Gran Turismo 6 Online Service Maintenance Coming March 10th


Polyphony Digital has announced online service maintenance for Gran Turismo 6 on Monday, March 10, at 04:00 GMT/UTC (click here to convert this to your local time). As always, you’ll be unable to use the game’s online features during the maintenance period.

Although a maintenance notice certainly does not guarantee a game update will be made available, major revisions and additions to the game are typically released after maintenance periods.

Of course, an update for the game is now long overdue. In January, a major update was announced to be coming in February, along with a curious new track based around Zahara de la Sierra, Spain, but it missed the announced launch window.

Stay tuned; we’ll keep a close eye on the maintenance to see what it may bring…

GT6 Photomode image by THE R!CE GUY.

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Comments (114)

  1. Isho

    It still blows my mind that the BRZ doesnt produce any sound. This should’ve been fixed right after the release. Hope they will do it soon.

    1. Makkan786

      I was actualy wondering that the brz doesnt make a sound 1c its tuned it turned into a electric car

  2. Lendaug_GT

    If this contains an update which I doubt, It better have At least 2 of the 3 promised features… B-spec, Course Creator OR Community Features.. If its some garbage VGT car and some lame track.. PD will be officially dead to me. And I will no longer buy their products, as well as throw away my Gt6 game.

    1. mikronimo

      Do you want the b-spec? Really? GT lacks of race realism (free practice, qualification, ecc.), endurance races, more sport and race cars, less japanese clones cars, and all you want is to stay watching a ai pilot racing…

  3. pierresch

    The main thing that the boxing bug wird.Damit fixed the cars drive the FIRST tire change exactly as before the FIRST pit stop.

    If English is not good, please complain to Google.

  4. Warlock__SBR

    …well, I hope they will make some big update, because we are waiting almost two months and nothing new is here. Even the online seasonal events are not coming on regular basis as they were in GT5.

    Also, they need to fix some cars… still Lamborghini GT doesn’t have right transmission ratios, also I noticed that on Ferrari 288 GTO tacho is not working!?!

    There are a lot of things that need to be fixed.

    I’d also like to see in online to be able to choose what tunings can people put on their cars and what cannot be put, not only nitrous.

    …and for god sake, put in game cars that were available in earlier versions of GT, there are few (non japan) that are pretty good.


    1. M2M design

      The tachometer of the RE Amemiya RX7 ’06 AsparaDrink does not work!
      At Ferrari 330 P4 ’67 lacks the spare wheel.

    2. Warlock__SBR

      Also, there are a lot of cars with dual front lights where one is low beam and other is high beam. And this is not working properly. Especially on BMW’s I noticed this, the new M4 when low beams are on the front lights are off, except daylights (angeleyes) and when you turn on high beams, all four front lights turn on.


    3. Warlock__SBR

      This specs are from lambocarsdotcom

      Diablo GT

      Type Lamborghini five-speed + reverse manual all-synchromesh, ZF final drive with limited-slip differential.
      Clutch Dry-single plate, hydraulically operated
      Disc diameter 254 mm / 9.98 in
      1st gear ratio 2.310:1 Max speed 99 Km/h / 61 Mph
      2nd gear ratio 1.520:1 Max speed 151 Km/h / 94 Mph
      3rd gear ratio 1.120:1 Max speed 204 Km/h / 127 Mph
      4th gear ratio 0.880:1 Max speed 257 Km/h / 160 Mph
      5th gear ratio 0.680:1 Max speed 338 Km/h / 210 Mph
      Rev. gear ratio 2.120:1 Max speed 107 Km/h / 66 Mph
      Rear differential bevel gear type, limited slip 45% Ratio : 1:2.41

      And in game, it cannot pass 300km/h, before 1.04 it’s max was 280km/h


    4. BMfan

      The transmission was the same 5-speed used in other Diablos, but different gear ratios could be specified by the race-oriented buyer.

  5. gt5hellas

    Let’s hope this update will improve the online gaming. I got tired of the continuous server problems. It’s almost impossible to play in rooms with more than 10 players.

  6. SnakeOfBacon

    Driveable Cigarette Racing Vision GT Boat
    called it
    In all seriousness, this irregular maintenance will probably bring an update containing the new track and other content, and possibly also some new online features (return of shuffle racing?)

