GT6 Online Service Maintenance Scheduled for June 18th

June 16th, 2014 by Jordan Greer


Polyphony Digital has announced a maintenance period for GT6‘s online services this Wednesday, June 18, 2014, starting at 07:00 GMT/UTC (convert to your local time) and lasting for approximately two hours.

Although this is not a guarantee a software update for the game will be released, these types of maintenance periods do typically foreshadow their launch.

Of course, Volkswagen’s Vision GTI concept car is scheduled to be released in GT6 “mid-June”, so the next update is likely to include the new car. Stay tuned for more!

GT6 Photomode image by BlameAuntJemima.

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  1. Jun. 18, 3:28am

    Apparently theres 60 minutes left to install a 598 meg update oh hold on make that 40 min…. nope 30 nope 50 hold now.20……. wtf PD you taking a leaf outta microsofts book or something?

  2. Jun. 17, 12:18pm

    When all Vision Concepts get revealed and downloaded will there be a Vision A-Spec race? lol

  3. Jun. 17, 11:31am

    yay! another new car :3 You know, VGT cars kinda count as free DLC…………

  4. Jun. 17, 8:54am

    As well as the VW Vision GT you should expect the new version of the Glorious Goodwood centerpiece on the update but unavailable until official release. Plus the odd fix here and there.

  5. Jun. 17, 8:36am

    I like how the MK1 VW Golf is hinting at the VW VGT bein in this update ;)

  6. Jun. 17, 8:17am

    Great news.

  7. Jun. 17, 6:54am

    And who is driving all this VisionGT cars ??? Whhoo ?? Maybe at the beginning some rounds but online this cars are nowhere. We need normal cars !! There are so many nice cars. Ok thx for the m4 but that was only one car. Why don’t you bring us new road cars because the most driven cars online are road cars. We have so many suzukis and daihatsus wich noooobody drives. I don’t understand pd anymore

    • Jun. 17, 8:17am

      A tuneable VisionGT is more practical than untuneable Cars like BMW M4 or Toyota FT1

    • Jun. 17, 9:37am

      Alex..people are using these cars online…quite a lot only last night I was in a VGT only room…
      The BMW”s are popular….and I see quite a lot of MERC’ Also favoured off line to by a few of my mates…some times the lack of tuning appeals.

    • Jun. 17, 7:58pm

      I don’t know why you guys are happy with some concept cars… Wich you’re never gonna see on the roads or on a track but whatever … I understand when some guys are playing online with this cars but it’s a minority. Road cars and racecars ( no concepts) are the majority.
      The thing wich I don’t like is that there are a lot of online bugs, they’ve promised us the course maker (since February), the sound engine is the same like in gt5, pd allways talk about mounthly dlc and that they will concentrate on car parts like bringing real aero parts, real tyres ( like Pirelli, Dunlop and other manufacturers). When they have presented the datalogger they talked about the real driving simulator and the serious plans they have. But I see that you’re really happy wich the concept
      Cars and you forget what gt is about. It’s just sad when we have to
      Wait so long for serious things. Maybe we’ll never gonna see some stuff they’ve promised to us but important is that we have the concept cars xD ……
      People people …

  8. Jun. 17, 6:46am

    Its June and we are still waiting for the ” monthly dlc” and for the course maker wich they have promised to us in February. Other racing games are have dlc every mounth with new cars and new features … But jeah we are idiots waiting and waiting for nothing. The didn’t even fixed the little 24hNürburgring online bug. ( smoke bug ).
    They promised new cars because gt6 has a new platform so they can update it easley …. Suuuureeee.
    it’s June and I’m pissed off somehow. I waited without saying anything but now it’s enaught !

    • Jun. 17, 7:22am
      Carlos Fandango

      The three Senna cars don’t count?

    • Jun. 17, 8:50am

      So I guess you never saw the 10+ free cars and the 2 new track carients that we have had for free since the November release date. #Mr Magoo

  9. Jun. 17, 5:17am

    Revamp arcade mode, tyre wear, 16 car races, in game saves, tough AI, that’s the update i’m waiting for.

    (will never happen)

  10. Jun. 17, 5:17am

    I think it’s not a big Deal to render Cars Craphics with todays Tecnology but try to understand PDs Logic seems like try to understand Woman to me

  11. Jun. 17, 4:33am
    Magic Ayrton

    Kaz is too busy enjoying the money he gets for deceiving people

    • Jun. 17, 10:19am

      I assume you figured that was funny of clever?
      Why you would even bother with such a vindictive comment is more a blight on yourself than those you target.

