Gran Turismo 6 Update 1.11 Brings Improvements to Multi-Monitor and Open Lobbies

August 6th, 2014 by Michael Leary


A new update for Gran Turismo 6 has gone live, and with it comes improvements to mutli-monitor and open lobby. Here’s a closer look at the issues addressed in the newest update, weighing in at a meager 30MB.

Multi-Monitor display issue
An issue related to the Multi-Monitor feature which was causing the system to hang has been fixed. Please note this issue occurred only after Update 1.10 was installed, and did not affect previous versions of the game.

Improvements to Open Lobby
The search algorithm used to find available rooms has been improved and more rooms can now be displayed.

Other Changes?

As always, our community is already busy inspecting the latest update for any and all changes which were not mentioned in the official release notes. See you in the forums!

GT6 Photomode image by MeteorzApple.

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  1. Aug. 20, 7:52pm

    It hurts to see Polyphony Digital give its users free stuff and have people complain, still. If they’re improving the game, they’re improving the game. I’m playing it and enjoying it.

  2. Aug. 15, 3:16am

    And every car needs to be premium. More Volkswagens old and new (Jetta and gti 16v gli glx vr6) make the Mazda atenza( Mazdaspeed6) premium and the standard audi lineup…just make a big improvement

  3. Aug. 15, 3:12am

    Name brand products, Real life aftermarket parts (Blow off valve, waste gates, oil coolers, intercoolers exhaust kits down pipes exhaust cut offs everything etc) better interior views, interior upgrades such as seats boost controllers boost gauges air fuel mixer gauges EVERYTHING. After market head/taillights signal markers fog lights (aftermarket purchase) oh yea and the option to use the turn signals and hazards

  4. Aug. 11, 2:22am

    Since the last update I can’t start playing GT . The game stops at the installation point . I erase all the game data and download it again all night but when the game starts and goes at the installations screen , and say that 20 seconds remaining , again it freezes !! What else can I do ?? Maybe a format at the hdd ?

  5. Aug. 9, 12:11am

    I was in a room where mod cars were still running.even with max boost I couldn’t pass the leaders. I thought PD fix this problem I spent good money on a game just to be cheated shame on you PD. Laz u made so many promises and still no new real cars. They are so many new cars out there like the BMW M6,2009-2013 accord,turbo Hyundai sonata and Kia.where is the v6 mustangs and the zr1’s.the game is missing so much like the Acura legend coup with the six speed and TLS what happen to the good tracks like

  6. Aug. 6, 11:19pm

    Not that concerned about fantasy tracks, I just want real world tacks.

    I really wanna take a car around brands hatch with a data logger to see how far off reality I am.

    • Aug. 7, 10:40am

      I’ll tell you now how far off you are ……. a very long way!! My boss owns an 86GT, which he takes to Silverstone fairly regularly. I know we’re both capable of a similar pace, we race karts together. As a laugh, I asked him what his times were at Silverstone and then tried to beat them on GT6 … I annihilated his time by 20+ secs. I believe Jeremy Clarkson found the same thing on Top Gear, when he took an NSX to Laguna Seca back in GT4 days…

  7. Aug. 6, 7:51pm

    I can’t believe all the bitching! At least PD actually update and improve their product regularly. rather than the codemasters approach of release an under developed game, patch once and start on the next half baked version.

    The thing I’d like to see fixed is the weird weather you get online, had a race on spa where it went from dry to fully wet back to dry in a lap. Wtf?

    But I have to say tho; this is still one of the best racing games out there, nearly on par with rfactor2 and in some cases better.

    QUIT BITCHING OR F*** off to codemasters!

    • Aug. 6, 8:48pm

      Nobody is bitching the fact is people have paid money for gt6 and all we are getting is hotfixes and vgt fantasy cars wich nobody is intrested only noobs love vgt what a shame people been waiting almost a year for something awesome to happn in gt6 atleast codemasters are accurate about there details zahara track has been delayed since febuary all we got is a physic update wich is great gt6 would be awesome if they start releasing real cars instead of fantasy vgt that doesnt even exist

    • Aug. 6, 9:17pm

      I don’t really care for the fantasy cars either, tho I think it would be nice if some of those concepts/motifs make it in to actual production cars.

