GT-R NISMO Coming to Gran Turismo 6

In a video posted by Nissan on Facebook and YouTube today, Kazunori Yamauchi drives the GT-R NISMO with GT Academy champion (and new BRDC member!) Jann Mardenborough riding along.


After a few laps around Silverstone, Kazunori Yamauchi confirms the car “is actually ready for the game and will be available for Gran Turismo players soon”.

The GT-R NISMO is a highly tuned version of the 2015 GT-R which puts out over 600HP (a 55HP bump over the standard model) thanks to high-flow turbochargers also used in the GT-R GT3 race car. It also features upgraded aero parts and upgraded suspension.

Thanks to Mr_Hansen for the quick tip!

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Comments (187)

  1. light driver

    Yaaawwnnn…Another big, heavy, clumsy 4wd GT-R….Never understood why people are so fancied about that??? Boring design, clumsy and understeering…Simply yawn…

  2. GTRyan32

    Oh no, PD you’ve done it again. More free stuff coming soon. I’m sick of this. It sucks. another GTR? Why can’t they just give ME the free stuff that I want?……….look at yourselves.

    Remember a few years ago? The PS2 and 1? No internet connection. No new tracks. No new cars. No DLC or promise of free stuff. You didn’t event have a smartphone then and your (greedy) expectations were lower.

    Btw.I think GTRs are awesome super car killers for much lower prices (in Japan) and every single variation deserves a place in GT. If you want more American cars then American developed Forza is for you.

  3. GTRyan32

    Oh no, PD you’ve done it again. More free stuff coming soon. I’m sick of this. It sucks. another GTR? Why can’t they just give ME the free stuff that I want?……….look at yourselves.

    Remember a few years ago? The PS2 and 1? No internet connection. No new tracks. No new cars. No DLC or promise of free stuff. You didn’t event have a smartphone then and your (greedy) expectations were lower.

    Btw. GTRs are awesome super car killers for much less price (in Japan) and every single variation deserves a place in GT. If you want more American cars then Forza is calling you.


    would have been cool if they put this in a free dlc car pack that included the nismo juke the nismo 370 and obviously the group

  5. TheGerardo136

    All I ask is for the install not to be so big. Seriously the Aston and Nissan VGT was 2GB. I’m running out of space to be downloading these huge updates.

  6. BRRT_Angel

    Once again another debate over cars. Let’s put it like this…licences, the requirement for all vehicles to be featured in anything, are hard to negotiate. Car companies, like Porsche and Ferrari, hand out a lot of exclusive licences to those willing to pay. Race cars are far worse to get because of the sponsor decals also requiring licences for use. Honestly people, are you guys devoid of Google technology? If it were simple, every game would have every possible vehicle model on hand and in library. So please stop with the “Oh they need to do this…” If you think it’s easy, go ahead and make a game from scratch to even half of what GT6 is. Should be simple for you geniuses right?

    1. BRRT_Angel

      I’m double majoring in business and computer graphics for this very reason. I wanted to know what it takes, and it takes a ton. I have to give these 110 people props for getting this far and keeping it all in house. Yes, there are problems, we all know and see them, but the car problem isn’t really a problem. I enjoy what we have and I’ll let my expectations wait.

  7. fatkid

    They should have made this part of a dlc car pack. Imagine a track based road car pack; Nismo GT-R, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corsa, Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale, Ruf RT12-R, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Edition, Audi R8 GT, McLaren MP4-12C High Sport, Jaguar XKR-S GT, Lotus Exige S V6 and a SRT Viper TA? I would have paid up to £10 or even a bit more for that. What a wasted opportunity.

  8. Tvensky

    why do some people want this.. I would want to see less similar cars in gt.. too many nissans! You can pick ordinary nissan and tune it in GT… who would tell a difference.. its only a game.. all cars are almost the same since we all use almost same wheel setups.. :D its not like we gonna feel what nismo GT-R is like.. just waste of time..