  12. Jun. 16, 11:11pm

    Anyone know the logic behind PD’s secrecy with GT updates announcements when they have new contents yet they still only call them “maintenance”? Are they too freaking lazy to change their announcement templates? Wouldn’t hurt to mention if new content is going to be added to the game instead of leaving fans hanging.

    • Jun. 17, 6:49am

      in olden times, rules came to be, such as “separation of church and state”
      in today’s times, this has simply evolved into “separation of corporation and the peons”

  13. Jun. 16, 10:16pm

    Still waiting on KAZ to answer our questions lol.

  14. Jun. 16, 6:45pm

    Well, lately maintenance automatically means update. So that hype is inevitable.

  15. Jun. 16, 6:18pm

    I think we’re gonna see some free roam in photo location with a new VW..1 vision 1 new feature per mounth? Sounds reasonable. I’m still buzzing that games are like this now.

  16. Jun. 16, 2:42pm

    So i see these updates are getting to be more and more frequent now that GT5 is offline, that’s good!

    • Jun. 16, 3:21pm

      yeah. Finally starting to see that Content every month thing i feel that PD said they would do. At least i sure hope so. Even if its a VGT car its nice to see new stuff.

  17. Jun. 16, 2:39pm

    the update will be a 900MB Volkswagen BDRip.

    • Jun. 16, 11:00pm

      +1 & Agree.

  18. Jun. 16, 2:00pm

    Does anyone know of any other game where a feature was pushed as a key part of the game yet a year after initial promotion and six months after release it still wasn’t in the game?

    I mean how incomplete was course maker in May 2013 if over a year later it’s still not ready? They shouldn’t have used it so hard in promotion if it was nowhere near done. The fact they never showed any in game WIP screenshots of it working should really have raised flags.

    • Jun. 16, 2:42pm

      Grand theft auto 5, online heist.

    • Jun. 16, 3:02pm

      Battlefield 4. They sort of forgot for it to be a game, you have to be able to play it

    • Jun. 16, 3:13pm

      Jun. 16, 3:02pm
      Battlefield 4. They sort of forgot for it to be a game, you have to be able to play it

      No, it is great now and they never said players were wrong. Instead they accnowledged the problem and fixed it.
      Love BF4 now and on the no SCOUT server it is the best experience for me.

    • Jun. 17, 9:29am

      Yes Anno 1503,

      Fans waited years for Anno’s promised multi player modus. The button for it was already in place, when the patch finally came, it removed the button!

  19. Jun. 16, 1:30pm

    Course maker please, kaz.

  20. Jun. 16, 1:00pm

    Shoot! I’ll be in Europe on Wenesday! :(

  21. Jun. 16, 12:50pm

    Just want the Course Maker already. :(

  22. Jun. 16, 12:24pm

    Yes, this is what i’m talking about, is the place for reliable information.
    And usually with a server maintenance it bring us some new content.
    I think it is wise to just say (mid-) month instead of giving us specific date, almost every time we have been giving a date, the dates has been incorrect.
    anyway, i’m looking forward to start my GT6 on wedensday to see if there is any new content.
    I would really like more A-Spec races, the AI has improved, they do error like the rest of us, so there is a little bit human drama in GT6 after arrival of A-spec.
    Gran Turismo 6 is finally on the right track ;) even the game still miss some promised features and track (s) We just have to try to be patient.

  23. Jun. 16, 11:41am

    Please be the track editor and more fixes PLEASE. :(

    *coughNurburgringGT3carspleasecough* :D

    • Jun. 16, 11:55am

      How about adding endurance races right inbetween 24h of Le Mans and 24h of Nürburgring. The shouldn’t have been removed from the beginning.

  24. Jun. 16, 11:02am

    Who woke up and turned on the content faucet at Polyphony?

    • Jun. 16, 11:41am

      They have been fairly consistent with content the past months actually, what has been lacking are actual basic software updates/fixes. This’ll probably add the VW GT Vision, the Aston Martin part on Goodwood, and fix one or two minor things. But it seems PD focus a lot more on product placement and basically DLC they get paid for now.

    • Jun. 16, 11:43am

      Aston Martin NBR 24hr GT3 car maybe too? lol But yeah I agree with this^.

    • Jun. 16, 11:19pm

      If this qualifies as a content faucet, what would you call Forza? Niagara Falls?

    • Jun. 17, 12:23am

      Niagara Falls? You would need weather effects to pull that one off Johnny

  25. Jun. 16, 10:55am

    Another hot wheels vision gt car concept 3045 super hyper standard HD supreme?

  26. Jun. 16, 10:34am


  27. Jun. 16, 10:32am
    Magic Ayrton


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