      I have bought every CM f1 game since 2010 but I don’t get the long term enjoyment that GT gives me. They seem too much like arcade games and focused on pad players.

      You can bet that right now there are a bunch of Japanese racing drivers hooing various supercars around various tracks with sensors attached getting data for GT7. I don’t think CM gave the access to data or budget to compare.

      I still have a softspot for CM tho TOCA world touring cars on the PS1 is my 4th favourite racing game :)

    • Aug. 6, 10:22pm

      You want to bring CM up, okay. At least there latest game (GAS) is complete and fun unlike GT6 at the moment. I laugh at the “over-defence” force when they over defend everything.

    • Aug. 6, 10:28pm

      Toca was epic on ps1 also 1 of my faveroutes and now waiting for f1 2014 the thing that puts me off gt6 is games like forza they get dlc every month since its release day and gt6 hasnt done much apart from improving physics i do love gt6 but waiting a year for a dlc is taking the piss its just not good

    • Aug. 6, 11:00pm

      Like I said CM haven’t opted to continuously update their releases. I prefer sim to arcade and have a wheel.

      it’s funny how since CM became so focused on race games, they seem to have dropped features I liked; no cockpit view in grid2, no ability to set the correct steering lock for an car on f1 2013 (I’m limited to about 200deg of lock when it should be around 380ish.

      Gt is a longer term commitment. I’ll have played through 3 CM releases before I get to GT7 and I’ll have had more fun and content with GT.

      I’m starting to think the CM F1 games should span at least 2-3 seasons via upadates

    • Aug. 6, 11:09pm

      @Makkan786 Ahhh, the TOCA games was the best series ever, I love it so much (remembers TOCA 2 & 3). :) I still have faith in GT6 btw, it’s just that I’m getting frustrated with PD taking forever on that damn Course Maker. >:(

    • Aug. 6, 11:46pm
      Tenacious D

      “At least there latest game (GAS) is complete and fun unlike GT6 at the moment.”

      Must be why GA is burning up the charts… oh wait, it’s not. And some of us dislike it so much they dropped it or never touched it. I will give it credit for having fast bots that keep a good pace. But those bots stepped on my last nerve with their horrendous Forza 5-like mosh racing, to the point I just can’t touch it anymore.

      Codies used to be a pretty good racing game maker, but they’ve really pushed themselves into niche markets with the F1 series, DiRT and GRID. Maybe P CARS will be that other game we can all enjoy, but until I find out, I’ll take unfinished old GT6 over whatever you guys are having.

    • Aug. 7, 2:19am

      I happen to love GA,the racing is 10x better than GT6 and the sounds are a whole lot better ofcourse,obviously GA isn’t flying off shelves like how GT would because they don’t have as many followers and blind followers as GT does.Unfortunetly GT still has the edge up on GA in the physics an online department.

  8. Aug. 6, 7:27pm

    & the Sept. update will make your avatars shoes more “vibrant”.
    Keep up the good work PD.

  9. Aug. 6, 6:13pm

    At least it wasn’t a 1GB monster where we’re forced to download HD video as well. HATE THAT!

  10. Aug. 6, 4:54pm

    A free tv give away along with this update would be nice

    • Aug. 6, 5:31pm

      Two would be great, then I’ll have three!

  11. Aug. 6, 4:29pm

    Handful of folks are complaining for some reason…back in GT5 updates with sizes less than 50mb were pretty common so I don’t really get all the negativity. So PDI messed up and gave us a buggy 2gigs of content…they are at least trying to fix it…when I got Fallout New Vegas for PS3 way back when, boy you wouldn’t believe the kind of bugs this “finished” game had. I did complain to Bethesda and all they could say was there’s nada they could do. Compared to that nightmare of a game GT6 is actually Mona Lisa….

