39am

      I just went to GameStop and they are not preordering it yet But you can preorder it from amazon.

    • Jun. 3, 12:58pm

      I correct my statement – pre-ordering online doesn’t cost you anything. Not having any games stores nearby, I always order online.

  51. Jun. 2, 8:58pm

    While most people think they are doing something with racing soft tires on street cars, they really are not, 505pp on racing soft lol, 550pp on racing soft lol. The most fun we had was street cars at 600pp on comfort softs, it was a good feeling taking a 700+ hp ZR1 on the ring, and when you hit third gear you have to feather the throttle to prevent wheelspin. Thats one of the many things you can experience on the proper tires. And thats something you can’t experience using racing soft all on any street car. Comfort tires FTW!!!

    • Jun. 2, 9:50pm

      I want to laugh so hard when I see someone in a Miata on Racing Softs. Even the 370z in Sports Softs like this guy tested it is rather pathetic.

      I don’t go further than Sports Hard, unless it’s the Viper ACR, McLaren F1 or any other race ready street car, in which I use Sports Mediums. Anything below 400hp is Comfort Softs all the way.

    • Jun. 3, 12:40am

      I can’t wait to try this on GT6 :

    • Jun. 3, 1:43am


      with you too Husky. I can’t stand people using racing softs on cars like that. It makes me sick.

      The other day, I joined a shuffle race because at least in those I know we’ll use proper tires. Then the host decided we would use our own cars, set it to 500pp, and didn’t restrict the tires. HOW DO YOU GO FROM DRIVING 450-500pp cars on comfort soft/sports hard to wanting to drive 500pp on racing soft? How can they not see how stupid that is?

      Racing soft tires ruined online racing in GT5

    • Jun. 3, 2:06am

      I go for sports Med/Hard… the comfort tyres seem unrealistically under grippy, Ive driven my own car in the game with comfort tyres and its sliding and wheel spinning all the time, only time thats happened in the real car is when my tyres were almost bald and needed changing.

      I understand the challenge and fun comfort tyres can bring to players, but for me they annoy me for gripping like theyre made from greased ice haha

    • Jun. 3, 4:17am

      Adjusting PP like PD did in GT5:P for softer compounds would stop some of that.

    • Jun. 3, 5:12am

      Would it really be too difficult to leave people alone to play the game the way they want to? Its their Playstation. Its their GT5. Its their Home. Its their online experience too …can they not be left alone? Personally I never use racing tyres on anything but 650PP cars but should I stop doing that because “some guy” uses Comfort Softs on 700PP cars? I do not care …leave me to enjoy MY GAME the way I want. Sheesh …surely there are more worthy things to have a gripe about guys?

      I intend teaching my 10 and 12 year old sons about Gran Turismo. If they feel more comfortable using Racing Softs, I would appreciate it if you guys would leave them alone to do it in peace. In time they will move to better tyres and when they do, I will ask them to ask you experts for advice but in the meantime, PLEASE leave people alone to enjoy the game in the way they desire PLEASE!

    • Jun. 3, 10:25am
      Pit Crew

      Agreed Johnny Piston. It’s pretty petty to worry about how the next player is playing Their game on their PS3. If I want to use Sports or Comforts, or Aids or no aids, it shouldn’t effect anyone who wants to use Racing tires or SRF to the degree that I have to come into a gaming forum like gtplanet and throw them under the Bus over it.

    • Jun. 3, 1:51pm

      I think we were a bit misunderstood here. I don’t really care how people play their game on their own.vI think those tires are forgivable in cars such as the F1, FGT, Group C or even the LM Prototypes, but still in those 800-900hp race cars is going a bit too far.

      So yeah, do what you want on your own, just don’t bring crap like a GTR on Racing Softs online when people want a fair and realistic race. I hope PD finally makes tires count on the PP in GT6.


      Yes, in some cars CS feel way too under grippy, especially in some FF cars that don’t even exceed 250HP, or in some extreme cases, like the Vitz RS which doesn’t steer at all. In those cases I think it’s fair to jump to SH.

    • Jun. 3, 6:29pm
      Both Barrels

      Rated E for everyone. Nuff said.

  52. Jun. 2, 8:51pm

    I reccon PD could make a whole heap of money right now if they released what they have right now as a GT6 Prologue, I never had the GT5 one, but I think I would get the one for GT6, if they’d ironed out the physics just the way they liked it, had a couple of races in there. obviously ditch online anything for that, and yeah, a cheap little showcase of whats to come in 6 months time.

