GT5 vs. GT6 Demo: Side-by-Side Comparison Gameplay Videos

Since the Gran Turismo 6 demo was released with GT Academy 2013 last Tuesday, videos comparing the new game with its predecessor, GT5, have flooded YouTube. Here’s a few which have made their way to our forums.

It’s worth noting there is a precedent to which the GT6 demo can be compared: a GT5 demo” hosted GT Academy 2010, less than a year before the full game was released.

The GT5 demo at that time was actually lacking several important graphical elements which were eventually included in the full game, such as skidmarks and tire smoke. It will, of course, be interesting to see if GT6 receives any more graphical updates between now and the game’s full release this “holiday season”.

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Comments (225)

  1. light driver

    Well to judge the graphics are really hard, as the quality of these Utube vids are very poor….But the instruments in GT6 looks much darker, and harder to see… Apart from that I see no difference, You need the game and Your HD TV for that…

    But body roll is a new feature…Guess PD simply forgot it in the past…But a “new” GT6 now, on an outdated platform?? OK they have to come up with something so they can make money for the GT7…Guess it will take VERY long time until we see the REAL new GT7…GT6 looks like an updated GT5….Lets see…

  2. FCWC

    I agree with jhw93 in that “what would you expect” in regards to the detail in GT6.

    Thing that is bother me, as most games, is the game play itself.
    The physics will have to bee seen once we get the game and start tuning. I really hope AWD cars are fixed myself.

    AI – really? AI is the wrong term anyway.
    We should use PI. Programmed Intelligence. Until we have Ai it will suck or be OVER THE TOP. Who bought this game for single player?

    Things I’ve hoped for:
    The ability to change the view positions depth of field.
    IE in car view is to far forward. At minimum I should be able to see my left hand (or right) side view mirror.

    Race types (we really want a multi class race format like Le Mans)
    Ability to swap drivers in race (see above)
    More control over race specs. IE being able to give penalties and extra restrictions PER CAR/DRIVER.
    More control over “Friends”. Like- “Race series X” etc.
    Ability to create Official Race Teams. IE graphics etc. (see above race types) Hell charge for it! $ to register the team name. And $ per driver for team.
    F1 – change car setup IN CAR/RACE (LM Prototypes and others that have this included)
    Would LOVE this ability on ALL cars in 1 player for tuning purposes.

    I highly doubt any of this will be in GT6

  3. oneloops

    Body roll is too much in this themo, it’s almost on off, even if you touch brakes smoothly the car makes a huge movement.

    They have to fix it to make it more progressive… at least when we make a smooth driving.

    1. Neilson248

      personally, I think the body roll is fantastic and I’m not sure what you want PD to ‘”FIX”. Gran Turismo replays have always been the best and now with new physics, sick body roll and better graphics, I’m drooling over them.

    2. oneloops

      Maybe fix that in the Nissan Leaf, less body roll in it or in cars like this.

      And add progressivity, with smooth braking the effect is exagerated you can check that for yourself

  4. jhw93

    I spent at least 3 hours on this demo and I can honestly say I am fairly happy with what I have experienced. The biggest difference I noticed was the driving physics, with the body roll and grip of the tyres. The awesome thing is that you can tell the difference between the different cars, the leaf had a lot of body roll due to its high center of gravity whilst the 370Z was much more stable. Driving physics are the most important change because GT is a ‘driving simulator’ so the focus is on the driving aspect.

    I noticed improvements with the graphics as well, much prettier lighting and more attractive shadows.The frame rate was stuttering a bit during some moments but this is not the final build.. but now I want to talk about the criticism that people have been giving this game.

    Graphics – Yeah, although the graphics are improved it isn’t a massive step. But what do you expect? we are talking about a game coming out for a 7 year old console with only 512mb of ram…. all new games coming out on PS3/X360 will look dated to us now because we are entering a new generation and we are seeing next gen games. GT5 is well known for pushing the PS3 technically, it’s therefore logical to not expect a massive difference.

    AI – I agree, the AI is not that good. The AI in GT has never been that good… yet it is something that the vast majority of us are either aren’t bothered about or tolerate. How do I know this? well the fact that nearly every single GT has sold over 8 million units and have received good ratings suggests the AI is not an issue that is ruining the game. Plus if you have noticed on every box of every GT game it says ‘The Real Driving simulator’, this should get across to you that GT’s focus is on the driving physics and the feel of driving, so the AI is not a main feature.

    I didn’t want my response to peoples complaints to sound ignorant but somehow people expect the game to perfect in every aspect, people also expect the game to have features that the series has never had before such as damage… GT has never had proper damage. People are forgetting what the games focus is about and the history of the series… yes damage and awesome AI would be cool, I would happily welcome these improvements but it’s not what the game is focused on neither is it something most of us care about.

    And engine sounds…. don’t get me started..

    Sorry for the rant, I can’t wait for GT6 and I think it will be a huge step up from GT5.

    1. MuoNiuLa

      Kaz himself said that they are working on the AI, so I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that it’s not important.

    2. oneloops

      AI is a main feature !

      A good AI would make GT6 even better ! A whole perfect driving and racing game.

    1. Neilson248

      what do you want, PS4 graphics on a PS3? The graphics are absolutely stunning, particularly for the dinosaur PS3.

    2. warpkez

      It does make one wonder why they are releasing it for the PS3, when the PS4 is supposedly being released the same month.

  5. Quigz125

    I really hope they let us take pictures of our saved laps from the Academy. I’d love to see what people can come up with. What shots they get. Might look similar but no 2 pics will be the same. Also I hope they unlock the rest of the options later. The suspense is killing me with how much we could be able to do with the cars now.

    1. oneloops

      One solution for preventing to push the AI cars could be having 10% or 5% less PP in race for each collision.