    • Aug. 6, 8:05pm

      Not being built on the gamebryo platform is already doing gt6 wonders.

  12. Aug. 6, 2:18pm

    Wow if this is the way GT6 going, with little to no improvement and almost no DLC content then it’s time to move over the the PS4. GT6 was the only think keeping me on the PS3 but it seems really boring.

    • Aug. 6, 3:36pm

      Go and have a nice racing on PS4…

      No DLC? There was free DLC with almost every update lately, so what else do you want? Paid DLCs? Why?

    • Aug. 6, 8:44pm
      David Smith

      Yeah ps4 driveclub that will have free dlc… Notttttttt, that will be a forza and release content every month without fail because like forza it’s all there at the start just waiting for your cash.
      may as well setup direct debit

    • Aug. 6, 8:57pm

      Considering Dirveclub will give you 1 location with 11 tracks, 10 cars, all game modes, and the ability to earn the platinum trophy all for free by simply being a PS+ subscriber which you need to be able to play online anyway, I think your assessment is a little harsh.

  13. Aug. 6, 12:23pm

    I would assume, with the Zahara fishing going on, that PDI would want to avoid a massive mistake. They’re just now starting to pick up things, I wouldn’t personally want to further jeopardise that. With that said, I see 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14 coming soon and almost within two weeks of each other.

    • Aug. 6, 4:03pm

      Very true bunch of baby s free cars said that people feel this and I don’t won’t no part of you cry baby’s playing this game move on

  14. Aug. 6, 12:11pm
    Grandea GTR

    Servers are still unstable…

  15. Aug. 6, 12:08pm

    Yep huge improvement to the online mode. Took a whole 10mins to crash today

    • Aug. 6, 12:29pm

      I only have issues every once and a great while…

    • Aug. 6, 3:33pm

      i don’t have many issues either

  16. Aug. 6, 12:01pm

    This is great, but I hope it’s not the only update in August.

  17. Aug. 6, 12:00pm

    … pls notice, that updates without vgt-vids in hd are smaller :P r.

  18. Aug. 6, 11:30am
    SZRT Ice

    The found the errors in 1.10 and quickly sent out the fix for it. Big deal, nothing to see here, it likely does nothing to keep us from the next update they have planned.

  19. Aug. 6, 9:20am
    Mad Marty

    To all the chronic moaners, haters and complainers: get a life or play Forza or Grid and keep dropping coins for very single update/car pack they release. This (small at first glance) update is worth 100x more to the GT6 sim community than 2 new vehicles that’ll never see production and don’t even feature an interior.
    Multi-Monitor support is finally fixed after being terribly unstable for two weeks. More online lobbies displayed, too! Awesome. Now go heckle and hate me, but I AM LOVING THIS UPDATE!

    • Aug. 6, 9:56am
      Tenacious D

      Only a portion of GT6 players race online, and a small fraction use multimonitor. Still, do you not want those guys to get any support from PD?

      They aren’t holding Zahara back because they’re mean, so please don’t act like it.

    • Aug. 6, 10:37am
      Mad Marty

      And yes, it could’ve been packaged as a hot fix. But who cares.

    • Aug. 6, 11:54pm
      Tenacious D

      I think a stealth update or hotfix would have been easier for the gripers to swallow. And I’m probably the cause of some of the grouching, because I made a few “Kaz’s birthday is Tuesday, I bet we get big update” posts. I should have paid attention to the lack of news other than the SONY GamesCom presentation next week.

      I still expect the Zahara track to get unlocked this month or early September.

  20. Aug. 6, 8:03am
    Piotr Jawniak

    i still can’t find any rooms. when i go into open lobby there is nothing there…

  21. Aug. 6, 7:34am

    I can see where people are coming from when they complain about this update. Sure, this was an update that only fixed a couple bugs and there is nothing wrong with that; but what if PD claims that “this is the August update, so we don’t lie…we gave you monthly updates”? I’m not saying that I don’t think that there will be another August update (who really knows?), I’m just saying that I can see where some are coming from.