  53. Jun. 2, 8:50pm

    Great write up Jordan sounds like you had a great day out…what was the buzz like with the promoters..did they seem excited about what there up we are about what may be in the future…keep up the good work !

  54. Jun. 2, 8:39pm

    There are so many things I would love for the new Gran Turismo.
    I would like them to bring some… All of the original tracks from the previous games. Asphalt, tarmac, dirt, snow. Everything.

    I would also like every track to have 24hr time/weather changes.
    Improving the sounds would be an added bonus. I mostly play Gran Turismo, I don’t really mind the sound as much, it’d still be nice.

    • Jun. 2, 8:43pm

      Also, as what GT3 / GT4 did, I want my save file to transfer over – at least to some degree.

    • Jun. 2, 8:54pm

      Me too…I don’t want them to take anything out of the game…just bring more stuff back…and add more stuff in the future….any word on b-spec?

    • Jun. 3, 5:38am

      Pace Car on Rolling Starts
      Le Mans style starts! (Running to and starting your car)
      White flag/Chequered flag at trackside
      Black flags and DNF’s
      Drive Through Penalties (instead of ghosting and slowing down and having cars drive through you!)
      B-spec combined with A-spec
      Access to GTAuto while online (oil changes, engine rebuilds, add aero parts, car wash etc…)
      Reverse direction on Course Maker tracks should be an option (I hate One Direction!!) [lol]
      Transfer ONLY favourites from GT5 (cars and tracks)
      Bring back the old cars like Phaeton, Intrepid, Nissan Drag Cars and F1 Espace, (as Premium models)
      A higher limit on Cr. (20,000,000 is just not high enough – make it 999,999,999 like in GT4 and all before it!)

    • Jun. 3, 11:48am

      All of those seem amazing except for the lemans style start, that will probably never happen. But would be fun

  55. Jun. 2, 8:25pm

    No comment until they give a full review of the street cars on Comfort Mediums or Softs (like it really should be), or when I try the game myself.

    Either way, I know this will be the drive of our lives. I’m excited and I can’t wait.

    • Jun. 2, 8:39pm

      When I can do real world 2.8sec 0-100kmh in a GT-R on SH tyres, then ill trust it. Can’t wait to get that SLS GT3!

    • Jun. 3, 1:45am

      You can’t do that in real life either. Plus, GT5 didn’t simulate launch control on any of the cars. Without launch control a GT-R does above 3.5sec. Not to mention, even Nissan never said 2.8, they said 2.9 which no magazine has hit yet. Don’t trust manufacture 0-60 times, they’re almost always a lie.

  56. Jun. 2, 8:17pm

    @Toko, lol, I dont hate you, like I said before, you you seem like your just as excited as me or the next gt fan, but I just did not understand a comment you said in a forza forum agree with a forza fan that he was not expecting much from gt6, and you ended your comment with a “hehe”. But other than that, I look forward to gt6 and hey maybe even taking a few laps around the nurburgring with one of GTs biggest fans! :)

    • Jun. 2, 8:40pm

      Oh haha. I don’t quite remember what I was said in the Forza forums sadly, but I’m sure I didn’t mean it the bad way, honest. :( The “hehe” however was just a friendly laugh, nothing bad. I can’t wait to meet you and others at the Nurburgring in GT6, it’s gonna be a blast racing with you all. :D

  57. Jun. 2, 8:05pm

    This news is awesome, and great feedback! Can not wait to try out the demo! :D

    I really hope vr6cas doesn’t pop in and start his hate towards me just because I commented. :P

  58. Jun. 2, 8:01pm

    I’m a little worried that he mentioned “spin” 5 times in the article. As we all know GT5 had problems with cars spinning and unrealistic wheel spinning psychics.

    • Jun. 3, 1:55am

      hahahaha NOOB ALERT

      There’s only one sim I’ve played that was easier to catch spins than GT5, and that’s netkar PRO. GT5 has some of the best tire feel in any sim

      Maybe if you stopped using racing soft tires 24/7, you’d be able to see that.

      Let me give you honest advice though, seriously. When I started playing GT PSP, I used to always use racing softs too. And I used driver aids for a while. Slowly though, I got rid of the driver aids, and started playing GT5p. Eventually I also stopped using racing tires on cars that didn’t need it.