    1. oneloops

      It’s not a complain it’s a positive criticism to improve the final game.
      We know that sounds are not still OK (work in progress) also AI it’s very deficient and too much “Sunday Picnic” like. So PD can read us and give us a better game in return.
      Races with a 50 meters equidistance have no sense anymore, we want more realistic races, a AI with high level parameters.
      A better collision system, it’s not real if we can overtake pushing everybody… etc

  6. GTchicken

    I like the improvements like the graphics and the physics. The colors are more deeper and move away from the GT4-esque colors. I also notice some real time shadows and leafs that move. The sun effect is really nice and adds a nice touch. The roll of the cars and suspension model is much improved also, although the suspension roll is a bit exaggerated. After playing GT6 demo, GT5 doesn’t look as good and overall GT6 is looking really good/

    1. Quigz125

      Finally someone who enjoyed the demo like I did and that’s not even the true demo. We still have the post GT Academy to have fun with. Can’t wait for that part. I hope they have the Nissan GT-R Nismo 2013 from the Nurb 24hr in the demo.

    2. gtrx251

      Not bad, not bad PD good job! I liked all the changes graphics, physics. On replay in Suzuka Circuit I noticed new realistic reflections of light from the car body and new realistic reflection of light from the headlights (turned on high beam). looks cool and realistic.

  7. Quigz125

    anybody know if the Chevy car and Kia Cee’D from the Top Gear Star in a Reasonably Priced Car are in GT5? if not i hope they add them this time even as standard along with the option for rain on the Top Gear Test Track. id love to do some shots like they would with Ferraris and others that they do in the show with drifting and the water tails. i heard Forza 4 might have that feature i was just wondering if we could just have the cars for it.

    1. mykeleasie

      I actually kind of like it! It gives it a sense of realism because in time trials, only a few to no people are in stands. Having a crowd for every little thing is a little extreme

    2. TomBrady

      I’d rather there not be crowds. They don’t look good in any game anyways.

      Though on rally courses and stuff like eiger, I would like to continue to see people on the side of the track, but I really don’t see the need for fans in the grandstands

    1. QuikSlvr223

      You can deal with it or stick a knife up your ear. So for the love of god, SHUT UP ABOUT THE SOUNDS. IT’S DRIVING ME INSANE.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Yeah, the vacuum cleaner ship has sailed sunshine, get a new line!

      Better still, get a new life!!

  8. skunk2racing

    the graphics look the same to me but i dont really care about graphics it does make the game a little better though. what im worried about is if gt6 will have good car customiization

  9. NJ72

    Everybody keeps going on about the graphics only being a minor improvement over GT5 and that all they have done is improve the physics a bit.


    EA do this every year with need for speed, fifa and all of those annual titles; most of which the physics and graphics are either broken versions of their predecessor or tweaked versions of what they already had.

    People are more than happy to part with some cash for them when they will only play them for a few hours. GT5 is the only game I still play 3 years from its release excluding GTA IV. GT6’s physics and lighting, even in the DEMO (yes, it is only a demo) are improved over GT5, the full release is going to be better still.

    1. GTHEAD87

      Well said dude. It is a massive difference between the 2. Even the cliff side on autumn ring is different. Not noticed to much but the physics is all in about… sorry and the engine sounds

    2. TomBrady

      Are people really saying that though? That it’s only a minor improvement?

      I would actually say the demo is a step back from GT5 just because it’s a bit blurrier and definitely has more aliasing. It certainly has advantages over GT5 like lighting is much better, shadows are better, tire smoke is better/doesn’t make the car look pixelated, and there’s also no screen tearing which is a big bonus.

      I agree though, physics are what is important, and so far, I’ve been really impressed with them. This is without a doubt as close to the best sims on PC as a console game has ever got. It’s really amazing.

      i was playing netkar pro and Assetto Corsa earlier (the 2 best simulators available) and I just started playing some more GT6, and I’m finding it so impressive how similar they are.

      Plus it’s not just the physics that are rewarding about it, it’s more fun for sure. the amount of movement in the camera, especially cockpit view makes it more immersive and fun. I’m really liking that so far.

      I just hope they fix the AI, then the sound. Then this game would be complete for the most part, and I think GT fans would be very happy.

      Eitherway, I can’t see anyway possible that it won’t be the best GT yet. There’s just no way it won’t be with the improvements made over GT5 so far that it will be worse

  10. DYLAN777-is-not

    My impressions of the demo was it felt so dated. The physics were crazy in a good way. I dont race cars in real life so I cant compare anything to real life but it feels good. What I mean by dated is the cheesy music, the written dialouge boxes (they couldnt get an announcer? its 2013 not 1995), terrible race gameplay (how about qualifying and AI that can actually race not just drive the course in their predetermined position at their set speed), and how about crashes! They stand behind this is a driving game not a crashing game well driving always involves crashing thats half the fun. Why not put transmission damage if you make bad shifts or let us get flat tires. Add something… A new track and some cars and physics arent going to go that far. And I havent even talked sound effecys yet.

    1. Stephanos82

      I think the tyre physics are the same though! The only new thing is the suspension/body roll!

    2. NJ72

      Why does nobody appreciate that this is a demo?

      When they release a demo for any other game they put a disclaimer at the beginning saying “The products and features protrayed in this demo are of a game which is in development, as such there may be differences between this and the final release”

    3. Rionmoon

      -10 that’s right I said it, down vote you and “crash test dummies” in general.

      We – as in the vary majority of people here trying to make fast laps and win races – don’t need or care about damage. It adds nothing to the game other than another level of “time to hit the reset button.”

      This is a driving simulator that’s about speed, winning and precision driving as well as admiring the beauty of the automobile. GT6 will have that same spirit.

      Besides this is a DEMO and a qualifying device for GT Acadamy not the final product. Who knows, maybe your Need for Speed demolition game will be part if the final GT6. I hope it is to make you crash kids happy. As for myself and the other adults in the room, we hope it has an “off” toggle so we can go about our business of driving and getting faster.

    4. myopinion11

      rionmoon: i agree with you but when you said that GT is about beauty and winning, i have to disagree because GT6 is gonna like a failed plastic surgery with one breast completly perfect while the other one is unsymetric (get it?).And winning, i hope its gonna be hard because in GT5 its a joke to play career and arcade, because of the ai, but i know its gonna be fixed. This is my opinion !!

  11. Corsa911

    Though I do enjoy the optimism, I really hope the framerate issue is addressed before launch.

    The fact that the showcase demo for the new product has this issue does not bode well.

    The physics are great, but I’d forego falling leaves and 1080p to have a constant 60fps.