  9. Dude27

    Forza 5= Ten nice and varied cars a month + Few well done tracks
    GT6= Even less new real car content than GT5! Few useless fast food designed quickly forgotten GT Visions and oh, what a surprise another GT-R to add to the 40+ of this game…

    But the die hard few remaining fans will be happy… you can trow a bone with four wheel and they will still be happy. For the others? the growing majority… The Xbox One, or if you stick to the PS4, a little more patience the future is near (Driveclub and Project Cars and maybe Assetto Corsa) or just buy a good PC and a FFB Wheel…

    1. GTRyan32

      Everyone likes what they do.

      I prefer non-fiction books to fiction. Similarly, I prefer as near to real life tracks and handling/physics/sound in racing games. That’s why however impressive Forzas visuals/car list/options are, I don’t enjoy it. But I’m sure it’s an amazing game loaded with awesome stuff.

      And yes I mentioned sound. Just an opinion but I actually think Forzas sounds are over done and unrealistic. Having driven real cars in life vs game + been to many circuits, the exhaust note is not blaring in your ear as you sit in the cockpit.

      If you reply by calling me ‘fanboy’ I will be offended for I am very much a fanman.

    2. Skarmory

      Let me explain this the best way I know how

      turn 10 has more staff than PD, everyone forgets this

      forza has better sounds but the driving is not nearly as good which is pretty much the whole point of a car game

      GT has always been about driving cars people CAN AND CANNOT own, this is what makes it unique, and being based out of japan of course american and European cars will take a back seat, probably because they’re not only rare but some aren’t allowed in japan at all.

  10. beseiden

    To me it’s very good news.
    This would be the car I would buy if i could afford it…

    At least I can afford it on GT6 :)

    But yes, there are too much GT-R’s in the game.

    1. infamousphil

      Yeah, there too many identical Skylines. But where are the GT-R LM race cars, classic GT500s, R31 silhouettes… and their counterparts?

      Best part about GT is historic cars. Worst part is not enough of them.

    1. 05XR8

      I want a new V8 Supercar. ANY current V8 Supercar. Aint gonna happen unless after the Bathurst 1000, we get some good news. :) but, should be good to compare the ’07, ’09, ’12 and the GT-R NISMO at Silverstone. Im already doing TT laps with them except, of course the NISMO.

  11. TokoTurismo

    My sarcasm aside from below, this is honestly sad. PD is going to reuse one of their models from the game to make this thing. As much as I want this car, this is just screams out PD doesn’t have enough 3d car modelers. Look at the FT-1 for example. Freakin up your staff to match modern times Kaz!

    1. infamousphil

      Sorry Toko… that is why folks don’t get your sarcasm.

      One thing I notice is some standard cars are better rendered, in 6 at least. As if some of PD staff are better at it (?) Or is it a time constriction? IDK. One of the Sylvias, ’96 (?) is beautifully done sans the interior. Hope this changes in 7. But rather have a 1192 car mix than 700 premiums and no standards IMO.

  12. Bisse_B

    What about PD stop wasting time on more Nissan GTRs (which the game has plenty of already), and use the resources on getting the Zahara Track (the one promised in february, you know) finished and made available?

  13. Not_A_Guest

    What if Kaz sees people complaining about this?
    “Oh gosh, they don’t like DLC! Let’s stop giving it to them and make them happy!!”

    It’s gonna happen.

    1. sayba2th

      Maybe PD need to introduce an optional choice for those people who don’t want to have additional content so that they can choose not to download certain aspects of the update ie this car for those who have demonstrated a dislike for it and not wanting.

    2. mikronimo

      Nobody said “i don’t like DLCs”, but that “there are too much GT-R and a way too much useless clones of other cars”, and “we want other cars like etc., etc.”; it’s not so absurd that the paying costumer ask for something different…
      I like sayba2th idea. +1

  14. Jay84

    Could this be why the last patch was 2gb? It had the GTR in the files… Im still hoping it was track maker though!