      What I’m trying to say is, if you used less grippy tires, not only is it a hell of a lot easier to save a slide, it will make you an all around better driver. That’s legit. The less grippy tires forces you to be much smoother with your inputs, and smooth=fast

    • Jun. 3, 2:11am

      Its an honest worry, I dont want to buy a game that would mean I have to keep driver aids on because theyve made the cars way to twitchy because they think thats the cut and shut of it… plus this is the first time I’ve ever read about the Countach having ‘utterly sublime’ I’m pretty sure I’ve read in many car reviews that state clearly the countach is a dog to drive…

  59. Jun. 2, 7:49pm

    Silverstone is great and all, but I can’t wait to see these pyhsics changes on “the” track, the nurburgring. Pretty positive feedback, in which I expected, I mean it is Gran Turismo! I didnt like the part where they was talking about the system crashes and fps, but I think that will be fixed by release. Another thing I like how they was driving on different tire compounds on the right cars they should be driven on. But in all honesty most GT players will probaly get the game and right away slap racing softs on everything they drive which is a big LOL. A stock dino on racing softs is LOL. To all the racing soft on everything community, notice how he said he could feel the different physics, weight transfer, wheel spin, braking distance, etc etc, on comfort or sport tires. Putting racing soft on everything is really taking the experience away from you, just saying. Racing soft tires is ruining your driving experience. Think twice before you use these tires when gt6 does arrive, comfort and sport will give you the true driving, simulator, and gran turismo experience.

  60. Jun. 2, 7:49pm

    Excellent, well written!

    Can’t wait for the video of the SLS GT3

  61. Jun. 2, 7:31pm

    LOL!! Everyone tries to make excuses for the sounds! Just be honest…

    • Jun. 2, 8:06pm

      seriously LOL “oh it was a mono signal” “i couldn’t really tell because of the headphones” etc etc let’s face it the sound design is still garbage, which is why they’re spending less than a sentence on it.

    • Jun. 2, 8:13pm

      ^ I thought you were busy playing GRID 2, ugh…

    • Jun. 2, 9:18pm

      ^ i am, it’s a good time waster until GT Academy, oh and the engine sounds are miles ahead of PD :)

    • Jun. 2, 9:57pm

      ^ lol, I was thinking about getting GRID 2 myself. :) Sounds like fun. :tup:

  62. Jun. 2, 7:20pm
    Pit Crew

    Really excited now for the demo, and great feedback from GranTurismos finest. GT6 is gonna be a blast.

    Definitely seems like im gonna have to change my technique a lil bit, but it’ll be worth it.

  63. Jun. 2, 7:14pm

    The Start-Up Race Menu gives that GT4 vibe. :)

  64. Jun. 2, 7:06pm

    Can’t wait for GT:A 2013.

  65. Jun. 2, 6:59pm

    Amazing feedback guys! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see more videos and media… E3 and the Demo on July will be amazing.

    Can’t wait.

  66. Jun. 2, 6:52pm

    Great comments Maz and Alex :)! I trust these comments highly as I know you love this sort of thing compared to any review site!!

  67. Jun. 2, 6:51pm

    The more info, the better.

  68. Jun. 2, 6:50pm

    Read through it all, excellent feedback. I am really excited for this game and cannot wait to start racing in leagues again! :)

  69. Jun. 2, 6:50pm

    July can’t come quick enough.

  70. Jun. 2, 6:49pm

    THIS is the news I was waiting for! Some nice positive feedback from people who know the game! Bring on GT6!!!!

  71. Jun. 2, 6:49pm

    Sounds like this will be an amazing driving experience, which is what GT is all about. I love it. Definitely holding on to my PS3 for this. That means I will have both a PS3 and PS4 for awhile! Holiday season this year is going to be amazing.

  72. Jun. 2, 6:49pm


  73. Jun. 2, 6:48pm

    This sounds absolutely brilliant, I really hope they aren’t just sugar-coating it for us.

    • Jun. 2, 7:19pm

      it’s first impressions, of course it wouldn’t be nitty-gritty detail. when the game releases, where everything would be finished and everyone will have more time to play through, things won’t be so sweet-sounding.

    • Jun. 2, 7:26pm

      I hate to say it, but yeah you’re probably right.

  74. Jun. 2, 6:48pm


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