    I’m afraid the game industry is alluding the Japanese, and they assume their target audience values graphic quality over performance.

    I may be speaking for myself, but GTR2 and rFactor are still great sims…..even without tessalation and falling leaves

    1. Rionmoon

      Why is everybody on about the body roll?

      If you want that, ride on stock suspension with something OLD from the used cars garage in GT5. You’ll get your body roll.

      For the record: body roll bad. Look FUN but BAD.

      Racing car no roll. Racing car flat.

      Flat is good

      Like roller skate

      Or gocart

    2. TomBrady

      These aren’t racing cars that we’re driving though dude.

      Go watch the gameplay of the Delta Wing, there’s no body roll.

      You don’t know what you’re talking about if you really think road cars don’t have body roll. GT6 so far is spot on.

  12. Diego Bragio

    I really liked the improvements in lighting. And the loading is much faster. A single detail that would like to see improved (despite being a bit unnecessary), are the hands of the pilot. They could be better modeled. I think that’s the only point I want to improve from what I saw in the demo. But overall, the game seems to be excellent!

    1. TWiTCH__187

      It’s a big deal to driving.. and that’s just the demo on bone stock suspension.. not even OEM AFTERMARKET lol it’s literally a demo bone stock.

      Just imagine when you get down on tuning.. Dampers are going to be more efficient. SUPER PERCISED!

      Never know, I can probably run the “NURB” without hit a dip the wrong way halling @** and flying across the track lol

  13. tpark103

    Love it big fan and I can’t wait to see how these knew physics are when there more dialed in and with a broader spectrum of vehicles.

  14. Leggacy

    The frame rate when using the cockpit view on the GT6 demo is terrible! (It’s not so noticeable if you play from bumper cam) In comparison GT5 looks smooth with a little bit of tearing. It looks like they’ve solved the v-sync by dropping frames. I realy hope they are working on a fix for this. I always use the cockpit view on GT5. If they’re going make such detailed interiors I want to use them. in the demo I find it distracting and a huge disappointment. .

  15. Toyota2jz

    Why are we looking at how the graphics have improved? Lol it’s just a PS3, Wait for GT7. What we REALLY want to see is better graphics & sounds, with more features, and that is all!

  16. rssjib

    To me, it doesn’t really look any different. GT5 was such an awesome graphical game, so I didn’t expect much more truly. I am just waiting for more tracks and cars. And we will all buy GT6 no matter what happens…. that’s just the way it is!

    So, bring it on!!

  17. steebz

    So much bitching and hate it’s silly.

    There are framerate issues yes. The gameplay is far too shallow, and the AI is worse than in GT5. These are facts.

    Is it really necessary to write off GT6 so soon though? It’s not even finished!

    PD still have six months or so to polish it. If you don’t like it DON’T BUY IT!

    I will be buying GT6 at launch so i won’t care about the haters. It WILL blow GT5 away, i have no doubt.

    Some folk here seem to be convinced GT6 is gonna be worse than GT5 but that is just ridiculous.

    1. Devedander

      How can you tell people they must wait until release to judge the game but you have already judged that you have no doubt it will blow GT5 away?

      These are exactly the comments we saw leading up to GT5 release as demo after demo showed dissapointing AI and damage – “Wait! It’s not final yet, they can fix things, it’s just a demo, wait until the game is actually released to judge!”

      Then it was released and within minutes “GT6 wishlist” popped up with guess what, all the stuff that was noteably missing from GT5 in demos shortly before release.

      Here’s a hint, this close to release the demo is all but the final product, it’s going to get a spit polish but 90% of what you see in the demo is going to be in the final product.

    2. steebz

      Hmm, maybe you’re right Devedander.

      But how do we even know how old this demo is? It could be a year old. All i’m saying is try not to trash GT6 before we even see it.

      I’ll eat my words if GT6 flops but i can’t see that happening

    3. Amac500

      A company like PD isn’t going to release a game that is a step down from a proceeding title, I just don’t see that happening. The sound could be more realistic yes, but its still far better then Forza’s and I’m going to fill sound under bells and whistles because it isn’t an immediate physic that is going to effect the way you play the game. As far as frame rate goes, maybe I’m just too focused in hitting my marks but I haven’t seen any problem with it and I’ve been running the onboard camera. That said, my PS3 is probably a lot less full then most people’s. If there is a frame rate issue I think that is something that will be ready for release. The AI I don’t know about though. All I want to see out of the AI is that when you are with in a certain distance from you they alter their lines / tactics a bit so that they try to defend or overtake. I mean I’m no programmer, but in the whole scheme of Gran Turismo that doesn’t seem like the hardest thing to do.

    4. Devedander

      “But how do we even know how old this demo is? It could be a year old. All i’m saying is try not to trash GT6 before we even see it.”

      Go back and look at the GT5 demo threads… this exact statement popped up numerous times each game show or event.

      Ultimately these demos and builds are pretty current. I seem to recall a recent demo was literally the latest build, compiled the night before and updated on the rigs the morning of.

      Look, this isn’t a GT thing… it’s pretty much every game ever… what you are seeing right now? Other than a few cosmetic touchups to menus and a few glitches or bugs worked out, this is the final product.

    5. Devedander

      > If there is a frame rate issue I think that is something that will be ready for release.

      Again, no way you can say this with certainty and not really any reason to believe it. Same was said about GT5 and solid 60fps right up until it shipped and EuroGamer showed it drops to low 20 fps in worst case and regularly dips into the 40 fps range.

  18. capt_aaa

    Upon close inspection of the speedometer I can see they have sharpen it (Z370) and now is legible compared with GT5, next step implement HDMI 1.3 wide color gamut (the first device to feature HDMI 1.3) so the halos around the sun and gradation of color is eliminated!

  19. Pfeffer702

    Why should you exspect the graphics to be better? Its still on a ps3, witch they pushed as far as it could go with gt5 so graphics look a tiny bit improved to me, along with the scenery that looks better in mind, yall should quit complaing and be happy, its only a demo

    1. bigspleen

      You never played a PS3 game where the sequel had greatly improved graphics? LOL, it is pretty common.