    1. sayba2th

      Szrt ice has been eluding to other content unavailable yet from the double maintenance story. I am thinking this is part of it as well. Sept update may very well be the biggest and best update yet which means that this could become the most anticipated of them all. We can at least expect I would think 4 cars minimum the FT1 graphite, Nismo GTR and at 2 VGT plus a possible 2 more VGTs. However as always I will be tempering my expectations.

  15. BrunoI_SRE

    All these negative comments! Personally this is a GT-R that I am excited about, it’s the return of NISMO, come on guys, show some appreciation…

    I understand being annoyed at the fact that for some pointless reason each single edition of the R34 has been included, but that’s been done 10 years ago, so deal with it.

    Plus I don’t really understand why I have come across moaning from about the GT-R range from half of the GTP community, yet not one comment regarding the overdose of the Mitsubishi GT3000/GTO, they have every single model from each year of it’s production, so do on, moan about that…

    1. sayba2th

      Yep if it’s Nismo count me in. it’s turned out some pretty impressive times at the ring and goodwood courses. And as mentioned PD has exceptionally close ties with Nissan so this is not really unexpected. Yes there are a number of other makes and models that have a heavy concentrationin the game that are discussed as much as the Skyline but that’s mainly due to the fact that the Skyline has been the most prominent and important of them in the world of performance motoring / racing / tuning / TV and movies / folklore that people relate to this the most. I guess you could just use it as a reference point.

  16. wudy201

    Hey its free content and thats usually always a good thing. Its a car that should be pretty much expected in GT Nissan has always had close ties to GT. They just had that evolution of nissans in GT chart a few months back I think when they first announced the car that ended up being the vision gt r. Nismo is the gt acdemy and the winners drive for nissan, Kaz himself drives the gt r at the 24 hr of Nurb. So it should be of now suprise that these cars end up in GT. I dont think it is taking away the possibility of other brands coming to GT it just so happens this car is ready to be put in game so whynot put it out. Isnt this only the second Nissan added since the release along with the youtube gt r. We got two Toyotas 3 if you count the ft 1 race mod thats coming and 4 if you count the Lexus race car. We also got the M4, the Hudson, the Corvette and the Senna cars and kart and all the vision cars since Gt6 release and are guaranteed what 25 or so vision cars plus id be confident saying we will see quite a bit more cars released free or dlc in the future. So theres been a somewhat steady flow of new cars added to the game since Dec 6. Not a steady flow like the Forza series but were getting something and I think we will get more its just going to be a patience type of thing like the vision cars after the Mercedes it was dead for a little then we were suprised with the Bmw and it picked from there on and seems like its going to keep an at least monthly if not more type of pace. Fingers crossed.

    1. BrunoI_SRE


      There was less complaining during the DLC less period, everyone wanted more VGT’s to be released, and all but the last two deserved praising, and got near to none, personally I think the BMW and VW were really nice.

      Just remember the days when DLC was inexistent, and be grateful you have something.

  17. NART512

    So we get our 16th GTR in the game and we don’t even have the C7 Z06 Corvette, Ferrari F12, McLaren 650S, Lamborghini Huracan or any other hyped new super car yet…. Ok PD

  18. LJP64

    Oh yes, a GT-R!! My dream come true. At last we get a GT-R in the game, Gran Turismo 6 dramatically lacked Nissan cars in general and especially GT-R’s…

    Well, another ugly car just good enough to run on straights. Trying to turn with a GT-R is like trying to turn with a train on its rails… Meh.

  19. infamousphil

    Wow guys. Some of you should know by now that PD, being Japanese first and Nissan second, will never overlook the latest GT-R incarnation. I’m actually surprised it took Nismo this long to develop it’s version of the car. Next up… “Z Nismo”?

    This is business as usual for the boys of PD. Bet they think we should be happy with occasional VGT release for the rest of 6’s life. May there’ll be some truth to them reading your complaints. NOT!!!

    Other than graphics, Ferrari was the ONLY true improvement to the series since GT2 for me. And that’s what trips me out mostly… about race games, no one else delivers the variety of cars and tracks PD provides on EVERY evolution.

