Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.68 Brings Improved Network Stability

The latest update for Gran Turismo Sport has arrived and, as expected, it’s more of a tweak than a game-changer.

With Polyphony Digital focused on the March 4 launch of Gran Turismo 7, it was a surprise that there was an update at all, much less a second one inside a month after only three previous updates this calendar year.

The new update, v1.68, comes in at a mere 122.7MB, so you’ll barely notice the download — though the copying process of all 110GB, thanks to the PlayStation 4’s file system, will take a little time.

Unsurprisingly then, given the compact file size, there’s no new content, though we weren’t expecting anything along these lines anyway. After all, GT7 is in the late stages of development, and Sport has only seen two new cars added in the last 12 months and no new circuits since December 2019.

As for what the update does contain, there’s a very short patch notes post on the official Gran Turismo website which states that Lobby mode now has “improved connection stability”. This will be great news for the thousands of users who run events in private lobbies, including those across the GTPlanet Online Racing & Leagues forum.

Today’s update likely also reflects a change that will affect Gran Turismo 7 too. When we spoke to Kazunori Yamauchi earlier in the month, the Polyphony Digital founder stated that in terms of online play the new game would “be able to do everything that GT Sport was able to do, while definitely improving the usability and network reliability from the previous generation”.

It remains to be seen if v1.68 brings any other changes under the hood, but the GTPlanet community will likely dig it out in short order!

Featured image courtesy of Oreca 1998.

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