    2. Devedander


      Not a game that took 6 years to make and was touted as pushing every last bit of juice the PS3 has as well as already pushing the obviously limits of what the system can do. If sequals were just garaunteed to look better we would never buy new consoles, just wait for sequels with better graphics.

    3. Amac500

      Well Kaz himself did say that he had still wanted 2 more years to develop GT5, so if he still had 2 more years worth of work he clearly hadn’t found the edge yet. GT6 should be where the edge is.

    4. Devedander


      2 More years does not necessarily mean there are two years of graphical improvements to be made.

      Knowing Kaz he very likely is speaking largely about fine tuning details, suspension and adding features/functions. And more cars. And maybe more tracks.

  20. TWiTCH__187

    I say.. forget about the good and bad, it’s the tuning physics that matters the most!

    So, for you complainers.. just keep your bad comments to yourself. YOU make the “game” dull.

    How I look at it, GT 5 tuning was amazing and a challenge from the start.. just imagine e GT 6… WOOOOOOOOO!

    I can’t wait..

    1. Devedander

      I may be a miniority but I am not even really big on tuning… I like to drive the cars, stock issues and all just because I hate spending hours trying to dial out one little quirk in the suspension.

    2. townnet

      @Devedander, then? Why you just don’t quick? turning is the core of the game. This game not design for you.

    3. drag lab 101

      I hate to tell you this but by reading all of your replies and especially this one above. Gran Turismo is just not the game for you. Sure you can play it but you won’t ever fully appreciate GT simply by your statement above. You see.. GT like many games that have cars do appeal to car lovers, however.. The core of this game is built on tuning & racing enthusiasts. If your soul game play consists of not tuning and driving stock cars while looking for the most stunning graphics available then I see why you are not happy with GT.
      Not saying you can’t play but with that style you’d be a lot better off/happy with Need for Speeds, ect ect ect. Perhaps even Forza 4… IMO it’s a lil softer then GT tuning wise. But I must warn you since you seem to be one who finds many flaws with a product. No game… no matter the genre is 100% without flaw, and no racing sim out there delivers on release the size of content and experience you get with Gran Turismo.

    4. Devedander

      I don’t see why it’s not a good game for me if I largely enjoy driving the cars stock or with just bold on upgrades (but not much real tuning ie I may dial in a little toe and camber and adjust ride height once or twice but I don’t tweak for hours finding .01 more g in a turn) because they still drive great. I don’t know why anyone would think it’s not GT to drive cars that drive like they would if I bought one and stuck it on the road…

    5. Rionmoon

      @drag lab 101 Seriously?

      The heart of the game isn’t a out tuning either, it’s about precision driving and getting the most out if whatever you’re driving even if that means a stock GT-R or one stripped and modified to the point it’s a racecar.

      There is as much pleasure or more from driving stock, in altered cars fast as there is from tuned ones. In GT4 I never drive stock; I thought the cars didn’t handle well and that PD didn’t know what they were doing and the only way to drive was a fully tuned car. Because if this my sim racing ability never grew.

      Driving stock well is a much greater challenge than driving a racecar that resembles something you buy from a dealer. The heart of this game is not the “tin can on the muffler so it sounds like a lawn mower and speed holes in the hood” street mods. It IS but it’s MORE than that. Drive stock for a while, EVERYTHING OFF including ABS and you’ll see what you’re missing.

    6. drag lab 101

      @ Rionmoon… What are you on about? Way to write a bunch without saying anything at all…
      Of coarse the core of the game is tuning,. Anyone who can actually tune knows this. Anyone who can’t doesn’t.. Simple as that. This game changes drastically when you tune and if you don’t you barely get a fraction of what it’s truely about or how it handles and works.
      You wanna play a game where the car doesn’t change and its always the same and everything drives boring and slow and the same… Gran Turismo is not for you.

    7. drag lab 101

      Lol @ everything off… Fool, I don’t have AIDS!
      Trust me you can blah on about style and stock. I know what I do is realistic and I don’t need a lesson in tuning or cars to know it either.
      So lol-n!

    8. drag lab 101

      Pretty sure you missed the point altogether that tuning is the core of the game. Why else have settings, abs, TC, ect ect, why have a tuning shop, why have different tune settings A,B,C?
      Play how you like but tuning is obviously the core end of story.

    1. Devedander

      None of the tracks in the demo felt at all different and as far as I can tell the AI took the same lines.

    2. Amac500

      Wait, none of the tracks felt different??? How did you not see things like, I don’t know, the time of day at Autumn Ring??? The shadows were way smoother, the graphics were clearly clearly different.

  21. nissankidd85

    wow all you guys do its bitch bitch bitch but yet you still play the game so stfu and accept GT for what it is the game didn’t even come out yet the gt academy is not the final product

    1. Devedander

      Because the history of demos this close to final release totally gives reason to believe the final release will be anything significantly different… this is like a carbon copy replay of the GT5 release right down to the “wait until it’s final to judge!”

    2. Devedander

      Why do GT fans have such insecurities that they can’t handle factual and accurate criticism? It’s literally GT5 release replay 100% around here… rose colored glasses or get out!

    3. Quigz125

      Then stick with GT5 If its supposed to be the same game with some added features. I know the game isn’t 100% perfect but welcome to life. Nothing it. Accept Metal Gear Solid but that’s of topic. But a simulator for a PS3 is not going to be the most realistic thing unless you buy a whole rig that simulates the tilt of the car on your chair but for 59.99 ill take GT over any other racing sim hands down. I know it’s not prefect I know it will never be but I deal with it. I know they can’t perfectly simulate a car but its pretty friggin close.

    4. Quigz125

      Also I’m sure u recieve so much hatred because nearly all of your comments have been negative towards the game. U haven’t said anything about the handling that I’ve seen or the suspension or even the leaves that now kick up in certain spots. Almost every time someone on here said something positive u snapped at it and kill any excitement about the game. If you want to criticize the game then go to the official GT forums and talk to the developers themselves about issues or if you think it’s so simple to correct why not fix it yourself. Otherwise stop ripping at other people who are trying to make the best of it.

  22. mao_fs

    Look the same thing!
    The only differences are: the suspension, indeed a bit exaggerated; and engine with bass sound.

