Gran Turismo 6 Online Service Maintenance Coming Feb. 26th

Gran Turismo 6

Polyphony Digital has announced the online services for Gran Turismo 6 will be closed for approximately two hours on Thursday, February 26th, starting at 08:00 GMT/UTC (convert this to your local time here).

Although these maintenance notices do not necessarily confirm an update for the game is about to be released, they do typically precede their launch.


The next update for GT6 – version 1.16 – is going to be a big one. It’s already confirmed to bring B-Spec Mode and a new track, Midfield Raceway – the second-most-wanted circuit according to the GTPlanet community. The Mini Clubman Vision GT car has also been teased this week without a specific release date.

Stay tuned!

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  1. FerrariFXX 07

    My thoughts:
    Midfield- favorite of mine, GT4 was a great game (sadly my PS2 died recently) and loved this track for its simplicity yet high speed. Awesome!
    B-spec: Again, GT4s was excellent, had lots of fun with that, can’t wait to see what GT6 brings to the table.
    Paintable Rear Wings: Cool Idea. Designing our cars, one step at a time.
    VGTs: Mini looks great! I think this will be in the update. I’m not sure about the other 2 though. Didn’t they say they were coming in Spring? (It’s still winter where I am!)
    Also, hidden changes will be popular here, since it’s a big update. Sure there’s a few things in there!

  2. warpkez

    It would be funny if the scheduled outage is purely to update the servers with the latest security updates.

    There was an PS3 update (4.70) recently that may be causing issues with the servers.

    1. another_jakhole

      It would be a good thing if it turns out to be the case. So soon after the firmware update released and soon afterwards they manage to fix those issues? Either way, it’s not long now until PD release the next update, unless it’s at the end of March.

  3. Schmiggz

    I’m excited about the midfield raceway. It’s an enormous idea bring this beautiful track back. How many of you Granturismo 4 players don’t have great memories of tremendous overtaking maneuvers at the breaking for the hairpin before the tunnel into the main straight? Oh boy! Bring it… bring it :)

    1. Il_Conte_Sky

      C-Spec would be a Team manager mode, with less control on B-Spec Bob and more control on the team budget, managing where and when subscribe to some Championships, with a seasonal system (1 champ = 1 season, with 2-3 champs being able to participate at the same time per season, just like Nissan motorsport in Blancpain, V8SC and WEC)
      OK, i nerd to refrain my mind

    2. mark wolf

      So D-Spec would be like you have no control over the car, driver, teams or anything, and you basically just pay money to watch the race and cheer on your favourite car while waving a flag with their driver number.

  4. GT FM Jay1997

    This is it then the update could be here. They best bring in track maker or I will start a riot if it is b spackhead mode only.

  5. RacingHardTV

    Good Job to the whole staff of PD! I don’t want to judge about it, like “Why no Course Maker?” (I go to GT5 and drive with my Calsonic GT-R on the track)
    The new functions in the B-Spec Mode are good, had a veeeeery intense race until the very last curve at Tsukuba, cause my fearful Bob did not used the full power of the SLR McLaren.

    1. occasionalracer

      Not if B-spec Bob takes care of the racing for you.. he will gladly tear it up on Midfield while you’re working away : )) hahaa

      I do not B-spec btw, so my Playstation will stay off until I, Mr. A-spec, have the time to do the first laps.. and I’m sure we all will : )) GT4 memories, here we come!

    1. TeamCZRRacing


      Oh, and by the way, we added 16-car arcade races with options for damage, tire wear and fuel consumption.


  6. TRLWNC7396

    AAAHHHH!!!!! I’m likely to get snowed in tonight, and they have to wait until TOMORROW!!!????? AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    Oh, well, I’ll have all weekend. ;)

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