  7. Blood*Specter

    Features are one thing. The heart of this game is the driving dynamics, the cars and the tracks. It would seem that PD bit off more than they could chew.

    They need to nail down the handling of the car model, and the adjustment of suspension. They need to start car DLC’s like Ferrari 458 GT3 for example.
    Then bring in more real world tracks, again via DLC.

    The feastures they spoke of I feel can not be accomplished on the current platform. I fine with waiting for additional features in GT7.
    I do not want the driving experience compromised because they are trying to live up to a promise that should not have been made.

  8. Rage9one

    I hope they take their time with this so that the next update will be right, rushing only screws things up. Looking forward to the new update and patiently waiting :)

  9. Amac500

    I just hope PD doesn’t add a bunch of content and say the reason 1.05 wasn’t out mid-February is because they wanted to add more stuff. That would just be lame, because for one they shouldn’t be holding out, just release features and content as they are ready. Second, they announced it for mid-February and they missed the deadline. Hopefully PD just keeps their mouth shut and says nothing about the tardiness, because even though people are mad if they make an excuse that’ll just make it worse.

    1. Quakebass

      I’m irked the PD didn’t hold up to the deadline too… But it seems PD only releases this sort of stuff on Tuesdays, so if they’re given another week (or 2…) to add another feature, wouldn’t you rather them, y’know, use it…? It would be a better pay-off for us in the end…

      And I’m just going to point out – it was never announced WHEN in February, only that it’d release sometime in February. …Obviously they missed the deadline either way.

  10. jontikis

    I think we’re going to see a very big surprise from Polyphony. The fact that they announced a maintenance, in different day, in different hours and as a different notice is not the same as the rest scheduled maintenances. I believe the delay of 1.05 is based on two possibilities:

    1) PD is going to add many good things and keeps them as a surprise, OR
    2) PD has very serious problems at the development of the new features.

  11. kollosson

    I’m sure Polyphony are hard at work ( one would hope ) on the features promised, I think the main reason for peoples frustration is the fact that Polyphony are so tight lipped, we hear nothing, a little update now and again telling us how things are going would help appease everyone I’m sure.

  12. Azure Flare

    I still believe that this is just a scheduled maintenance. If something does come from it, It will be a pleasent surprise.

  13. young car joc

    All I want them to do is fix the downforce problem with the Lamborghini Diablo gt2. It has a massive wind but very little downforce making the car impossible to drive

    1. Amac500

      If got the car setup, try increasing the toe if you want it more stable, I think that is what did it for me.

  14. WilliamsRCN92

    Two problems that I’ve been seeing reoccurring with alarming frequency.

    1. Everybody is expecting an update and think PD is obligated to ship one out. First off, PD is obligated to do jack shist. Second off, can’t we just be happy that we even have an updated game in the first place, rather than whining about it being crappy?

    2. People are getting mad over garage size? Seriously? Why do you need more than 500 cars in the first place? What’s the necessity? I understand wanting to own all 1100+ cars in the game, but I high doubt you will frequently use more than like… 50. It’s to take the load off of the servers so it can cut down on lag, which I think is a very positive thing.

    1. Quakebass

      – We have less content than GT5, most of which are key online AND offline features that add massive amounts of replay value. AND we ARE obligated to the yet-unreleased content, as it was advertised, and therefore what was payed for.

      – GT6 isn’t a running a cloud-based save system. There is no way liming the amount of cars in the garage would affect the servers. In fact, that only thing it SHOULD affect is the personal experience (i.e. load times) of the individuals with large garages.

    2. Fire Yoshi

      The logic in your post…it does not exist.
      First off, speak for yourself, not others. Secondly, do some research before stating things.

    3. GTHEAD87

      I stupidly bought every car in gt5 and ruined my profile. I couldnt find certain cars and for online it was impossible

    4. KiroKai

      We ARE obligated to updates & content that was promised before the game’s release and which was presented by Kaz and said to be ‘released in February’.
      Right now, it feels like we paid for GT5.5, with some major features left out, some empty promises like ‘better sounds’ which we will probably not get until GT7, and an online mode that runs even worse than GT5’s. Which is kinda bad when the only races you can call such have to be done online.