  23. Toyota2jz

    Wow we got “body roll” but the cars still feel like they weigh 10 tonnes. It feels like a train on a train track, it ain’t going nowhere!

  24. Kristus

    tuesday: oh yeah gran turismo is awesome! friday: gran turismo sucks boo hoo… what the hell is wrong with you people?

  25. paracefan2002

    There should be a bitch and moan section in the forums!!! IT IS A DEMO, NOT THE REAL THING!!!

    1. bigspleen

      A demo is supposed to showcase a game and why you want to buy the final version. GT5 prologue and GT5, remember that? GT5 was worse.

  26. goukipau

    Sounds aren’t better, graphics aren’t better, what’s new? Loading times? OMG PD, what have you done? Where have you been?

    1. Kristus

      who cares about graphics? or are you just so slow on the track that you have time to look around?

    2. TokoTurismo

      Who knew graphics were so important in games. I thought we play games for the gameplay, not graphics.

    3. bigspleen

      Graphics are a part of tjh package that immerses the player, if they weren;t important we would still have pong graphics.

    4. TokoTurismo

      ^ Oh really? Go look at Minecraft than. It may not have high tech graphics but AT LEAST it plays well. Oh and btw, graphics isn’t “they” its “it”. And what’s “tjh”?

    5. bigspleen

      This is not a 99 cent mobile game it’s a triple A Console exclusive that had a huge budget. Get a clue.

    1. TokoTurismo

      ^ Doesn’t matter. You said “epic fail Sony” and PS4 is a “Sony console”. Wow your not smart even more…

    2. bigspleen

      I said fail with regards to GT6..Sony is a part of the development. Has nothing to do with PS4, keep bringing up them strawman arguments.

    3. steebz

      Your argument is a non starter. If you think Sony has had an “epic fail” here then you need to find a new hobby.

  27. Lacix

    I don’t like the new shadow in the cockpit view. It is blurred too much to remove the jaggies.
    In GT5 the shadow makes the interior look more 3D in GT6 it looks more like a 2D image.

    1. steebz

      You’ll be waiting years all lonely while the rest of the world has fun with GT6 then. Enjoy your time alone :)

    2. bigspleen

      he will be alone because he won’t get GT6? LOL a bit of a leap you took there, If games are what you associate with being alone or having companions you are pathetic.

    3. steebz

      HE WILL BE PLAYING ALONE!! That’s what i meant. Damn Bigspleen you need to chill the hell out! Stress is a killer y’know >:)

  28. gapanja

    Sorry for my english in advance. I’m a GT fan since GT2 came out. And it’s not an usual “racing game”. It’s completely different.
    As I understood, GT is not a game for YOU, YOU or YOU. This is HIS game and HIS vision. You may accept this vision or reject. There’s no other options. Please, stop crying, we don’t need two Forzas on the market (despite the fact that Forza is a great game). GT’s magic consists of other things, than overroaring engine or race rewind feature (for example) and that’s why we will never see the engine swaps, I think. All PD need is to fix the obvious flaws: 1) What the point of creating such a brilliant cars models and not to give us ability to rotate a cam around’em. 2) Add a replay REW/FF feature, I mean single frame rewinding. 3)Let us choose units of measurements by ourselves. That’s all and thanks for the great games, PD.

    1. Devedander

      “This is HIS game and HIS vision.”

      Whichi s all fine and good until you start selling it to other people. That’s when you open yourself up for criticism.

      If this was just something he only played in his garage by himself none of this would be issues.

  29. Quigz125

    I love how everyone keeps criticizing the jaggy edges and other imperfections of the DEMO of the game. This is by far no where near the true quality of the final. I’m sure if some amature gamers were able too see those issues the pros have it all ready to fix or are just teasing you. Stop saying its a crappy game when it’s not out yet for crying out loud. They showed you the new physics and sounds, but maybe placeholders for right now, shadows and track and lighting and other things. Right now those jaggy edges are just a easy problem to fix and not on their main priority. Enjoy what they wanted to show you what they improved.

    1. bigspleen

      ?? Name 1 game that was drastically different from its demo? Why would PD release a demo that shows the game in an unflattering light? The whole point of a demo is so people can get a taste of the game and convince those who are on the fence to buy it. Right now the demo just re-inforced that GT is way behind the times and only made those on the fence think maybe they should skip this one. Physics alone is not enough, other games now have comparable physics, PD needs to up its game in AI, Racing atmosphere, a complete package.

    2. Devedander

      Ummm every demo (especially in the GT on PS3 series) this close to rlease has been pretty much exactly what the final relase is.

      Also the jaggies are known to be because the rendering process for drawing shadows is very expensive so shadows are drawn using very low resolution models to save on cpu time. This is a process that is seen across most of the big name games on PS3 and Xbox.

      It’s just a hardware limititaion of this generation. There is no reason to believe it will be significantly different for GT6 other than possibly some crazy over the top blurring to soften them.

      I don’t know how you can say it’s a demo issue when as mentioned it was a GT5P issue, GT5 issue and wasn’t fixed in the GT5 XL or any patches since.

      Just like GT5 was basically a polished GT5P GT6 is just a polished GT5.

      “Jaggie shadows are an easy problem to fix” why do people who have no idea what they are talking about always speak with such certainty?

  30. adrianhettich

    What is really weard is tyres sounds, I mean doesn’t mater, sports, racing, comfort ones they sounds exactly the same while sliding at corners. Isn’t that weard???

  31. cyberfella

    I was looking forward to GT6 so much. And I like the new physics. But the graphics? “Improved HDR”. Well, I’m sorry, but the real world aint viewed in HDR. The colours and lighting in GT5 looked much more natural to me, with my only real criticizm being the jaggy shadows.

    I’d like to see a slider in the settings something along the lines of


    So that people can adjust it. I think an endurance race with such vibrant colour would be a bit much if I’m honest. Maybe I’ll just have to adjust my TV’s contrast.

    Physics and body roll is a nice improvement to realism. Shame the first thing anyones gonna do is fit fully adjustable suspension and dial out the roll so their car handles like GT5 did instead though.

    Why oh why do they disable the handbrake in GT Academy? No fun for drifters until the full game is released? Booo.