    I hear and read of things to come but ain’t seen it yet. Damn my lust for MORE!!!

    1. mikronimo

      With the GT-R the problem is the 6 cylinders (the same problem we have with the BMW); i think to all the americans v8, to the v10 audis (and Lambos): always a good (or fabulous) sound. Of course apart the “suond issue” in GT…

  20. Draghon

    Who the hell needs another freaking GT-R? get more freakin American cars, like the 2015 Mustang and Focus…

  21. TiMcF1

    WELL DUH! I guess it would be coming to GT6, it would be a sackable offence in PD’s policy. It’s not the if with these Nissan’s but the when really.

    1. research

      No, it would be much better if kaz’s definition of ‘soon’ was anywhere CLOSE to… umm.. I dunno, everyone else’s definition? Good grief, man.

  22. MonGnoM

    Ok, i was always alright when they released a new car, but seriously, this is getting ridiculous!!!
    I now get a bit angry.

    Where is:

    Aston Martins
    BMW M235i
    BMW M2
    BMW i8

    Jaguar F-Type (roadster or coupe)

    Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo
    Lamborghini Huracan
    Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo

    The new Mercedes like the CLA AMG, or others

    and many more, what do we get? another GT-R.

  23. jlmcmillan1978

    We had to know this car was coming, and yes it’s yet another GTR, but it’s a very cool car. I look forward to driving it.

  24. sayba2th

    I always find it interesting that there are so many CEO’s here on GTP that understand the ins and outs of the pointy end of the corporate world. There are reasons as to why some things are done and others aren’t. Right now we may not be able to see why but down the line it becomes apparent ie you can’t see the forrest for the trees. But few fathom this. Kaz has formed a highly successful team and company that have sold millions of $$$ worth of sales that only the odd person on GTP could hope to achieve or claim to have done. Unless you have walked in his shoes then you cannot judge the man. Free DLC is Free DLC.

    1. BrunoI_SRE


      all these people that think that adding all the latest cars is so easy, so go on, make a digital model, code it into GT, make it useable and glitch free, add realistic sound, make it drive realistically AND get licensing to include it legally, go on…

      Be grateful for what you get.

  25. Lambob

    hmm, nice, Nissan conclude 16.4M NorthAmericans that will have a record in 2015 cars purchased from every other brand except Nissan.

  26. Pandemonium135

    WTF!!!!! Serioulsy!!.
    Where is the F12 Berlinetta the 458 speciale, the FF, the California Turbo, the LaFerrari!!!!!
    Where is the Huracan the 650 S the P1. Where is the i8 the 4c, the Continental gt, the Maserati Ghibli and Quatroporte. Where is the EFIN F TYPE!!!! Ohhh but is not all about supercars. Give us some cool little cars. Give as the A class the i3 the A1. Just give us cars that AREN´t always NISSAN… Cool car anyway I´ll use it once and go back to the TS030.

    1. mikronimo

      You are completely right, i agree in all you have said… but you have to know, as all us, that GT is often a Nissan showroom (beside others “minor”, for Kaz, Japanese brands); so, given that this is a free DLC, all we can do it is to enjoy it, hoping that some day we can see all the amazing cars you have mentioned.

  27. sayba2th

    @ SZRT Ice, I reckon based of what you said on the maintenace page that this would be some of the content already in the game from last months 2 and a bit gig update that was held back that we are now just waiting for PD to hit the release the hounds button which will partner then new VGT’s and FT1 varient, just what else sept will bring is anyones guess.

  28. toospiciecc

    Oh boy!!!!
    Another GTR!!!!
    I love them but NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!
    No wonder Turn 10(Forza) is getting better cars,it’s because Polyphony is driven by Japanese cars.
    NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!!!!