    5. WilliamsRCN92

      I am speaking on my behalf. These are my opinions.
      I just think we should appreciate we have a game to play in the first place.

      I do have things I wish was in the game, like a return of shuffle racing, but it is not that big of a deal. If it is that big of a deal, however, there’s a couple of brand new mods on rFactor I’m sure that would please you guys.

    6. WilliamsRCN92

      Couldn’t agree more Swagger.
      I don’t see anything on here about a monthly update, a new DLC, a track creator, or any guarantees the game will be fixed.
      However, what I do see is the inclusion of the VGT cars, so I’m sure that could be something they are working on. And I also enjoyed the the Merc, it gives me a blast from the past because it is a perfect example of a homologation car.

    7. Swagger897

      I believe it does say track editor, and matchmaking lobbies/community features, and there are multiple others shown on the GT website in future updates. Well the Feb update was pushed back (and still is), so does that mean the following will follow this same trend?

  15. hobanator24

    Since it’s for the online servers, could they just be transferring some oth the GT5 servers over to GT6? Or maybe because of this online server boycott that I’ve been reading about, they are taking down some of the GT6 servers?

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      Hahaha, you don’t seriously think that the little boycott actually did anything, do you? It was only 100 people, and went by completely unnoticed.

  16. Fire Yoshi

    I really hope that in the next update (whenever it may be) they will give us a much bigger garage. It isn’t often that I see people complain about it, but dang 500 cars is absolutely pathetic for a game launched in 2013…
    The stockyard should never have existed. :(

  17. Jbaffoh

    They performed more than two hours of server maintenance at the same time last week, and no noticeable changes were made. Don’t get your hopes up.

  18. kollosson

    Give them a chance, do you all moan and whine like this about everything in your life? for gods sake have a coke and a smile…

    1. TokoTurismo

      We, the paying customers, should give PD a chance for every promise they haven’t fulfill? Sorry, but no. They’ve been given chances with GT5, but now the foot must be put down with GT6.

    2. Swagger897

      With no communication about what exactly they’re doing with my 50+10 dollar bill, I think I, along with everyone else, should be allowed to have a voice in what goes on..

    3. mickoafna

      Swagger, I paid 60 EUR which is 83 USD and I’m not complaining but I still would like to know where is the promised course maker and those two Mercedes AMGs that were so advertised about.

  19. disinfected

    I want to see an update…for the sole purpose of hearing people shut up and stopping the damn whining about it.

    1. Hypergolem

      So asking and demanding features that were promised since December and we paid for in advance is whining?

  20. ThaSyn

    They’d better give us something. It has taken long enough this nonsense with lacking functionalities, missing release dates and broken promises. No matter how much I love GT and how much I’m playing it. I’ve had enough of all the waiting.

  21. crowhop

    Without a major “investment” by PD with regard to the support of this game, there is no way I’ll be investing in the DLC which will surely be part of this update.

  22. HuskyGT

    I can see what will happen. They will add a new VGT car that will be useless 99% of the time, and just “fix minor issues.” The track would be appreciated though.

    PD, at least fix the sound on the 2002 Viper please, and also on the modern V12 Lambos. It’s all I ask. I don’t need ultra realistic sounds. Just that the Viper sounds like a V10 and the Lambos like V12. I beg of you.. please. Just that and I ‘ll be happy.

    And if you could, fix the Shelby GT500’s Speedometer. It’s not that hard at all. You’ve done it before.

  23. Ian_83

    I sincerely hope that there will be an update, however I won’t be holding my breath. PD have failed to deliver so much that I don’t trust them anymore.

    1. mef

      Sad but true. It makes you wonder if they spend their days wondering what other features they could remove that were useful in GT5 (not being able to copy tune presets as a simple example).
      The games makes a step forward and then takes a step back at the same time.

    1. Tenacious D

      Sounds don’t make a good racing game, or break one, in my opinion. And the sounds in GT6 are good enough that for the first time, I’ve kept the car volume levels up in replays.

  24. YZF

    I don’t care about new features, i want bugs and glitches fixed:

    – many cars have wrong (too high) top speeds and very fast acceleration above 125mph/200km/h. Are they even aware of this physics engine flaw?