    And that damn Nissan Leaf? Please? What is with that? This is the Playstation. It probably produces more carbon than a real Nissan Leaf does. LOL Whats the point?

    1. Neilson248

      Think about it… The reason why the Nissan leaf is in there is purely for advertising. They are trying succeed in the electric car market. I realised that when I saw adverts in the paper and Internet for Nissan leaf. It’s probably part of the deal with PD to have the gt academy

    2. AERO_HDT

      You’ve kinda hit this on the head – GT6 does look like it’s taken an awful lot of HDR…. BUT…. is that a bad thing? Seriously, GT has always been criticized for its “flat” scenery” and “flat audio” – the two BIGGEST things that people complain about.


      Well, certain other developers have taken it upon themselves to offer an IMMERSIVE experience (realistic or not) and by comparison, GT has started to look “too perfect” and “too clean” and (shoot me for this) “too realistic”. Lets face it, there’s only so much reality you can experience in 2D, so developers have overcompensated in some areas to make their games more jarring… and by default… they’ve created something a bit harsher, a bit more realistic and gritty. These guys are making the games that look like the girl next door. PD are making games that are Miss Universe. They need to take their eye off perfection and start focussing on the girl who lives next door…

  32. zeron824

    Oooh! Seems like they finally added anti-aliasing. Those shadows seem incredibly better, imo.

    1. Jantsu92

      Omg! Do even know what is anti-aliasing?
      Anti-aliasing has nothing to do with jagged shadows.

  33. SillyBillyP

    In GT6 there appear to be lots of jaggies on track edges. In GT5 there aren’t any. seems like a regression.

    1. lGNAl

      On this page, the last video at the very bottom. Check out the first few seconds when the race starts at the straight.

    2. lGNAl

      when entering the straight its at a different angle .. if there was no car in front of me to get drag from, then the old line is better, because you come in at a more relaxed angle

  34. bigdirtyjase

    They still haven’t made the clock tick over in the 370Z’s cockpit…it’s been stuck on 11:09 for days

  35. pestre

    The white lines on the sides of the track do dissapear in GT6. Easy to spot in the turns on the track. Probably will be fixed for the final version.

  36. Ferrari Enthusi

    The suspension physics is considerably different & better in GT6 you feel the body roll & softness of the suspension.

    1. shawtyoner

      Easily the most enjoyable and best improvement in this demo. I still can’t believe how they got the so wrong in GT5. One of the biggest let downs for me in GT5 so I’m glad cars will finally handle and visually look how they are supposed to handle.

    1. shawtyoner

      In this situation I like that the crowds aren’t included. I feel there should only be crowds during championship type races.

  37. Blood*Specter

    Shading and how lighting plays a more important role in what you see and feel. The only thing I can see getting better is the environment as far as trees moving in the wind and cloud movement. And of course the simulations of people and off track cars tents son on. I think that may be PS4 stuff, but that’s nit picking. The bottom line is this is really good stuff. And I think it gets even better by release time.

    I really want to see night time lighting effects. The driving feel is off the hook way more realistic than 5. And GT5 was not a disaster physics wise.

    Tuning cars should be very interesting this time around. I think that aspect of the game will demand more attention and some knowledge of how suspension actually works in real life. Brake balance, roll bars down force weight and front/rear weight balance. I think they are all going to have more impact on how your car feels and how fast you can go. This version of GT is going to be SICK.

  38. Keef

    Interesting. The GT5 cockpit has much more realistic interior shadows. That means the gauges are hard to read of course, but it is more realistic.

  39. chevyisawesome

    k a few things! first: I don’t know if this is just because gt6 is just a demo not the full game yet but when u look here at 1:13 in the last video, gt5 has shadows in the car which I think is pretty good even though its a bit blocky, but gt6 has not shadows whatsoever. second: now this one is MY honest opinion, but if u look at some of the videos the cars in gt5 are more shinier and when u look in the last video at 0:50 the gauges to the left are a lot shinier too and not flat and sticker looking like the ones in gt6.3rd: GT6 definitely has better suspension and when u look at gt5 the cars don’t even move!!!!4th: I guess I must say gt6 does have a better sound quality but when u listen to gt5 sound it sounds like it has more base to the car instead of to much treble like gt6.(I think from what I’m hearing from my speakers is that the cars in gt6 do sound a little higher pitch but from the cars I’ve been in in real life I’ve never been in any of those cars from the game)(and I do have high quality speakers and I do have good sound coming from them so I don’t have crappy laptop speakers) Please reply and tell me if u think that im wrong on anyone of them.

    1. TomBrady

      The cars aren’t higher pitched as far as I can tell. Keep in mind most of these videos aren’t using the same cars in GT6/GT5. All except moto games are using different cars in each game. I know there’s a video of 370z’s up there, one is stock and the other is tuned so that could be the higher pitched one you’re talking about. It’s only because the cars aren’t the same.

      Also, I’d honestly rather there be no shadows on the cars than the jagged flickering shadows in GT5. You should also keep in mind that Autumn Ring, the sun in is a different place in the sky. The time of day is different.

    2. chevyisawesome

      I know wat u mean with the first paragraph and maybe ur right it either could be the tuning or just my speakers I don’t know.

      And for the shadows part well, on autome ring (second video) with gt6, even though it seemed dawn or dusk I didn’t really notice any shadows….but I mean like I saw them just not as good and for the the last video u gotta admit that in gt6 some of the gauges did look like they were stickers and were probably best to have shadows like gt5(but not as blocky obviously)

    3. ScotteDawg

      OMFG!!! Again with the sounds!

      Why mention the sound quality?? The sounds in GT Academy 2013 are PLACEHOLDER sounds, not the final product! Short memories!

  40. HuskyGT

    Other than the pictures one of the members posted at the forum which showed that GT5 is indeed smoother in the edges, I truly can’t notice the difference when at normal play.

    I’m happy with how the game looks, and I can sense a warmer feel into the graphics and light effects, which I like. And most importantly, I love how the game feels; and boy it feels incredible. That bodyroll is insane! If I may add, I think the Leaf’s bodyroll felt a bit exaggerated, not only during turns, but also during hard braking. Not sure if the car is that soft in real life.