  29. JohnyPiston

    Fantastic news! NISMO, along with BMW’s M division, are my favourite performance car brands. PD’s treatment of NISMO so far has been nothing short of criminal. This car will be the first Premium one. Kaz is lucky there is no International Court For The Prevention Of Vehicular Neglect. All his charges would be in the first degree!

  30. pasigiri

    I already knew this was coming to GT6 (not that I’m upset). What I’m still waiting for is the 2014 AMG E63 and A45. Supposedly the BMW M5 F10 and M6.

    Come to think of it, how many premium, non-Nissan, non-race cars are in GT6 from the last 5 years that many people would like to drive?

    1. MLRSparco

      Smh I’ve been waiting for the M5 F10,M6,E30 and E36 since forever,why are BMW’s as well as most euro manufactures so neglected :(

  31. Amac500

    Yeah know what, this is one of the things that bothers me about PD. Don’t hold back on the content! You have it finished, you say it’s coming to the game, so why isn’t it in the game? Add it as you finish it. Why would you let it collect dust and sit around while people gripe about nothing getting added? No matter how much or how little you cram in an update, after a month and a half people will be complaining again regardless. You could stop that and keep players happier of you released the content as it’s ready. I just don’t understand…

    1. Downhill Dino

      What content are you talking about that’s supposedly ready? Nothing was said to be ready and there’s zero proof of anything ready.

    2. Amac500

      Read right under the first picture, not video, picture it says that Kaz confirms “the car is actually ready for the game and will be available soon.” Read the arrival next time, its a very short one.

    3. Downhill Dino

      Yeah I saw that, was thinking you were talking about Zahara or something. Anyways, we just got this information yesterday/today so who knows how “soon” it’ll be around.

    4. infamousphil

      LOL Amac, PD probably aren’t finished being discussed with the sound department’s inability to reproduce the GT-R Nismo properly.

  32. montecarlo87

    Kaz’s love for Nissan knows no bounds. He might as well rename it Nissan Turismo and delete the rest of the cars. So many historic cars are being ignored for more GTR junk.

  33. Amac500

    Also featuring “upgraded aero parts” is a bit funny to me, just cus a GT-R doesn’t have a whole lot going on for it aerodynamically, lol

  34. Amac500

    Look at my surprised face! :|

    Nothing wrong with this car, besides the styling look akin to an emotionless rock, just the whole adding another GT-R to GTR6, I mean GT6 ;)

    Again I don’t mind the car, fine with it being added, but given PD’s track record it is fair game to mention that all the real world cars we’ve gotten so far have been Japanese, excluding the M4 that was added near game launch as a BMW promotion. Hope to see PD take interest in European cars they so frequently forget, because that Alfa Romeo 4C is 100% Gran Turismo material. Also cars don’t have to be new to add to the game, feel free to add some classic sports cars.

    1. vr6cas

      Come on MCNAGTROC, you of all people should know this, 49.27 is the Goodwood time. :) Didn’t know they ran the Nismo at Tsukuba, I have to look that up. tup

  35. CorvetteConquer

    Waiting to read “Course creator coming to GT6. Or online racing teams coming to GT6, but alas, nope, just another Nissan. Just another GTR.

    And I’m really not waiting for any of the above things GT is just…nearly dead to me.

    1. AAR_CobraJet

      Our best bet is to let this game sit and avoid this site until December. If the game is not “complete” by then, there’s no hope since GT7 will assume priority. I don’t even log on for the bonuses anymore. They can put 20 more GT-R variants in for all I care, I’m sure the masses will gobble them up. Stepping away for a while will be a good thing. It’s just best to understand that there is no predictability in what PD’s plans are (see the last 2-day maintenance hype). I don’t plan on wasting any more time hoping for anything with this game. Time to give it a rest.


      ohh yea yeah I thought about it for like 2 mins and got it! totally blanked out goodwood was in the game for a sec haha I was like what is a 50 sec track? but yeah best motoring ran it in a 1:01. I wished it would have snuck in under the minute mark the video is in the GTR NISMO thread on this forum if you want to check it out


      that should be a given since the interior is 99% the same as the standard Black Edition. just a red gauge cluster some red stitch and different seats

  36. OriginalCheezIt

    I would say we could make a drinking game for complaning about GT, then I realized that we would die of alcohol poisoning within minutes.