    – onboard dynamic shadows, cover dials so that they aren’t visible. Totally wrong gamma/exposure for inside cockpit shadows

    – pitstop bug: you enter pits and press throttle pedal and you can’t drive out of pits

    and many other bugs in gt forums, waiting to be fixed for months now.

    1. Tenacious D

      You must think that without the bugs, GT6 is about perfect.

      I think it’s a great racer, but I really want that Event Maker, Course Maker II, online club and league manager tools, online events, series and championships, B-Spec would be nice, legacy track DLC with time transition and weather, more tracks with time and weather transition, the return of Race Mod and a Livery Editor along with it please…

  25. 05XR8

    “An update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released…”

    Notifications: Update Details (1.05)

    Release of the Honda Civic Type R Concept

    Release of the Nissan Zeod RC

    Release of the Nissan Altima V8 Supercar


    Gran Turismo 6 Hotfixes:

    The following issue has been addressed:
    – The sound missing from cars at the start of some races has been corrected. That is all.

    1. Amac500

      How are you going to get the Zeod??? The car isn’t even ready to race yet and there is still that massive lawsuit between Don Panoz and Nissan/Ben Bowlby. You really pose those as 3 realistic options? All I expect is Zahara, online room improvements, and maybe the tracker editor.

  26. DYLAN777-is-not

    There going to have to fix A LOT of things to get me to play this game again. I never thought the people who said gt6 will just be a gt5.5 would be right but I now agree with them 110%.

  27. GBO Possum

    Start: 10/03/2014 00:00 EST Finish: 10/03/2014 02:00 EST

    I really hate being “FORCED” to get up at two o’clock in the morning. But it’s a DUTY I guess.


    1. jimantonic

      I hate it when people make up rumours like this, I’ll believe the comments section is back when I see it with my own two eyes thank you very much.

    1. steebz

      Epic whining? On GT Planet?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo………..


      Seriously though, ANY improvements they can make to this dog turd of a game will be welcomed by me.

      The potential is there. Undoubtedly. PD just need to get a grip on reality and make the game WE want instead of the game THEY want.

      Think of the $$$ they would make if they actually listened to us and implemented some of our ideas into GT.

      PD has a very strange company ethic.

  28. JDmsz

    VERSION 2.0
    – improved engine sounds
    -improved suspension settings
    – 5 new DLC cars
    – 1 new DLC track
    – Community Features now enabled
    – Shuffle races added online
    – B-spec racing now available
    – Course Creator
    – GPS track thingy (lol)
    – GT Mobile APP now available

    That’s my wishlist for this update

    1. Streeto

      Wow… I would do unthinkable things if that happened. Sadly I think chances are slim but who knows? PD are an enigma…

    2. Quakebass

      I should hope they put in the community features + Shuffle, and B-Spec… I don’t see how it can possibly take this long to re-implement (for the most part) pre-existing content…

      As for the course creator, I have no clue what to expect. PD originally claimed a 100×100 KM area, then they started to downsize the are a few times, and now it’s a post-launch feature… And we still don’t have it. I don’t know if they’re going for the 100×100, 50×50, 20×20, or whatever else they ended up saying in terms of size now that they’ve been given more time to work on it… Either way, I’d like to see how PD have supposedly “revolutionized” this feature.

      It would seem that the GPS feature would come in a bit after the course creator is settled, but who knows. And I’m not exactly sure what the app would tie into… Mobile garage for tuning…? A bunch of these features seem to rely on more yet-unreleased features…

  29. celtiscorpion73

    We can only hope for a big update at this point. PD is essentially “slitting their own throats” by keeping the fans in the dark. It’s time for them to give us all a reason to keep playing.

  30. GT_Racer22

    The 10th is a Monday, like all other regularly scheduled maintenances. The part here that hints at a big update next week is that they announced it, and they normally don’t do that. Prepare for something big next week….

    1. Streeto

      It’s scheduled 24 hours ahead of when we’ve been getting regular maintenance, a lot of people are making this mistake for some reason…

    2. GT_Racer22

      Yea I realized after I had posted. Thanks though! Unusual early maintenance with an announcement….. Hmmm…. Anyone have a time machine???

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