    As for other things like sounds, I’ll just wait until the final release.

    1. z71L28

      Body roll was to excessive on both the leaf and 370z clubman cup. Modern sport cars from factroy come with fairly stiff springrate’s and rooll bars and compresion damping and rebound.Feels like spec’s are way to soft.

  41. RandomCarGuy17

    I think GT6 looks quite a bit better. I guess that adaptive tesselation feature is a bit handy; the in-game cars look a lot better than they were in GT5.

  42. lsd265

    almost everything looks better in gt6 to me. the detail, the lighting, the shadows are smoother. the only downside is the framerate, first person view is fine, but cockpit and 3rd person view definately slows things down a fair bit, feels about 25fps at some points. But the physics are way better, put in gt5 and cars feel flat now. looking forward to the full release.

  43. infamousphil

    I was hoping to see the side of the car when in the outside camera mode. I don’t get why PD does not get it. I feel sooo looked down upon when they do stuff like

    1. another_jakhole

      Looked down upon, really?

      Annoyed? Sure.

      Guess what though. This isn’t Grand Theft Auto. /s

      Yea, I’ll stoop down to other people’s levels when they speak of something like motorcycles and free roam in Gran Turismo.

    2. another_jakhole

      To clarify, I WANT free roam and motorcycles in GT. You know, just in case PD checks this comments section. Who knows? They are one team, after all. Seriously.

    3. Mazyata

      The GT people are still stuck in the I know what I’m doing in this cave mentality. GT 1-3 then PSP had it going well. I don’t know why they made it static since 4. It’s just horrible. Having a camera welded on to the back of your car and driving that way does not work. in games. FM4 has this down perfectly. From big to small cars they had all the angles right. As for GT, why are there no options? No near or chase cam? Heck, they don’t even have a hood cam, just roof cam. Then no adjustable FOV? No other games besides TD1 (that I recall) had an adjustable FOV *SIGHS*

      The sim snobs will step in and say, this is a simulation, you don’t need good chase cam, you must use cockpit view at all times. If not then you should not be playing simulation racers at all. These sim guys are actually looking down on you. The crappy chase cam is a huge disappointment for me because I love to use chase cam in drifting!

    4. Neilson248

      Why would you want to free roam in a racing simulator? I actually do want motorcycles, perhaps in a separate game like tourist trophy, that would be awesome coz I loved tt and actually preferred it to gt4

  44. HarVee

    I fail to see why the first one should be considering a comparison when they’re driving different cars. Perhaps if the user was driving both the Academy Leaf & the DLC Leaf, I would take it more seriously.

    1. another_jakhole

      Graphical/Visual upgrades and downgrades?

      But this is PD, we all know they’re the best. What downgrades?

    2. another_jakhole

      ANd before you say that it’s stated that the comparison if for three different purposes, use your logic and only take it for one of those categorical comparisons, the visual side.

    3. HarVee

      If it’s for “the visual side” wouldn’t it make more sense to use the same car, so you could compare them visually?

    4. another_jakhole

      Not really. What about the lighting and shadows on the car. It’s the same model, except for the obvious modification(s). You can also use THE track as a reference for the lighting. Granted, I think that particular video is amateurish.

    1. lsd265

      yes it does, atleast in the detail of the track, autumn ring in gt5 has cardboard cutouts for background trees, gt6 has some nice autumn trees dotted around with nicer lighting, frame rate drop is the downside, but this is ps3, it’s at the end of it’s life, we’ll need ps4 to have that real leap forward in graphics.

    2. TomBrady

      It does in someways.

      The only ways GT5 looks better could be technical issues that haven’t been worked out yet. The GT5 demo didn’t look as good as GT5 or GT5p either. The only issue with GT6 holding it back is there’s lots of aliasing, and it looks more blurry overall. I think it’s because GT6 may be a lower resolution than GT5. GT6 demo could be 720 1280 instead of 1080 1280 like GT5. That would explain it.

      But make no mistake, if GT6 had the same resolution and AA that GT5 has, it would definitely look significantly better. The lighting is seriously improved, so are the shadows, particle effects, and tire smoke for sure.

    3. The Prodigy

      about the framerate this is just my opinion but ive notices that i have had better framerate with games on disks than downloaded games.

    4. AERO_HDT

      I partly agree with Sparco – same graphics, but MILES better lighting. This to me is the difference in games, the fact that you can adjust lighting and exposure/contrast/HDR levels and end up with an entirely much more explosive feel of detail on a circuit.

      I think we’re all nitpicking on a demo, but so far, I think GT6 is certainly a step up. Anyone remember GT1-2. Or GT3-4? Okay, that last one might have been a bit of a bad comparison, but geez, GT3 was stunning…


    I think the reason why the GT6 demo has more jagged lines is because it may only be displaying 720p rather than 1080p or 1080i or its maximum resolution compared to GT5. That my opinion considering the fact that the ghost car in GT6 demo looks more fuzzy and blurry compared to GT5’s clear ghost car.

    1. TomBrady

      That’s what I have been thinking too guys.

      Not only was I thinking that it was only 720p but I thought it may be to reduce the size of the download. Remember the GT5 2012 GT Academy was 3gb last year.


      Well, since this is the case, IMAGINE how the graphics would look at its MAXIMUM RESOLUTION!

  46. MidnitePurple

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned 360° view around the car, and tbh, I’d be pretty disappointed if it’s absent on the release..

    1. TomBrady

      Me too. I hate the fact that you can’t look in any direction in the cockpit as well, but on the chase cam, I don’t understand why they won’t let you look all around the car. I’m sure they could just let us map it to whatever button we want.

      Also, I really wish they would let you see the gap between you and the car behind you and in front of you.

  47. dixonbaps

    Grand Valley & Suzuka are exactly the same track graphics as GT5, even down to the clouds. The only difference being that in the GT6 demo the stands are empty. So it doesn’t look like any kind of overhaul at all on those two tracks. I hope it’s just for the sake of the demo.

    Now Autumn Ring is a different story. With what looks like a complete overhaul, that track looks awesome. So much detail, it’s unreal.

    What are PD doing?
    Overhauling 1 track then missing 2 and then overhauling another track then missing two again? Who knows?( I hope not!)

