GT5 Prologue Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon

December 4th, 2008 by Jordan Greer

Sure, we’ve seen plenty of cars from the real world introduced into the Gran Turismo games – it happens at SEMA each year.  We’ve even got the GTbyCitroen, a real world concept crafted by Polyphony Digital themselves.  What we haven’t seen, until now, is a car coming out of the game into real life.  According to early rumors, that’s exactly what is about to happen with the Tuned Nissan Skyline Coupe (V36) that we all know from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.  The car will apparently be crafted by high-end Japanese tuning shop Zele Performance, to be introduced at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon in January.  We’ll keep an eye on this and post more details as they emerge…

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  1. Dec. 6, 11:37am
    GT P.I.M.P

    I read an magazine article about it, I believe it was the cover car for an issue of Modified Mag about a year ago…but I’m up at school and my magazines are back in my hometown, maybe someone else recalls the article and can clarify?

  2. Dec. 5, 9:31pm

    Wow, awesome, i really dig the design of the car.

  3. Dec. 5, 4:57pm

    If that’s true, I wasn’t aware of it, GT P.I.M.P, but it may be the case. If you can provide some references that explain how Amuse S2000 came to be, I can correct the article.

  4. Dec. 5, 4:14pm
    GT P.I.M.P

    From my understanding the Amuse S2000 was created after PD created it in GT4…???

  5. Dec. 5, 2:51pm

    mc959, this car is being brought to life by Zele Performance – I don’t think it would take Polyphony’s attention away from game development at all.

  6. Dec. 5, 6:33am

    PD, stick to the game and bring it out, soon….(pls)

  7. Dec. 4, 5:52pm

    Wow, and once again, PD outdoes itself. The more publicity and integration into the auto industry, the better for PD! Should be sweet.

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