  37. smskeeter23

    Is it just me or does even Jann have that look on his face like “ya, right, soon. Uh-huh…” ?

    I don’t care if it’s another GT-R or a freakin Yugo I just want something new to do with this game. Bring it Kaz.

    1. FosterG

      Sure is, it’s sitting over in Forza 5! Mine is a nice brushed steel today, that could change soon. This man Kaz is utterly fixated on Nissan, or so it seems. I am glad there are choices.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      This one’s different! It has a wing! And a red line around the bottom!

      Seriously though, I don’t care. Gonna be interesting to see how this one does next to the others. :)

  38. celtiscorpion73

    As much as I love the GT-R and would give my left arm to have one, enough is enough for this car on GT! We do not need every single model of this car ever made. I would, however, like to see the 1985 Skyline Race Car come back from GT3 or GT4. It was a fun car to drive.

    1. celtiscorpion73

      Just saying if they’re gonna bring one more in, it might as well be the 85′. At least we know what to expect

  39. Situation1994

    Let’s hope the Sentra, 370Z & Juke are all included with the GT-R pack, then I won’t mind a 2-3 GB DLC pack

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      (This isn’t a reply to this post, for some reason I can’t post a comment here without pressing reply, the site keeps telling me to sign in)

      By soon does he mean “with today’s seasonal events”?

    2. OpticZero

      A $5 Nissan pack would be nice. Companies could do this to advertise more in the game.

      Manufacturer DLC Packs!!!

      Copyright: OpticZero – Trademark

  40. HuskyGT

    Another GT-R? HMM, but for some reason I’m okay with this! Now I’ll have my Spec-V as the street GT-R with Comfort Soft tires, and the NISMO as the more track-oriented one with Sport Hards and weight reduction 3.

    However, I REALLY hope this is the sign that they are preparing real DLC packs. It’s fine if it’s free, but I would love to pay for it if it comes with another 9 new cars.

    1. QuattroDelta

      So you want to pay for something that currently is free.

      But I don’t. Don’t say it loud, Sony will obet you if you do.

  41. DCybertron

    Now this is a GTR I want. Not something like the Black Mask or something with identical stats.
    Now, just when is the update? =p

  42. Fat Tyre

    we already put quadrillion turbos and get massive HP and torque with in game tuning, what’s the difference really? why another GTR?


      They added it because the car has a built in GPS/Data logger that is designed to work specifically with GT6

    1. Jon Di Nola

      Hahahaha its not the best but it has been a couple of months since ive read somthing that actually had to do with somthing that relates to the game new content wise. Besides the 2020 and AM concept cars.

  43. JKgo

    About damn time…looking forward to this car ever since it was announced a while back – being a GT-R I assumed it would be available right away but nooooo, it’s still “coming soon”. Sigh….

  44. rallydakar

    This is the fastest car on the nürburgring and you don’t want this car? what is wrong with you guys I really hoped this car will be in the next DLC and i hope it will come as fast as possible :D ^^

  45. GT5 Level 41

    “I am done with this game”, errrr

    Uh, I mean, thanks?

    How about making good on your old promises before you go making new ones?

  46. Doober

    I bet someone is going to make the ” I am done with this game” comment. Personally I love the GT-r but this game needs some diversity.

  47. Noname0529

    I’m happy GT is getting more cars, but in all seriousness we want the cars that we want. No one wants another gtr,Kaz

    1. Noname0529

      Ok fine, but let me ask you guys a question, out of all the cars that have been requested (e.g Supra premium, F-type, Koenigseggs, Laferrari etc) and considering the amount of gtr’s in the game you rather have a another gtr?

    2. BrunoI_SRE

      Given the choice between Supra premium and NISMO GT-R, GT-R wins easily, new cars versus a small upgrade, no way.

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