    • Aug. 6, 9:04am

      I have a feeling that that is exactly what they are doing

    • Aug. 6, 9:42am

      Not very clever if they are.
      If it was me thinking like that, I would release this 1.11 near the end of August, giving me even more time to then release v1.12.
      I don’t think the ‘monthly updates’ thing came into consideration when releasing this update.

  22. Aug. 6, 7:00am

    Nothing I can use since I only have one monitor and no internet connection worthy of PS3 and GT6.

  23. Aug. 6, 5:48am
    The Stig Farmer

    Willow Springs y u so photogenic

  24. Aug. 6, 4:07am

    hater is a hater…….
    update is an update……
    blind complaint makes you even more like a hater

    at least PD is answering our questions 1 by 1, if you are still not satisfied, simply don’t play it, otherwise, ENJOY racing!

    • Aug. 6, 5:49am
      The Stig Farmer

      You have no idea how childish using the word “hater” makes you look. lol

    • Aug. 6, 7:31am


    • Aug. 6, 7:36am

      Looks like someone was drinking some Hater-aid. ;)

    • Aug. 6, 7:53am

      And blind defence over everything makes you look silly, because you over defend the littlest things and than complain about complainers. THAN, you use the word “hater”… Dude go outside I can sense you had steam when writing that post.

    • Aug. 6, 8:03am

      Hater? Grow up!

    • Aug. 6, 8:53am

      Sometimes people feel the need to come in here and defend the game, its understandable, all they are saying is, come on guys stop complaining, chill out and have a coke and a smile but then certain individuals jump on them and insinuate that that is all they do in an effort to discredit anything they say. I can’t remember the last time I saw LotusTeam in the comments section anyway he is right, what else would you call someone who serial complains about everything, its an update for gods sake how can that be a negative ?

    • Aug. 6, 9:45am
      Tenacious D

      Stubborn, relentless complaining doesn’t make anyone look mature either. Where do you think the word “hater” comes from?

    • Aug. 6, 4:18pm

      Don’t be such a hater, The Stig Farmer.

  25. Aug. 6, 4:02am

    I heard that the driving physics change online? Is this true?

    • Aug. 6, 6:17am

      Sometimes seems really to be this way; you can do your own proof: take the car you are using in the online race and with the same setup and in the same track make your best: driving feeling and time will be quite different; i have to say that this thing it’s quite less in gt6 than in gt5, so less that sometimes i can’t note it.

    • Aug. 6, 8:57am
      Mini Stiggy

      Yes. It’s been that way since the beginning. Your always going to be a couple seconds faster offline.

  26. Aug. 6, 3:06am

    Not really the kind of update I was hoping for, but its an update nonetheless. I’ll take it.

  27. Aug. 6, 2:52am
    Sick Cylinder

    Let’s hope this update works -if so then great. It has been obvious from the start that GT6 has only been displaying a tiny fraction of the available rooms. I say that based on the number of times that I haven’t been able to find friends rooms and on the many times that I have had to send the room number to friends.

  28. Aug. 6, 2:26am

    What a joke. Should have a hotfix, not an update… PD being PD again.

    • Aug. 6, 4:10am

      Maybe they were unable to make it a hotfix.

    • Aug. 6, 7:53am

      Strange right? :\

  29. Aug. 6, 1:31am

    30MB Jesus Christ what a big update! (sarcasm at work). I do find it weird that a bug fix was 1.11 instead of 1.10.1 like they tend to do. One idea in the forum is that they put the unlock code for the new content in like they did with the Goodwood update.

    • Aug. 6, 7:40am

      Well that is an interesting theory. I only hope it is true

  30. Aug. 6, 1:19am

    Hey, an update is an update. I can’t really complain.

  31. Aug. 6, 1:17am
    Fat Tyre


  32. Aug. 6, 12:46am


    • Aug. 6, 1:05am


    • Aug. 6, 11:28am
      SZRT Ice


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