    The physics on the other hand have (in my eyes) had a major overhaul for the better and seem more realistic this time round.

    The graphics are a bit hit and miss at the moment but I have faith that PD will sort this out for the full release.

    All in all, I hope PD overhaul all GT5 tracks to the standard of Autumn Ring in the demo for GT6 full release. At the moment it’s as if they are cutting alot of corners to get GT6 finished and out on time or they just chucked in Grand Valley and Suzuka from GT5 for the sake of filling the demo out.

    1. TomBrady

      Dude there’s no way you can say Suzuka needs improving. It’s near perfect. I’d like to see them make it look like an F1 weekend but that’s not how the track looks most of the time. It’s spot on the way it is.

      Grand Valley isn’t bad either. Autumn Ring was bad in GT5, Trial Mountain was bad, Deep Forest was bad, grand valley looks fine in comparison. Plus they fixes they made to Autumn Ring are pretty damn awesome.

    2. dixonbaps

      I agree on most but I (and I dare say others) need improvements on the GT5 tracks in GT6. If they leave them as GT5 then whats the point of GT6? May as well stick with GT5. I don’t want the same stale tracks stuck at a certain time of day. I want improvements like time transition/weather (I know Suzuka has weather, but not night & day) and a few more trackside detail improvements to make the game feel fresh rather than just feel like GT5.5 (I hate that term by the way, GT5.5 yuck!). But if they stick with the exact same stale track graphics with no time transitions or weather (on tracks that doesn’t have ’em) then they run the risk of getting slaughtered to death by the critics. I really hope that doesn’t happen because PD work hard and try and give us the best they can.

  48. Roxa_p

    Did anyone notice yet that on GT5 you see full tribune and on GT6 all empty?

    Will it stay that way or will whe see some people like when you pas pitlane?
    Cause on silverstone the people look real.. they want us to expiriance it like real life, so who knows whe get a realistic looking crowd.

    GT6 is a big improvement.. on GT5 the Nissan is hard to handle whit standard config and on GT6 i even love the balans on the car. Weight shifting is wonderfull finally high camber angles.

    Counting down on the release.

  49. sumbrownkid

    PD should’ve thrown in a muscle car to really show off the body roll. Would’ve been loads of fun.

    1. sailworksman

      I compared Silverstone to FM4. FM4 wins hands down. I am told the finished version of GT6 will be polished. I hope so.

  50. gtrx251

    Strange, blurry, horrible shadows inside the car OMG worse than GT5. I sometimes play on my SD TV (PAL) not Progressive100Hz and Replay looks as slideshow, as if 15 frames per second or less OMG looks worse than GT5. Maybe it’s just unfinished demo???

    1. ScotteDawg

      I’m so glad that’s a deliberate typo! If you had written “crap alley” though, it would have been a hell of a lot funnier!

  51. csdesign

    GT6 Absolutly stunnig.. the color, the falling leafs, the shadings, the real 3d trees, sky… rise and shine.

    The cons are the lower frame rate in certain parts, but for now it’s a demo…

    I want to see the tracks of oficial release. there are some excelent tracks of GT4 that we all love to see in GT6

    Love it P.D.

  52. KFM

    Looking at them side-by-side, all of the differences in GT6 really shine. The suspension is immensely noticeable even without seeing the video, but the Leaf video showed just how different it actually is.

  53. Wallbreaker

    I find it interesting that the trees in GT6 are much better modeled than in GT5 where it seemed only to be 2 flat textures cut across (don’t know how to express that better, when you look on the tree from op you won’t see a real tree, you will only see a cross). In 6 the trees are fully modeled and in that 270° right hander (where the bridge is) you can see that very clearly when driving at the apex. The trees there are almost above the car and driving by you can really see the difference.

  54. TomBrady

    The only useful comparison was motogames. I mean what do these other people not have common sense? If you’re going to do a comparison, use the same cars, don’t leave the friggin music on one version, and don’t just use chase view the whole time.

    I think it’s very obvious in motogames comparison that GT6 just is so much more alive from the cockpit view. There’s more movement in the car and the head movement. Much better and more exciting. Still not happy about the graphics though. I like the lighting but there are way too many jaggies. At least there’s no screen tearing but I’d still rather have GT5s graphics. GT5 is much clearer, I hate blurry graphics with a passion.

  55. TomBrady

    I’m not liking the blurrines and jaggies all over the place in GT6.

    The physics are more important but I really wish they wouldn’t have changed the graphics if it means they have to sacrifice clarity.

  56. Hentis

    Personally speaking the Cars feel and handle differently from GT5 . Silverstone although its a good track and I’ve wanted it since the get go I was somewhat disappointed with it. One of the main things I like with the track are the overhead views from the replays. They look fantastic. Lets hope they keep them for the game.

    As to the other tracks. Autumn Ring looks great. The lighting is just fantastic and the birds animated in the sky fluttering around. The camera positions for some of the replays are great as well.
    One thing I would like to mention though is the quality of the the dash on the Nissan Leaf. Just looking at all the info on the dash thats updating in Realtime is great. Now if only most of all the Premiums were like this.

    Anyone that syas this is the same as GT5 really need their eyes to be extracted from their sockets wiped clean and re inserted (wih out painkillers) as they cant see for **** and the differences between each version. Some for better some for worse.

    1. TheeFrogmanlego

      Well if we compare the games on the same track with teh same car * grand valley* there’s actually no difference , Grand valley needs a spruce up

  57. Laserbeak43

    lots of gamma in 5 compared to 6. also, I like the fact that the car leans more in 6, not sure if that’s the only “physics engine” update or not, but I do seem to be able to handle a wheel a bit more realistically in 6.

    1. TomBrady

      Keep in mind that GT6 autumn ring, the time is much later in the day though. It’s near sunset in GT6, in GT5 it looks near noon

    2. ps3finest

      What about Grand Valley? According to the clocks in the 370z’s, those two course are at the same time and Laserbeak’s statement is still accurate.

    3. notStig

      Actually it’s not that much later. Autumn Ring in GT5 is locked at 12:30. While in GT6 is at 14:00. Its just an hour and a half later in the day. Although it looks to me like it’s 4 or 5 hours later.

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